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Sudan’s spy chief vows return to Islamic extremism ‘if necessary’


February 21, 2009 (KHARTOUM) — The top security official in Sudan vowed ‘not to be broken’ in front of an arrest warrant for president Omer Hassan Al-Bashir from the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Salah Gosh, the head of Sudan’s National Security and Intelligence Service

“We [the government] were Islamic extremists then became moderate and civilized believing in peace and life for everyone” Salah Gosh, the head of Sudan’s National Security and Intelligence Service told audience celebrating his promotion to a Field Marshal.

“However we will revert back to how we were if necessary. There is nothing any easier than that” Gosh said.

Sudan is in a state of high alert awaiting a decision by the ICC judges on a case submitted by prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo against Bashir accusing him of masterminding a campaign to get rid of the African tribes in Darfur; Fur, Masalit and Zaghawa.

The intelligence director also issued a stern warning to those inside Sudan attempting to assist ICC.

“Anyone who attempts to put his hands to execute [ICC] plans we will cut his hands, head and parts because it is a non-negotiable issue” he said.

Gosh also said that any organizations or foreign missions violating their mandate “have no one blame to blame but themselves” before pledging to protect them.

He accused the ICC of being moved by pro-Zionist lobbies and downplayed any significance to the Hague-based court on his country.

Sudanese officials have sought to warn the international community of backlash by ‘outlaws’ against Westerners if an arrest warrant is issued for Bashir.

“All options are open. We cannot predict what will happen but we will work on securing the country” Gosh told reporters last month.

Khartoum along with the African Union (AU) and Arab League have sought to get the UN Security Council (UNSC) intervention to defer the ICC move.

However the US, UK and France objected saying that there were no improvements of conditions in Darfur warranting suspensions.


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  • 22 February 2009 06:29, by manis

    Look at this idiot genocider,murder,killer,raper,and selfesh.the arrest warrant against criminal al Bashir is became reality without a single dougt and you will be extrimist or go to hell is up to you because we know that you are not crring for al Bashir but for yourself because you know clearly that ICC will not let you without trial and your regime’s the most notorious al Bashir himself you who reach where he is. Please do not talk bout Islam or any other religion because religion is innocent of your acts,behaviors,and says, who said that Islam is unmoderate and uncivilized? and who said that Islam is not believing in peace and life for everyone?.The notorious and idiot uncivilized criminal like you who reflect bad image for Islam and muslims but this is not our issue today, but the issue is those who have been killed by your own order as daily base crime of you and your notorious regime.Your threats are no more fear us and the arrest warrant against criminals like you is coming and it is too late for threatening.

    repondre message

    • 22 February 2009 10:38, by Hillary B.M.L,M

      Mr.Salah Gosh have told the truth,Nothing more, lets us expect the worst, may be worst than they had done before.Islamic Extremists as he put is the same as Islamic Terrorists no any different.Security Control Officer saying such wards meant that every things are prepared.

      repondre message

      • 22 February 2009 18:24, by Danford

        You are a true idiot instead. Your comment doesn’t make any sense at all. Do you mean to say we can be threatened?, No one can threaten warrior with War OK!, YOU need to know this. ICC is an international organization, with full backing from UNSC, so let them do what extremism branded them and it will backfire on them and you idiot.

        Secondly, you must polish your language when feeding the public with such issues, your English makes no difference than that of a primary students from Khartoum.

        Suck it...........

        repondre message

        • 23 February 2009 07:27, by Hillary B.M.L,M

          To Mr.Danfort,
          Please don’t mind about how perfect or imperfect the language is, just get the core meaning of the message.
          Be modest because you don’t know who U are addressing.

          repondre message

    • 22 February 2009 11:20, by Rebecca Nyandeng

      Mr spy chief wether you like or not bashir is going face justice you have no option but to surrender that bustard to face the justice for the crimes he committed. Sudan is a failling state already,if you have plans to rape all women in sudan you are welcome but it will be limited to only your hopeless women in north.
      For your government is well recognised for raping and killing you stupid bastards.
      Remember US is watching you at a distance they will soon come and wrap your ass hole just the same they did to your father in Iraq.

