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Four killed in tribal attack on southern Sudan compound - MSF


November 29, 2007 (NAIROBI) — Tribal fighters attacked a Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) car inside a southern Sudan compound run by the aid group on Thursday, killing four people and wounding one, MSF said in a statement.

The attack was staged at an MSF (Doctors Without Borders) hospital and compound in Bor in Jonglei state of southern Sudan, the statement said.

Meinie Nicolai, operations director for the group which is also known as Doctors Without Borders, called the attack "an outrageous act and a serious breach of the safety that a hospital should provide."

"Eight patients and family members, including a baby, had been evacuated from the hospital when tribal fighting broke out inside the facility," said the statement.

"They were inside the MSF car in the organisation’s compound across the road from the hospital when they were attacked by people pursuing them. Two adults and the baby escaped unharmed by hiding under the car’s seats."

"At the time of the killings, MSF was treating 23 people who were brought in overnight with injuries sustained in clashes between tribes."

MSF said its 17 staff at Bor had been "badly shaken by the violent events and most members are being flown out for counselling." It was hoping to send a small replacement team to the town to continue what it called its "lifesaving" work there.

The aid group has been working in Bor since March 2006.

"Four people have died, one is injured, and three more narrowly escaped," said Nicolai in Brussels, quoted by the statement.

"This attack affects our ability to provide medical care in Bor hospital, which has an important regional role for referrals from all over Jonglei state."

MSF did not not identify the tribes involved but southern Sudan is awash with ethnic groups that have been fighting over political alliances and access to resources.

"From our compound and inside the hospital we treat everybody who needs medical care, and people from different tribes lie side by side in the wards," said Nicolai.

"The disrespect shown by the people who chose to extend their fighting into the hospital and our compound is absolutely intolerable," she added, calling on Sudanese authorities to take action to protect the facilities.


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  • 30 November 2007 03:13, by nyankuany Mareng

    Here you go again!! Dinka are taking law into their hands. Two week ago when I mentioned that the guns men in Bor went on rampage killing three soldiers from Anyuak ethnic group some people were outrage by my statement. But the fact is that we have problem in Jonglei State and it just a matter of time a full scale war may break out between other ethnic groups with Bor since all communities are heavily armed.

    Killing patients in the hospital because they are your enemy is barbaric and cowardice acts. Why not go to Murle land to fight with real men instead fighting with patients in the hospital bed.

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    • 30 November 2007 04:11, by willy

      Nyankuany you are absolutely correct. It surprised me too to see Bor sub-tribes are able to kill them selves and they are unable to protect their children from Murle minority tribe which has been kidnapping their children for years.

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      • 30 November 2007 05:12, by Alier Mach

        you tribalists, I really blame Sudan tribune for letting you Arabizes on the site. this is not funny! I’m really concern with your statements and I’m already aware your actions online. I know you are happy about the killing of civilians in Bor but if we let our youngmen leaved the GOSS to depend ourselves, none of you will exist in the South. you all responsible and accountable for, 24 dead civilians and 36 wounded by Khartoum militias from Murle, the crime. remember mountain never meet but people do.

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        • 30 November 2007 05:52, by nyankuany Mareng

          How many Bor soldiers are in JUIs? You can not even depend yourselves from tiny tribe like Murle at the same time claming you can depend the whole South. This is ridicules! Murle are not only killing Bor community they are also killing people from Twic, Duk, Uror, Nyirol, and Akobo counties.

