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Southerners rally in support of Sudan President


March 7, 2009 (KHARTOUM) – Some southern Sudanese rallied today in the Sudanese capital to show their support to the President Omer Al-Bashir after an arrest warrant made by the ICC judges against him.

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Sudan’s President Al-Bashir, wearing a southern traditional dress, attends a protest with southern Sudanese against the ICC arrest warrant for him, in Khartoum March 7, 2009. (Reuters)

Different southern Sudanese political and tribal leaders were present at the rally and expressed worry that indicting Al-Bashir would endanger the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.

During his speech the President, who wore a traditional feathered headdress and colorful beads from southern Sudan, defied the International Criminal Court and associated it with Western countries.

Bashir told the gathering that the West is not qualified to speak about justice and human rights. He further attacked the United States which is not a state party to the court, describing it as the country of slavery and where the Red Indians were massacred. He further said that Washington committed atrocities in Vietnam and bombed Japanese towns with atomic bombs.

He also said that Sudan’s enemies want to demolish peace and stability. The Sudanese President said that there would be no return to war and pledged to develop the southern Sudan saying they are working in the implementation of the necessary infrastructure, roads and electricity, in order to launch important development projects there.

The Sudanese president also hailed the stance of the southerners and their support against the ICC. He said Sudan should remain united after the 2011 referendum on secession, as had been decided by southerners in 1947 at the Juba Conference, because if the South decides to separate it would destabilize the whole continent.

Bashir also spoke about the 13 aid groups that he just expelled from Darfur describing them as "thieves" and accused them of keeping the most important part of the aid.

"The media report that 2 billion dollars had been spent in Darfur aid operations; but when we revised these figures we found that what reached Darfur effectively is less than one hundred million. Actually they took more than 99.9%," he said.


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  • 8 March 2009 06:10, by junub

    I would say some southern Sudanese rallied to dance the last kick of Al-Bashir’s dictatorship with him but not in support.

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    • 9 March 2009 02:10, by Khot Majok Tuil

      True brother junub it doesn’t give any mancholly sense to southerness but nevertherness no one shall regreat his seize he must face the ICC traps.

      he thought that he was only the big fish forgetting that there are others biggers fish in the ocean that can swollow him with his ass up-side down, let him dance the last dance on the southern tranditional bead and feather to show they he took the inocence sould.


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  • 8 March 2009 06:12, by Thyinka

    This is a crying shame! When did Bashir become enamored with Southern Sudanese? How do you expect people to support you from external pressures when you turn on them and execute them internally? Anyway, this is a last kick of the dying horse.

    As for unity or secession, Bashir has no right to tell Southerners what to choose. I hope he face the Hague sooner than later. Shame! shame! ya Bashir.

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    • 9 March 2009 13:50, by kilo malual

      Dear Thiyaka,

      Basher wanted to believes his eyes and expecting southerners to support him which is not possible i think his five senses are not currently working he is running crazy. Braboo ICC for having omitted menace person in the society

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  • 8 March 2009 06:23, by soldier boy

    United states of America is our big brother and American people will always be beside us, whether you like or not Fucking Bahir.Southerners who went out to support you are just old people who still thinking backward. But young people like me would like to show up with snipper Rifle to pop off your freaking head or fucking hand cup you and take you to internationl court.you have killed inceons people in Southern Sudan & Darful so why not you fucker.
    You southerners please do not worry about CPA could be demolish or going to be demolish by Al Bahir before he go to hell, I don’t think so. God is there for it what he said it’s will happen will happen no matter what you do.NCP have tried to demolish it long time ago but they can’t , so please brothers stop worry about CPA .

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  • 8 March 2009 06:39, by AUGUSTINO DENG

    This is a full "feign" from Omar Bashir. Omar Bashir, has never been good before with the Southern Sudanese people. Even if he wore a Southern Sudanese dress being embroidered with difference colors, there is nothing that will prevent him from going to jail as the law of the ICC concerns about how criminal should be treated or faced a punitive lesson.

    I will be delightful indeed when I heard that Omar Bashir, is closed in the jail or being caged in the jail like a rabbit. Thank God for inspiring the ICC move toward Omar Bashir.

    I believe that the dress which Omar Bashir, is wearing, might be brought from Nuer community or Equatorian community. No Dinka person can accept to give Omar Bashir a dress to wear completely.

