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Over 40 people kill in Jonglei attack


By Philip Thon Aleu

August 29, 2009 (BOR TOWN) – Some 41 people are dead and 28 others injured in Jonglei’s Twic East County when raiders from neighboring Lou Nuer attacked a Payam headquarters early Friday.

Wernyol in Lith Payam, inhabited by members of Dinka Bor ethnic community, became the first administrative unit to be targeted in the latest attack. Area representative to state assembly Abel Manyok told the Sudan tribune Friday that "preliminary report [casualties] will where low and would increase."

Mr. Manyok was speaking at the time when only 7 people were reported killed and 4 others injured.

The reversal of figures to 41 dead was confirmed by victims of the contest. Of the 28 wounded, 15 in critical condition are being nursed in Juba as 13 remain at Panyagor; the headquarters of Twic East County Civil Administrator (CA) is among the wounded.

Among the 41 people dead, 38 are from Twic East, 1 from Duk and 2 from Lou Nuer who are said to be the raiders. Wernyol Archdeacon and a student from Dr. John Garang Institute of science and technology are among the dead. 7 South Sudan army soldiers are also killed.

After failing to get cattle stationed previously at the Apiir camp, the rustlers engulfed Wernyol in all directions and open fire on the village. As youths try to contend the raid with women, children and elderly people on run to safety zones, only to fell into ambush.


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  • 29 August 2009 19:02, by oshay

    Another day another Massacre in the South. Well Done SPLM. There is no security and the people of the South do not like each other. This is not a good start to the supposed independence of the South.

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    • 29 August 2009 19:20, by nyantung

      Look at any society that achieved independence; it was never without bloodletting, not even in the United States. More recently, East Timor, which achieved independence from Indonesia in 1999, saw tremendous violence prior to and after the referendum (in which 80% voted for independence, much more than the required simple majority 51%). Much of that violence was fostered and promoted by Indonesia who tried to sow the seeds of disunity and thwart the Timorese yearning for independence. Alas, Indonesia failed.

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    • 29 August 2009 19:22, by gatluak

      The GOSS put the money first before life of the Southern Sudan people wow. DR lam Akol have right to do what he had do. These not the way you suppose to run the Government people. First all you need peace,security, and development plus all others thing. Many more killing yets to come.

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      • 30 August 2009 01:01, by Mel mosa

        What qualification Dr Lam has in order to be better than anyone in GOSS now. in fact Lam is not qualify for any service in South Sudan. One example is that he fail when he was a forgn minister. So, say another person but don’t even mention Lam for good leadership. Lam always against the freedom of Southern Sudanese people. That is what Lam qualify for.

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    • 30 August 2009 06:27, by MJriaksdca

      Guys what are you saying? Didn’t you know we are still the same people of the olden days whose life is as stagnant as water. When have we changed? Whether one of us has gone to school or not we still behave as fooish, ignorant, backward traditionalists of the south whose life knows nothing but tribalism, violence, and lawlessness. When your family member is killed, your sympathy for him or her is not that you love them but that you hate them. when you go to avenge, the other side do the same in retrospect and the cycle of war, conflict, tribal fight and hatred continue to rule over our senses. Such suffering of ours will never end till we are all visionaries, selfless, peaceful-solution finders, non-tribalists, and more importantly, educated to the point that we all recognize our oneness and work to change our ugly faces of our family, communities, states, and country; work to achieve basic needs of life for our problem is wholly poverty and lack of technological education to produce and remake our life. We will always be slave to tribalism, Arabs, and the World at large for the prism through which we have displayed ourselves to the world is ugly. Till we are changers we will never change our current self. Ignore me above, but now let me be to the point.

      1. the fact is that we are long time traditionalists, meaning we are not civilized.
      2. WE are poor, most of us lack the basic needs of life.
      3. we fight to painstakingly survive.
      4. our suffering is always seen in our chicken-like hats inhabited by hungry, skeleton, unhygenic people who look so ugly to the rest of the world. Our ugliness is caused by the tough life situation which we have allowed ourselves to be in.

      All the above numbered things and other things I have not mentioned spell who we are from time we were created till now. Politicians are pleased with it for their inactiveness demonstrate that, we the so called educated are pleased with it for we like to be the only few among foolish majority, non of us like to bring other to the light of education. We only just like to talk and point fingers but non of us can do anything that would bring civilized change.

      stop involvement in tribalism.
      Let us educate ourselves.
      Goss must work more in south than at national level and it must do the following: encourage construction of houses and appartments, stop confiscation of land from citizens but give them land so that those with money can build good houses and appartments for their communities and families.
      Goss must create and develop jobs from federal level to payam so that citizens work and make money to improve life.
      Education must be given full support for it is the only gateway to a civilized society.