          Why the above mentioned communities did not revenge for loses Murle raiders inflicted on them? Or do you think the lives of these communities are not important than Bor. I friend we have problem and you Bor community are making it harder for us to live in peace. Now Murle are winners of this tribal war because of your barbaric acts. The government will not disarm them and they will continue to attack their daily raiding to your community. Or do you think the UN will go to keep the peace you Bor and Murle?

          repondre message

      • 1 December 2007 07:26, by Deng Bul


        You sided with Nyankuany becasue she is talking against Dinka (Bor)? You have no idea what you actually talking about and you should immediately refrain from posting any message regarding this controversial incidence.

        repondre message

    • 30 November 2007 06:39, by garang

      Hey people, there got to be some respect when you are posting something on the web. You got to learn too, to see things from other people’s prospectives. What happened was just a matter of anger. I mean look at it this way; this people (Murle) have been abducting Bor’s children, cattle and also killed innocent people for years and yet again Bor people allowed them into their hospitals for treatments. Why does people seem to be complaining when the members of Bor community did something in defense for themselves? When they were attacked by the members of Murle, no body seem to care. stop calling for full scale war. We know war!

      repondre message

      • 30 November 2007 07:05, by nyankuany Mareng

        Hey Garang!

        Bor hospital is not a community hospital! It is a government funded hospital. You are right when you says we have to look at it in different propectives. What happened is barbaric and cowardic act that can be condermed by all means. why fight with sick people if you’re real men. You know were those raiders are. Those who committed this are crimal who have no value for humanity. Also remember for town is state capital for community have no rights to come and kill who every they want to kill.

        repondre message

        • 30 November 2007 18:28, by garang

          Don’t ever call my name again. You you are insane and stupid! Stop hating!

          repondre message

        • 1 December 2007 03:47, by Gatwich Dual

          Hey Nyankuany!
          You need to go and attest in front of Human Right Group that it’s okay to adducted innocence children and rape women then being too mouthy here online. Or else you should keep your mouth shut since you lack logical reasoning. Murle started its horrible acts with innocence people and so should the revengers!

          repondre message

    • 30 November 2007 09:44, by Dee El Lukudu

      I’m crying for South Sudan, because most of what I’m reading here is hatred - tribal hatred!

      I think the article is not detailed enough or well-researched. The reason suggested for the most recent tribal fighting and unfortunate killings in Jonglei State is as quoted: "...southern Sudan is awash with ethnic groups that have been fighting over political alliances and access to resources." An outsider reading the article may start thinking of Darfur or Somalia with all the chaos, etc.

      As someone who has been working in the Bor area for about 3 years now, I have noted that cattle stealing and child abduction by the Murle cattle rustlers have become more frequent, more so in the last one year, especially because of the prevailing peace in South Sudan. I witnessed, in a way, about four incidents within the last two months. The last time, just over a fortnight ago, the raiders were very much organised and made off successfully with over 5000 cattle, despite some rescue attempts by the local people! Thus almost everyone in the community has been affected, because robbers have stolen from their "bank."

      Anger towards the Murle boiled, when the outlaws did it again about a day ago, despite recent assurance from the government- the president himself - concerning the security situation in the area. Indeed it is unfortunate that this anger and bitterness has extended to the sick in the hospital.

      I think it is time the government gets serious with the handling of this particular security threat in this state, before it escalates to the worst.

      It is time for peace in South Sudan, and peace goes hand in hand with reconciliation.Peace in South Sudan is nothing without reconciliation between the various tribes.

      Dee El Lukudu
      South Sudan

      repondre message

      • 30 November 2007 18:23, by garang

        Thank you! That is how people suppose to write. You know what you are saying. it time for government to act now. Keep it up.

        repondre message

      • 2 December 2007 21:39, by James Banak Monyror

        What you said is absolutely right, specially in your second para.It is true cattle raiding and child abductions and all the horors associated with these acts by the Murle tribesmen have markly increased after the signature of the CPA and to be specific at the beginning of January 2006. At that period the GoSS decided to disarm by force the Gawaar and Lou Nuer tribal sections and may be sections of the greater Bor tribes.Their immediate neighbour, the Murly Who had been armed to tooth by the Khartoum Regime with whom they fought the SPLA together and who have been arch enemies of these neighbouring tribes in the realm of cattle rustling and child abduction where left untouched. One wonders really what was the rationale behind that action by the GoSS!