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    • 8 March 2009 10:42, by Mr Famous Big_Logic_Boy

      Ha ha Deng your out of your mind, even a blind cannot be decieve by you idiot. If your trying to make a description of that dress to Nuer or Equatorian, how about during the CPA celebration in Malakal, Yei, Bor and etc. What did your lost community dressed not that type of hair plus exact dress like the one bashir had on his nack. Deng your just like a lost pig among thousand of pigs. Al bashir is dressing that dress as his pride of having dinkas girls (slaves) in his home areas, on the other hand as pride of being supported by junglese, have you forgetton that last week the whole community of lost junglese were shedding tears about the arrest warrenty of their master. DENG, could you please ask your father to sell 2 cows and get you some teeth maybe this might be the reason why you are going crazy. Am trying to find a solutiuon for you from heading into a forest rather than surviving in the jungle of Bor,Rumbek and etc.

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      • 8 March 2009 17:07, by Abu-chook

        Mr. Logic,

        I am responding to your personal attacked comment. Because mr. Logic I though the topic here is too general about South Sudanese rally and the dress Pres. Bashir was wearing. Matter of fact, you went too personal attack on the public topic as well as on the person you were respond the comment to. Mr. Logic, I thought you are very open-minded as we are in the 21st century. Because we are all here to discuss some hot topics that are conerned to us; but without attacking on one another personally. Mr. Logic, there is some time we active citizen need to be careful of when and where to be too generalizing the hot topic like the one above. As you said it above " By you idiot; your lost community"—What do you mean by that? Mr. Logic, These comments are all personal attack comments and you need when and where you are breaking them down your respond.

        Mr. Logic, regardless who rally in support who? We are all knowing who the real enemy of South Sudan is? In my opinion as a private citizen like you, we can forgive our real enemy; but we will never forget its name! The mission of South Sudan is not yet meet. So my point is: we can discuss the public hot topics as much as we want; but we don’t need to twisting the Subject into personal mis-conduct attack. You Got me Mr. Logic.

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      • 8 March 2009 21:34, by agetm4real

        To my Fellow southerners, isn’t it time for us to get rid of this roach who loves to hover on the net cursing the Dinka’s on a daily base. It is time to show this Tribalistic maniac, that the Dinka’s are the reason as to why he is even breathing and enjoying the fresh air of southern sudan.

        On so many counts, this Big_Stupid_unlogical attention seeker has claimed that the Dinka’s have done nothing for southern Sudan, if not the whole Sudan. He says that we are pigs, he claims that we are uncivil, he even said that we are cowards and are Slaves to the arabized Khartoum.
        Wasn’t it us the Dinka’s who began the Rebelion in 1955 and in 1983? Does this make us Cowards? We have lost the most people in both wars, but we still kept on fighting for our rights, while our brothers further south in the Equatorial region of Juba submitted to the arabized northerners, Then our fellow nuer brothers Defacted to the enemy during the most crucial yrs of Liberation.

        We should never be disrespected so openly like if we have never done anything for southern Sudan... I have lost countless family members just like so many other southerners. I have lost a prominant SPLA Leader Arok Thon Arok, who is blood and Flesh with me (My uncle). We have Lost Dr. John Garang and So many Countless Southerners who are not Cowards... May the souls of the Slained SPLA Soldeirs and Commanders Rest in peace. Not To be disrespected by mentally ill people Like This Boy above.

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        • 9 March 2009 02:31, by Wad Juba

          Are those of Gen. Obote Mamur, Cmdr. Thomas Cirilo and Cmdr. James Wani Igga (just to mention a few) Dinkas? Did they not fight the enemy? Please my countrymen, do not be oblivious to the fact that we all collectivly contributed to the struggle, directly or indirectly. Hence, the "chest-beating" in ego (like mountain gorillas) by a single tribe claiming that they are the only people who fought and died during the SPLA/M struggle and not considering the contribution of other Southerners is why most tribes in South Sudan have turned to tribalistic ideologies. One can not take away the fact that the Dinkas did play a leading role back in the struggle days but that does not mean that the other non Dinka tribes are traitors and defecters. The dream of a strong and united South Sudan will only be realised if we as Southerners stop branding ourselves blindly. Words like traitors, defectors and real liberators are misleading and divides the nation and that is what the common enemy is counting on. It is time we stand as one inorder for Khartoum to know that we mean business. Let us stop the "finger pointing" as Southerners, because South Sudan is home to all of us, be it Shulluk, Equatorians, Nuer or Dinkas. Cheers! Have a mindfull day.

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          • 9 March 2009 08:40, by 13012 Shepherd

            Bid Juba.
            People should be realistic when stressing point

            How many Bari where in the bush with Wani Igga? Well you may not know because you were in Uganda or in Juba collaborating with Arab. Wani Igga was alone even his body guards where Muonyjang. Imagine that’s a big shame to the people who own a big town in the south.

