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Cholera outbreak kills 45 people in South Sudan


June 11, 2008 (JUBA) — An acute watery diarrhoea epidemic killed 45 people in southern Sudan, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) said today.

At least 640 people are infected by the Cholera in Sudan’s Central Equatoria and Eastern Equatoria states, while 45 people have already died, the IFRC said citing government statistics.

Cholera is an acute intestinal infection spread by contaminated water or food. It causes vomiting and acute diarrhoea that can lead to dehydration and death within 24 hours.
The water-borne disease hits Sudan every year. In 2006 there were nearly 25,000 cases and more than 700 deaths recorded.

According to government figures, at least 640 cases have been reported and 45 people have already died. With regard to current risks in Southern Sudan, IFRC’s Operations Coordinator for Africa John Roche warned underlined the need "to act quickly and limit the spread of the epidemic especially by rising awareness among local communities".

The Red Cross allocated US$241,000 from its disaster relief emergency fund to support the Sudanese Red Crescent Society in its response to an acute watery diarrhoea epidemic affecting.

The IFRC said it will distribute water purification tablets and soap to at least 360,000 people. Water points will also be treated. Around 160 Sudanese Red Crescent volunteers are already working with affected communities. It added.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimate that two-thirds of south Sudan’s population drinks unsafe water.


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  • 12 June 2008 07:03, by Majak-da

    Ohhhh Dirty City
    I thought Juba is a clean city as Logic-boy puts it.

    What went wrong with CES Governor that his place is deadly?

    Why can’t Wani copy from Jonglei governor such that the shadow capital is clean?

    Shame on you lazy and dirty CES!

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    • 12 June 2008 08:20, by BIAR PETER AYUEN AGUEK


      No to this comment of yours and it is one of the ugliest comment you ever posted to this site. Do not be misled. The cleanliness of Juba city has nothing to do with Governor Clement. It is the city of every body, hence the duty bounds to who ever is living in Juba. Therefore, you are wrong, let’s respect trustworthied leaders like him. Take this in mind, Mr Clement doesn’t know who Mr Logic is nor he knew his origin.

      Hope this will help you!!!!!!!!

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      • 12 June 2008 08:35, by Monye Jur

        Mr. Peter

        Thanks for your good advice to this shameless Majak, this are type of people that the SudanTribune should deny access to them becauses of their creating confusion and division in the southern community.

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      • 12 June 2008 08:38, by Majak-da

        BIAR AYUEN

        Why do you label my comment ugly?
        Are you worth a judge?

        I thought you can apprecaite this commend because it countereacts..........!

        Understand this Dinka saying if at all you the BIAR I know in THOUNG JANG (I know the bearer of this name (BIAR) physically)

        In jieng


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        • 12 June 2008 09:33, by Monye Jur

          Mr. Majak

          I will still say its so stupid and ridicules to comment in your own tongue on this Web.

          Is this web supports people to speak or comment in their own mother tongue? Will that be fruitfull to the whole southern communities who are reading this Web including some people from different countries? Or you Majak is encouraging the spirit of tribalism of whom many others in this Web from different tribes are discouraging including Logic boy.

          So its becasue Bier Ayuan is a Dinka and you knew the bearer of this name, and so what else? Does this means that every dinka on this Web should encourage any unhealthy comment even though he is a jeng? This is what always making us to be in backwards in this south Sudan and making southern environment unhealthy.

          Sudan Tribune Staff, be seriours in what you have written on the web page, and such behaviours as demonstrated by Majak should not be encouraged even though its his personal views, otherwise you are encouraging unhealthy debate.

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          • 12 June 2008 10:00, by Majak-da

            Monye Jur

            You need to understand that when I don’t react to your commends, it means a lot.

            My first commend is only four lines and it cost you over thirty sentences. If I react in six sentences, it take you two light years to reply. I don’t want to distrube your peace. Just understand and concentrate on other productive discussion rather than accusing me to Sudan Tribune.
            How much will it cost if I’m detached?

            The dead 45 are not all CES my dear lost monye jur?

            Indeed I like that you borrow names in Dinka dialet. It makes you more human.

