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Southern Sudanese will likely choose unity in a free referendum: NCP


August 21, 2009 (KHARTOUM) — The citizens of South Sudan will vote for unity rather than the secession in the upcoming 2011 referendum if they are afforded “total freedom” a top official at the dominant National Congress Party (NCP) said.

The Sudanese presidential assistant Nafi Ali Nafi told the NCP convention in Khartoum that the issue of referendum and the April 2010 elections represent the most pressing items in the political arena.

Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) which rules South Sudan rejects the census results upon which the geographical constituencies will be based.

The ex-Southern rebel group claim that the census results released this year were rigged, understating the population of South Sudan and overstating that of Darfur.

The movement suggested using population percentages based on the 1956 census results something which the NCP rejects.

Nafi said that the NCP wants to conduct a constructive dialogue with other political parties on the issue of freedoms and liberties prior to the elections but warned against any activity targeting the security of the country.

He lashed out at newspapers that talk about enhancing political freedoms in the North while turning a blind eye to “lack of political freedom in the South”.

On the issue of referendum, Nafi reiterated the NCP’s position that all Southerners should be allowed to vote irrespective of where they reside. The SPLM only wants the voters in the South to take part in the referendum.

Among the key sticking points is the percentage of votes required in the referendum to declare it favoring independence, determining the post-referendum process and the share of Sudan’s debts the South would carry with it if it secedes.

The NCP is pushing for a 75% ‘Yes’ vote for South Sudan to be allowed to secede, something the SPLM rejects.

In a testimony before US lawmakers, the special envoy to Sudan Scott Gration expressed worry that skipping the already delayed 2010 national elections may make it very difficult to hold credible referendum in Abyei and South Sudan in 2011.

This week Gration stressed that the referendum needs to be held timely but it is unclear if the time remaining will be sufficient to resolve the outstanding differences between the NCP & SPLM.


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  • 22 August 2009 08:22, by oshay

    I totally agree and it would be wise on Southerners behalf to vote unity otherwise the barbarian SPLM will ruin the South.

    repondre message

    • 22 August 2009 08:52, by murlescrewed

      Keep halluccinating sucker. It aint gonna happen. I am not sure what breed of Southerners Nafie and his minions like you are referring to. When 95% of Southerners say that they would rather return to war than remain in a united Sudan, that should send the shivers down your spineless spins.

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      • 23 August 2009 06:51, by samuel_kur@yahoo.ca


        You are a woman of NCP, you seems to accept any junk word its said by NCP.

        That is why i always tell you NCP closed your mouth with an amount of money, which do not allow you to say any single word against them. But no way the south will succeed in its way to peace, even you do not like its happiness or not!

        You should ask us about the brutally of the NCP, because we know them very well during the war time if you were not there, when they were abusing southerners at any where which we will not forget it for ever ever, but its not mean that we should revenge for that.

        But we should not be easy with them, and i know they do not like you, but they like you to do their business. So that i could advised you if you should chill down for a while, i don’t want to convince you but the south seceding will happen, as we will leave you with them if they will treat you equally to Muslim citizens, i think you will be regret too much for your mistake.

        I do agree with you at some points at south government, but we will fix it later if we are all patient, every one will get his/her right, if we work genuinely for our future, we can not tolerate being a third degree citizen any more, belief me or not, we did tasted so many tastes of their behaving to us like slaves in our own country together with them, no one in the south should deny that if he/ she has a little heart.

        Okay bye.

        repondre message

    • 22 August 2009 11:13, by pasa think big

      please Osha John, what did i tell you last week? just stay in abasha in the State you are in. hope to kill you this night.
      SPLM is not for joke.
      the Southerners are ready to depence themselves by all means

      repondre message

    • 22 August 2009 12:43, by korenilo A.

      i think somebodty is blind here or is trying to be one.what the hell is this maggot talking about .did i hear unity ,you are just day dreaming ,if you have not read the writting that come 2011 south is atoumatically be separated from north, you better prepared for for it.we are tired of your way of ruling the country ,shame on those calling for unity.weather you like it or not we are going alone come 2011.it is goood that the NCP has made separation attractive.what we are waiting is the day not the results becouse we have already made up our minds.weather the push up or down on refurandon laws for 75% yes vote ,our leaders will decleared it unilateraly independent SOUTH SUDAN ,protected by our SPLA.