            Infact Tomas Cirillo was captured in frontline in Maridi while attempting to cross to DR C after his forces ( NIF) where dispersed. He was pardoned by the late Garang and immediately integrated in to the army (SPLA) "Laughing"

            Isaac Mamur surrendered himself to the SPLA around Bilnyang in the late 1980s in a very fierce battle in which many NIC met their fate and he was swiftly recruited as alternate commander. He went to Lotuku and mobilize young (Monyimuji) called (Wulek) These Wulek came and within a short while ,they disappeared back to villages with guns to be used in cattle rustling. Another big shame.

            In 1992, they (Wulek) merges with William Nyuon forces and began assaulting many towns in eastern Equatoria like Igtos. You may not know all these because you had run to exile but is that the kind of struggle you are talking of. Isaac Mamur owns bata slippers factory in Uganda, he was busy fighting as well us looting SPLA assets including cars, artilleries and grains to Uganda.

            In 2003 when Torit was captured by the SPLA forces was it not Equatoria Defense Forces loyal to Beshir who repulse them out of the town?. Is that the struggle you are talking of? Later on Garang absorb them in and now they are part of SPLA.


            I appreciated the general Mamur (juju man) for he himself have participated in many battle and for having surrendered himself voluntarily.

            Wani Igga (1cm tall) though having not even shot a single bullet, I do appreciate him for having represented Bari in SPLA Haaaaaaa. He was alone and good commander who would entertain us with his ABUKUEREK at his back “SPLA SORA BITANA, SPLA SORA BITANA.

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            • 10 March 2009 00:33, by Wad Juba

              Shepard! You are just little minded and arrogant like all your kinsmem, because denying the fact that all Southerners played their respective roles in the SPLA/M struggle will just result into more hatred of the Jengelese by other tribes. You Dinkas must know that Southern Sudan is not free yet and with the way things are going at the moment, one must be "extra stupid" to belive that there is no more threat of another war looming over the horizon. The Northerners are not going to give up easly, especially, if the Southerners opt for independence come 2011. Some of you might pin their high hopes with the CPA agreement, thinking the Arabs are going to honour it[CPA] "word for word" to the last paragraph. Therefore, instead of forging a stronger and united Southern Sudan, you the "so called liberators" are the ones engaged in tribalism, nepotism and criminal barbarism. That is why all the other tribes are sick and tired of you Jengelese (a.k.a Dinkas). Where will you ran or hide when war breaks out? Who is going to fight alongside you? since you have branded every non Dinka as a "traitor or defector". The cry for Dinka blood is being echoed across the land (S. Sudan) and reality will only set in, when this cry is translated into physical action.

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      • 9 March 2009 19:21, by Akuei

        mr famous you sound like crazy nuer to me, people without pride, raider, unpatriotic, abductors and mad rallies your point you are making is not important because no body said it we are no friend to arabs or any thing to do with it we heated the arabs and what ever it represent any where anytime any place.

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    • 8 March 2009 16:45, by Wiyual Wech Puk D. Payol.

      sorry for hearing that Bashir is supported by southerners in khartoum.i hope Bashir could not cooperate with the south sudan people at his death.where have he been when killing southerners before Darfur genocide? the man[Bashir] is the worse killer in sudan and then he has to face his criminality.oh!! Augustino Deng why do you mention only Nuer and Equatorian to give Bashir a clothes,from where do you left Abel alier,mohamed Chol,Bonna malual and the others Dinka who are together with Bashir? you left the former servant of Nimeri abel alier and now become a servant of Bashir and jump over Nuer.please Deng leave the triblalism and encourage our people not to support Bashir.being a Nuer or Dinka or any other tribes in south suadn is nothing if Bashir is still a president of sudan.

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    • 8 March 2009 17:56, by Covert

      Bashire, you just look ridiculous.