            In my veiw, I encouraged Gov. Wani to just ’copy and paste’ from Jonglei governor’s strategies such Juba is safe.

            Veer-off monye Jur..........

            repondre message

            • 12 June 2008 10:28, by Monye Jur

              Mr. Majak,

              You need to review your own comment again as I put it hear below for you to read again!!!

              You Said; Ohhhh Dirty City I thought Juba is a clean city as Logic-boy puts it.
              What went wrong with CES Governor that his place is deadly?
              Why can’t Wani copy from Jonglei governor such that the shadow capital is clean?
              Shame on you lazy and dirty CES!

              If you really knew that from the 45 victims who died maybe one is from your state, then you would have been positive rather than nagive as cleary from the above sentence.

              If you think that my comment to you is not good; ok what about those who reacted to you?

              You said my name makes you to feeling more human because is borrowed from your tribe, shame on you. It means that you yourself didn’t felt human only after the sound of my name. If you knew the meaning of my name; you would have been quite.

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              • 12 June 2008 15:04, by Majak-da

                Why cholera in CES every year?

                I’m wondering why CES is becoming a very good breeding site for cholera virius (RK-46,47-the scienctic name for CES causing rebel - cholera)? And when one talk about it, people like monye jur, fake 23 journalist and nephens nearly cut-off heads in protest and defending idle government officials. Monye Jur, are you one of those people cheating the nation without doing anything for the masses?

                VICTIMS RELATIVES

                Sorry for the lost. God provides and takes.

                Brothers in CES are very negligent and anything can happen anytime - worse than cholera.

                By the way, who is your state minister for health? Is he not tired of this simple disease killing people like chicken? Mr. Minister, take cholera seriously becuase next time; I bet, it may strike your residence.

                I stand firm that; why is CES affected by cholera year after year? You better explian this to the world incase your cholera affects healthy place. Scientist will be happy to discover that new species of virius. If you are very clean then this disease is for ignorants-evolving human societies where you (monye jur, 23 Journalist and ill friends) rank competetive. How can you contact dirt night and day (like in CES) only to deny when the results are positive?

                Reframe for change!

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                • 13 June 2008 10:45, by LONE

                  Majak-da is a habitual joker. He has an axe to grind with CES. Cholera is caused by bacteria NOT virus.

                  We need to join hands in fighting this preventable disease among other hosts of preventable diseases decimating our vulnerable communities.

                  It is counter productive to use semantics to pass hate messages. This will not help but help drive the rifts in our midsts evn deeper.

                  I know we have differences Dinka vs Equatorians, Equatorians vs Dinkas, Dinkas vs Dinkas, etc. In the face of calamity it is only prudent to join hands.

                  repondre message

        • 12 June 2008 10:37, by BIAR PETER AYUEN AGUEK


          I did not label you as ugly rathar than the comment you have posted, since i know your daily comments, it wondered me how you come to post such a comment.So please you may excuse me if you have taken it that way. I know that you wrote that comment out of anger, that is why i said ’donot be driven’/misled’.

          Majak-Da, i don’t prevent you from counter-reacting to people like Mr X, so please, i would once again say react to the particular individual like him, for sure he is diverting our destiny to jungle.

          Hope you got me right!!

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    • 12 June 2008 08:30, by Monye Jur

      Mr. Majak-da

      You are really stupid and crazy, do you want to compare the population of Juba (CES) with that of Jongle state? Are you not ashamed to say shame on CES for its dirtiness and of Governor’s failure to make it clean? Have you known that the population of Juba has increased dramatically after the CPA at increasing rate and on daily basis?

      Put in your mind that Juba has never experienced such type of disease only and only after the CPA because of increasing population and little sanitation by the dramatic population.

      If you are saying shame on you lazy and dirty CES then why are you all migrating to CES with your cattle, old people, young and un born children and ending life in Juba on hotles, logges and others, moving on roads only carrying Rwenzory water as a sign of show-off and later after drinking the Rwenzory water throwing the tin any where by the road and adding to poor sanitation and dirtiness.

      Your people are the dirtiest people who made CES dirty from Juba up to Yei and all over.