      to oshay

      you are not one of us so don’t talk of anything about south isssues ,leaved them to southerners.what you are going is only to get money from arabs and that why you don’t wants independent south becouse your project will be over.you better eat and save some becouse you are left with two years.

      repondre message

    • 22 August 2009 14:25, by Aduol Liet

      Sohay and MR, Nafi Ali Nafi.

      Your government does not attracted we Southern Sudanese people and for that reason, I think the Southern Sudanese people will vote against Unity; because there is no need for us to share this Sudan Country with those who have stick with Islamic agendas in the government rule. Sudan is not and was not a muslim nation nor Sudan is not one culture, we have more than 100 speakers with multicultures within Sudan nation therefore, the Old Ideas in Islamic policy must be change unfortunately, I hear Omar al Bashir is telling his Idiots Arab in North Sudan that, the Arab in Northern Sudan will not take a way Sharia Law in the government well, you guys need to rule by yourselves, but I don’t think we Southern Sudanese people and many others Black natives will accepted to be fool for Unity of drty tacitics and I will encourages the Southern Sudanese people to vote NO Unity with such Arab behavior in the government.

      Nafi Ali Nafi, when you mention your killer Party National Congress that, you guys need constructive dailogues with Southerners Sudanese people where this language came from? Why the Implementation Peace Agreement is still fragments while the killer Omar al Bashir had accepted to signed the rule during the Peace Agreement in Kenya. We all know what the Khartoum government are trying to make things wrose or difficulties to the Southern Sudan’s government so that, you guys will back us in that drty Sharia Law, look we will never never shares Sudan government with Sharia Law and we will never accepted any fool made by the Khartoum government at this time, this is become a distruban for many years. There are many Countries in Africa who have got Independences after the Sudan had already gained her Independence, but when we look at it and to compared these Countries with Sudan nation then, we found that, the role of Sudan government is to killed his own citizens instead of helping them. Obviously, the Sudan Country is the last undevelopment nation in Africa question, is this kind the dailogue you guys mean? Some people in the world are suprising when they visited to see North Sudan, they saw that there is a development in the Northern Sudan, but when they came to Nuban Mountains Regions, Blue Nile Region and the under zero development in Southern Sudan then, they wonder why those parts are under zero development and they always asked us for what is the reason,question is this constructive dailogues you guys want to keep us for ever? General speaking, we none Arab in the Sudan are so fed up about your Islamic rule and we need separation so that, those who have different cultures will rule themselves or may pracitices their culture and you guys Arab will remain in North Sudan to apply such Sharia Law to the Arab, but not all Northern Sudan I think most majority will go with Southern Sudan in the short coming referendum period.

      The reason why the SPLM are and were sticking with unsolve issue of percentage was, because the SPLM Party need things to go accurately rather than making that gimmick rule and bribering none Sudanese to act on your behave of Khartoum government we all know this so call paying me to play the game that is what Omar al Bashir is doing, the SPLM was already establishing in the Bush very orginaized government not like many others Rebels in the world. The SPLM policies before the sigining Peace Agreement was very best even now because they have had established the New Sudan Vision and the rule of government and that is why the majority in Sudan needed SPLM Party to take over leadership now. On the other side of percentages for the Southern Sudanese, we know exactly that, the civil war has been a big mess which we Southern Sudanese have lost unaccountable numbers even that 2.5 million which had been lost so far was not real correct I think the lives lost during the SPLA/SPLM Civil war could be 3.5 million, but even though we have lost a great siginificant numbers, I think there should be assumption of 15-20 million population in the Southern Sudan. In fact we are not going to change this 2011 referendum even if ours Southern Sudanese population fall shortely, we will still say 3 million will have to get Independence as a State and nation.