      With regard to tribal conflict and Cattle Raiding This should or must be done by Goss:
      1. There is a need for a special test force in every state which must deal with tribal conflicts and raiding.
      2. The test force must have good and swift land and airtransit: it should be provided with well strong armored vehicles and one helicopter and communication aparatus
      3. There must be special whistle blowers in every county and payam. Whenever there is an attack by anyone tribe agaisnt another, the whistle blowers must communicate quickly to the special test force which will come by land and air to the scene to do a around up of the culprits before they slip away into their communities.
      4. Once there is an arrest, the law must then deal with the culprits accordingly.
      5. During an attack the attacked tribe must make an attempt to make an all-out community round up of the culprits so that they can arrest them instead of killing them then hand them over to the special test force, then to Goss.
      6. When we make reconcilliation conferences with culprits around, people will learn. It will be a shame on the tribe which has its people arrested and sentenced to death or jailed for life. This must be the things we ought to do instead of engaging in an endless tribal enmity.

      repondre message

    • 31 August 2009 11:44, by Thon

      By Thon5.
      mr. Oshay what ahell are you comment? we southerners all know that your foolish NCp of bashier is behind the attack but feel cold the splm soon will carry out the disarment of those stupid raiders whom arabs hired to kill their brothers and sisters without considering the betterment of their future life in the south fuck you man think big the arab loyalist.

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  • 29 August 2009 19:19, by Kim Deng

    If the coward Dinka of Mading Bor cannot protect/defend themselves from Mighty Nuer Warrior of Lou Nuer, let them (Dinka) evacuate the East bank to the other side of the Nile and join their cousins there. The GoSS will never yiel from looting public funds in Juba instead to bring peace and stability in the region.

    It was the Dinka youth and police officers of Duk who sarted the dirty ugly game when they slaughtered some business men and officials who appear to be from Lou Nuer couple of months ago. They deserve it and it will be worst unless the South Sudan army/SPLA use force to disarm them.

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    • 29 August 2009 21:56, by pol d

      Fighting b/n Southerners are great achievement,to the enemy of peace,but it not mean that will let fail to get independent
      People of South are already in.

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    • 29 August 2009 22:17, by murlescrewed

      You are the saddest and most despicable dog to ever comment on this article. You join the rank of jellabah blabbering without an iota of clue of what is going on in South.

      It is not that the Dinka Bor are not capable of banditry and criminal activities that other tribes tend to engage in. Dinka are normally law-abiding people who will wait for concerned authorities to act. If they fail to act, you will see a worse retaliation than what you have witnessed. The Dinka will never move anywhere.

      In 1991, coward Riek and his gang of youth attacked Dinka and killed children, elderly, and the frail. The Dinka stayed put and concentrated on fighting jallabah. That is a tribe that will put the welfare of the South above atrocities being carried out by NIF spies in the South.

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      • 29 August 2009 23:33, by Bol Jol

        I totally condemn the destruction of these innocent lives of women & children of Twic East County and pass my sincere condolences to relatives and friends. Killing of innocent southerner is NOT good at all. I strongly encourage you guys (all educated southerners who access this website) to be part of solution to our problems in the south instead of retaliating bitterly. Retaliation by any forms (war of words, physical violence…) will only contribute to our downfall in the south like what is happening now in any state in the south are the results of what is being incited by educated people like you.

        Please take courage young men, the future of this young emerging nation (South Sudan) will be determined by your unity and wisdom. South Sudan Oyee!!!!!

        repondre message

    • 29 August 2009 22:37, by Samuel A. J.

      Kim Deng, this is a tragic event, unworhty of jubilation. where on earth do people brand raiders as warriors? these are criminals that ought to be punish to the full exten of law. you should be ashame of yourself.your bitterness toward GoSS has clouded your morals. No self-proclaimed intellectually should let his emotions get the best of him..

      think twic my friend. those people you call coward are the reason you are in Sudan not Ethopia.

