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PHOTOS: Sudan capital after today’s attack from Darfur JEM


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  • 10 May 2008 19:38, by Ajang Aguer Pageer

    Bravo JEM for this greater achievement but keep it up.Within a very short period of time, peace will prevail in Darfur because NCP will immediately resort to peaceful solution to this conflict as it does when it is weakened _ the use of force is the only mechanism that locates peace in the dictionary of NCP.But urge the other rebel factions to unite with you otherwise you will face it rough.

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    • 10 May 2008 20:34, by Sam Imam

      do you hail for those stupid rebels who thought they can take khartoum by force , it is the most ridiculous idea , it is like fighting a well equipped army with traditional weapons (knif & swords) (suicidal and fatal move) ,i think now the road is open for the goverment to crush those chadian and JEM rebels , i don`t particularly support the goverment , but when it comes to killing innocent civilians , i don`t mind carrying weapons and defend my people and dignity , it is a big fault , the JEM will pay a substantially high cost of it , the army of sudan is not defending the goverment ,it is defending people of sudan from those chadian - supported rebels ,and we all stand with the goverment when it comes to our own safty and wellbeing , given the fact we have nothing to do with the Darfur conflict .
      for the above commentor refrain from using hatered words.

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      • 10 May 2008 20:56, by Deng

        Sam Imam. You don’t support the government but when it comes to the killing of innocent people, you can take the gun and defend yourself. So, why don’t you support the the JEM who are defending the Darfuris being killed in large numbers. You Arabs are stupid and inhuman. How could you not condemn the government for killing about 200 000 Darfuris and yet you complain about a dozen killed in Khartoum. I wish the JEM could kill as many innocent Arabs in Khartoum as possible. They are hypocrites. It wasn’t long ago when the Sudanese president condemn Isreal for killing of innocent palestinians, calling arab countries to act against isreal yet in Darfur, he is happy killing innocent people. The sudanese in Khartoum also prostested against isreal injustice against palestinians but don’t say anything about killing in Darfur. How could you prostest for human right abuses in other countries when you yourself does not live up to them? Here you said, you have nothing to do with the war in Darfur, Do you have anything to do with attrocities committed by Isreal against palestinian either? I wish you could be kill if you are in Khartoum so that you really feel the pain of death. If you can’t sympathizes with the lives of others, then you don’t deserve living. I wish JEM inflicted lots of casualties against the Khartoumans. I don’t care of who they kill but provide that they feel the pain of being innoncently killed and siting with the government. Don’t forget that the next disaster in Sudan will be around Khartoum. Everybody living in Khartoum will really test the innoncent killings. The war in Darfur has much to do with you Imam. All the resources at the prephery of Sudan are being used to develop Khartoum and the Khartoum is waging war against the prephery to control the resources. Again, I wish you all bad luck and want the JEM to inflict has many casualties as possible against the innocent people of Khartoum so that the feel they pain of being innocently killed and not prostesting against killing of innocent in other countries but their own.

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        • 10 May 2008 21:26, by Joseph Garang( Monyroor)

          Actually you Darfur people you were very late for coming up and you sleep too much, if you start early like that, then do you think you wuold not nearly to get your right? good luck with your Darfurian right. I hope there is no food come alone without not work, you must have to work hard then you get your food and come to eat it in cool place, go and bring your food in hot place to eat in cool place.

          no hard work no food.

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        • 10 May 2008 21:56, by Sam Imam

          Thanks for spiling over all your foul and badly digested words , what i am saying little brother is , you can not take the capital by force , and Chad is a good example for you .
          I never said that i agree with killing innocent people in Darfur , but i am against relocting the offense to khartoum which have people from all over the nation including your people , but i guess your deeply rooted anger will never heal ,and i feel bad for you .
          Last word we will defend this country to the very last person , and i realy don`t care about what ever you wrote , because what ever i say , you will still be pre-occupied with thoughts of revenge ,which is too late .
          I am stressing the point again , i don`t mind carrying weapons to defend khartoum whenever someone dare to step in.
          God Bless Sudan Armed forces as long as it protects civilians , and my heart with Darfur people who are used by corruptted rebel leaders for the sake of power.
          And be sured to who ever wrote the above comment your dream will never be true .

