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Sudan partners make modest progress on referendum talks


September 2, 2009 (KHARTOUM) — The two peace partners made today some progress on contentious issues over the referendum bill. However they postponed their difference on who would participate and the needed quorums for the referendum.

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Ali Osman Taha and Riek Machar in a private meeting on Monday August 31 (photo Miyong G. Kuon)

Delegations from the National Congress Party (NCP) and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement on Wednesday agreed on six of the nine points on the agenda of negotiation on the referenda law.

The meetings co chaired by Sudanese Vice-President Mr. Ali Osman Taha and Southern Sudan government Vice-President Dr. Riek Machar, will resume talks on September 7.

The Joint Executive Political Committee, on its third day of talks, agreed on the referendum commission which shall comprise 9 members, monitoring and referendum observers, referendum security, Voters’ registrations, voting System and voters eligibility-meaning. Further the NCP has accepted the definition of the voters as "People of Southern Sudan."

The two parties agreed to follow in the next meeting talks on the remaining hot issues pertaining to the area of the referendum, the percentages for the separation or the unity and the attributions of the Referendum Commission in Khartoum and its branch in Juba.

Accordingly, the two peace partners still disagree over the participation of southerners who reside other parts of the countries outside the 10 southern Sudan states. Actually the NCP want to extend it to the northern Sudan while the SPLM wants to limit it to the residents of southern Sudan only.

The southern Sudan ruling party says also it would allow the southerners who reside in northern Sudan to cast their ballots in southern Sudan.


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  • 3 September 2009 07:39, by Sunlight

    Dr.Riek Machar is doing fine job. He perfectly knows what he his doing and he does it in silence; not barking for nothing like Pagan Amum or Yasir Arman. I pity sick SPLM supporters who are blind to see all these.

    If issues like Abyei and referendum are left to lazy incompetent fellows like Deng Alor, Luka Biong, or even Salva Kiir, things would have not moved up to now.

    Those of you who think that Dr. Machar has re-joined SPLM as a repentance for an imaginary sin he had committed, must wake up and clean their eyes.Dr. Machar has re-joined SPLM on condiions. He is doing his part of the deal and is expecting your foolish SPLM to do its part too. Else, there are always options for thoughtful people; and by then, you will find no one to correct your mess and you’ll become very soft target for NCP or whatever opponent you face. So be careful...

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    • 3 September 2009 08:34, by Dinka Boy

      VP Machar is doing is job, if not then he will be fire because he always mess up. My friend -sunlight you are stupid why? beacuse Everything is discussed by SPLA/M delegate not him-Riak, otherwise, he could hand over Southern Sudan to Jallaba.
      He is not wise enough like Pres Salva Kiir, Pagan, Alor,Luka,Yasir and many SPLA/M hereos who never defect from the Party.
      I am sure if NCP give Riek a job in Khartoum at that time before he saw strengh of SPLA, then he would not DR John Garang to come any serve any position in SPLA.
      NCP knows him very well, but We are not aganist him if he is doing great for Citizens and not doing what he did in the past.
      I like some one who can die with SPLA because my friend we loss important people that we miss at the moment.
      I know you are from Tribes who have weak heart, the tribe of food to eat, the tribe of stealing others properties.

      repondre message

      • 3 September 2009 10:21, by James

        a tribe which fullfils those criterias is a tribe of yours (dinka). How do you describe what you (dinka) are doing in equatoria? grabing land, stealing public resources dostroying other communities crops, you can list alot of stupid things. all those activities can be committed by weakhearted and food lovers like you. Dr. Riek would not have left SPLA if his idea was accepted by late dictator Garang. Dr.Riek rejoin SPLM because SPLM accepted his objectve (southern sudan independency). Dr. Riek was not surrendering himself, it was just a deal and he is doing his part of the deal as mr sunlight put it. you are supporting his idea Mr D boy, yet you descibe him as weak and not wise enough. that is how educated you are.