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      • 30 August 2009 05:47, by Daniel Khot Duoth

        This is something, we all need to think about within our country as well as possible. The killing that keep going on in Jonglei area is not good between Murle, nuer and dinka. I think that, the governmnt should take action against its people.

        repondre message

    • 30 August 2009 01:02, by Jok 011

      Mr Kim Deng, Ngondeng said" that Dinka will always finished what ever they start or acomplished. and Nuer will not finished what ever they start neither acomplished. So do the killing and we will not give up for anything about the really enemy. Also it is not a first time you Nuer have been doing that anyway, because it is not every body who is a quick learner even if Riak is too small to to hold that vice president position.

      repondre message

    • 30 August 2009 05:22, by Butrus Ajak.

      I am very much disappointed by the comment made by this so call Kim Deng. It is so ridiculous, our people (Buor) have been reporting these lawless communities’ actions against them and I therefore, concluded that the Government of the South has sided with these criminals. These communities were not known during the liberation. I doubt how would Kim called Bor people "defenseless and coward". Is the history not there to reveal the truth? Cowards were clearly known and they even knew if they have not contributed in their full faith towards the South liberation.

      This is my word, it is time for Bor people to revenge back to these communities, if you were known and heard in the movement of the South, how would these "good for nothing" communities not give you rest and due respect?. Nonetheless, if at all their leaders are still lawless and traitors as they did in the movement, then what is the point of respecting the law and Government of the South anyway? We were reviled when Garang was in power and that he is gone what is it again? There is no time to waste this time; nothing will stop them unless you stand up for your survival and your children survival.

      I agree with this bloke on the point that GOSS is weak. Yes, how would it be strong when useless and power hungry individuals are reinstated back into the highest and almost leading positions in the government? I am afraid, it wouldn’t work this government.

      Kim, know very well this community is not a weak and defenseless as you said in your incorrect spelling, it is because they are being fooled by this careless Government that the Goss Government is what it is today because of them (Bor community). Okay my people, if that is the case why then is Goss allows these unpatriotic communities to target Bor people? it is time for revenge....We are going to be left with no man power.

      Maguawum II.

      repondre message

  • 30 August 2009 00:12, by Kur

    Hands hired to destroy our freedom will never succeed;

    They shed the innocent blood of peaceful citizens of South Sudan,

    We wll, however,stand firm against all aggression engineered by the most stupid greedy dogs who lack the sense of human dignity.

    What do they need? they want to loot but they will never enjoy their loots.

    They want to steal but they will be the victims of their own folly.


    repondre message

    • 30 August 2009 01:51, by Arthur Bulo

      Hai,fellow countrymen, why don’t we,`for one moment,commit oulselves to the single fact that our communities are equally driven by ignorance to kill one another. There can be no truth in the false accusations, extended by each of us to justify his/their own communities’ behaviour.The fight among the pastrolists has nothing at all to do with the CPA or alliance to one party or the other.Our people need to be developed inorder to realize social change needed to lead them out of darkness.We should not follow the foodsteps of our useless politicians because they would always make use of the conlicts between tribes to strengthen their own political status through fabrication of unrealistic and misleading stories capable of confusing the public.

      repondre message

    • 30 August 2009 02:21, by Aduol Liet

      Bor Community need to find this unreset clashes to end.

      Your governor Kuol Manyang Juuk, he was denying that, there is no conflict between Community and others Communities which is wrong completely. I feel sorry for those innocents people dies after the Peace Agreement was signed and I am urges Neur Communities leaders to step in and bring those committed crimes act in Jonglei State to justice. We can n’t allowing such criminal act in our societies in Southern Sudan any more if we all need peace among us.

      Back to our brothers and sisters of Dinka Bor, put in your minds that, when something become out of control like that then, you must defending your Community and your people I hate to mentioned others stroies that, people of your Community said in Kakuma Refugee Camp, quot Neur people are better than people of Bhar al Ghazal Regions, they went on saying we are not going to give them our girls here in Kakuma Refugee Camp. MR, Panchuol, he was saying this word during the clashes between Bor Communities and few Communiy of Dinka Bhar al Ghazal and I quot we will curshing them this Dinka Bhar al Ghazal Community, because they are minority in this Kakuma Refugee Camp. There are many words that, we have recording down at that time and the reason why I brought up this recents spoken was to remind you all that, your tongues for you guys from Dinka Bor is not good and we are not going to accepted such arrongant which we have seen in Kauma Refugee Camp. Those who rescued Bor Community On June 1993, they were from the Bhar al Ghazal Bullfialo went with Boir Ajang SPLA Cdr and you can make this comparison to those words that, saying the Neur people are better than Dinka Bhar al Ghazal I mean we are all same.