        While I am not supportive of all that happened in Jongley (Bor) on Wednessday and THursday 28- 29th Nov., I would like to urge the Government of the South Sudan( GoSS)to immediately intervene in all these suversive activities in Jonglei State.These activities are destined to cause trible hatrete among the entire tribes of Jonglei with dire consequences.

        Many wonder what really happened, because, immediately after disarming the aforementioned tribes in 2006, it was rightly decided by the GoSS that forces would be put in place to protect the unarmed citizens from the Murle incurssions. Forces were actually sent but were later on recalled back without any explanation leaving the unarmed citizens venerable to Murle raids. A gain in August-September/07 when Murle raids scalated in both Akoba and Bor, the authorities in GoSS made promises again to restore order and peace in the area. The result is the recent killing of innocent people which should have been avoided if action was taken immediately.

        The frequent call by the State autorities that the Murle are not acting on their own and that an invisible hand is behind them should not be take lightly. Thousands of militias had been recruited equiped with mordern weapons including those they captured in their wars with SPLA during those days are now thought to be still retained by them and are used to harase other tribes who are unarmed.I wonder whether Mag.General Ismail Konyo who is said to have joined the GoSS now has brought with him all the tens of thousand militias of which he was the overall general commander. And how Many have joined the SAF? Are there still militias in Pibor and under whose command? Wher are these militias located? Are there militias in Pibor who are under the command of SAF. What is the role of Mag. Geral Konyi as the Peace Advisor of the President of Goss?

        I am asking these quetions because I suspect that some of these militias have melted into their communities and are being used for subersion to distablize the GoSS. This stategy could be used by those elements working against the CPA.

        I again restate that GoSS should act and act swiftly. This part of Eastern Upper Nile corridor is usually a potential source of troubles for any government because of the nature of its inhabitants and its long boarder with the South Sudan ( South -Ethoipian border). This corridor should not be negilected in as far as maintainance of security and peace is concerned. All efforts should be place to keep this area free of all troubles.

        By JB Monyror

        repondre message

    • 30 November 2007 18:16, by Ahmed Chol

      Nyankuany Mareng,

      Why are you people complaining when a dinka kills those who were wounded in the battle between Murle and Bor? Why do you keep silent when Murle kill lots of people in the Bor community almost every week? Those who got killed came to Bor Hospital to heal and then go back to kidnap and abduct more children. Who would spare such people? They are Murderers. Do you still support them?

      Does your comment reflect your hatrate against Bor? Nyankuany you are one of the most stupid bastards on this board. You are asking Bor to go and fight Murle if they are men. But when the fathers and brothers of the abducted kids go for the rescue of their own children you people will complain again. Bor people have now realized that Murle will never stop raiding Bor and will not voluntarily returned all the abducted kids. And lots of people are now wondering whether this problem can be solve if Bor just go to the Murle village and asked them what their problem is? And why they don’t return the kids and the recently raided/stolen cattle?

      Anyways, Nyankuany, I encourage you to ask your mother for advice before writing on this website.

      Ahmed Chol, the future commander of Anya-nya III

      repondre message

    • 1 December 2007 05:11, by Deng Bul

      You are really a "nyankuany", the name said it all. Stop crying about Dinka and avoid your rhetorical argument concerning the tragic incidence in Bor Town. If you believe to having a personal problem with Dinka tribe in general, you better direct your comment to that specific matter. Calling the entire Dinka a coward and criminal perpetrating tribe is beyond the pale. Only a very minute number of people had participated in carrying out an attack, not the entire Dinka’s communities as you stated. Dinka comprises of variety of subtribes, both on this side and across the other side of the Nile River. Do you believe the whole incidence was planned out by Dinka as your statement generalize it?

      Murle is a very tiny section of people who can be annihilated in a matter of days if that is what in the interest of Bor’s communities who have long endured all hardships inflicted against them by Murle in decades. But that position initially has been ignored by both Bor and Twic because they are not self-interested people like other tribes in the south. Their vision is always part of the big picture, something that will have a greater impact on the entire country, or Southerners for this matter.