        repondre message

        • 3 September 2009 15:35, by Aduol Liet


          Braking always like a Dog will make things it wrosen, where were you in all these years of the SPLA struggle.? Look this example, the Turkana people in Kenya, they did not fought Mou Mou war at that time, according to Kenya history which we have learned in 10 years there, the Turkana people were supporting Kenyans enemies same things what people are doing now against SPLA Dinka liberaters and after when the Kenyans got Independence in 1963, Turkana Tribe Today is same like the time they were against majority Tribe in their movement. Today if you go to Kenya this is the true one then, you will probably find that majorty Tribe are working every where in Kenya why because they pay a big prices during their movement of Mou Mou war in another word they were the one who lost most than any Tribe in Kenya and there were hundrd of thousands lives lost at the Mou Mou war with British.Question do you against Dinka Tribe who liberating your mother and your father in Southern Sudan and by the way who are you?

          There is no way either the Sudan level nor the Southern Sudan, you will see the Dinka Tribe still can lead, because their focus is about the right things needed to be put in the place so that, the future of our next generations in Sudan/Southern Sudan will have a big different from ours. If any one who do not belief me then, keep braking on Dinkas people but I would assure you guys that, Turkana Tribe in Kenya will be better than those who appear recently against Dinkas who have lost 2 million people in 21 years civil war North—South and yes we will see wha will happen.

          Aduol Liet.

          repondre message

          • 3 September 2009 19:30, by James

            Shame on you mr Aduol. don’t you know the difference between SPLA and Dinka or you are just hiding behid SPLA? You askled me to tell you where i was during the war as if you were there. if i can ask you Adoul, were you there? i know your answer is YES because you dinkas are born to lie. how can you be fighting and at the same time learning kenyan history about turkana tribe? nobody is against SPLA but everyone in the south is against you thieves (dinka)and you know why. you shamelessly said that dinka will lead us for a long time. what a dream! keep dreaming, but if this will happen, you prove yourself right to say those two millions who died during the war were all dinkas, otherwise, ???????. i don’t need to tell you who i am and where i was during the war but if you want to know me, please visit Bilpam (SPLA headquartor)tomorrow or at anytime you feel like;when you get there, go to SPLA medical corpse, department of public health, room No-3 and ask for JAMES MANYANG. i think we will have a good time bro.

            repondre message

        • 5 September 2009 05:10, by Dinka Boy

          Shut up James.
          If I can ask you, If Riek Machar defect from SPLA/M because he want separation. Do you think Bashier will allow him( Riek) in Khatoum? I bet not at all.
          Him and Lam defect from SPLA/M when they heard the overthrown of Magessu Almariem( the Ethithian president) in 1990.
          They think that SPLA/M will be defeated by the Arab.
          Due to their limited mind, and you as well.
          We Dinkas ,Nubians, Blue Nile, Some Nuer, Some equatorians fought for Oppression, political underminig, freedom of worship, resources equality, freedom of movemnet( Political freedom, economics, Social freedom).
          Those two individuals defect because they coward and food hunters from the North, and they want to serve their lives from the enenmy-Arabs.
          Tell the truth other don,t lie, We are not following Riek route , we are following DR John Garang objective and vision undersome requirments that need to implemented by the Arabs.
          MR Dboy

          repondre message

      • 3 September 2009 20:51, by Sunlight

        After following your writings and the shallow thinking capacity you have; I’ve come to the conclusion that you are just a boy as your name indicates, with very superficial insight. So it’s waste of time and energy to comment on what you’ve said. I can’t urge with a fool and mentally retarded boy. Please get an illiterate boy from your cattle camp to discuss your useless comments.

        repondre message

    • 3 September 2009 11:41, by Leo Abi

      Mr. Sunlight or whatsoever you are, I would like to say that you sound like someone who has received some bribe. You sound like a shortsighted person.