      repondre message

    • 19 January 2013 11:28, by hamhanak

      I have been teaching a class and we are looking at this subject in the next week. I will be directing my student to look at your post for good information.

      repondre message

  • 22 February 2009 06:29, by Akol Liai Mager

    Of-course Sudanese people hve been enemy number one of NIF movement and its goverment from day 1. That’s why NIF leaders bought Russian and Chinese most sophisicated weapons. None Arab and none muslim Sudanese people know that NIF bought those weapons to have them wipe off the map of Sudan, the weapons has been used for the purpose and that’s why we have 2.5 millions dead in South - Sudan S. Blue Nile, S. Kordofan and 300, 000 deaths in Darfur and ICC moves.

    However, things has changed, NIF never changed despite the claim and for thess reasons, NIF needs careful thinking, act responsiblly and back off from language of threat. Also, NIF has never changed to be anything else as you can see they are busy killing and threatening people.

    Mr. Salah Al Gosh and his colleagues need to think twice before rushing to confrontation because poilicies and formulas they set may bring opposite outcomes and that’s the extinction of their movement whether is is extremist or moderate. Also, Salah and his men must fight Ocampo at Hague to avoid any possible damage or harm to the people of Sudan if they really care for people which i doubt.

    Once again, Khartoum culture of violence, intimidation and threat has never worked in the last 50 years and I am afraid it won’t work now and for the next hundred years to come. The only thing that will work is cooperation, tolerance and respect. Without last mentioned list, NIF will be a gone case very soon whether NIF want it or not.

    repondre message

    • 22 February 2009 09:22, by buokdeng

      Who is he kidding? May be you are dreaming Mr.Ghosh. The spoils of war have been yours and your brother Omaaaaar Bashir. This time we are all in for a fight. The threat of war is not you exclusive property and that is why you have been ignored. Go ahead and raise your army to fight the world. Those who kill by the sword shall die by the sword.

      repondre message

      • 22 February 2009 18:28, by Danford

        I really Don’t understandf what’s wrong with the Englsih of most Dinkas?

        These people cannot speak well, and worse of it they can’t even write well too. May be because of their essels. see Deng’s English above, far from that of Logic boy.

        Better Nuer.............

        repondre message

  • 22 February 2009 08:15, by Freedom Fighter

    Allah said in its book (the Holy Koran) qoute " if your powers invite you to oppress others, remember God’s power on you". So, Mr. Salah Gosh, if you’re going to cut them into pieces Allah will not forgive you. Remember what Allaha did for Saddam Hussien and his family in Iraq.

    repondre message

  • 22 February 2009 11:31, by Dauson Gieth

    Hear we go!!!

    Who is Sallah trying to threaten here!!!

    repondre message

  • 22 February 2009 14:45, by Bior-raandu

    Hey guys,

    Salah was promoted to field Marshall and he had no words to say to the public who were celebrating his promotion, then he had to speak some words out such that they can know him incase if Bashier goes to court, he could resume the post since NCP like notorious guys like him, who does n’t care lives for the others. Any way, may be your father Bashir will not go to court but your threats are baseless, it happened in Iraq to America but impossible the same thing is happening in Sudan that you fight Justice, remember you will have no friend all over the world except your leader Osama.

    repondre message

    • 22 February 2009 17:17, by Santino Nuan

      Bior, you are right to the very point of why Salah Ghosh is promoted to top rank, a Marshall is the maximum rank for military position should there be arrest warrant. No doubt that the entire NCP leadership is contemplating and lobbying about the psossible alternative leader in case things went off of their hands. Salah Ghosh will be suitable to take over presidential post if Ali Tah is rejected because of being a Shaaqqa in terms of his tribe.

      My advice is that Mr Salah should not intimidate his Sudanese people and international community by saying wrongly that they can kill people in the name of Islam as they did in the past. Islam is one of the most peaceful religions on the earth that promotes peace and human rights and you should not be hijacking it to fullfil your limit and human lust of power.