      Overreaction can not be ruled out in this situation, but your accusation of calling it a "barbaric act" didn’t spare you from being evil-minded individual with desire to betray everyone who belong to Dinka. You should remember this is not the first time someone tried to charge Dinka with unfounded accusation to score his/her political point; everything has been tried before to undermind the strength and unwavering conviction of Dinka’s people, but virtually failed to bring them down from the top of undetermined, mindless, and collaborators in the ongoing conflict between Islamic fundamentalists and the disfranchized/ marginalized minorities in Sudan.

      You should always be part of the solution by staying neutral and think for the better way to minimize further tragedy if you are a concerned and patriotic citizen who put his/her country before everything else. Shame on you by stealing this tragic event as your political arena.

      What do you expect to achieve from siding with Murle bandits? Nothing, not a damn thing no matter how hard you tried to playdown the significance of the dominant and visionary oriented tribe in the south. You people from other tribes who hate Dinka never realize the importance of Dinka to you. But when your slavish sense of humility lead you between a rock and hard place and Dinka has no where to be found to recue you out, your regret would be you loss the defensive champion of all.

      What you did is outrageous and my understanding is that your intention was to humiliate and degrade everyone that belong to Dinka tribe. You are the most pathetic and lunatic individual I ever witness expressing sharp opposition toward Dinka.

      If you can express your grievance toward those who have died during the struggle, that would be an honor they will never forget. Unfortunately, that is not what your hollow mind was equipped with to comprehend, and that is why it’s make sense to me this little incidence was generated by hatred existed in you for quite sometime. The next time you decided to express your feeling about the situation such as this one, try to evaluate your thoughts before they get to the public forum.

      repondre message

  • 30 November 2007 04:43, by James James

    ctually we had recieved confirmed report that, a group of armed men from Dinka Bor went this morning to the hosptial and gun down 6 civilians believed to be from Murle tribe,this incudes four (4) patients who were hospitalized plus two(2)others who accompanied their sick family members to the hosspital, Three other victims were hunted and killed elsewhere within Bor town.

    The eyes witness describe situation in Jongolei as precarious and tense between these two tribes.

    There had been circulating rumours & accussations between Bor and Murle these past days. Bor accusses Murle of kids abduction and cattle rustling, meanwhile, Murle accuses Bor of manufacturing false allegations against them for the aim of trying to rally government troops to go and destroy their tribe.There is also an accussation that, Nyandeng and Bior Athued had secretly mobilized some Bor Soldiers within SPLA and transported them between Bor-Murle Border.

    Well, since conditon has gone to this level,can government do something or the situation had completely run out of hand ?

    Could it be revenge for the alleged abducted children or there is something behind the curtain ?

    Whatever, serves as the answer for this, the government and local authorities must do what they have to do to cool things down. My condolence to the brief families from both sides.

    I hope southerners recieve God blessings bring them to understand themselves and turn things attractive as expected because this is disgusting and shameful at all that we become babaric enough to the point of killing already dead patients in hospitals.

    repondre message

  • 30 November 2007 04:50, by Juach D Juach

    As a former MSF Belgium Deputy HOM for South Sudan mission in Nairobi & Juba (2005-2006), and a founder of this particular project, am deeply saddened and terrified. I urge all the warring parties in Jonglei state to restraint from fighting amongst themselves since it is going to threaten services delivery by International Organisations and suppose the smooth implementation of the CPA as well in the state.

    I hope the present tension doesn’t oblige the MSFB- HOM (Head of Mission) to reach a speedy conclusion to pull out the whole team for an extended period because the needy will be left with no one to turn for medical services, since goes GoSS- MOH is still struggling to establish herself.

    May the beloved citizens of Jonglei state recognize that they are kinfolk and that there is no point of carnage amongst themselves and their neighbours in the other Southern states of Sudan.