      By the statement you put, you are against the SPLM and Dr. Riak himself as you tend to support him. Now you want to break these people apart so that they can fall into the hands of devil even Dr. Riak will be a victim. Our time has not yet come to support the differences of our leaders; time will come for that even for you if you want to join the race and challenge the leaders who have.

      Let’s play it cool yet.


      repondre message

      • 3 September 2009 21:05, by Sunlight

        Dear Leo,

        Why don’t you uproot my points intellectually instead of labeling me as somebody who was bribed? I’ve presented my view, you are supposed to present yours.

        To be honest, I’m nominating Dr.Riek machar for the presidency of the government of Southern Sudan in the coming elections. Dr.Riek and you are free to accept or refuse. This is what is called democracy Mr. Leo.

        Next time you might label me as Omer Al Bashir or Janjaweed, things can never go like this. This’s lay persons’ game, and I believe you are better than this Leo.

        repondre message

  • 3 September 2009 07:40, by Oduck Bol

    The issue of referendum vote should be all southerns’ rights to vote in 2010 and 2011. It do not matter where he/she live should have her or his vote be counted in both election. SPLM should not doubt about its civilians votes. Let each person cast his vote,if majorities vote to unity then they did not see their future after referendum or SPLM did not objectives that is why your people vote for unity and if they voted for separation its mean that citizens saw their future in south after referendum. But the case is not who live in south will vote only on referendum. Event they live in south Sudan and they see that they are going to have worse life in after referendum, they are going to vote for unity of Sudan. If SPLM has not been able to stop kill in south, how would it be after referendum? Somalia is good example for south Sudan.

    repondre message

    • 3 September 2009 08:44, by Dinka Boy

      This is another agent of NCP(Oduck Bol). Do you want to vote while in Khatoum, my friend that is imposible because all of your coward tribes are in Khartoum and they want ti snick in the vote to support Arab.
      I really dont know what can of people are these? they should be born all women so that they can be married by Arabs because they like them so much.
      sPLA should be doubting because if everyone is like Strong liberators of SPLA/M, then they will be allowed to vote where they residing,but they are from those weak tribes who like slavery.

      repondre message

      • 3 September 2009 09:44, by Oduck Bol

        Re Dinka:

        Mr Dinka really you are Dinka and you have dinka mentality which dose not know the consequences of their action.If You copied the useless ideas from your bosses,you have zero ideas. If SPM has doubt to its citizens who live in north or out side of south. Then those people who live in north Sudan they did not go there because they love to live in north,but because SPM who started war against north and turned its mission to looting,raping and kill people in south. SPLM by itself is the one that caused the problems that let citizens move to Northern.It is their right to vote no matter what reason SPLM bring it is not their fault. If SPLM is denying their votes because they are living in north then Salva is needed to be taken to ICC with Omar together because it seem SPLM did not fighting for its citizens but for Dinka who are looting the south now.

        repondre message

        • 3 September 2009 10:09, by Dinka Boy

          You see Mr Oduck, the most coward on Earth. You said that Because of SPLA/M they left to North. I see now why a lot of you are capture during the war. If you are mentally sound, how can SPLA rape your women in Khartoum,instead you said Arabs are the one responsible for killing, rapping for your women.
          Dinka want to train you to be brave beacuse we have another war very soon.
          you support that kind of votting because you want to confuse the really men in Southern Sudan.
          Join us and let fight common foe instead pf being Slave of Lam Akol and Arabs.
          My friend if SPLA/M cause the problem then choose you destiny and go underground for safety.
          I am not Dinka pls leave me alone, the true is that they are liberators ans they deserve their effort in Southern Sudan.
          Mr Dboy

          repondre message

        • 4 September 2009 00:09, by Dinka Boy

          My friend what are those coward waiting in Khartoum if they want to vote as Southerner. They want to confuse people so that they will be seen as Southerners while in their weak heart they are Arab slave. Please i agree, they are not going to be allowed to vote while not residing in the South.
          No more argument, if they want they will come to South and nobody will chase them away,but if they want confusion, then we are not allowing them or they will decide to live there forever because they will be considered Arab if not come to south and vote.
          Shame on You mr Coward, Arab wife, Janitor and so many names that characterize you.
          Mr Dboy

          repondre message

  • 3 September 2009 07:46, by Moses Kur Akech

    SPLM has to be very extra-watchful steadfast this time, they should push for votes to be counted in Juba in presence of Northern, Sourthern and international observers. There were wittingly hookwinked by NPC when they let southern census votes being counted in khartoum other than firstly in Juba and send the total to Khartoum for national census.