      Solution in Jonglei State, I think the Neur Community leaders with some from the Neur intellectuals abroadly or living in the Southern Sudan must work very hard to teach all Neur Communities about such criminal act will dividing us rathern than United us as a one nation of Southern Sudan State. MR, Kuol Manyang Juuk was right on the side of marriage price that, marriages must be decrease not only for the Jonglei State, the GOSS should apply to all people in Southern Sudan special those who have a higher married prices like Dinka, Neur, Murle, Topposa and many more others. Schools also will make people busy if the governors of GOSS should encourages young people in rual areas to go schooling to learn new skill and knowledge that will be a good things to them. Finally, the GOSS also need to creats job for young people a cross all Southern Sudanese Communities so that, they will know that, there are many things importantly than dealing only for Cows in life living.

      Aduol Liet.

      repondre message

    • 30 August 2009 23:00, by simon chot deng


      you are carried away, you ARE realy [jiok or dog]that always bark turnig its buttoct in the luak depending itself from being eat by Hyena,howcome you call us dog while we are human being like you, do not blame the lou nuer,blame only your care away president, if Goss will not take action you will finish in the hand of lou GIEC IN BOR.

      long time for lou without killing dinka.

      it is in our history that dinka will died out in the hand of Nuer.

      look if you did not leave such akong koch you will see the rednes of it.


      repondre message

  • 30 August 2009 03:38, by Tariel

    This must be politically motivated attack which has clear root cause from those traitors who were welcomed back to Southern Sudan when CPA was signed,only to end up looting money in Juba thus creating corruption in the GOSS.The ugly food lovers and lazy creatures I have never seen in this world!

    Bor community is a civilized and law abiding society but these two primitive communities of Nuer and Murle which are unluckily grouped with God’s chosen people of Bor to be in the same state of Jonglei never appreciate anything although they have never seen Dinka Bor carrying out brutal killings in Ayod,Akobbo or Pibor,they failed to understand peace.Why is Omer el Bashir only bribing and arming Murle and Nuer because he knows that these two primitive societies of Murle and Nuer are backward and born traitors that can not logically understand the present political dispensation in the country,therefore qualified to be used to divide South Sudanese as our Independence is knocking at the doors of everyone worldwide.

    Hatred toward Dinka Bor which some people believes is the wealthiest community in South has sent negative thinking to tribes like Nuer to come and loot only to find out that Bor community is as poor as church mouse hence ending up killing innocent people to please Omer El Bashir.
    Your hatred toward innocent people will always follow you! (tiel kur won amok)

    repondre message

    • 30 August 2009 05:37, by Maruon Ayiei


      I have agreed with you on the first article but you turn around bashing the youth of Duk county. What a clown you are? I don’t think we are coward in that matter but not criminal. It appear you are enabler person in this saga. Why in the history of Nuer Lou, you attack your neighbor rather join hand in the common cause? Nuer Lou are easily fool even with sweet of sugar and they can go hunt people for just that. What is the cause if we all turn criminal and slain each other mother, father, brother, sister, niece, nephew, aunt, uncle Gradpa, Grandma etc. What will that be when we all hunt for our own survival? This is not a funny stuff and a lot of people have lost their life in this stupid paradox. Nuer Lou need to learn the beautiful of life and have to respect that even though they don’t care life is beautiful then death. Kim, I share the language both Dinka and Nuer, ideology and braveness and I don’t think this trend will spare you from the dream you hope. I always seperated between criminals and ordinary people both in Dinka and Nuer but people like you Kim always cling to the tacticracy of tribal line. A bunch of sicko in your circle of Nuer Lou always do this. Do you like what Murle has done to you when they barbaric your mothers, Fathers, and children in the dark of the night? You like that don’t you? Will it be okay if we got our own thugs on the lose hunting your Grandma and Grandpa in their lovely night sleep? What feed you people and satisfiy your ego? Do you ever think that there is a life you intentional wish to lose? What make you to think reasonable when you intend to act your atrocities? Is there a logic among those who do those crimes? The list is endless because it is just a vacuum of countless questions. There is no point of all this madness and you Kim need to quit feeding this stupid in your community.

      repondre message

      • 30 August 2009 06:15, by Peter Nhiany

        This is ludicrous; what the hell is wrong with our people? What is the hell is the GoSS doing?
        How many people had not died our people want to see dying? This is a shame and a curse to the people of those community inflicting death on their own brothers and sisters.
        GoSS is like a government whom the president hands are tied back, and mouth glued and eyes blind folded and ears pluged with gum. I’m so devestated by this incident. My sympathy ad prayers goes to the families of the victims.