      If you thing that you are the cleaniest people then let this capital of GoSS be transfered to your state and then we shall see if the roads will not be covered with the cattle wastes.

      Be optimistic Mr. Majak and don’t ever creat tension on the Web or with the state just because of this Logic Boy.
      If there is a problem just put your contribution and good ides instead of insults since we all know that CES (Juba) is the host state of GoSS and the responsibility of developing it doesn’t rest on the state alone, otherwise, its a metual task.

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      • 12 June 2008 08:44, by John Amule de Lokolong

        Thank you guys i appreciate this piece of advice to those who are following others,if you have your opinions please write it on your confidential way don’t read someone’s idea and respond to it,you have to imagine that kind of person first before replying to his/her view in fact this web has become a home to drunkards who used to vomit on it always,everyone can guess what am almost to tell,lets work with join hands not tribalisms,corruption or raciest against our own brothers within South.We love our nation and her people.

        thank you loving brother Amule de Lokolong

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    • 12 June 2008 10:25, by LONE

      The first cases of the current cholera out break in Juba were reported from the SPLA headquarters. This I thought is not classified information. Conditions in Bilpham are reported to be unhygienic: no adequate toilet facilities, no safe water provision and the place is crowded.

      Suspected cases were then transferred and treated in the main Juba hospital. A wrong procedure for handling cholera out breaks.

      The current cholera treatment camp near the Adventist Church compound along the Gudele road is badly located. Attendants and visiters could be seen freely mixing with members of the public. Cholera is not a contagious disease but there is need for coution to contain it.

      Aportioning blame will not help contain the current out break. Who is responsible for the current filth in Juba will not bring an immediate solution.We have to learn and be quick at that.

      Hate compaigns aimed at demonising certain communities only helps drive the rifts beteen communities deeper. We need to create cohesion amongst us.

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    • 12 June 2008 11:58, by Maganydam

      Junub must be kept clean-Sudanese
      The rainy seasons are wost records of Cholera outbreak, we have imported hygiene and civilization from abroad to Sudan-lets practice it.
      Farwell my belove who had gone, leaders control lives of civilians-be part of healthy compaign.
      Lives once lost is un recoverable.
      Thanks alot.

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    • 12 June 2008 13:37, by Maganydam

      i laugh in rejoice in that truth last for ever, Majak you are more political than humaistics-thanks alot.

      CES knows everything and hence neeeds to discover cholera and its arms.
      I wish its strike the top official member of Public health and a key politician.

      Clement’s governance success is revealed, Amin.

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  • 12 June 2008 08:20, by Bush

    It is not surprising to hear about Cholera’s outbreak. Juba was becoming a city of dirts(wasak). All the markets areas from Konyokonyo to Kastom market. gabbages have been thrown all over, even nearly closing the main road in Kastom market.. Terrible smell allover the area. I think the health ministry has to do a lot in this situation. Get huge containers and distribute to all market areas so that people throw the gabbages inside. Public toilets is another issue, build some in those areas. Otherwise waterbone diseases will circulate around, especially at this time ( rainy season). PLEASE HEALTH MINISTRY, do something to help our people. God bless our people in Southern Sudan.

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  • 12 June 2008 08:33, by John Amule de Lokolong

    Oh My God how terrible is this to my home land of Equatoria and South in general,please Mr president Kiir,ministers of health,Southern members,equatorian elders inlcuding governors in our respective State of Greater Equatoria please and please join hands to face this enemy known as cholera in our home country of Southern Sudan,it is for the safety of my people and their lives.We had a lot of problems in our health within South,this is because the role of health minister in South does not play enough game with our people to take personal hygiene.Therefore this sickness should not be nominated as a challenge for Equatorians alone,it should be deal/prevented properly with particular skills to avoid further spreading across South.I recommand that the movement of people in South such as business people either personal must be stopped,people must remain in their areas until we kick cholera out of South,police must take control on every road to ensure that none of our people are intending to spread this enemy,if you are in Juba you must remain in Juba whether you have emergencey or not and this must apply to all states across South.Am requesting Mr president kiir and health minsters to work with SPLA soldiers hand in hands just to stop necessary movement of people in this dangerous situation.please lets work hand in hands as united Southerners single heart and ambition.

