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Libyan leader says world must stop meddling in Darfur tribal conflict


October 27, 2007 (SIRTE, Libya) — Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi on Saturday said international community should stop efforts to end four-year conflict in Darfur. He further said that parties should be left to find a solution to this tribal conflict.

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Muammar Gadhafi

Addressing the opening of the conference hosted by the Libyan leader in the Mediterranean resort of Sirte, Gadhafi said the absent Sudan Liberation Movement/Army and the Justice and Equality movement were "fundamental" to peace in Darfur.

"If the SLM and the JEM are opposed to this conference from the start, that means they don’t need our help," said Gadhafi, adding that in any case the UN and AU were not competent bodies to resolve "a tribal conflict".

Gadhafi pointed out that the internationalisation and the politicisation of tribal conflicts is harmful and useless furthermore it fuels the conflict.

The Libyan leader criticised the international intervention in Darfur crisis he accused the international community of paralysing Darfur social capacities in the region from traditional leadership. He added if we leave them this problem they are able to find the adequate solutions.

Gadhafi went to say that Darfur crisis does not constitute a threat to international peace and security.

He said the phenomena of local claims is not dangerous if we understand it as local claims, which would not lead to the fragmentation of the State entity. He also underscored that tribal fighting will not threat the international peace and security and they are not mentioned in the UN Charter.

The Libyan leader added that the absence of the two main rebel groups – JEM and SLM – should give the UN and the international community a reason to not interfere in their affairs and to not be Darfurians more than them.

On the other hand he defended the position of the Sudanese government saying that Khartoum has responded to the international community and accepted the deployment of 26000 troops. He advised to not provoke Khartoum and try to obtain more from it.

The position of the Libyan leader reveals his disappointment for the failure of his efforts to deliver rebels as he had promised to the mediators. By these statements he also may encourage recalcitrant rebels to not attend in spite of the ongoing efforts to persuade them to join the talks.

Since 2003 following a rebel attack against al-Fasher airport and the starting of an insurrection led by the rebel SLM, Sudanese government mobilised local militia and started an organised and deliberate collective repression in a disproportional way.

In May 2007, the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued arrest warrants against a Sudanese official and a militia leader suspected of war crimes and crimes against humanity.


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  • 28 October 2007 12:01, by Kifly Merhu

    In my view, there should be all-inclusive peacetalks to bring peace and justice for the whole sudanese, but not peacetalks in every corner of the country and not just to sutisfy the ego of some groups, individuals or for the sake of foriegn interests.

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    • 28 October 2007 15:04, by Buk Arop

      President Muammar Gadhafi of Libya always seems to have a hidden agenda. His criticism of the International Community’s intervention in Darfur crisis vis-à-vis his effort of brokering a peace talk among the parties of the Darfur crisis is enough caveat for any peace loving citizen of the World. I wish Gadhafi would have explained how the International Community is paralyzing Darfur social capacities as he claimed.

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  • 28 October 2007 15:14, by Angelo Achuil

    To my opinion, the Libyan president (Gadhafi)either overlook or had little knowledge about the Khartoum’s inability to practice democracy and woo its citizens to itself. It’s a criminal government, period. And by telling others to stay away from helping the victims of exploitation, basically mean he is condoning the annihilation of the weak and the Sudanese poor by their oppressors. His position already sent a red flag to the rebels about whose side he is on.

    I feel so sorry for his underestimation of the situation.


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  • 29 October 2007 03:46, by David Mayen Deng

    One of the reasons Ghadafi is trying to push the world away from Darfur is to resettle the region with the new coming homeless Arabs from the middle-east. And the reason Bashir (Khartoum) wants the Darfur peace talks to be held in Libya , instead of Chad, where millions of Fur refugees chose to run, is the fact that when the talks are held in an Arab country (Libya in particular) chances are little that the root causes of the Darfur conflict would be candidly addressed. Let us look back to the essential role Libya played in bringing about the current GENOCIDE in Darfur- so as to be better advocates against Libya being a host to the Darfur Peace Talks – for it is not a neutral country, nor is its insane leader:

    In the Eighties, Ghadafi thought of conquering Chad over a simple border issue. He gave what was supposed to be a simple crisis an ethno-religious dimension by calling for Jihad and support from the Arab world. And because Chad was supported by the U.S and France who perceived a clear case of an aggression against a helpless African nation by an Arab neighbor, Ghadafi’s call for Jihad found receptive ears among equally insane zealous fundamentalist and Jihadist Muslims of the Arab world. Sheikh Hassan Elturabi started the mobilization of his Sudanese innocent “Jihadists” (whom he now see as not going to heaven through his new religious anti-Jihad doctrines) who always advocated the need to spread Islam all over the continent of Africa, and sent them to aid his pan-Arab brother,Ghadafi, against the “dirty” Africans of Chad. Soon the influx of Jihadists into Libya brought the idea of creating an army that would form a nucleus for a pan-Arab legion sank deep into the head of the insane Ghadafi. However, with the total defeat of the Libyans by the Chadian Army (supported by the U.S and France) the Jihadists were scattered, and Musa Hillal (wanted by the ICC) led his defeated men (some of whom were non-Sudanese) into Darfur with enough guns and ammunition. And since then, this Jihadist pan-Arab army has been active in Darfur and South Sudan. They joined hands (with active support from Khartoum) with the Bagara tribes in their raids of innocent Dinka villages for slaves, as well as intimidating African farmers in Darfur- in whose land they started to settle, instead of being hosted for only the dry season by their hospitable African neighbors. And when the Southern enemy grew stronger even for their masters in Khartoum, the innocent people of Darfur got full attention. This is, briefly, the origin of the Janjaweed – hence a question: Is Libya truly a neutral ground for such important peace negotiations ? It is expected when the Jihadists of Khartoum say yes! But why should Darfurians accept Libya instead of Chad with which they share ethnicity and tribes?

    My inconsequential opinion is that the talks should be held in Chad or Nigeria and not in an Arab country. And when Ghadafi states that the world should not intervene in a “tribal conflict” the whole world should be outraged and not allow such an opinion about this GENOCIDE go without reprimand. There is every reason to believe that Ghadafi still entertains ideas of “pan-Arabism”, hence he is neither neutral nor mentally able to stand on a higher moral ground for hosting such important events as the peace talks for bringing peace to the innocent people of Darfur. How could the founder of Janjaweed be neutral or even fair when it comes to the destruction of his little army. The GEM and SLA factions should not only unite behind a common agenda for any prospective negotiations with the Islamic fundamentalists of Khartoum ( and the Arab world), but should also reject Ghadafi (Libya) as a mediator (venue) given his bloody hands against our innocent countrymen (persecuted ethnic African brothers) of Darfur.

    Finally, let the Africans of Sudan come together for our enemy is determined to divide us into South, East, West and North in order to deal with us separately. The fundamentalist Arabs of Sudan get financial, moral and physical support from equally insane Arabs like Ghadafi. Not that we should fight Sudanese Arabs (fellow countrymen) because of their ethnicity, for many of them are also victims of the fundamentalists of Khartoum and freedom fighters who are for a New Sudan of Justice for all; but we should fight oppression (the idea Khartoum stands for) and the idea of domination of one race over and African country. With our unity against people like Ghadafi and Bashir (who is also obsessed with the idea of pan-Arabism, and his fighting in the Egyptian army in the Egyptian-Israeli war is clear testament) , we will triumph. Our enemy is not only in Khartoum, but in Tripoli, Cairo, Baghdad and Riadh- can we afford not to unite?

    David Mayen, The Center for International Human Rights Law and Advocacy, The University of Denver

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  • 29 October 2007 23:57, by Bob Tata

    Hi There!

    Sudanese president Omar Al-Bashir was hundred percent correct when describing the behaviour of the so-called Western countries and USA toward the people of underdeveloped countries as immoral! As governments of those countries have no moral concern whatsoever about black people wherever they live on this planet! Whether in the third World countries or in the so-called developed countries!

    The agendas of Western countries in our war ragged Africa are far from what they hypocritically term as human right promotion in that part of the world! thus anyone who understands politics she/he should be aware that the main objectives of Western intervention into the affairs of our underdeveloped countries are simply meant for the controlling or domineering of our resources and to make sure that we are not progressing like we should be! As they do not want the people of underdeveloped countries to develop and become thrive like them! Because if we become like them their business will ruin as no one will buy their commodities, therefore, they want us to remain behind like that unless we liberate ourselves from their slavery by stopping our reliance on them to solve our problems, to feed us and to dictate our will and decisions!