      Finally, the SPLM Party must not be fool by such a people like Nafi Ali Nafi and his indictment leader Omar Hassan al Bashir Idiots man. I always reminder our brothers and sisters of Nuban Mountains that, Map is not a matter that mean, Sudan has a definition as a Black native Land and I do think whoever in the North Map and whoever in the Western Darfuri Map, they will choose merely government which will treat them with fairness and equity justice for all people rather than Islamic Sharia Law agenda which has play this genocide in Darfurians people. Today the National Congress Party will say they accepted the referendum Laws and tomorrow we will hear their drty tacitics of trying to block the demand from the SPLM Party. My friends from the SPLM, we need everything in Sudan to be divided first before the referendum period and if they refuse to do so then, call the International to be witness. The North Sudan I mean not all Northern Sudanese but these Arab led by Omar al Bashir, they thinks the Banks they owns and many things belong to them this is what they have in their minds, they thinks they will not share the things for nation with Southern Sudan when the Southern has secedes their separation and if they did that then, we will starting blocking River Nile from flowing to the Northern Sudan le us not forgetting every element, we will try to let them face some difficulty in there. The more they Northern Sudan act negatively in government the more Southern Sudanese people will thinks another solution as we saw Omar al Bashir had refusal to step down while he was been indicted recently that shown the Southern Sudanese will hold their Independence without any doubt.

      Aduol Liet.

      repondre message

    • 23 August 2009 01:13, by Mel mosa

      Mr Oshay, do you agree for 75% yes or against it?

      repondre message

    • 23 August 2009 18:53, by Arochthon

      I and rest of my wise comrades will never both to wait for another enslavement if the president of southern Sudan fails to announce our unilateral independent which we are yearning. I personally will demarcate my territory with within the south Sudan and call it a state, to held with your unity of terrorist.


      repondre message

  • 22 August 2009 08:40, by Mr Famous Big_Logic_Boy

    This is what your wivies junglese are dreaming of, not everyone.

    Equatorians must stand with Sudanese People Liberation Movement for Dinka Change (SPLA-DC)

    repondre message

    • 23 August 2009 06:51, by amalunguic

      Only the rats like Lokuji/Logic/Reik are the one accepting unity to happen. Look rat don’t try to fools around Southerners and pretend to be a good fan of Dinka SPLM. Your abervaitions for SPLM-DC does not means for Dinkas it is still SPLM DON’T CARE of southern citizens formed by both rats of Lam and Riek Machar. You are telling every one to vote for you and scipt the current SPLM ballots. To me no one should accept to cast their votes into yours, why because your party is intended for Northern riped off Southerners and then resume usual colours of NCP. Stay alert rat if you go beyonh clouds, I’ll climb further toward hevean and agaisnt your arse Lokuji/Logic/Lam/Riek!!! Waxes are coming rat!!!

      repondre message

    • 24 August 2009 17:19, by Arochthon

      Only fools will remain in the bandage of enslavement but wise people like Dinka and any other communities rather than Equatoria would not at any time vote for unity.How many people need to be killed, sexually molested and suddenly robbed of their wives at Equatoria such that Equatorians will turn against Arabs? What is SPLM/DC all about? to tell the truth even if there will be no any other political party in South Sudan, I will never turn my neck back to a politician like Lam Akol simply because I know what I have been fighting for including my brothers who died during the course of liberation.
      I know some people like you logic will not listen until Dr. Lam Akol intoxicated you with concentrated gas inside him that when you will know he is really traitor to Southerners not even as you said.


      repondre message

  • 22 August 2009 10:07, by Akol Liai Mager

    April 2010 elections; that’s the key battle for unity or separation and 2011 will just endorse the results and that is why CPA opted general elections to come first follow by referendum for South Sudan.

    The question is; will NIF accept defeat in April 2010 elections if it failed to secure 75% of the votes?

    Will NIF leaders hand over power to the party that may win 49% votes? I don’t really think so.

    By the way, I believe in unity, I am a unionist until northerners endorse unity by voting in SPLM Presidential candidate and SPLM candidates to the National Parliament as a majority party.

    April 2010 Elections are no short of Self-Determination for the Northern Sudan. If northerners mishandle these elections, they will be responsible for Yagoslavia scenario repeat in Sudan.