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  • 8 March 2009 06:45, by Benywut

    Shameless rascals

    Who are these bunches of traitors pretending to be Southerners?
    Mr. Bashir, buying some confused Southerners with their own oil money and claim that the South rallied behind you in support for ICC is baseless and unfounded. Intact, we are celebrating and dancing as you cry loud in a feinted voice over microphone.
    If you could see that crown very will, it is a hanging rope symbolize by the beads around your neck.
    For your information, it is not an African nor is it in any Southern culture a gentlemen to cry loudly in presence of Women and children. We African and Southerners sobbed gently and think wisely not to hurt the rest of the family members.
    African and Southerner do not call people to come and cry with instead they come spontaneously into your Family the best think you would have done was to sob gently in your Palace and have a last look at it because you will soon leave it for cell.
    Listen to BBC and read the news. Southerners would have stage their support from their State capitals not in Khartoum if there were genuine grounds to support your bloody hands.
    Southerners do not need your empty promises with or without you; we will build our infrastructure, roads and electricity.
    Don’t even dare talk about 2011 Referendum and how it should be conducted. If you would not be hang then. Well, you will still hear from your cell in Hague that Southern Sudan has become an Independence State.
    No terrorists or wanted criminals will dare to land in this holy land after 2011 or else they will find themselves in Hanging Knot at the ICC.
    Mr. Bashir, the ICC decision is as irreversible as your age.
    There is no need crying over spilled milk!

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  • 8 March 2009 08:03, by Ben-Fu

    He look so stupid in those colors of the beats on his heads, black and white beats. Pretending bastard, go to maacah for the last time before you pretend to trick us.

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  • 8 March 2009 08:19, by Rodolfo Riak

    It is very shame to see our leader behaving like mental person. Mr. Bashir you have to accept gentlement death by going to Hague on your own decision. My advise to you is that beaware of bird flu. Don’t just put anything in your head like you did with so call south sudan traditional dress. Who know what is there in the feathers you are wearing. Also the way your face look shows that you have tuff war inside you. You look very upset. southerners in general are not really supporting you except Tom elnor and others. you call yourself Omar Muktar of sudan similar to Omar muktar of Libya who was hunged by italian. If you want to be like him why do you refuse to die in the same way?. Lastly the mother can stop her child from crying by allowing her/him to play with her breast but the father can not allow his child to play with his testicals. You can play with southerners but Darfur people are different animals you cannot play with their lives as you always do for southerners without funishments.

    Pass our greeting to your colleagues Zuber mahamed salah and shams eldin in your paradise.

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    • 8 March 2009 09:07, by Rem Minyiel Kulangdit

      ho my God who are those southern rally for bashir,indictement your father bashir will never escapsed this justice i would like to asked some southern who are living there in khartoum, what make you to migrated to that end? was it your own interested or were you been forced by the war, which dictataor bashir did to villages in southern region .shame on you with you politicians who are rally behind bashir for money.time has arrived for him and his supporters.whether you want him or not to be taken for indictment,think twice beacause your father is already in the grave waiting him in the hugue he will never defend himself beacause is something that he did already,and being witness by the whole world.

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  • 8 March 2009 09:11, by Freedom Fighter

    To: All Southerners in Khartoum

    Please take a hard look at Omer Albashir in your traditional dress and tell me what you see, or in other words, Does Albashir look comfortable and happy with that dress or does he look uncomportable, unhappy, and afraid of the dress. Does he look like a typical Southerner in that dress or does he look strange. Tell me if Albashir or any other Jallaba has ever worn Southern Sudan traditional dress in Khartoum before. Why you people like to be servants, and second class citizens in your own country?. My impression about the picture is that Albashir does look afraid of the dress, uncomportable, and unhappy with it. I think Albashir would have never put on that infidel’s dress if ICC had not knocked at his door

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    • 8 March 2009 16:58, by Wiyual Wech Puk D. Payol.

      Oh!! FREEDOM FIGHTER,how foolish is our people in south sudan.they vow again to jallaba till giving him our cultural dress.i look deeply into the dress how Bashir is wearing it,he is not happy to wear it.did they not see it those who it to him? now again our people left the job to do and make an other home work by supporting Bashir.they forget our southerners brothers who were kill by Bashir and turn agianst tribal wars between Nuer and Dinka,like Augusto Deng who said the dress can be given to Bashir by eithr Nuer or Equatorian and not Dinka.please pray to God to bring our people back from Bashir and Bashir must face the ICC.pray to the God to give those tribal minded a sense of unity in south sudan.

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  • 8 March 2009 10:07, by Hillary B.M.L,M

    Not all Dogs are the same,even the UN Security Council Members were divided in respect of Mr.Albashier indictment. There is a word in English call "BELONG TO",so we don’t get surprise when Some Southerners went on to the streets supporting Omer Albashier, this is Natural even in the Family.
    Please am not supporting but this is what going on the ground.


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    • 8 March 2009 12:03, by Lang Mijak DengChol.