    Mr logic

    Am not interested to comment about you in fact i used to visit Sudan Tribune for daily affairs, but all your ideas you have said against me, calling me with all my tribe in offensive language has never been nice am telling the truth. Please i warn you to stop adding people’s tribe in your comments, it is good if you can just insult an individuals. If you don’t trust me please go back and check out your previous comments, if Sudan Tribune could take action against people on this site i would mention you to be block and denied for good. You just address every things without understand whether it is a piece of bread that you mix with your alcohol always before visiting this site. Show some respect man, am not interested with your language i like you but watch out your little language which you have learnt whether in your short time of being as a refugee in Uganda, Kenya and etc.


    Mr Logic there is no enemy in S.Sudan.
    Current enemy is LRA and we are in progress for peace with NCP and Abeyi


    Be a nice guy don’t act like logic,please lets co-operate in a right way of finding a solution to that sickness,although we are far from it,but lets contribute with words,please stop mentioning CES in general as a dirty place,remembert people on the ground of CES are living friendly to everyone,forget about this idiot who is always talking of IDPs in Equatoria,If your dinka,nuer,murle and etc,we are all one,there is nothing like dinka there and Equatorians here or nuer here and dinkas there.Those individuals who are burning houses in Nimule whether it was true incidence or not i would say Mr President would take serious action against such thing in fact we need to live united and sharing like brothers and sisters,this is because we fought in unity,together to get our rights from arabs,so why do we intend to fire ourselves without indication which way are we heading?.Please my advice to all readers we are one whether those arabs in North,we still consider them as friends beside their characters.I don’t want to read any rubbish about tribes and states we need respect so that our nation and her people including you should be respected by others.

    peace to all and democracy to come

    repondre message

  • 12 June 2008 09:11, by Duot Atem de juach

    Iam tired of deaths and I feel not to hear or mention it. war has taken half of the pulation of the sudan and the biggest has just arrived with confident and determination of killing all sudanese. It doesn’t care of your profession whether you are GOss official,minister or not. Prio to eradicate the deadliest disease is very simple and crucial.It is better that all the markets near water bodies such as konykonyo,kabat are removed by means of force for these are the key agents (contaminants)of the city. Custom market was removed recently giving all the ministries fresh air, and allowing a free enough vacacy for the government to decide what to do next.
    Cholera inhabites Juba due to its poor hygience not curve by the goverment.
    I urge the minister of transport to stop people from movement. And the same to our Ngos to look into that sooner the better.

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    • 12 June 2008 10:40, by budi 23rd journalist

      MAJAK da.I really sympathise with the greater number of Dinka died of Cholera in Juba, haha, majak da, the 45 people died, 7 are equatorians, 9 are nuer, 3 Murle, and majority are Dinka, 11 children, 5 soldiers and many other Dinka bor youths and weman, I think many of them are Dinka BOR, Now feel hapy as you posted before, it is good for you isnt it haha ass hole.

      And for your information Konyo konyo and custom is where Dinka bor wives reside making our city dirty, those ugandan prostitute are the dailly prey for dinka bor especially of Jongolei, do you think we are ready to borrow from jonolei such lunatic act, shame on you.

      pliz follow the statistic and you gonna fine where the highest cholera deaths is in S Sudan, you will automatially see the graphs ascending to jongolei, i think you are not well inform about your own state, equatorians are clean people apart from Lotuho who shit randomly in Torit but you will never fine any cholera related death in torit.