        My deepest sorrow to the whole of Twic East people

        Shame on GoSS, it is a big failure to not provide adequate security to the civilians.

        repondre message

        • 31 August 2009 08:37, by john matim arec

          I can blame the of government southern sudan for not providing the secuity in the state. What is the work of this corrupt government to protect her people. The government of southern sudan don,t care the life his/her people. If these people is going to finished whom do you gonna rules. There is no government without her people . Why not to resigned and give the chance to other people who have accoutability to provide safety and provision to her/his people. The government should be condemn for their failure not to stricted the rules in the country. What is the lose of these 40 people. Government of southern sudan wake up.

          repondre message

  • 1 September 2009 09:16, by Butrus Ajak.

    GOSS is lenient towards insecurity in Jongulei; it is time for Buor to revenge back:

    It was not my interest to post this huge writing here. I wrote it as opinion article but, it was refused by Sudan Tribune management team on the ground that it is calling for revenge in a country which they do not want. I want it be read by all.

    Following the sequential attack on our people in Bor area all these times and years by Nuer and Murle it is time for revenge. Look at what happened recently when even a man of God plus over 40 people were murdered in Werenyol. What are we waiting for? Shall we fight back when what number of us is slain by these thugs? Why do we want peace when they do not like peace? Why do we listen to our leaders when they do not listen to their leaders? Why do we care when everybody else is seemed not to care in the South? Why do we care for the downfall of the Government of the South most when they do not care for that Government? Why do we value our dear life when they do not? It is time for all of us (Buor) including our top leaders to involve in this war. Waging war on them is the last resort as we have done all we could to maintain peace. This is the time to follow them back into their territories, let’s not wait for them in our area. Let us fight our enemies with all our mighty. There is nothing left unsaid to the Goss and their community’s leaders. Peace deal was signed recently with them and they seemed not respecting it. So who shall we talk to again? I may be seen by rest as instigating tribal fight and for sure that is exactly what I want. I may be labeled with any name but I do not mind. I am saying all these out of frustration.

    I was very much disappointed by the comment made by this so call Kim Deng. It is so ridiculous; our people (Buor) have reported these lawless communities’ actions against them and all we can hear from Goss is, it will be seen. How long does it take for them (Goss) to look into the cause of this insecurity? I therefore, concluded that the Government of the South has sided with these criminals. They went as far as calling themselves brave communities by killing as many from us. These communities were not known during the liberation when we fought Jalaba. I doubt how dare would Kim called Bor people "defenseless and coward" (http://www.sudantribune.com/spip.php?article32280) Date 29th of August. Is the history not there to reveal the truth? Cowardice tribes were clearly known and they even knew by themselves if they have not contributed in their full faith towards the South liberation. Some of the SPLA/SPLM veterans are alive to tell the truth. Even Jallaba can be witness here; they have known us all during the struggle. It is not something we can say this community is fearful it is known and documented as well.

    This is my word, it is time for Bor people to revenge back to these communities, if you (Buor) were known and heard in the movement of the South, how would these "good for nothing" communities not give you rest and due respect? Nonetheless, if at all their leaders are still lawless and traitors as they did in the time of movement, then what is the point of respecting the Government of the South anyway? We were reviled when Garang was in power and that he is gone what is it again? There is no time to waste this time; nothing will stop them unless we stand up for our survival and our children survival.

    I agree with people who said GOSS is weak in tackling this insecurity in Jongulei. Yes, how would it be strong when useless and power hungry individuals are reinstated back into the highest and almost leading positions in the government? I am afraid, it wouldn’t work this government.

    Kim, know very well this community is not a weak and defenseless as you said in your writing, it is because they are being fooled by this careless Government that the Goss Government is what it is today, because of them (Bor community). However, if SPLA is still proud of (Bor) our stance in those days why then does Goss allow these unpatriotic communities to target Bor people? It is time for revenge....We are going to be left with no man power.

    In conclusion, the Goss has been so lenient towards the insecurity in Jongulei that shows nobody cares of the innocent lives that are being lost in Bor when everyone in the south is enjoying peace. We can not and never allow ourselves to be massacred this time like they did in 91. Our leaders, Bor leaders this is your time. You will all be disparaged and deserved no respect from anyone when your people are killed in such numbers and remain silent. Who do we think can help when Kiir and his deputies enjoy in Juba. This is the time to act violently. You can reach me @ ajakbutrusajak@yahoo.com.au

    Maguacwum II.

    repondre message

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