    The opinion doesn’t reflects MSF’s but a personal for the reason that am no longer an employee of the organisation.

    repondre message

  • 30 November 2007 04:57, by YihHon Alewei

    When are we going to give up this tribal fighting!

    This attack carried out by the tribal fighters is not acceptable! Attacking people in the hospital and NGOs compound is disatrous!

    It could lead to the suspension of the operation in that region by the organization! Such activities are not helpful in a community which rose on a grassroot! MSF is an organization which operate in dangerous place, and they always give up their lives to safe people! And if people turn out and do some strange things to them, I don’t think whether that’s going to help South Sudanese!

    The States governments in the South don’t deal with those who always broken the law! Anybody who use to swallow the law should be force to vomit it! Nobody is above the law! Law is something respected by a very one and abid the whole community! We want the states governments of South Sudan to be given extra powers by the central government to deal with these burning issues in the society!

    A community which doesn’t respect the law always remain in chaotic situation!

    Let’s do something for our country and its people!

    repondre message

    • 30 November 2007 05:28, by Alier Mach

      I am really concern with you stupid and idiots that are posting nonsense on this site. This is not funny to put jokes on it. We have lost our brothers and sisters in Bor from Khartoum backed militias. The Murle militia were the one attacked BOR and it NOT Bor internal fight. So, check your behaviors at this point.

      repondre message

      • 30 November 2007 08:02, by Dhiew T. Nhiall

        Thank you for condemning them and their opinions but first lets describe this action as a cowardliness activity. Because a brave can not turn to the weak ones for revenge when he knows his enemys’ den.

        Therefore People doesn’t have to think inwardly by killing civilians who are after their own lives seeking a treatment. I truly believe that these victims have died for nothing but in vain.

        There is no doubt that every Jongulei citizens have once live in unsecured situation due to an irregular attack from Murle and in addition thousands of peoples died every year from these attacks but non of the Murle’s targets including Dinka Bor, Nuer, and Anyuak ever decided to go to Murle and Pay them what they have received from them and now they are trying to show the Southern Sudanese how angry they are.

        If that is how the Dinka Bor, Nuer, and Anyuak would revenge for their victims against Murle, then lets Southern Sudan government take to the role and bring these cowards to justice.

        repondre message

      • 2 December 2007 08:38, by YihHon Alewei

        There is nothing like understanding!

        Dear Alier!

        I don’t understand why you called all the people who used to comment on the website stupid and idiots! It is not all the people who undermine your suffering from your neighbours "Murle".

        People like me are not taking any side, my concern chiefly is the well-being of all civilians in South Sudan community!

        If you take side, then there will be no peace among communities in the South Sudan! When I left my hometown six years ago, there were thousand of people from your community living in the village I was born! We never fought one day and we didn’t discriminate against them because they were from upper nile "Bor". I want to reief this negative thinking and wrong judgement of others! I am not happy with the term "Idiot" you have used to describe the people who used to comment on the site!

        I know your concern but don’t called all the people who posted comments on the site idiots. I am from Inland South Sudan (Central South Sudan) Yirol. I am not backing up any side, my concern is, if the "MSF" Staff see the reaction from our people, I think there will be irregularities and who are the people to be disavantaged? Innocent civilians will be the victims of the suspension of MSF operation in Bor! And that is my concern!

        We need to open our minds in these issues Alier! I think you are educated, and if you are educated, you would have come up with a program which is going to stop that raiding of cattle instead of taking side!

        We want to be realistic with our actions, fighting is evil! We need to get rid of tribalism and restore peace and commonality as South Sudanese!

        Look beyond tomorrow!

        Want more to get over the line of commonality!

