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Jonglei to relieve more staff – governor

By Thon Philip

September 15, 2010 (BOR) – Jonglei state governor Kuol Manyang Juuk has declared the disqualification of public staff recruited during what he calls a “mass employment” period.

Governor Kuol Manyang Juuk (ST)
Governor Kuol Manyang Juuk (ST)
Due to a loss government jobs, the Jonglei staff include aged and unqualified workers. This is the second massive screening in Jonglei State under governor Kuol. The first forced retirement was in February 2008.

Governor Kuol announced in 2008 that at least 500,000 Sudanese Pounds was saved monthly following the program.

In August 2010, Jonglei State ministry of public services and labor formed a high level committee to pay July salaries, rather than the usual ministry cashiers. Hundreds of government employees, reported on leave, were found missing during the pay. However, a small fraction were later revealed to be university students on leave with pay.

The state government came under fire from workers opposing the move. Rachael Nyadak Paul, the state minister defended her ministry’s method. She told the United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) sponsored Miraya FM, that there is confusion in the ministry and described the government ministries as “charity organizations” where every citizen is entitled to get their salary, irrespective of qualification and service delivery.

Nyadak told the Sudan Tribune that many government employees spend an unnecessary amount of time on leave.

“People are complaining ‘we don’t have roads, we need health services and we have no good schools’ but money is being spent on non-productive staffs,” Nyadak said. 80% of Jonglei State budget is used as salary, she added.

Speaking to thousands of state employees on Wednesday in Bor, Jonglei governor Kuol backed the ministry of public services and labor’s calls for cooperation from from those who might be forced leave.

Kuol revealed today that the government recovered 300,000 Sudanese Pounds from his July 2010 salary which had been siphoned by ministries through ghost workers. The public services and labor committee also unearthed other vices in the ministry staffs’ files such as, employment of staff without appointment date and recruitment of foreigners in positions that were deemed appropriate for citizens. A substantial number of staff in Jonglei ministries do not have school-leaver qualifications but enjoy very high salaries, according to Kuol.

He claims that if the current employment trend continues, Jonglei State will be stuck in poverty and will lack infrastructure development.

Currently, the number of employees is unknown but a public services committee is working on the files of public staff. The committee is checking academic certificates and workers’ age file-by-file, a committee member requesting anonymity told the Sudan Tribune. The source added that results of the committee recommendation will be published in all ministries in two to three weeks time. By that time, all unqualified staffs will be relieved, Kuol says, asking all those involved to comply.

“I’m the authority and have to tell the truth,” Kuol said.

“We recruited our relatives after the war and there is mess employment,” he added.

Kuol gave a long unwritten speech in an attempt to win public support for his controversial screening. He indicated his government is returning safety to many areas of Jonglei State. He explained that road construction, that began here in August 2010, will connect all counties of Jonglei State. and telephone networks now cover many counties in the state.


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  1. Jonglei to relieve more staff – governor
    Time is out for unqualified family employees!!! Good confession Huh? Thanks to Nyadak Paul and our Governor the Lazarus. Such era is long gone and Jonglian wants a reform now.


  2. Jonglei to relieve more staff – governor
    Gov. Kuol should fire himself for failing to develop Jonglei state. How can he be building mansions when there are some parts of the state that cannot be reached during the rainy season? Has Gov Kuol traveled to states like WES and CES? Those states are doing well and Jonglei is still lagging behind.

  3. Jonglei to relieve more staff – governor
    Kuol Manyang should not lie to people of Jonglei, what type of transparency did he want to show us? He is the one who should be fire or relieve from his duty because of his age.

    Kuol Himself formed his cabinets with former commissioners who have failed to delivered good services to the their people in their respective counties e.g. ( Twic East, Duk, Ayod and the rest) these group of thugs were again been appointed as state ministers because they help him to steal the votes during the April election just that only. Is this is the man who can bring change to Jonglei state?

    All the ministers from the newly appointed Cabinets are just nothing but criminals and concubines like Ms Nyadak who is just a busted.

    Kuol’s Daughter is now in US with her husband and her name is in the state payroll, she is getting money while she enjoys her new family in US. does Nyadak talk about that? If Kuol’s daughter can do the work with remote control in Bor from US then why does he compliant about others who did thesame bacuse he set the example himself.

    In Bor town Kuol’s Manyang alone has more then 25 plots which no one even President Bashir can’t. Is this is the Man whom you said will bring development to the people of Jonglei state? I’m so sorry and indeed very sorry for the situation we have found ourselves in after we thought we have seen the light!!


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