    To be clear, northerners have no genuine reasons to grip on power for more genocides to occur. They messed up for more than 50 years and enough is enough for th unity of mess, and now is time for the unity of fixing.

    If northerners vote for SPLM, they vote for unity of fixing, but if they vote for Separatist NIF, UMMA or DUP separatist parties then they are issuing dead certificate for the unity.

    Let’s wait and see if NIF leaders will accept defeat should they fail to secure 75% votes.

    repondre message

    • 22 August 2009 10:57, by Junta

      What a wishful thinking Mr Nafie!! It will never happen that South Sudanese will choose to be in na United Sudan except those who have been eternally condemn to Arab enslavement like Mr Oshea who is contented with eating the left overs of the Arabs.Such statement my Mr. Nafie Ali Nafie is just expressing the Institutionalised Mendacity in the north.It is too late to think that We the south sudanese will reversed our decision to part comapny.You have rigged the census results in broad day light and is attempting to do the same with refrendum by trying to allow southern Sudanese living outside to vote such that you enrol in the Terrorist to vote as souther sudanese. What a lie!!I urge Mr Logic Boy to desist from castigation of one ethnic group but tackle issue that are of South Sudanese Interest!

      repondre message

  • 22 August 2009 11:26, by Rodolfo Riak


    Doing negative things always will lead the person to madness at the end. I was your reader from the beginning of your appearance on the web. but I regreted lastly for what I was doing to read your comments.when you write it mean you want people to know something they don’t know or help them to understand. But when just write with intention to insult others, that will mean nothing to anyone. I and the rest of sudantribune readers will not bother to read your comment anymore.Just for your health and good commentator think about your attitudes of current comments you are making. Your ill comments will not affect any reader except you who will pay the price of training yourselves to be mad at the end in anyways.

    repondre message

  • 22 August 2009 11:31, by Mr Network

    Unite of southern with north is not something people ahve to talk about but just a matter of time to identifying it,what SPLM countparts of north are thinking is so far from what southern’s aiming for,because NCP are Fox

    repondre message

    • 22 August 2009 12:52, by Frak Cho


      It’s a wonder to see you always talking ill of the South Sudanese with all the odds rather than mentioning a single spark of positive comment, yet you claim to be a true son of Africa. Oshay, how much have the Arabs paid you to betray your dear ones to that extent??

      Many true African people and true God fearing people of the world know who the Arabs are.

      Arabs can welcome you to food with smiling face but with grudge heart of evil. Oshay please, keep on you are one of those who betrayed Africa at large no doubt.

      repondre message

    • 24 August 2009 13:33, by Man of facts

      Thanks you mr: network

      I agreed with u only, u have eye to see and mind to
      network or analyze the idea of others.

      People of south sudan and 2010 time are the only key determiners of unity or seperation of sudan. I don,t the point of barking at the Arab bought brothers like oshey.

      Concretly, let me tell u, referendum will come while people like u are still being lulled by bought southerners. Iam bought stil i don,t forget whom i was born with.

      repondre message

  • 22 August 2009 12:58, by Benywut


    While agreeing that all human being can dream, it is rare and no researched have proved it right that human being can dream while talking. This is called fantasy and fantasies are there to make you relieved from stress.
    You talk as if you have been to the South yesterday.
    The reality is that Mr.Nafie, your name still remained in the terrorist list of CIA and FBI and that is why santion lifting or removal of Sudan name in the black list in Washington will never happened so long as you and Bashir are breathing.
    For your information, if you don,t accept the refrendum bill before December this year you will be supprised that your Visa has been rejected by Immigration and Passport Department of Republict of South Sudan in January 2011
    Continue dreaming and preach the lies

    repondre message

  • 22 August 2009 13:10, by Mayom hawk

    What is 75% YES? 75% of Total Sudanese census number or Southern Sudanese number????
    The journalists in ST always lack very vital information because of writing incomplete sentences and information.

    repondre message

    • 22 August 2009 15:31, by Ambago

      This meant to be read by Nafie and Oshay .