      Being extremists cannot solve problem. Whether you use biological weapons or whatever to exterminate Sudanese people, you will still face punishment whether on earth or in heaven. If the western countries are using ICC institution to destablize Sudan becuase its potential progress in African continent, let us handover Mr Omer to them and wait for another conspiracy.

      repondre message

      • 22 February 2009 19:15, by manyok R

        If that is the case, then what will Islam means to rogue brainwashed Darfurians . Here is the government official, the killing machine confessing publicly that they will turn more extremists if the monster president Omer Hassan Al-Bashir, is arrested for widely known crimes on humanity on the planet, yet wannabe Muslims Darfurians are fine to live with that. Why can Darfurians just united in African Sudanese spirit and may be checked again what does Arabs Islam religion means to them in Africa, Sudan. Your Killer is vowing in the name of Islamic religion to unleash wrath on you poor African who are so sickened by the religious corruption that does appreciate you and wanted to annihilate you on the face of the Earth.

        Would you not think twice after that grave warning in Islamic terrorists’ government promising to kill you, and us Southerners? Dear brothers start thinking about religion and its hidden agendas behind veils. Come back to embrace our Africanism and Sudanism. We in south Sudan will think about dropping Christianity too and become free minded people who believe first in Africanism and Sudanism without foreign deadly craps of religious influences. These mythical religions that were created in Middle East infested with bloodbath wars of religious nonsense are killing us blinded.

        repondre message

        • 22 February 2009 20:54, by Maruon Ayiei

          Look at those wolves in Khartoum chatting for more death, do they know too they can die in the mist of all their speculation. If they were not arrogant and stupid enough, who said the ICC was indicting the Itallyah in Sudan? This is not about Islam, but about individual who do crimes in the face of the world. Al bashir is a criminal and any body who want to add some melody is welcome too since they all from the same club. To those Muslim who go to the Mosque and pray four time a day, do your routine prayers because this will not affect your believe in Islam nor will Islam vanish. You all will be well off without irritative people like salah Gosh who are self idealistic when it come to the well being of other people. The problem we have in Sudan is not a problem of religion a lone to my own knowledge, but it is about the civility and the few opportunist who bear and yield bad apple every generation. If more extreme islamic fundmentalism are the solution to this dire situation in the Country, bring it on and let’s all see the yield of those extremism. This term, it will be an iron for iron. Stop using the scare campaign because you in the deep sea.

          repondre message

  • 22 February 2009 20:34, by Dinka Aliap Chawul

    WoW.Gosh,GHOST or whatever name you go with. What do you means by we were Islamic Extremists then became moderate and civilised who believe in peace and life for everyone" Is Sudan a theocratic state? NO!. Your words are senseless, even when you call 4 Jihad against Southerners,Darfur and whoever is NON-ARABS /MUSLIMS this time will makes no different for current securrity situations in Sudan as your government is well known already for been extremely religious,genocidial,brutual,racies,dictatorial and whatsoever.JIHAD(NCP) Vs ICC, CRUSADES,MODERATE MUSLIMS AND NATIVES including SPLA will doom to your failure. Please analylises your words otherwise the will hunt you down!!!!

    repondre message

    • 22 February 2009 23:43, by Nile

      Ingaz/NIF lies as usual what exactly will you or your gov’t do (Gosh)to prevent this critical warant arrest?
      the blood of innocent people is showing itself; you better dig a hole for your King El-Bashir before things got really nasty.

      repondre message

      • 23 February 2009 03:01, by Magos

        WoW Gosh you’re dying horse.