    This can clear any shadow of doubt that every Southerner holds against this Khartoum regime which is contemprorarily trying its very best to thwart the likely session of the South in 2011. I personally hold gigantic reservoir of fear for the safety of southern votes in the hands of this regime during referandum.Rigging is possible when votes are are stored, looked and counted in khartoum. Other issues such as 75% yes for session and the push for Southerners outside South to vote are just nonsensical. The whole world knows 51% as the percentage to declare democratic victory.

    repondre message

  • 3 September 2009 07:54, by julius mowanga

    Despite all the vaguely promises by the "CPA’s International Donors",to help "South-Sudan" to rebuild its infrastructure,the "GoNU" ruling parties are more concerned in disagrees on issues,that are not disputeable.The "CPA" ratification ,guranted the secession of "South-Sudan" peacefully,once the "CPA" couldn’t meat it’s potential goal of regime change in "Sudan",so i don’t see any reason for creating a nonesense disagreements for the sake of disagreement.The dirty political game has turned into a play with fire,and all the politicians has shown their real ugly faces,after lying to the Sudanese Masses for Four Years obout the lucrative, attractive unity.

    After "NCP" sacked Mr; "Gazi Salah Eldin Alattabani",as chief-Negotitor during "Nivasha",they turned their tone of opposing any propsal of SouthSudanese selfdetermination.So accordingly,why this row over what has been agreed upon?Is’t the coplexity of the referendum’s process,or is’t a failed attempt by "NCP/NIF" to buy time and souls as they used to,when it comes for playing dirty???

    However,whatever the stand of the International Community failure regarding what they had opted to help rebuild the war-torn region or enhancing the governing party’s ruling capacity,the initiative slipped off their hands as well "GoUN" partners,and now it’s an UN commitment to creat the New-Sudan State of SouthSudan.

    Let us be fair and FACE our desperate people of Sudan,REVEALING WHAT HAD BEEN AGREED TO BEHIND THE CLOSED DOORS IN KENYA,so that they can enjoy the fruit of peace and recognition of their identity,dignity,potentiality and prosperity....

    Peace out

    repondre message

  • 3 September 2009 08:26, by paulos berhe

    That s great
    good news conguratulation dr. riek and all south people for the acceptance of referendum by NCP.

    repondre message

  • 3 September 2009 08:45, by Dengtaath

    "The Southern Sudan ruling party says also would allow the Southerners who reside in the North Sudan to cast their ballots in the South Sudan".

    I quote this statement but I don’t really understand what it mean from the SPLM? For how long had that person lived in the North? To where that person will cast his/her vote,because each of any Southerners will vote through own Payam, if not County. And must be a County member who had lived for four years maximum. To me the base line is that the Southerners residing with in the South not Southerners who will migrate to the South in the last minute of referundom vote.
    SPLM need to think deep about the consequences of Arabised, brain washed Southerners residing in the North for all their lives. They are Arab inside we can’t trust their loyalty about South.

    Second to that Dr.Machar need to raise the concern about inclusion of the Southern Sudanese Diaspora in the referundom vote in 2011.
    And I am sure Dr.Machar is not sleeping, is doing the best for the rights of Southerners, he will come to that conclusion after securing some of the bills that are surrounding the referundom.
    God bless Dr. Machar

    repondre message

  • 3 September 2009 09:04, by Majak Garang

    We [Sudanese] are waiting for referendum. Southerners had enough with Northern or Khartoum based Government, Southerners, therefore have a feeling to have their own government which will equitably distribute political, social and economical resources to the citizens.