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          • 11 May 2008 17:36, by A2 4 forever

            Sam Imam!!

            No one thought of getting rid of Arabs in Sudan before!! However, we are starting to learn your sick and devilish intentions toward African endogenous, as reflected by your devilish deeds, I must admit to you that you have forced us to think of uprooting you from our country that have been sheltering you since the disastrous drought in Al-jazzeera ages ago, now we are starting to think big and seriously about your fate in our land!! We have patient with you for so long and you seem not to realize and respect that generosity of African endogenous Sudanese!! Regardless of your Arab ancestors being only 20% of our population, we allowed them to run the affairs of our nation and determine our destiny in the world arena!! But hate or like it, this will never last longer as we the young generation of the endogenous Sudanese, have decided to take our matter at our hands just like any one else in the world!! And thus we have to give a choice of accepting to live as the minority Arab Sudanese, in the secular and African Sudan or go and joint your Arabs and Middle East. We will not let you mess up with our identity as Africans.

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      • 10 May 2008 21:11, by Deng Magot Riem

        Mr. Sam Imam, you are totally wrong. Khrartoum at any time and by all means can be taken by force. JEM did it briliantly and they have shown NCP that they can at whatsoever means can take it. the marginalised at this time won’t be fooled by luring them to signing what will harm them. Mr. Imam, there is nothing you should fear. support the the government as your words portrayed.

        Bravo brothers in the western part of the country. This is the right time to unite against our common enemy to reach our goal as African. The Sudan is ours as the History and the name sugest;" blad al sudd." I believe in what the Ethiopian Prime minster said and I quote: we shall negotiate while fighting and shall fight while negotiating whichever way lead to success. So negotiate while fighting and fight while negotiating. South and and East will be on your side as usual.

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      • 10 May 2008 21:15, by John Garang alias Johnsalt

        I am compelled to DISagree with Sam Imam; the rule of the game is clear,If you re not for us then you re for the other side. Most, crucially I think you have miss a mark with JEM intention; They re not targetting civillians and they have never done lt. The arabized army is short-sighted and always bend on its knees to annihilate the populace irrespective of their affiliation. Dont MISinformed us here that they re not backing the minority govt. Remember, complicity is the most fatal disease. Mr. Imam, as you call yourself, can you dymstify the common man about the good of bombing the schools and markets in Darfur. finally, mr imam, am afraid to define you and your vile motive. But I can assure you that the sudan will never be the same again..............

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    • 11 May 2008 05:46, by YuotNhial

      Congratulant JEM, this is a momentum step.

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    • 11 May 2008 09:42, by babiker

      Its definite that most of the citizens will not approve launching attacks on residential campaigns..and ready to line up defending their families..

      Its also boring attitude, for both ruling parties and rebels, to adopt national issues as a cover for an underlying search for power and wealth.. we can’t take it for long..civilians must not pay the price for such gready campaign..

      Its also important to stop remunerating rebels as this will lead to continuous cycles of violence.. we must learn to acknowledge rights of civil societies without pushing them to bloodshedding conflicts..

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    • 12 May 2008 12:22, by Bonju Banja

      Hey JEM, bravo for the wonders, but where were you when the Southerners were doing their thing in the South. You would have held the elphent by the neck and the southerners would have done by the legs. We would have turned the elephent upside down, but now you need to have a strong support. What you are doing now may look like pushing a horse off road while on journey, we behind you spiritually. Southerner Blue Boy

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    • 15 May 2008 11:46, by Mecheal

      Do you really think that this was an achievement. Khartoum is heavily fortified, or are you blind. How can you think that the JEM take khartoum with small arms. Khartoum which is defend by heavy weapons, tanks and gun ships.

      Think instead of shouting about the bad arabs, and destorying Khartoum.

      The JEM travelled over 600 miles, armed only with small fire weapons to attack a heavily defended city. A city not easy to take from the outside. Greater Khartoum is made up of three cities, you have to cross bridges that are defended with heavy machine gun.

      JEM was coming to support action that was to start INSIDE the city. This was a COUP not just rebels attacking the capital. Not even the JEM are follish enough to that this without help from inside.

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  • 10 May 2008 20:52, by Deng Chol Aring

    Pravelino bleadi!!! Pizdy im, pizdy!