        Nothing going well with Islamic extremism .You ’re realy blind security man because shouldn’t do any thing to international security councils or UNSC.May call upon UN security councils to take an action against Khartom and let big bomber plane B2 to be witness for Salah Gosh but don’t put your nose down and saying Allah,,Allah No.


        repondre message

  • 23 February 2009 06:14, by Kur

    Who cares? Extremist or not, justice will take its course because there is no alternative to it. You admit that your regime was once extremist, and will return to extremism if your imam is indicted. That is ok. But remember this it will not always be cozy for you to run the show in Sudan. Time is coming when you will shed tears of regret, and you will swallow your extremism in shame.


    repondre message

    • 23 February 2009 08:17, by Jaime Ngor Agau

      To: Mr. NISS,Fieldmarshal Gosh Ghost,
      You were trained in military college inorder to serve in the Government for the welfare of the Sudanese people.
      We congratulate you for that rank which you shouldn’t deserve either. You don’t know how to address the public. In other words, it’s the first moment for you to speak in the crowd.
      However, being a Field Marshal doesn’t give you powers to abuse Islam which is the best religion in the world. Otherwise, all of what you said is just gobbledegook.
      Please learn more from freinds how to address the public.

      Thank you so much.

      Jimmy Ngor Agau

      repondre message

  • 23 February 2009 06:53, by Aduol Liet

    To: Sudan intelligence killer guy, MR, SALAH GOSH you are absolutely stupid man I had never seen in Sudan, you are there merely just only to get money so that you can continucally cut hand and the head of your followers ctizens because you do n’t care about your people’s situation which they are facing now a days in the Sudan.I am not only want to see you guys in court,I definitely think,I will be happy when MR, Omar Hassan Al Bashir is facing the ICC, and I wanted all National Congress members to face same ICC, why because you guys supporting him in every discussion being made in Sudan government otherwise, the situation could n’t be like this in Sudan. Muslim is killing another muslim when the none Arab want to help one nation then, you guys intend against them this is a ridiculous and I think the Sudanese National Congress Party are running out of Ideas and I will pray to almight God in order to bring all members of Sudanese national Congress to face same court as well as MR,Omar al Bashir would for International ICC. I had never seen some one like Sudanese Intelligence saying such a word to his people that, the government will cut hand and head of those who supporting ICC, arrest. Yes MR, president Bashir must respect the International law Yes MR, Salah Gosh you are a killer well, almost 90 precents of they Sudanese people are waiting ICC to act sooner with a morality of they Sudanese supporters I think we wanted any things necssarily come up positively from the ICC at any time in any where. Also I would say to you that, the stupid Sudanese Intelligence, do not bothering yourself just eat until I will see you in court either ICC nor the Sudanese court. Back to previously leadership I think Jaafar Numeiry was very clever man even though he and MR, Hassan el Turabi superimposed Islamization by creating Shari law that affected none muslim in Sudanhe. I think he was a little a bit smart than Bashir. MR, Jaafar Numeiry tried is best to fights with they Januban/Southern Sudan people but he saw they Southerners are not going to be defeated and he saw the problem will not be end if not giving Southern Sudan or Januban people to have a chance to rule as just like they are ctizens as well as same Northern people did. in my view I think Some one who want to defend MR,Omar al Bashir not face ICC arrest, I think that person is the first criminal to be brought in to ICC too. Sudan’s National Congress does not care what happen to his people because they were they one created the situation and now they try to threaten ctizens not to supported ICC, it is outrage but some days you will be in jail and DR, Hassan el- Turabi will enjony the new Sudan freedom, it is a freedom that, any one can express his Ideas or thought,the freedom of separation between Religion and government,the freedom of individual rights of properties and freedom to allowing people to speak up freely on how he/ she think about the Sudan government.DR,Hassan el-Turabi he seem to be racial characteristic in recently of Jaafar Numeiry and even Omar al Bashir on that time, creating a Shari law however, he realized lately that he was wrong and that why he want to speak up on the behalf of the Sudanese people, but the Sudan government says no vioce on Darfurian people to talk about.
    Sudan government is treating An Old man DR, Hassan el-Turabi badly for many years instead An Old people and kids,youg,women,citizens of one nation should be treating in respectful way. It is very hard to tell how many times DR, Hassan el- Turabi he has been facing jail like that. DR, Hassan el-Turabi is one of the second generation and the most educator man in the Sudan and he is absolutely, a political man and he has the right to tell Bashir that, this is the wrong direction and you are now misleading country unfortunately, An Old man has to pay very high price of going to jail very single day because MR, Omar al Bashir do not listen to take good advise. I think they Sudanese people are learning one by one from the first movement in 1955 civil war and the well known movement of MR, John Garang de Mabior, he was the chairman of the SPLAM and the SPLA. The 17 years Old civil war which people apparently, fought against the way on how government treating other part within Sudan badly others treat them good while they are all citizens of one Nation and so they Januban people or Southern Sudan people founght to get the rights of self-determination on that time unfortunately, Jaafar Numeiry deceiving them because Sudan government’s policy was to keep a certain people under their oppressor that, one can not talk about the situation like this time. Well things are changing now in the world but the question to DR, Hassan el-Turabi is, where is the your God Army he formed it? was it the God Army formed to against Januban people only or Southern Sudan people? Turabi formed Army for his God Allah which was Islamic National Front Line (INF) People should not be fear at this time because the 21 years Old civil war is the general knowledge for every one now around Sudan country. I think they Sudanese people understoodd very much that, SPLM and the SPLA were not fighting against Reigion of Islam in Sudan,ultimately they were fighting to freely all they Sudanese people under oppressor ruler leader like MR, Omar Hassan al Bashir and his all National Congress Party such as MR, Salah Gosh who said, the Sudan government will cut hand and head of people who advocated the ICC.
    The world governmental have already experiences such a threat from MR, Hitler leadership in Germany but it will not stopping the rule of law. Sudan is very weak country in term of supper power, or in any things to do with International case. I wish the International ICC, judges do not listen or fear the way Sudan government is threating them.We they Sudanese people thinks differently, we do not thinks like the way Iaqis people thinking when there was a problem in IAQ, we are absolutely different in every things in the Sudan. we want any things possible happening to show to MR, Omar al Bashir that, there is a rule of law when you are a cross the line not respected Human beings then, the ICC Judges will ask you to stand up in court and exlain to the world what happen under your watch leadership. Most of our grand parents grew up in poor situation and end up like that or die with poorness while Sudan government is selling out oil and all others resources to buy weapons from Ruissa, China to kill his own people as we have more than 2 millon people died in war like that this thing it is undeniable when the days of MR, Omar Hassan al Bashire has come to stand up and explain in the world court perhaps, I’m hoping things will be change if all National Congress Party face ICC, it will be a good Idea and they Sudanese people will be happy when Bashir is not longer any more there for good.