      I am not impressed by the way SPLM runs the south, I am also sencerly confessing to you that that I have through my life dessented any unity with the north.

      As long as the sun rises from the east and sets in the west, you and your barbaric Islamists regime will never determine our fate, not any longer. SPLM has been messing with our fate and resources in the South BUT that will never make southerners to vote to remain in servitute and bondage of the united sudan.

      SPLM’s failures are things that southern sudanese can manage in an Independant Nation of their own. But you Dr. Nafie, the true vimpire of the Ingazz regime should keep quite. Just for Christ’s sake can you go dump and mute.

      The independance of South Sudan is not going to be measured by the half arabized SPLM ideology and corruption.

      I hate the new sudan as I hate the old sudan. The CPA now offers an opportunity for the people of the South to part peacefully, but if at all some opportunistic ideologs out there would want to mess it up for us, we are more than ready to stand up to the challege.

      An independant South Sudan is bound to emerge, and all the delusionals in the SPLM, the NCP and any other unionist camps and their sympathisers will face this reallity as the day draws nearer and nearer.

      Dr. Justin Ambago Ramba, MD.

      repondre message

    • 22 August 2009 15:52, by Riangnom

      Who the hell is Nafi by the way ? And why he is mockery himself wasting time of talking silly? You son of a whore do you think this era is for alure and twisted points like what you North did in Juba 1947? When you were cunning Southern Sudanese chiefs and repeat the same thing during Anya-Anya one in 1972.

      Plesae try not to waste your time, do something else instead of talking about unity of Sudan. Did you implemented what CPA requirment since it was ink? Did you attrack the unity? We the South have no room to take any promise from North who called themselves Arab; but they are fake Arabs when they visit middle east in the really Arabs nations, no one consider them as Arabs. All the middle east know about them; they are just muslims that is all.

      The NCP purposed 75% yes voters for the South to seced, do NCP think that SPLM is stupid ?. Look their tactic when they release the censues results wrongly, saying South Sudan populations only 8. millions. That was the plan to make secession complicated, but this is not going to happen regardless you give yourselves a hard time not to sleep days and nights to prevent South seced; no way that idiot strategy will get chance.

      If you North want to force the South back to war, then you should go ahead, when you accepted peace to be signed four years ago; it was the condition that you saw SPLM/A was powerful that is why you fear knowingly that you were going to be overthrown in power. SPLA did not surrendered and it was not weak at all.

      The South secession is will be the halt of bullets but other then that we do not think so, referendum is the only solution to be rest in Sudan.

      To Oshay or Osama, why don’t you disappear on this web please? Because your input are not benefit no body, every time when something against the South you are always the first person to jump up, and happy about it. I advise you to consuming your bribery cash and keep silent, your slave master will not take you to court, this is your own money the Arabs did not brought that money from the middle east, they got that money in Sudan which your ancestrals land.

      Do you know the meaning of Oshay in Arabic language ? It means scavenger because you are not Arab that is why you don’t know that word; and you never write Arabic, so you have a big problem really big problem and I don’t blame you, I just feel sorry about you so you are vulture to be call that name.


      repondre message

  • 22 August 2009 19:15, by Kur

    I think this man called Nafi is underestimating the conscience of the people of South Sudan. He knows very well what his government has been doing in the South and yet he says that we’ll accept being a third class citizens in Sudan. Now he thinks we have forgotten their malicious policies. I know that these are the words of a morally corrupt, blood-thirsty killer. For me to vote for the so-called unity will be like someone asking me to walk to the moon. So if you have nothing else to talk about, just keep quiet.