        YihHon Alewei is a Humanities Student at Bond University, Australia.


        repondre message

  • 30 November 2007 09:39, by Deng Akol Agut-tungdoun

    Dear Reader,

    I would like to late you all know that those guys who died in the hospital and have been alleged that they where killed by the Bor community were just but wounded criminal, who threat the community and when gate wounded, their high-ranking guys from Jonglei government smuggle them to the Bor hospital at night.
    The point of saying that they were just sick people is not true. And he who is saying the above ward is to be hold responssible for his wards.
    To my dearest Equatorian, you must distance yourselves from saying there is going to be a full scale war in Jonglei unless you are behind the Murle attacks. How come that you talked of war while you know it,s effact on the people of Southern Sudan.Please be a good neighbour if you want Bor not to be part of Southern Sudan. Long Live the hated community of Bor, Long live freedom fighters of others who claim to be peace lovers on the blood of their own brothers.

    repondre message

  • 30 November 2007 10:02, by Deng Akol Agut-tungdoun

    Dear Readers,

    I would like to late you all know that those guys who died in the hospital and have been alleged that they where killed by the Bor community were just but wounded criminal, who threat the community and when gate wounded, their high-ranking guys from Jonglei government smuggle them to the hospital at night.
    The point of saying that they were just sick people is not true. And he who is saying the above ward is to be hold responssible for his wards.
    To my dearest Equatorian, you must distance yourselves from saying there is going to be a full scale war in Jonglei unless you are behind the Murle attacks. How come that you talked of war while you know is effact on the people of Southern Sudan.Please be a good neighbour if you want Bor not to be part of Southern Sudan. Long Live the hated community of Bor Long live freedom fighters of others who claim to be peace lovers on the blood of their brothers.

    repondre message

    • 30 November 2007 11:18, by Snappy Diddy

      Brethren and sisters,

      It so ridiculous that some of us just jump to conclusions before reading and digesting issues carefully.... when I read the article on the killing, it didn’t cite that the patients were killed by a particular tribe in the State.. it plainly put it that "four killed in a tribal attack"... where did the name Bor come in, Nyankuany Mareng? or because the incident took place in Bor town that made you think the way you did? I may blame not people like you because you are the prophets of doom in Southern Sudan but I believe that one day the truth shall be felt by all of us and we will certainly regret our random and careless irresponsible utterces... we are supposed to investigate matters before pre-emptying issues.. there could be many possibilities drawn from this articles: i)the dead could be innocent civilians who were slained in a cold blood at the hospital; ii) the other version could be those criminals who were wounded in their various stealing exercises amd were possibly smuggled in to receive medical treatment since there are no such facilities in their area.
      How many times have the Dinka Bor aggressed Murle for any reason? I am conerned with the stability of that state because that leads to the stability of the entire neighbourhood and eventually that of southern Sudan.

      So please those who are thinking like nyankuany should change their malicious way of putting things amd think straight as an intellectuals....

      May Peace prevail in Southern Sudan forever!

      repondre message

  • 30 November 2007 16:32, by Kony Alieth David

    Hey my dear NyanKuany Mareng, you are so stupied from brian upto the toes .you say, as if you are part of murle who abducted children from Dinka and Nuer.I hope you were in exile that is why you are blaming Bor community which is bullcheat to me in particular life is equal and no one can be term as weak person.
    If they were aware of some problems that will face then the should not have been temper with Bor cattle and children.

    Please do’t involved your in blood shed of Dinka Bor killed by Murle. God will curse you .
    Our initiative is not to kill but to promote peace amongst south Sudanese as you had seen being achieved thorough the sacrified of Dinka sons.
    Keep away from our afare becuase you are coward not Dinka.
    stop your stupity. Also MSF should not added petrol on fire let them do thier work becuase the are not part of tribal cashes. This is was between sick people in the hospital not the community.

    repondre message

  • 30 November 2007 21:43, by Bombom

    My condolences are due to the victims and loved ones of this inexcusable barbaric murdering of our innocence citizens of Merle community. Yet, I would like to urge the community to display calm and not to take the matter in to their hands so as to let the justice to take its course.

    Another message is to Bor community; please don’t behave self-importantly by killing defenceless hospitalised men and women of Murle! because it is completely disgraceful and browbeaten because courageous people never like to take advantage of defencelessness of the weaken!