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    • 10 May 2008 21:22, by Gabe

      you told them all(arab),and to Imam be ready to take up gun or cry out in the mosque. mr. Imam do not forget that even if no one like innocent being kill then it is time for you arab to felt it like Deng said it. that khortuam of ours will one day be no man place, but it is only becuase of the hart the arab enforce on merginalized population,therefore do not be surprise when time come. and do not be hypocrat becuase you will be fighting an orphens all over the sudan. think about that dear imam.

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  • 10 May 2008 21:04, by Ahasakmoi

    That is the extremist regime like the SAF Deserve, the only blame may be if the JEM failed to take control of the capital, then it would look like awaste or telling them to be aware of your prans,

    you should use well laid plans and strategies, we all are hugry to get Khartoum atr our hands

    Please, I wish you all the best and good advancement into the city

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  • 10 May 2008 22:32, by James James

    Hi all:

    That how the war should be fought. Now the only thing left is for people like me to come right there with heavy artilery and turn those tarmac roads which had been built through the stolen resource from south, east, west into swimming pools.

    Yes, Khartoum regime will not learn till those hotels and palaces are transformed into debries, roads into pools and offices into goats’ grazing mangers and their luxurious homes into rebel cooking spots.

    That is also a good lesson for arab grandmothers, children, women, grandfathers plus all those warlords in Khartoum to hear how the gun sound and smell live gun-smoke without bothering watching it on TVs.

    I hope now everyone in Khartoum at least knows what the war is.

    God bless.

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    • 11 May 2008 10:02, by THE GAME

      thank you mr james james you have performed well on this currently issues better than on abducting malauk issues
      you were so totally was annoying me.

      repondre message

    • 15 May 2008 11:31, by Mecheal

      To James James;

      So you think that by destorying Khartoum with heavy artilery is the answer. Thats right, destory everything and then more money will be spent to rebuild. Do you not think it best the capture rather than destory.

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  • 11 May 2008 03:42, by Nhial Korow Wichleek

    It is time for Arab north of the sudan to smell the gunpowder than any other day back in the history of sudan. What JEM rebel has done is a great attempt and has positive impact to the political arena of the country sudan as a whole. the suffering as well as the turmoil have been in the south and Darfur without them facing anything at all. It is quite interesting because sudan has almost come to critical period in which the politicians especially northern politicians would spend time resolving the discrepency happening than focusing their attention on creating confusion in the marginalized areas. However, I regret seeing Kiir’s condemnation message against JEM rebel. Should it be because he is an acting president or he means actually that the attack was wrong? In my own opinion, I think he is voicing his message because of his current post as to the fact that he is in charge of the country, but not that the message was true and factual. To see the downfall of Khartoum is much more important to the marginalized people of the sudan. It is obvious that Khartoum has committed disorderly conduct which in fact is known to the international community, and that it should be funished for that.

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  • 11 May 2008 04:39, by Sammy

    I can see from the writers there is much resentment and hatred directed towards so called "Arabic grandmothers" and "Arabs" in the north. These writers are deeply mistaken in who they are directing their hatred towards and should really loom deeply at themselves. It is exactly that type of fascism and xenophobia that has led to civil wars all over the world and in in Iraq. FYI, the North has been as margalinalized as the East, South and West. And if any of you worked in any of the Aid programs you would know that. The only place that is developed in the country in Khartoum which currently has as many northeners as southerners. The corruption of the goverment has nothing to do with the northen innocent civilians (who did not elect the government) and the truth is much of the so called "Arab" population still live in extreme poverty. The only people with swimming pools are government memembers (from the North or South)who have acquired massive amounts of wealth in the past few years. In this day we should unite against discrimmination against anyone, because the first people attacked in every war are the most vulnerable women (including grandmothers) and children.

    repondre message

    • 11 May 2008 07:34, by Gabe

      your are right but the bitter of the people was cause by grandmo long support of arab elits in the norther. they arab called their government,their sudan. khartoum is capital of the arab cultures(grandmoms, pa, and kidds included)becuase government do not have cultures but people. jihad was declared on southerners by norther including imams, kidds, and women. arab called it "problem of the south" therefore my friend it is not that we do not care. we seems to foregive darfurean and if the northerners and arab. needs our foregiveness too, then they needs to stop supporting the government that kill people in others side of the country. and knowledging their wrong doer agianist others sudanese. becuase at the end of the day khartuom is not the whole country. if you support evils then you are evil too. therefore we become all evil. but the question is who started and who kept wounding our hearts for all this decades. you know the answer very well my friend.