      Benywut and many others,

      Thank you all Southerners for all your correct analysis. These Southerners rallying in Khartoum in support of Omer Beshir, the most wanted fugitive in the world are just ’’Bunches of traitors’’ mercenaried by Beshir’s regime and were initially mobilized and recruited by the head of traitors in Khartoum, the likes of Bona Malual, Riak Gai and Dr. David De Chan. These thugs of Southerners plus their fellowers or disciples are being marked and will face true, patriotic and loyal Southerners. This political rally in Khartoum is a great insult and smack to the SPLM Party and GOSS. It does not only disappoint marginalized Sudanese forces in general but it anger the international and regional bodies that are supporting the ICC’s case against the criminal Omer Beshir. Indeed, these are traitors and mercenaries from South Sudan. SPLM must identify these traitors before they vanish into hiding against in Khartoum to conspire again with the enemy of CPA. What a shame to these Southerners!!!

      Moreover, the headdress wear by Beshir is not typically from Dinka because Dinka know their dressing code and attire and that is why I do agree with other fella who stressed the same issue. Iam not sure which Sudanese tribes’ wear this warriors’ headdress. It is not Nuer either and could possibly be Equatoria, Nuba, Maban or Collo.

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      • 8 March 2009 12:32, by Hillary B.M.L,M

        Sorry, now it is Obvious that there are three big Groups in Southern Sudan, i.e Denga,Nuer and Equatorians other Tribes disappeared. Sorry again even the big names are from the three. Sorry, could have been better if i am not from the BIG THREE.

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      • 9 March 2009 08:11, by Freedom Fighter


        For your information, the dress on Albashir is the traditional dress of Shuluk tribe of Upper Nile. It is the dress of their MAK or NYkang (Shuluk spiritual leader). Also, the majority of Southerners who turned-out in support of Omer Albashir were Shuluk of Fashoda Association in Khartoum.

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  • 8 March 2009 12:42, by southern war veteran

    It’s true that we are to stand firm in protest against the ICC decision in issuing the arrest warrant to the Precedent of the Republic at this very sensitive and fragile moment. And it’s also our big responsibilities as citizens to ignore the Western influence in this matter.

    Bashir as an individual has no where to escape and will still be answerable to all the atrocities committed not only in Darfur but the entire Sudan.

    Western Countries are not happy with the current developmental progress going in Sudan and the commitment of the both parties to the CPA. They want to see to it that peace must not prevail in this country, this Country is there grassing land and if it’s peaceful where you do think they will benefit from. Here is where west benefit from donor funds which is your resources, no money is free. Every coin spent here in Sudan is an investment in return. So we must be careful as we contribute our views in Medias like this.

    Well Bashir is issued an Arrest warrant. What next to him as a head of state.
    Don’t you know it’s a state of probability? To go back to War or remain in CPA

    What do you know about the wounded buffalo in the Forest? Be careful you?

    Iam a war veteran beware.!!!!!!!!

    Think Big to Talk Big.

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    • 8 March 2009 13:26, by tayeb M. Alhassan

      YES, South War Vetran !!!

      You are right. People like you have to go down to the streets and yards to educate these youngsters who chatter like blind baby birds when the eagle approach the nest thinking mother bird is bringing food to know the truth when they get snatch one by one.

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      • 8 March 2009 18:08, by Covert

        Mr. Hassan, it looks like it’s hard to take side directly ha! That’s brilliant, that completely make sense to me.

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  • 8 March 2009 13:20, by Baggaran

    You’re all wrong. That’s why none of you know which southern tribe this man belongs to.

    This is a picture of a fugitive from the law. He tries a new disguise to hide from the ICC prosecutor.

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  • 8 March 2009 13:57, by Nyaopun Aban Aban

    Followers southerners, soldier boy, Augustino Deng, Benywut, Rem Minyiel Kulangdit, Lang Mijak DengChol.

    I will be sorry, to all you at moment falling to understands the moods of southerners why do they rallies.
    In few months to comes, all the southerners will fishes in the dirty water and duty of ICC arrest warrant. We are not pretending Mr. Benywut but, this is political rally. Every southerners wantting President Omer Hassan al Bashir to confront hague.

    Dear Mr. Famous Big_Logic_Boy
    Pick ups these advices never stires us away from articles to useless and hopless arguments.
    Everyones’ here loves your comments and being present on site.

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    • 8 March 2009 14:26, by Taban Johnson Wau.