      BUDI 23rd LOBOI

      View online : cholera outbreak kills 45 people in southern sudan

      repondre message

      • 12 June 2008 13:16, by Duot Atem de juach

        Mr. budi’, friends,etc………………………
        If you are sick about the name “dinka”then refresh your mind and join them because this is public web where profit views are expressed meaningfully without fear. if you like them most then go to their states and leave for us the way to success.
        we are crying about the deadly disease ( cholera) not because of tribal issues. wash out that evil spirit. failure to change at this time then manager is going to do away with all your negatives comments. pray always to chase away such an evil spirit.
        I hope you will comply with me.

        repondre message

      • 12 June 2008 13:57, by kou panamel

        Dear Budi 23rd,
        Are you sensible enough to give that wrong stastic that you claim the most affected people are the Dinka Bor?
        why should you lie to God and the web, even if you say that all dinkas in Juba are killed by cholera it will not harm them wherever the are? But the fact remain that most of the dead people are from CES in which you belong.
        But let me tell you Dinka don’t die simply because the are strong hearted. they are tolerance to what the situation may be.But for equatorians it always hard for them to withstand any worse situation and that was the reason you gain dual citizenship both Uganda and Sudan. you had a fear that there was no going to be new sudan simply you thought we are like you Guys.
        Guy the Bor people are the most cleaniness people in the whole of the Sudan and that was the reason GOd gave them strong ever born leader in which you are enjoy the free services now.
        IF Garang was born in Equatoria like Joseph Lagu he would have not achieved any thing and you would have been the one to carry Arabs waste as you have been doing in the last 21 years of liberation.
        He was born by the cleaniness people and that is why we are all clean.

        please invited you to come and see the state headquartor Bor how clean it is .
        your fellow Equatorian are enjoy free fresh air here in Jonglei and the have sworn not to go back to that filfth and lawless states of Equatorian.
        The hygeinic of the state ifs not the role of Goss minister of health and the president but for he Governor and the state minister of health to do.
        so stop blaming the Goss President and the minster but your state gouernment.
        your fellow Equatorian are always asking the government of Jonglei to be citizen of the state and to be given the land for settlement and soon the will be granted .
        it is because the see that there are laws and hyenice which is not in the place where the came from and also to be as Dinka.

        You talk of those who are both in konyo konyo and custom to be Dinka wives, i tell you early that we don’t do bad thing and God would have not make as the leaders. we have our own wives paid with alot of wealth and we are very faith and proud for them.
        Our wives are not like yours in which if you stay with husband for one year you will leave and go and get other one .
        Budi what i know is that,you don’t know your real father because of ever movement of your mother from Amule ,wani lubang and to lokonga,so the prostitute is not in our place but from your area.
        Budi during war,most of your ladies invovled themself in the act for the sustainance of the life in the both town of Arua,Koboko,and kampala in which you were depending on your sister for school fees and life support.
        Last time you even curse yourself that God hate you because of not making you lady such that you enjoyed youself.
        please prostitution was born in Equatoria and it will also die there.
        so please i tell you to stop using the bad words when you know that many bad character are from your area.
        thanks alot
        Ngero lo Bang( son of the soil)

        repondre message

  • 12 June 2008 12:48, by The Wiseman

    Budi, Biar, Monye Jur

    I knew that greater number of Dinkas can die of Cholera in Juba because these are hygienic people who have not adapted to poor hygienic situations where people do not defecate in latrines and toilets in Juba, hence they can be easily victimized unlike Equatorians who have already developed resistance to these poor conditions.

    Why do you contradict Majakda’s comment with your feacy comments yet it is the role of the governor to make sure that the place is clean, if you know it is for the public let him not get special budget of Juba as part of central Equatoria state.

    repondre message

    • 12 June 2008 13:35, by Monye Jur

      Mr. Wiseman,

      You are not wise, you are really doomed. You don’t know what is now happening on the ground, there is nothing called special budget for Juba.

      Now the budget are distributed evenly in to the 10 states on an equal basis, and if you think that am lying to you then ask your people in the Ministry of Finance (GoSS) to give you further details.

      CES is receiving face one of the budget for salaries only, and this money doesn’t cover the whole manpower of the state from Yei, Kaju keji,Terkeka, Rokon, Lainya, Morobo, Juba and Onduruba. The state is now going in process of to reduce the manpower so that the money can fit to the number given by GoSS.

      Therefore, the responsibility to Juba clean doesn’t rests on the governor alone, GoSS also must donate some budget rather than getting into corruption.