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  • 11 May 2008 09:24, by Deng Chol Malual

    The war is the dialogue Bashir can understand most.
    He has been persuaded for talks and proper agreement but he boasted to Darfurians instead of addressing to their issues.
    Now never regret the results of your(people in Khartoum) Bashir’s action.
    And our president H.E Kiir Mayardit should have not condemned the war becuase what could the Darfurians have don,t since Bashir was rejecting the request for good political dialogue.

    Darfur OOyee.


    repondre message

  • 11 May 2008 09:49, by Shuggar

    Bravo JEM. Khartoum and the north should experience what it is like to feel unsafe, hear gunshot and run for your life. This is a strong message to Bashir and his bloody aides to reconsider their unjust policies towards people of Darfur. The Nigerian descendants, Al Bashir and Taha and their Eriterian origin Miniser of Interior should understand that plans are underway to build a new Sudan whose power and wealth will be equaly shared. Once it becomes reality, the new Sudan will definitely eliminate such alients. We need more of this. Long life JEM, long life SLM/A and long life SPLM. Towards the new Sudan that together we can build.

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  • 11 May 2008 10:12, by Sam

    Wow! What a beautiful sense! I love the sense. I appreciate JEM for their effort to provided us with such amazing pictures of the day. But, I may pad on JEM because of their weak aterm on the capital. I called it weak aterm because I can still see those big building standing by the road and the road is still not turn into wells or trenchese. I think JEM still did not understand the theme of memories from the revenger. Which would mean that the revenger should do exactily what the enemy had done to them or do more than the enemy had done so that the enemy should learn from visual and feeling of the outcome of their first action. When Sudan Army fired their weapon on Darfurean houses and set them on fire with their ammunitions or lighters, they didn’t aim on civilean, neither did they thought that there might be civilean in the building. But, they know that civilean do not sleep in the wood, But in the house in the village. Why should JEM do the same thing in the Capital. I blame JEM for not doing march and I thank JEM for the aterm with such harmony that preserving those civilean and only show them how gun powder smell and how beautiful it’s mist look in the city. Try it again please.

    repondre message

  • 11 May 2008 11:15, by Albino Wan Duyar

    Hello every one, Imay said thank you for what you do in our city which is sudan.If you deside to find that,who are we and who are they.please,let we gonto try our best because,this is agem of the day.Eg;there will be an important job to be done,and every body was sure that somebody would do it,any body could have done it.but no body did it.some body get angry about that b/c,It was every body’s job.every one though that,some body would have did it,but no body do it.who are we and who are they? please let we remambers the blood of our brathers who died in our land,and let we put ours vows to solve this problem and what will be sunction in ours country.

    yrs;Faithfuly By A/W+D/Y=albino wan duyar yiech

    repondre message

  • 11 May 2008 15:55, by A2 4 forever

    I would like to add this to my comment!! please JEM, try train people properly if you have to send them the that fuckin capital of Shit arabs!! avoid sending naive kids to war like that please!! I begg you to plan properly next time and like SPLA/M know what you want so that we can coordinate efforts to fuck those foes out of our Black’s land!!

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  • 11 May 2008 20:01, by Hassan Elshaigi

    One wonders what had the mercenaries, armed gangs of the hotel warriors of London and Paris and their misrable Chadian overlords intended to gain out of this patheic and suicidal mission to hell.
    We salute the courage and reslove of our Sudanese Armed Forces, SF - khartoum and the Sudanese People’s Army in responding to this cowrdly and meaningless act by a despareate racist gang that has just hammered the first nail in its coffin.
    Our message to Idris Dibbi is SEE YOU SOON !
    Instead of accepting the government’s hand of peace that was repeatedly extended to these criminal gangs and mercenaries and understanding that the Sudanese are fed up with war and geared up for peace, political reform and economic progress, these fools chose the traditional african habits of warring, destruction and death.

    For this reason, they have already earned the total annihlation that is coming their way. This country is not going to be another african failure.
    We will see to that.