    Thus, people from Bor community are supposed to condemn the killing and put up with any blame they may receive from the grieved loved ones of the victims! They should not fight back protectively as if they are the victim themselves!

    Having said that, I would like to encourage the so-called government of south Sudan(GoSS)to prevail because these repeated incidents are noisy enough to weaken the GoSS, simply because their ultimate results will be disintegration of southern Sudan as entity believe it or not!

    If some citizens of southern Sudan, specially from samll tribes feel unprotected by their GoSS then, they will be left with no enough options other than to seek different and private deals with whoever will secure their protection. Some people are quickly pointing fingers to what they called militia being supported by GoNU, then, how can someone blame those if they only protect their own people who felt deserted and not protected by what is supposed to protect them( GoSS and its SPLA militia).

    Seriously, I am not blaming this incident and that of Yambio to the people who did them, but to so-called GoSS because those two incidents had happened simply because GoSS which is being run by a self-centred group was not serous enough in solving problems that matter to people of Southern Sudan, I remember when GoSS was hypocritically wasting millions of dollars in an attempt to solve Ugandan problem leaving accumulated problems of its citizens unresolved! Which southerner does know the existence of Nuer-Murle, Murle-Tosposa and Dinka Bor- Murle conflicts?? Why governments in southern Sudan failed to resolve them?

    Instead to waste that money on drinking, among others of corrupted activities, is not better to use it to educate people of how to get on with each another and leave their differences that are created by ignorance behind them?

    Which country we are going to build if we can’t tolerate living together as one people and one community? I have no side in this conflict but as a concerned citizen of southern Sudan I must admit my being deeply troubled by these senseless killings in Bor, Yambio, among other places in my beloved Southern Sudan. I believe those killings will never bring us any good other than the failure to attain our destiny. I wonder if GoSS can’t even solve the problem of current population of southern Sudan, then, how it will handle the situation once it has been made worse by addition of people of Abyei to GoSS administration.

    By Bol Thourmuck Greater Nuer Greater Nasir (UK)

    repondre message

    • 30 November 2007 22:26, by Ahmed Chol

      Blaming the whole GoSS or the mediator Riek? Neither the GoSS nor Riek can be blame for the Ugandan peace because Ugandan LRA problem was also a Sudanese problem.
      think again man.....

      The women and the elderly of Bor are being killed by Murle during children abduction all the time. Don’t these poor elderly and old women fall into the category of the defenseless? If they do, then which defenseless is more important than the other? The ones who were first killed in a cold blooded during child abduction or the ones killed in the hospital a result of revenge?

      This killing is a message to the Murle and their supporters that Bor has accepted to pay Murle in their own coins. They have to taste their own medicine.
      Nothing will stop such problem so as long as the Murle are not stopping abduction of children and raiding cattle of the Bor community.

      Ahmed Chol, the future commander of Anya-nya III

      repondre message

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Statemeny bu Hala al-Karib to UN Security Council on women conditions in Sudan 2021-09-15 11:59:16 Statement by Ms Hala Al-Karib to the UN Security Council 14 September 2021 Madam President, Excellencies, My name is Hala Al-Karib and I am the Regional Director of the Strategic Initiative (...)

Joint Communiqué on the visit of H.E. the Prime Minister of the Republic of Sudan to Juba 2021-08-23 11:23:26 19 – 21 August 2021 His Excellency Dr Abdallah Hamdok, Prime Minister of the Republic of the Sudan and Chairperson of IGAD, accompanied by Ministers of Defence, Foreign Affairs, Trade, (...)

S. Korea supports UN communities building resilience project in Sudan’s Blue Nile 2019-09-09 09:26:41 UNDP Sudan September 5, 2019 (KHARTOUM) - An agreement was signed on 5th of September between the Korean Ambassador, His Excellency. Lee Ki-Seong and Dr. Selva Ramachandran, Resident (...)


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