      With my respect to some fellow Dinkas of whom were my collegues and friends, I will say never mind about Equatorians who have already developed resistance to these poor conditions as you have said. Leave them alone if they are not defecating in latrines/ toilets and having poor hygenic situations. But Mind about your brothers who are dying and suffering from this disease in Juba and get a means to take them to the safiest and clean place in the south.

      repondre message

    • 12 June 2008 15:09, by BIAR PETER AYUEN AGUEK

      Mr Wiseman!!!!!!!

      It is unjust and filthy for having heard you uttering such a childish statement. Cholera is a pandemic disease and when it comes it can cause any one’s life including you. Therefore, be warned that death is unevitable phenomena hence it has no boundry of selecting people according to their popularity.

      Beside this, it is even inhuman and disrespectfull to debate about the number of people who have lost their lives as a result of such a scourge called cholera according to their ethnic basis.

      Mr Wiseman, you are supposed to mourn the decease of the fellow citizens who have lost their lives of which it is not their own fouls rathar than jubilating the number that has died from your fellow ethnic group. Mr Wiseman, everything has opposite wether you like it not, God is not far away.

      NB: Sudan Tribune must implement the warning of what they have posted in the forefront of the page, otherwise the web will shift from bad to worse.

      Biar Peter Ayuen is University student pursuing his studies around Africa.

      repondre message

      • 12 June 2008 16:00, by Duot Atem de juach

        Mr Biar peter

        you are always parallel to what people are saying. Do you think that people should keep silence when there are problems to be told and solved? The governor of Central Equatoria State has embezzled publics funds. If I am not mistaken these would have been used for solving these catastrophes now. where are the taxes usually collected if they are not taken for construction of individual’s stomach?
        . I can’t hide problems with me unlike you Biar who is used to only one term( childish behavior)”. your language has not qualified you to be in University though you claim. you have never reformed as I know your profession. Didn’t I meet you yesterday looking after pigs? when did you join university? who cares of you being in the university? I am worried of you if these are your characters. your backwardness, ugliness, is the one dictating you from using the web. Here, there is freedom of speech.

        repondre message

        • 13 June 2008 08:13, by Erjok Kuol Deng

          Mr Juach

          Stop marking around with grammatical errors and punctuations. It’s not how better off you are with your English or whatever that may gives you pathway to University, but concept of understanding and determination. I wonder if you don’t know that anyone can pursue his/her degree or what he/she is good at in any recognised language. Hence, just to start with your last name Juac should have been in upper case and numerous punctuations to mention but few. You found him yesterday looking after his pigs for his economical reasons, but you worth nothings that day. I guest you might have messed up with your rating statistics between the use of these terms tribalism, stupid, Mr, Dinkas, and crazy etc. I hope you mind your Dinka dialect rather than English Language.

          I hope you don’t turn on me as devil.

          repondre message

      • 13 June 2008 21:32, by Maganydam

        Mr.Biar(half dead Dinka who exist to increase number-die no mourn even by parents for you are wastefull and a regret to have had you born among Dinkas but not Equatorians)

        Your Institute of Attendant that qualifies admission even to the Primary leavers is well known and i wish i don’t register my wife in the Interlectual school, ladies’s breasts are your pillows and discussing calamities is the order of your days.

        Read to change Sudan, learn from us-English as being role models to others and let the parallel guys go, commend truths for this is world of facts.
        Pliz learn!!!

        repondre message

  • 12 June 2008 12:56, by Onen Walter Solomon

    Cholera is the order of the year (not of the day) in our region because neither the so called concern nor the locals takes it responsibly unless after an "accident".
    Where is the lumpsome of "Health Money" being used for? Why giving bad reputation about our prospering country which is being nicknamed and rated as "Dollar" or "Small U.S" country, yet is unable to combat cholera?
    Why should many "Dormant" Health related NGOs be allowed to concentrate only in the city if they are real volunteers other than money lovers? Please, act, drill boreholes in the countrysides,
    but not blowing trumpets "We have done this and this..." You are only active if you feel the instinct of the cholera is about to strike the locals.
    Yesterday was theirs but days to come will be yours. May God receive their souls and those who may pass away today or tomorrow due to negligence of our concerns.

    View online : Cholera outbreak kills 45 people in Sout Sudan

    repondre message

    • 12 June 2008 15:52, by Deng Ajok Deng

      Thank you very much mr.onen.