    I urge the Executive Body on the Referendum to make 2011 Choice transparent and fair to the Southerners. We need NO more war. Referendum is the better option and the better choice.


    repondre message

    • 3 September 2009 09:11, by Koolman

      I’m very sure that they will definately bribe these black devils with money to agree for referendum to be held also in northern sudan.

      repondre message

  • 3 September 2009 13:13, by Sudan virus

    The Five Thousand (5000), about 0.0007%,south Sudanese in the north,must not be allowed to vote in the 2011 referendum on whether the south will secede or remind under Khartoum unproductive government,unless they accept to be transfered and resettled in south before registration begins.

    repondre message

    • 3 September 2009 13:17, by Sudan virus

      sorry i mean,about 0.07%,not0.0007%

      repondre message

      • 3 September 2009 18:26, by King Tut

        Adol Liet

        You are no different from bunch of other fools who believe literally in everything,including the idiocy of Turkana suffering myth.Who told you the Turkana are not receiving developmental activities because they didn’t participate in the liberation struggle for Kenya independence? It’s no where in the Kenyan history,that the Turkana suffering is a result of the community not being part of the tribes who fought the British,else you are cooking up a very serious allegation against the people and government of Kenya.One possible reason for Turkana’s left-out of development scenario,is that,the Turkana were marginalized from the start by the colonialist,that probably is explained by their uneconomical arid land which the colonialist found useful only for prisons site.But your idea of others getting subjected to Turkana situation because they went against the Dinka wishes is nothing new,I have heard about it for a very long time in a rather obscure sources who happen to be my Nuer brothers and couldn’t believe a single bit of it.We use to laugh at this kiddish thing a lot,it’s a total craziness,madness.Imagine Nuers in that position,I wonder what would become of the world around them! What you are holding onto is just a useless ideology that will never happen and if it does,it will be the other way around,my Dinka friend.

        Relax,you still have your hay days to eat what you can hold,but expecting that to last will make you regret your lustful days for more.

        repondre message

  • 3 September 2009 18:49, by Dr millennium

    Dear Leaders, let ensure that southerners in the Northern Sudan are excluded. it is another way NCP want to rige the referendum. we are not ready for that.

    repondre message

  • 4 September 2009 02:04, by thieleling

    some of our Dinkas brothers put their emotions ahead of facts. The fact is Dr. Riek is doing a national work, the Referendum Law for the whole South sudan. Why do some of our Dinka brothers short-change the truth?

    This Dinkas-bashing of Dr.Riek based on his tribal background simply regurgitated the propagnda of favor, the detriment of the honest fact that Dr. Riek is the man of the hour negotiating the Referendum Law on behalf of all south sudanese.

    Dr. Riek appealed for years in SPLM/A for more fairness, balanced, objective-collective leadership but no one listened. The Dinka dictatorship under Garang continued. Then the 1991 split happened and Garang woke up. So Dr. Riek & Garang agreed to transcend their ideological lines and thus, Garang agreed to Self-Determination. Dr. Riek is exactly doing what Garang agreed to when he changed to support Self-Determination after the split.

    Some of the Dinkas are making the 1991 correction personal. it is not a new problem. He surely was accused of treachery and worse. But it is Dr. Riek, not Dinkas who upholds the Nuer & South Sudanese finest traditions, DEMOCRACY!!

    Dr. Riek tells the truth without regard to personal consequences. He is fearless and vitally important southerner who committed to Self-Determination for South Sudanese comes what may! He did what many in SPLM/A only pretend to do: He challenged Garang right on at day-time. Some of our Dinkas Brothers seem not to get it. Does this really need a national catastrophe of magnitude in South Sudan for them to get it? Maybe!!