    Nafi, let me give you a simple example that makes what you are saying a complete nonsense. During the disagreement over Abyei borders your government, which claims to be the government of national unity, stood and still stands against the Dinka people of Abyei. This reality tells me that your government is the government of Northern Sudan as it has always been. Is there any unity in this situation? No. We are done with you.


    repondre message

  • 22 August 2009 21:29, by Dinka Aliap Chawul

    Who to votes for Unity? we Southerners have learnt enough from NCP during war times.Please dont waste your money in S.Sudan about Unification campaign otherwise u plants your seeds in a rock and then u will be the losers.

    repondre message

  • 23 August 2009 00:29, by jalabi

    When a such speech comes out from a prominent figure like Nafi Ali Nafi then you have to take it very seriousely. We simply can’t let the south go because it is going to be a hostile country in our backyard and will stab us from behind and will effect directly our strategic national security. Time for gun is over, it is time for bribe now and it will make a lot of difference!

    repondre message

    • 23 August 2009 01:46, by Maruon Ayiei

      This people in NCP are out dated and they think backward. Congratulation Mr Nafi Ali Nafi for giving your people in the north a hope of uniting Sudan come 2011. First you have to rally them to vote in favor of SPLM/A in April 2010 election. Let do away with that election and then we will go from there or you are out of your six senses.

      repondre message

      • 23 August 2009 05:56, by Gadingo

        My friend Oshay, SPLM/A is a better chioce than the ruling clif in Khartoun. You know what, though SPLM/A has its own shit, I rather go with them for the simple reason that they fought for almost twenty five to achieve this six year intrim period while Bashirs effort during this years was to gun down our people.

        So, don’t worry wheather SPLM/A ruin it or fix it, is non of your business there will be a time where things in Southern Sudan will shine just like in Khartoum. So, why don’t you backoff before we Southern tells to backoff?

        repondre message

        • 23 August 2009 10:28, by john matim arec

          What do you guys expect? Unity is the only way we can stand otherwise arabs is gonna defeat us in 2011. How can come the master of the land will go and vote for second class and leave the first class. Let me tell you the abit background of Arabs where they came from. They came from Via egypt via red sea as traders as refugees. We have right to rule them because sudan soil is our mother land not from arabs you should have to note that. It is very surpise to me few people have been saying that separation we stand that is very pathetic and pendulous. I myself i want unity no matter what. we are aiming separation and we have poor leadership. There is no any progress going on now in southern sudan like development and security.
          and thank
          This is my to you all the southerness
          JOHN MATIM

          repondre message

          • 24 August 2009 04:39, by Riangnom

            The Unity of Sudan must be fit in Southern mind if the Northern being honest, and quit their foolish games how long are we the South going to keep ourselves in Unity that always give us disadvantage. The fake Arabs are most corrupts in Sudan, let them stop blaming the South for corruptions while they have high figures of corruption, the cheating of budgets of South was cause by the North, the delay of sallaries in South cause by them too. In the last two months the minister of energy who is f—k---g Arab gave false report that there was no enough oil found, what came out under the ground was water, how can you believe liars like that to make Unity.

            we have the right to rule them there is no doubt about it, we should not be favor Unity because of corruption in the South. We can not let bullshit happen again, when the CPA signed the NCP never try to implented any elements; so howthe Unity going to work while CPA is turn down by NCP.


            repondre message

  • 24 August 2009 05:44, by Sudan Landlord


    This is a warning bell for all the Southerners,
    What i know is that this confused murderer is working hard to rig the referendum. They have started by pushing for higher percentage (75%) of yes for seperation to be granted for the Southerners and today he is dreaming of Unity when they are continuously killing the Southerners day and night.I am urging GoSS and the International Community especially UN NOT throught the traitor Ghazi (current SRSG for Sudan) to bring clean and smart observors to monitor the triumph departure of the Southerners from the Iron rule to there long awaited freedom and liberty.
    Nafi needs to be informed by his secretary in a loud and clear message that there is no way to stop the Southerners from departing from their tyrannic rule and blood hands.
    He should only watch the gave and give the Southerners a word of safe journey.
    Please convey this message to your brother in law Osheya Osama Bin Laden.

    repondre message

  • 27 August 2009 09:26, by son of Africa

    Hi Oshay Al-Bashir’s

    i hope you are fine there with your husband Al-Bashir. Unfortunately, Please you and your husband need to be careful about ICC, if i were you guys, i would have give up because Southern Sudan has already gone. Please don’t just wasting your time talking about the South Sudan insteady of ICC.

    The Son Of Africa

    repondre message

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