    I urge all they Sudanese people not to be a defender to the criminal killer in Sudan government, if you are defending MR, Omar al Bashire then, you are abslutely defending your enemy for example what to DR, Hassan el-Turabi at that time they were in the same page with Bashire now DR, Hassan el- Turabi has to face every single day for arrest. Hence, I think the entirely of Nations around the world are fed up and tiring through out helpng Sudanese Reugees for many years and the fact the matter is, they want to see a leader who can stabilizing Sudan, they want a leader who can recognized each other and trying to see on how to solve ctizens’s problem. Also they want a leader who not clansing Ethnically and many more others things people reflcting on behalf of their leader. I am also urging the SPLM to step in and try to sell out theirs Ideas that, would help they Sudanese people, because the Sudan government is in a bad shape now if I will be mistake to mention consequently. I do like the Ideas when the SPLM/SPLA fought to free all they Sudanese people from the oppressor government either Northern Sudanese people or Nuban and Darfurian people SPLM must not change their position because people are suffering enough, but I am one of those who apparently, confusing when I hear the messages that, some members of the SPLM are supporting Bashire to stay for one year full and that mean MR, Omar al Bashir would continucally to killing Sudanese citizens it is beyond for me to make this kind on suggestion of what is going on there in the SPLM principle where by the rest of the Sudanese are indeed need to see the SPLM in leading country. I think God has an objectification Ideas in to the world obviously, I do n’t think the SPLM will get a shame if stand up for the rights of the people in the Sudan.
    Finally, although the Sudanese intelligence is trying to fear his people within Sudan, I think this is not the time that, they Sudanese nor ICC should be worry about MR, Hassan al Bashire and the Intelligence’s statement. A Literally, the Sudan government is disfunctionalable there is no hope at all under the killer Bashire if he is still present at this time. We they Sudanese lived in fear already so it is not new for us to have worry such government behavbior but they must change otherwise, those act like Natural evil in the Sudan will see MR, Hitler very soon. I knew they minds of Military dicotatorship leaders, their thinking was like this, he think he will do best in war rather than give up with his wrong doing look if this is what MR, Hassan Omar al Bashire is thinking then, I will be going there to treat him in jail like Saddam Hussin in IAQ. Give up is the only best way to go to court and explaining your reason to the judges ICC.But I definitely do n’t think they Sudanese are worry about of what you are trying to make, Nothing more than 21 years civil war in Sudan and so people are not afair whatever you guys trying to ignore the fact that, the world did care about Human lives in the Sudan. I am the Nurse any way if MR, Omar Hassan al Bashire not give up to ICC probably, I will be call in U.S to go and treat him in jail like MR, Saddam Hussin and I am sure give up is the best to claim if Bashire think he was doing good for the country Sudan.