      It will be better if they can go for fishing and Bashir deserve to go to Hague Shutoff. "coward live longer but die in grate number". you are among those never try to advice our young soldiers on this web regarding this issue.

      repondre message

      • 8 March 2009 16:01, by southern war veteran

        My Dear Innocent Colleague,
        You sound incompetent to contribute in this forum. Could you kindly take ample time to analyze the sentences before rushing to comment? Can you please clarify your self on this:-
        "It will be better if they can go for fishing and Bashir deserve to go to Hague Shutoff.”Coward live longer but die in grate number". You are among those never try to advice our young soldiers on this web regarding this issue"

        Please, statements like I quoted here from your writing are not mature. I advise you to practice your self well before appearing in Public like this.
        I therefor pray that God give you More Knowledge and Wisdom to lead our young soldiers.

        I’m Southern War Veteran Beware.???
        Think big to talk big!!!!!

        repondre message

        • 8 March 2009 20:03, by junub


          Nobody defy you are not a Southern war vetaran since there are many militia in the South from Southerners themselves now claiming to be protecting the South to Arab. Your rally against the ICC is not any news to us nor will it shock the Ocampo to reverse the prosecution of Al-Bashir that Southerners are even against the Al-Bashir’s indictment, no. They understood some of Southern Sudanese who are now pro-Bashir’s militia will not be pleased with the ICC prosecution, which is true and is stated clearly already in the article that " some southern Sudanese" but not all.

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  • 8 March 2009 17:36, by micheal

    Dear all

    I think southern should never condemn Icc decision on President Bishar arrest.If some of them support him, it is because they need some food to eat, not because they support him for their deeply heart.Iam sure , southern should never forget their suffering and their relative whom were killed by president al-Bishar.If today, Omer al-Bashir had caught by his wrong deed in sudan, southern should sheer up with joyful and happhness.
    Therefore his going to jail,should be right decision because what he had done fit his jail.

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  • 8 March 2009 19:22, by Chol

    I will be remised if I did not comment on this particular issue. I would like all Southerners and marginalized people of The Sudan to remember some important points that National Congress Party (NCP) is trying to play or accomplish before the world:

    Mr. President al Bashir’s NCP has lost political argumentative points that were based on Islamization and Arabizations and left with nothing but only one viable option; the option of using some Southerners, particularly militias as the only credible people to unite Sudan. These Southern militias will on occasional basis be pushed to start the fight and then backed by Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) on behalf of unity of The Sudan, NCP would say. For example, we have already seen in Malakal 2006 and 2009, Bashir has chosen to pay and keep Gen. Gabriel Tang Ganye to destabilize the South Sudan and with the hope that SPLA opt to fight and clear the militia in the region, and thus SPLA would commit horrible genocidal crimes that will go beyond Rwanda case! Moreover, in 2011, the NCP will, in the same tactical processes, use Southern militia to show the world that Tang Ganye and his men are fighting for the unity of the Sudan while SPLA is the realy armed group that is fighting to separate the country, which is contrary to the SPLM/A principles.

    However, what the NCP is not calculating here with a political due process is the fact that the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) has been witnessed by the whole world and clearly granted Southerners the rights to opt for majority votes that will either call for unity of Sudan or independent South Sudan, and should Southerners opt for their independence, the SPLM/A has both political and legal obligations to support the Southerners’ decision. And this point is well understood by the international community, not excluding ICC itself, nevertheless, the NCP is not calculating it with a due respect but hoping that Southerners are still in primitivism and dark times.

    So, with respect to other political due processes, let’s not be surprised by as to who initiated such supports for Bashir and the use of Southern Sudanese name here as a representative name that will always be used by the ideological bankrupted NCP.

    Simple point, Darfuris did neither participate in the killings of Native Americans nor in the American atomic bombs on Japanese people and neither world nor Darfuris condones these events; so why revenge these atrocities on Sudanese people? If you can not give clear reasons, then, we know that since Sudanese people could not be blamed for these wars, Bshir has lost his mind and therefore, he has no credit claiming these on Sudanese people.

    Last but not least, this is the final phase of NCP’s political and ideological bankruptcy! In fact, there are no good reasons to taint other credible Sudanese people who are capable of putting Sudan together including some of goodwill NCP members. Therefore, it will be in the interest of Sudanese people if you pack your things a go home and goodwill Sudanese will do their best to defend Sudan rather than individuals.

    repondre message

    • 8 March 2009 20:39, by John Costa

      This is few Southern, they do not represent South Sudan. GAA Saddaga Hall (Friendship Hall)takes less than 200. I doubt it was more than 100 individuals.It is a media propaganda to show that the president has every sector of the Sudanese community supporting him. Tomorrow they may bring the president with Darfurian to fool the nation. This president is done!