    Westerners are only happy to see us at war with each another as that is the time when their businesses flourish! They are only proud to refer to our countries as third world and developing or undeveloped countries! They also like to remind us about colonisation and slavery too as they make them look superiors to us!

    To cut a very long short; Western governments do not become happy except only when they see us in crisis of starvations, and disease epidemics! They like only to talk about HIV/AIDS epidemic and how much it is destroying Africa or any other underdeveloped country and without any sympathy to give support to them! Even when they try to help, they only send their unqualified expatriates to help us during our natural and man-made disasters!

    To be realistic about their hypocritical claims that they are caring about us, why are they spending billions of dollars exploring other planets (e.g. red planet) and why are wasting money exploring space! Why are they spending billions of dollars financing unnecessary wars such as that of Iraq and Afghanistan while intentionally allowing their human fellows of the underdeveloped countries to die with hunger and treatable disease such as food or water born microbial diseases! If they care enough about us, why are they not doing enough to curb poverty, HIV/AIDS and Malaria that are killing thousands of people of underdeveloped countries everyday than to encourage people to fight unnecessary wars that are preventing development and self-reliance of African counties!

    Why are they allowing or encouraging wars in the third world country countries instead of endorsing or promoting peace and tranquillity there given to the fact that poverty and spread of diseases including HIV/AIDS are direct consequences of wars! The simplest answer one can give is that they don’t care about us!

    Our fate in Africa will be just like what USA has done to people of Latin America (South America) and the Caribbean! When USA used to allow pro-USA dictators from those Countries to rule, torture, abuse or violate human rights and kill their people without any Condemnation from USA as long as those dictators agreed to promote American interests in their countries!

    The civil war in Sudan started during Dictator Gaafar Nimeiry’s regime! Why USA and Western counties were backing up Gaafar Nimeiry and not SPLA/M by then? Well, simply because by then Gaafar Nimeiry was promoting their businesses, as he was purchasing armies and other military and civil commodities from them! Also Gaafar Nimeiry used to claim that he was fighting communist gorilla that wants to turn Sudan into a communist country given to relationship between SPLA’s Garang and the former Ethiopian president Mangisto with the ex-Soviet union regime! What happened when Soviet Union was dissolved? well, America and the West started to hook-up with the same SPLA/M under the headship of the same Garang! So, what was new? As one USA’s CIA agent said: “Sometimes you can change things to the worst as long as they protect your interest”.

    Thus,if we Africans, will not stop dependence on West to solve our problems we will never achieve any progress whatsoever and forever!! As western countries aim is only to control Africans’ wealth! They want us to keep ourselves busy killing one another so that we will not have time to think of other important things such as development that we need badly!

    They always want us to be behind the world and forever! They don’t like us as some ignorant individuals may think! I mean, they don’t care about all of us! it doesn’t matter weather you are Christian or Muslim it makes no different to them as long as you are black and African that it!

    We the people of Africa must reckon that westerns are happy seeing our countries urbanized! As they want us to relay on them forever!

    I love people of Darfur very dearly but I would like to advice them that Westerns do not really care about you in the same way they don’t care about any black man! Their two-faced empathy for you is aimed to further their agendas in our country!

    Let there be peace in Sudan so that we can sit and settle our problems or differences as Sudanese! We fought a two decade war in South that killed 2 million people BUT at the end it didn’t solve the problem! Until both side realised that negotiation is more effective than war!

    I can’t deny that there were injustice and inequality previousily in Sudan! But now if our brothers from North have come to understand that their injustice and marginalisation of other Sudanese have to be put to end in order to rescue the country from fragmentation or what I can call Somaliasation of Sudan! I believe it is good to grasp that chance for the interest of unhappy or miserable people and our war ragged country which is roomy enough for all of us if we understand ourselves!

    Let there be no more war in Sudan as we the laypeople of Sudan had enough of wars! who can assume victory by killing his/her own people! No one was victorious in those wars neither SPLA/M nor the Sudan government I believe and those who always pay the price are our our poor people wherever they are found (live)in Sudan!! So, let us stop reminding ourselves about that dirty past! and let look for the way forward instead for sake of the Sudanese generations to come!

    Bol Thourmuck of Greater Nasir (UK)

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