    The Sudanese Nationalist

    repondre message

    • 12 May 2008 06:01, by Shuggar

      An IDIOT, FOOLISH and STUPID Shaigi. I blame the Britishers for handing Sudan over to you, Jalabas. you are thugs and will go sooner or later. This is just the beginning of a long war with you.

      repondre message

  • 12 May 2008 09:12, by Maganydam

    Dear Commentors

    Sudan-Capital,Khartoum had not tested the bitterness of war since creation although attempts are made to many Towns by SPLM through the liberation struggle.

    Thanks a lot who planned and initiated that attack.
    When the feotus is sick, the mother does not suffer the same: Khartoum is not the whole Sudan.

    Remember,he who is not tempted does not plan solutions-for Dead are not dead, go dear brothers from the North and wait us in Heaven/hell.

    Condolences to the Liberators who had just perished in the South: Crash.

    Amen,God is Great.

    repondre message

  • 15 May 2008 11:48, by Mecheal

    The JEM was not acting alone.

    repondre message

    • 16 May 2008 18:37, by A2 4 forever

      SO WHAT?????? does Khartoum act alone, i.e, where is the fucken Arab role in the ruin of Sudan!! we will never let no one to ruin our Sudan anymore, welldone Dr.Khalil

      repondre message

      • 17 May 2008 11:43, by Mecheal

        Well done to Dr. Khalil. His action is being condemed by even the Americans who want Bushier out as well.
        What I am saying is that the JEM travelled 600 miles to attack a heavily defened city with small arms. Geater Khartoum is defened with heavy machine guns, tanks and gun ships. My theory is that JEM was coming to support action that being taken from wihtin Khartoum. This was a coup and JEM was coming to help. Don’t be foolish, you can not take Khartoum with a few hunded fighters armed with only machine guns against armour and tanks.

        That is the problem with Sudan, as long as we see otherselves as arabs, southerns etc, and not see ourselves as a nation, bother will kill bother. I have and will always support the SPLA/SPLM’s policy of one nation. That is what we fought for, is it not.

        repondre message

        • 17 May 2008 19:06, by A2 4 forever

          Mecheal, I don’t want it personal between us, but as far the logic is concerned, you maybe right by calling that as a failure coup attempt, by people within Sudan!!

          But Dr. Khalil has to be credited too, for his attempt to fight the war within the Capital of Sudan, as no one ever did such thing before in the story of black movement in Sudan!!

          We the endogenous people of Sudan have been keen to Arabs of Sudan for centuries, and what we receive back is nothing more than humiliation and disregard, we are being marginalised and suppressed for years,(since the independence of the country from British rule)!!

          I always think of the unity of Sudan, as we, the endogenous people of Sudan are the majority, but this will never become true unless all the endogenous Sudanese unite to take the matter of their country into their hands, and run the affairs of their country!! Thus, we need Fur, Nubians, People of southern Blue Nile and Southern Sudanese to unite in order to materialise that, this ain’t no racism but patriotism!!

          Long live the endogenous people of Sudan united and reconciled, as together we are stronger. If our Arabs fellows want to remain in Sudan, they must put up with our norms as the majority.

          repondre message

          • 17 May 2008 23:13, by Mecheal

            My friend I am on your side. I agree that we have been marginlised and treated as second class on our own country. We are the majority, the arabs are a recent addititon to Sudan. Come to think of it, there is more African blood in them than Arab. Even Al Bushir, how much arab blood does he have in him.

            There is a fine line between racisim and patriotism and Al Bushir, Al Turabi and the rest will say racisim.

            They are a small minority, the armed forces are mostly from Darfur and other tribes. And yes I agree with you that if only the endogenous peoples of Sudan would join together and put pressure on the so called government.

            Dr. Khalil was brave to attack Khartoum, but he showed that he has not learnt from history. The the 1970’s the ansar witht the help from Liyba tried the same thing. They were more successful in that they entered into Khartoum all the way to the airport. But they too were crushed.

            I am on your side, the sooner Al Bushir is gone the better.

            repondre message

            • 10 October 2009 22:13, by line george

              Bravo jem that what you supposed to do before you accepted peace because peace come after war.
              Bashir and his friend need good fight like what we did as southerners.secondly with time bashir and his friend will go to court with he like it or not.

              repondre message

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