      repondre message

      • 8 March 2009 23:15, by Aduol Liet

        Southerners Imagical and Southerners Sudanese Persisten are supporting Omar al Bashir because they are Imagical people and I think the SPLM/SPLA must prepared the Black list for those Bribers names in Southern Sudan. It is not for the first time any way these people were with in Bashir’s government since the beginning of breaking a way Southern Sudan’s civil war in the Sudan. Omar al Bashir has always such tactics to fool people around the world that, he has more supporters which is not true. MR, Omar al Bashir did silly things before he was planning to overthrowing Sadiq al Madi at Khartoum, he bribe the Imagical man from Shuill Tribe and the Shuill Imagical man told him that,your planning is approved some where by my Imagic power and he told him you will going to threw a way Sadiq al Madi from his leadership this is how MR, Omar al Bashir gradually came up in 1989 cuop. Source said also every time he want to fights with the SPLA before the peace agreement signed he called this Imagical man from Shuill Tribe and gave million Diners Sudanese money so that, the Imagical briber will do his best ability of conjure or evil to make sure that, MR, Omar al Bashir will success defeating the SPLA/SPLM and that was the part of story on what cause conflict between Dinka people and Shuill people when Omar al Bashir visited Malakal in last year 2008. MR, Omar al Bashir is a man who will try every things by giving money to Southerners Bribers and gave money to those Imagical to played theirs conjure in order not to face ICC case anyway. First of all MR, Omar al Bashir is a delinqent man and I think every one will agree on that, but there is a time to make a bribes with killing people and there is time for Omar al Bashir to be call by God to face fire, people are so desperated to MR, Omar al Bashir ruler government so God will bring this man with his Imagical Shuill man and along with Southerners persisten who now still believes that, the SPLM/SPLA peace agreement would be like EThoipia Adds Abab peace agreement in 1972 collapsed which it is not going to happen. That media shown at Khartoum was a real propaganda that Southerners Sudan are rally to support Killer Omar al Bashir is absolutely potentially tactics made by Sudanese Congress Party at Khartoum and perhaps, there are individuals who always took bribes from Arab people these people are apparently seem to support Killer al Bashir otherwise we they Southerners people, Nuban people already despairing from ruler Bashir’s government and I am very confident that,Omar al Bashir would have a dilemma choice to make it now. To those persisten Southern Sudan people and those of conjure men who want Bashir to continues killing the rest numbers of people I think your time will come soon for Imagical and they bribers Southerners Sudanese will be found at Omar al Bashir’s pew and that will be the bad day for them to end up your bribes and Imagical in general. Omar al Bashir has always made allegations speech against U.S UK, French, Germany and many more others nations saying that, they Western nations are like Mosquitos buzz,he went on saying he will not handle any criminal in the list to those Western nations and he just forgot that, some days the real Mosquitions will bite him in the jail if they Western nations are not weak he would get Mosquitions waiting him inside jail any way. The ICC also are trying to denying the fact that, there was a genocide in the Sudan and now they are saying MR, omar al Bashir is okay to stay within Sudan but not visiting many others countries this is show how weak the ICC rule it will go in the future to come. People thought when they judges made their decisions we thoughts the first things from they Judges of ICC was to tell Omar al Bashir that, you are charges because of these 10 counts or whatever numbers is and says we want you now to step down first. I thought they Jugdes of ICC will do that first step. The second step I was thinking is to tell him that, you are absolutely charge no about that, but you must come or go to jail nor our court to explain for us if you belief you done nothing wrong in Sudan. The third step was to tell Omar al Bashir if you refuse then, you must leave Sudan just like others leaders who done that in the world unfortunately, they Judges of ICC Judges told the newspapers that, Omar al Bashir is okay to stay in Sudan as long as he is not travelling to others countries then it is fine this is a sign showing that, there is influence to rule of law. I was told that, Omar al Bashir still a snicher man very proudly meanwhile has repeately siff at they Judges of ICC decision made gradually bu I think the Icc must be vigorously in a way Bashir will stop laughing at the Western nations.
        Not be surprsie for those individuals taking bribes from Bashir government and I guess there is time for every thing and it is under God plan knowing why this man Bashir still there in the Sudan.