    The south sudanese are ready to tell our Dinkas brothers that the whole south sudan realized how clever and pervasive they were at pushing Dinkas hidden agendas at the expense of other south sudanese. The old argument of recycling criticism of 1991 split within the SPLM/A got really old. It is not a crucial issue anymore. The basis for the correction of 1991 split was a ideological stance. This is why we are negotiating the Referendum Law today.

    Anyone who dares point out that the Dinkas bias or tyranny is real and is hurting south sudan progress is leveled traitor. This point is now demonstrated even more by current Dinkas corruption & tyranny in South Sudan. Where is the progress? South Sudanese have enough of Dinka thievery, corruption, cheatings, choas & ugly political games that ruins south sudanese image world wide.

    South sudanese know the Dinka leadership got them into this mess, and that the Dinkas greed destroyed the entire south sudan image in front of the whole world. Yes, Dr. Riek exposed the bottomless Dinkas intellectual corruption within SPLM/A in 1991. So what?

    The contrioversial result of the current Dinkas mess may have to be a national castatrophe in south sudan even if the entire south sudan have to be destroyed. Our Dinkas brothers’ messes & greeds become so unbearable. How sad for the beautiful nation of South Sudan.

    repondre message

    • 4 September 2009 02:59, by john matim arec

      Iam ugrent to those who always abused our leaders please minmise your aggressivenss and let us work together as brothers and sisters. This time is not the time for talking is the time for action. Let us avoided discriminated against each other. What Riak doing is for all of us we the southerness. The CPA is not belong to Riak and is not belong Kiir and is not belong to Pagan Amum is belong to all of us, let take it and we used for the development instead of beating around the bush,and the facts is that do we need unity or separation the answer is still unclear.

      and thank for your understanding

      repondre message

      • 4 September 2009 06:23, by abel sabit

        To those people who are making a comments about tribes they are whole dump otherwise they can not make a triblism in this website. Because we all brothers and sister its doesn’t matter which tribes you from or tradition this things are for the past generation but now is new southern sudan. For me to put this kind of dump people straight up they need to be in our new system of southern sudan let’s just leave them like cattle keeper. And to those people aswell who are a hunters of monkays you guys have to go back and look for your meats of monkays before we put your ass in the jail..thanks by Atorney General abel sabit

        repondre message

        • 5 September 2009 04:40, by Riangnom

          Hello Southerners ! Can we please halt championing on tribalism issues, and work together as citizens of South Sudanese. Now we don’t hear Arabs from the North Sudan talking about tribalism; and they have many tribes in the north, why they never talk about tribes? Because it useless and it just a distruction of society. My fellows let’s come together and let the past bad things disappear.

          Leave Riek Machar alone to try his best if he might change his attitudes toward, when Riek Machar re-join the SPLA/M back in nine years ago; the late Dr. John Garang was interview; by how Riek Machar will be fit in the SPLM for the terrible harm he did to his people southern citizens, then Garang answered; well if Riek came back to his people, he is welcome this is his movement; and Garang compared Riek with apostle Paul. Saying that Paul was the enemy of the church he murder many christians, but finally he became the best apostle to preach the word of God. Dr. Garang forgive Riek and we the citizens of the south Sudanese can forgive him as well, eventhough we know that the history will not forgive him for his crime. So we can watch at him what he will do for the South Sudan as a leader; because he defected in 1991 because of leadership.

          I just want to let you know my fellows Southerners, any tribe in the South have a role to play in southern societies. if you check any where in the south, you can find every body in the SPLM.

          Bear that in mind that if any one is against the Dinka, make sure that you are against your life, because Dinka can not go any where. And others tribes in south can not go any where.

          We the Dinka hate slave it’s better for us to die instead, we don’t read history but we make history.

          South Sudan Oyeee!! SPLM/ Oyeee!! Freedom Oyeee!! Struggle Oyeee! [Monyjang dit Oyeee!]


          repondre message

  • 5 September 2009 06:14, by tut lam chol

    great appreciation to Dr Machar for ongoing just for progress of referendum!!!!!!!!!!!!

    repondre message

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