    Sincerely. BY
    Aduol Liet

    repondre message

    • 24 February 2009 00:12, by Danford


      You’re posting comment, Not an article.

      How baseless and shamefull is your note?

      Could you go through again be4 I give my comment in its regards?

      repondre message

  • 23 February 2009 11:42, by Lual Garang De Lual

    Mr. field marshal Sallah Al Gosh or "Ghost" as should be your real name, you are making empty threats because judging from the comments and responses posted above on this web,99.9% of the sudanese people are fedup with your NCP policies comes election. It is undescrible,outrageous,unrealistic and uncall for, for such a high profile intelligent chief to utter those words. This proves your NCP led government as tyranny, roge and murderous authority which victimised its citizens. Your comments helps the world to compaign for regime change, when such words are coming out from you and consider how close you are with Mr. Al Bashire, the words can even be considered as from the president,hence you are funding your own downfall through the tough talks and threats of the NCP leading cadres.

    By the way Arabs have been created that way. They are fond of pointing fingers against others forgeting their own demise that will come as a response. I would rather advise Mr. Al Ghost "i mean Al Gosh" to focus on the ways to escape justice because there are 51 people to be investigated by the ICC and hopfully if you are not the fourth man after Ahmed Harun, Ali Kushaid,Al Bashire then you must be the fifth because you are the one implementing the plans to weep out the African tribes in Darfur. An intelligent chief must have a hand in killing, raping, wide spread destruction of waterpoints, shelters, farms, torture, incommunicado detention, exter-judicial killing and etc mention but a few. Thanks for making your plans known earlier, the sudanese will be prepared for the worst untill your downfall is achieved.

    To my fellow sudanese, here we hear from the so call government of the day about their point blank plans of what they should be doing if their big gangsmonster is indicted. Let us be prepared because the victims will be the sudanese hence we are not the ICC, any one who needs the ICC like Sallah Ghost "i mean Sallah Gosh" should either bomb the Hague with their Mig 29 Russian made model or spy to kill the Prosecutor of the ICC instead of making empty threats against the innocent people.

    repondre message

    • 23 February 2009 16:09, by James

      mr field marshal, what you said is what you are promoted for.no doubt about it because killing innocents is the only thing that always make you(arabs)happy. we know very well that your targets are we the sudanese.but it is too late for your threats to get a room. go on and kill as many as you can, cut them to hundred pieces as you like;but do not foreget to cut off your fucken head before your hand become weak and not able to cut anything; where you will be collected like a goat and you will be hanged like your uncle sadam hussein.

      Al-Bashir must go to Hague and face the trial; and his murderring clube, including you mr Gosh, Goat, Ghost or whatever you name your fucken ass, will follow very soon.

      idiot fucken asshole----

      repondre message

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