        By Aduol Liet.

        repondre message

        • 9 March 2009 06:03, by junub


          your writing is very long to read which let readers to skip reading it. It is boring but it jumped because it require time while there are many comments to read. Just giving you a tip if you can concise your writing to a paragraph or two. I haven’t read your comment but vehemently assumed to have composed of patriotic wards.

          repondre message

  • 8 March 2009 22:34, by Mel mosa

    Dear all,those who support Bashier are worrying for their life because if they don’t support him, they should be murdered easily by bashier as he did to other brothers and sisters in Darfur and Southern Sudan. The world may think that the Sudanese people like their president but they don’t like him. He is the most hatred president in this country. He has been forcing citizen to support him in order to mislead the world that the Sudanese people like him. He has been using these tactics since he took power but the world didn’t realize it. Even now, may be some people loss their lives. Who knows. He is a master of killing poor people but world still support him. Like those of AU.

    repondre message

    • 9 March 2009 02:07, by Nyei

      These are a handull of a few elements within the southern sudanese community who still fear that this killer is their saviour. There are those who fell that without him the Comprehensive Peace Agreement(CPA) will be endangered, while failing to understand that the opposite is true. The CPA is already being heading for derailing by this monster and his allies within the NCP. Instead southerners should pray for the day this man if flown to ICC prison.

      repondre message

  • 9 March 2009 03:34, by Akuei

    I am not surprised by those Southern Sudanese who are protesting the ICC’s Action against omer al-bashir. No need to blame them, because they are addicted to bribery and oppression by president al-Bashir’s government during the north-South war. They don’t know the goodness of freedom or democracy.

    Anyways, as a member of Southern Sudan who had been in war for several years, we would rather go back to war than the ICC pardoning president al-bashir.

    I am ready for back to war if omer bashir wants. No need for CPA if people continue dying in Southern Sudan and Darfur.

    repondre message

    • 9 March 2009 05:11, by Maruon Ayiei

      "Lord have mercy on Them"

      What is going on in southern Sudan is dispicable in nature and unreasonable to believe. I can not imagine southerners rally in support of Omar Al Beshir. Those groups of people might be sick or cultural curse because there is no way where you can be supporting someone who had displaced the whole region for decades and still be supportive of him or maybe they have been blackmailed (bribed).

      However, I have read that the SPLM was advising people not to be exciting about the arrest warrant. What a mockery to tell people have who were been outside sudan since 1983 not to celeberate Al Bashir goimg down. At what point can we (citizen of Sudan) be celeberating the rogue president ( Al Bashir) going down. Sometime people, Government, and the Parties have to use some sense in anaylsing what to say and when to said it. SPLM, you better not be doom and keep blindsighted in what created the SPLM. There are time for politic and time to get it real. The SPLM political merit might be still strong but in really sense, it is totally not motivated. The party have to bring in people rather than to expel people whether politically or culturally and that have been going on for some time now. There is no outreach but some planted circle which will not bear any success. There is no supprise that this is where we are going but we should not be scold by Khartoum to give in and support him. "Shame on You Southerners" Two million people die in southern Sudan crooked people.

      repondre message

  • 10 March 2009 13:47, by Kuanlualthoun

    I salute my beloved people of Southern Sudan for their support to the president of Sudan, Mr. Omer El.Bashier, the engineer of the CPA.

    Sudan is our country and her president is our president, thus we can’t accept his humilation by those insincere and jealouse people of the so-called NATO!

    Why those are calling for his arrest when we are at peace in our home? where were them, when we were killing each another? where were them when our 2 million southern Sudanese were being killed? where were them when our kids and women were being subjected to the all kinds of human suffereing? where were them when the real genocide where taking place in Southern Sudan???????

    I believe we overcome the stage of calling for the president arrest,as we are begining to see the light through the tunnel!! Sooner, there will be peace and stability in Darfuur and all other parts of Sudan, there will be development and true exploitation of resourecs, our country is big and rich with naturual resources and I hope we will have a big influence and impact in not only African economic but to that of the world if we are stable and peaceful!

    Peace to Sudan and death to her foes!!

    Nasir oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

    repondre message

    • 11 March 2009 04:27, by miss JOOK


      your comments simply show you are a Nuer from nasir and you are also one of bashir’s nuer slaves. shame on you for calling a murderer our president

      repondre message

      • 11 March 2009 16:17, by Kuanlualthoun

        Miss JOOK!!

        I must advise you to respect yourself if not others here on this web site!! I know you are such an ignorant person that have nothing to contribute and that why you have been trying to insult or swear at people whom you don’t know!

        Who are you calling slave of El-basheir?? you mean your unbcle Bouna Malaual or Aldo ahgo Deng or your Abyei Nyoks girls including yourself that are doing prostitution with Arab in Northern Sudan right now!! if you have nothing to say you better shut up bitch!!

        repondre message

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