      It is true that cholera is the order of the year, and it knows no kings, richs, poor, who ever you are. So, brother Majakda and Biar. Please, stop arguing and lets commend on something which will bring a good condition to those who are suffering there. And I know one of your relatives is there. Calm down.

      I really encourage many more NGOs to come and see those who are suffering. And I also encourage the government of Southern sudan to intervent.

      Otherwise, lets pray together, and stop blaming our leaders, lets change first.

      Cool Hero

      repondre message

  • 12 June 2008 16:14, by The Wiseman

    Monye Jur, Biar, budi

    Why do you want to deny every thing even those which are open? Is the budget released to Central E State in exclusion of Juba as part of the state, or do you mean that the GoSS does not also recognize and budget for Juba also as a Southern city? First reason and you will call yourself an icy sculpture of a human being.

    Biar just commends with out knowing why and what to commend! These should go to Budi since he stated in his first commend that Dinkas have the greatest number, claiming that they are dirty yet the nearest example is to check Jonglei and find out. Aren’t you an automated artifact really because I don’t think that you are a normal human being? Talk to yourselves Equatorians!

    Do not say God is near, I know and that is why he puts coward Equatorians among the Dinkas so that they are defended, otherwise how could you have been here when you ran without seeing an Arab, not far holding an ugly gun?

    Dinkas are not after prostitutes like Equatorians. Why didn’t Garang sell Southern Sudan for a girl as Joseph Lagu did when he was the Equatorian leading S.Sudan? Time will come when you will give the whole Equatoria to LRA for a plundered beautifull girl.

    Why do you study outside if you are patriotic and noit after wealth?

    repondre message

  • 12 June 2008 16:43, by The Wiseman

    Monye Jur,

    Your hatred which makes you to poison yourselves will keep you behind in reasoning till you extinct. Equatorians are sluggish like amoeba and parasitic like tapeworm which feeds on the host till the host dies not knowing that it will also die when the host dies. But Dinkas will resist you however much you open your wide mouths which invade the cheeks.

    Sudan Tribune editor always eliminate my identifier but i still dress in different jackets and tell my normal facts of The Wise man

    Why do you have many people to be paid (eat) but few to fight LRA? Your unlimited stomachs will loot the whole Sudan! Should Dinkas live Equatoria because it has come to eating but not war? Then, first fight LRA so that they know you have eaten enough to defend yourselves.

    Where is Equatoria Defence Foces (EDF)? Why don’t they fight LRA, else what is their motive? Can they re-possess Torit again since SPLA from whom they re-possessed it in favor of Arabs are still there? How bitter have Arabs become when you fought SPLA in their favor? Why has Clement gone back to eat his vomits like a dog?

    repondre message

  • 12 June 2008 17:02, by The Wiseman


    Is there a country in Africa by name "around Africa"? Why do you study in such an abnormal place that is maiking you more primitive than educated and vissionary? Why is the budget for CES not enough while those of other states like Jonlei which is the largest are enough?

    What step has Clement Wani taken to make Juba clean yet the governor of Jonglei launches rubbish collection policy in the town and all villages periodically?

    Has Wani tried to do something to make the place clean then he got constrained on the way?

    Do not call for the minister for Health (except the state minister) since he did notyhing in other states yet they are clean.

    repondre message

  • 12 June 2008 17:10, by James Okuk Solomon

    Where is the Egyptian Comprehensive Clinic in Juba which was praised by 1st VP President Salva Kiir when he was bowing to Egyptian Journalist in Khartoum two days ago? Where is the health development from Egypt to Central Equatoria so that South can accept Unity of the Sudan as Kiir is campaigning in the Media? Rest in peace my dear Cholera Victim as your so-called leaders keep praising your death. I hope I will not join you soon in your Cholera graves and hospital beds.

