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Sudan’s Islamist party expresses reservations over plans to maintain Bashir for two year

Omer al-Bashir declares the state of emergency on 22 February 2019 (SUNA photo)
Omer al-Bashir declares the state of emergency on 22 February 2019 (SUNA photo)

March 23, 2019 (KHARTOUM) – The Islamist Popular Congress Party (PCP) expressed explicit reservations about an initiative led by a government-allied coalition, 2020 Forces, to find a way out of the country’s current political crisis following protests to oust President Omer al-Bashir.

The initiative of the 2020 Forces provides to postpone the elections of April 2020, extending for two years the term of the current constitutional institutions (President and Parliament) and forming a transitional national unity government that begins after the end of the current mandate in 2020.

The initiative further provides to form a five-person presidential council chaired by President al-Bashir during the transitional period.

The PCP, which is a member of the al-Bashir-led government, Saturday held a meeting in its premises with a delegation from the 2020 Forces, headed by al-Tayeb Mustafa, to discuss the initiative.

Reached by Sudan Tribune after the meeting, the PCP Political Secretary Idriss Suleiman said that the two-year extension of mandate constitutes a breach of the constitution, as he was referring to the constitutional article that limits an elected president to two terms in office.

“Anything unconstitutional will put us in trouble because we may not be able to agree on it,” he stressed.

He pointed out to the forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change saying there are the Your groups, political opposition forces and armed movements that cannot be ignored and take any decision without them.

“We underscored that the solution is not as easy as some imagine. If we agree to form a presidential council of five people, how can they be chosen in the presence of 100 parties and dozens of sectarian and tribal movements?”

He added that they stressed the need to reconsider and think about the initiative and create understandings with all actors in the Sudanese arena, whether they are allied to the government or from the opposition.

Furthermore, Suleiman warned that the National Dialogue Conference reached an agreement that to hold elections in 2020.

“Now we tie up the people and want to decide on his behalf to extend or shorten the period,” he said.

Recalling their historical difference with al-Bashir in 1999, he stressed that since its establishment his party has been working to restore power to the people while others working actively to postpone the process.

“We call for elections to be held in 2020 as the most effective and safe way out,” he said.

Sudanese president suspended plans to amend the constitution to allow his election for a third presidential term. But reports say he seeks to chair a presidential council during a transitional period to ensure the future of the Islamic rule in Sudan.

It is worth mentioning that the opposition groups call for al-Bashir to resign and to form technocrat government with a collegial presidential council to lead the country during four years to end armed conflicts, resolve the economic crisis and prepare for general elections.


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