    I am mourning because our leaders are failing us. May be the death stops this mourning but why has it to be so every year when there is enough money to prevent more graves and reduce sick-beds for the poor Southerners!!!! If the condoms from the “Moral Decay” in Juba Tent Hotels are thrown into the River where you drink and use water what do you expect less than Cholera my poor citizens? Just rest in peace under the heat of the soil with your corps disintegrating into dust my dear poor victims, while your pretending leaders are resting in peace on the tables of corruptions with cold beers and brown prostitutes!!!

    repondre message

    • 12 June 2008 19:30, by Amigs

      Dear James okuk solomon, iam very happy of your letter. But even if coruption is at its peak. I don,t think a leader like Salva Kiir can give a prayer for his people he liberated to die. your putting a right solution in a wrong way.If i were you, i would rather suggest,South Sudan should try its level to improve health
      status in the country. My dear brother, iam very sorry of your words to the Cholera vicims. Are you trying to tell us that they have intended to be vitims?. Or else are you telling if your broter fall sikc you will just banished for the fear that you will be inffected?. what a uselss man are you wishing your own citizens saft jorney to the grave.

      View online : cholera outbreak kills 45 people in South Sudan

      repondre message

      • 12 June 2008 20:41, by Majak-da

        May take this opportunity to pay condolence to the families of the victims who have lost their lives due to the pandamic cholera. God take thir souls to eternal life.

        I strongly condemn the idea given out by majak, you seem to be the kind of people who just go to the internet for the reason that you have some computer skills because you were fortunate enough to get access to. Please if you don’t have langaue to use in this website then leave it for the other people who are seneg and you just go to read and if at all you are learning, then see an example from the rest otherwise I expect you to come to the line and give comments which can help the all of southern Sudan not by states as you expect.Now that you are exchanging comments on how many people died .Is it a pleasure to you or we are suppose to give condolence to our fellow southerners for we have missed them.

        We have just ended 21 yrs of war with the Arabs and by then we faught as one body to liberate our people so as to come up with a sound New Sudan. Then why should we begin segregating our selves according to the states? This one will go to counties-payams-bomas-villages and what will it be. it will mean having presidents according to Bomas or other wise.

        My dear brothers, let’s join our hands and help our elders in promoting peace and its initiatives not just a matter of abusing our selves. It does not matter from which state a person is from but what matters is that we are all Sudanese irregardless of the states.

        repondre message

        • 13 June 2008 14:44, by Mabor Yiel

          Juba is a National city where the hope of all South Sudanese people lies. Whatever goes wrong in Juba is the concern of the whole South Sudan not Equatorian a lone.

          " It is our time to keep-watch of our country not to preach egoism, tribalism, and bad languages to frustrate other people.

          Mabor Yiel

          repondre message

    • 13 June 2008 18:09, by Deng

      Hey guys, the one thing that we should stop is blaming the GoSS for not doing anything in the capital. There is so much confusion in Juba that there’s always lot of confusion. The government of CES was asked to relocate to Yei so that the GoSS can take the responsibility of the town and making it a real capital. Unfortunately, the Central Equatorians want to keep their government in Juba citing the case of Kampala. When it come to cleaning the city and developmental projects, they want GoSS to do it for them. Their calculations are that, the GoSS would allocate more resources to them because they are also taking care of Juba. I am confused. My question is; Who is really responsible for the Juba administration? Is it GoSS or CES? We need to define the role of these two entities before we blame another.
      But the State government should do some cleaning projects.

      repondre message

      • 13 June 2008 19:15, by LONE

        Deng let’s look at who are dying. We know that cholera is a poor man’s disease. Those afflicted and killed in the current out breaks are Junubiin and not CES citizens. We do not have citizens either.

        Shifting the capital to Yei would not avert disease outbreaks if services are not planned and made available to the public.

        Majority of Junubiin are poor. They are the ones dying: the common man, the poorly paid soldiers, the internally displaced community amongst others.

        If GoSS is waiting for a breathing space to render service to Juba inhabitants, then we should brace ourselves for a major catastrophy in the name of Ebola since Juba is not far from Congolese border.

        I am not a cynic but I am foreseeing the hard time ahead of us. Buying the latest models of cars for "our ministries" while Juba does not have a fully functional water treatment plant is a blunder of the millenium! Our people now settled in Juba will continue to die from preventable diseases of the poor since those wielding poor will continue to drink and eat imported items.

        repondre message

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