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Awerial county independent rejoins SPLM party

By Manyang Mayom

March 3, 2010 (RUMBEK) – Isaac Kon Anok, a party official who had aimed to win a seat in the South Sudan Legislative Assembly as an independent candidate, has dropped his campaign and rejoined the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM).

Kon rejoined the party in the presence of Lakes state SPLM chairperson Lt-Gen Daniel Awet Akot and state secretary Samuel Mathiang Keer. He said over state radio that he had made a mistake and he requested all Lakes state people to forgive him. Out of 18 defectors from the party in the state, he is the first independent candidate to rejoin the SPLM.

Kon, a former SPLM deputy chairman in Lakes state, had left the party aiming to contest independently for the geographical constituency of Awerial County. Kon’s resignation letter mentioned his dissatisfaction with the process used by the party’s state electoral college to choose the candidates.

On Tuesday, Anok told the state-owned radio that “I was left out during the nominations; I was annoyed when my name was dropped during the primary nomination although I am an engine of SPLM in Rumbek. I decided to resign from the party – that decision was according to SPLM leadership’s request that anyone who might decide to contest as an independent candidate should first resign from the party, that why I accepted to resign.”

He also added that “My people of Awerial were unhappy after my decision to contest as an independent candidate; I have accepted my people’s will. I call upon all SPLM independent candidates to come back to serve SPLM party – I am completely back for you and I will serve you as usual — I have throw away that devil’s work, I have come back fully, let us join hands to build our state”.

Daniel Awet Akot, the ex-governor, said that “we are celebrating today because brother Isaac Kon Anok has return back to us that is a spirit we want in the SPLM party.”

Awet said that Kon came with a paper requesting instalment and the party secretariat accepted his decision. “The SPLM will remember you and if you managed to return, you will be consider immediately,” Awet said that he told Kon.

The number of independent candidates drawn from the ranks of the ruling SPLM has prompted backlash from some party officials. On Tuesday, the Deputy Secretary General of the SPLM Southern Sector Anne Itto Tuesday sent a memo addressed to SPLM State Secretaries to abide by the February 16th Political Bureau resolution on independent candidates. The measure directed that independent candidates not be accorded the privileges and rights of SPLM members.


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  1. Awerial county independent rejoins SPLM party
    Mr. Kon,

    this is an act of cowards, you are ruining your own political career – why off and On?

    The fact is all Independents are SPLM members, and whoever wins as an Independent will eventually go back to SPLM.

  2. Awerial county independent rejoins SPLM party
    To Coward Isaac Kon Anok

    You are idiot coward like Dinka Bors.

    Why are you leting down your people?

    The people of Southern Sudan are ready for change.

    It is not a mistake to run as a independent candidate.

    People are sick and tired off SPLA party.

    It is time for change that people can believe in.


  3. Awerial county independent rejoins SPLM party
    Hi mr manyang Mayom

    you are out of piont because Awerial is not independent from SPLM,is only mr Kon Anok

  4. Awerial county independent rejoins SPLM party
    To idiot Dinka Boy

    I know that you alway reason properly because you put dry long wood in your anal for 24/7 so that you can understand the political world.

    Well, in my culture,things don,t work in that way like your traditional cultural.

    I alway reason properly using my mind as human being.

    Puting dry wood in the anal to reason properly is only existing in Dinka Boy community.

    It is not working in other human being communities like that.

    For infrmation Mr. son of bitch, you need to be proffessional when you commenting on behave of others people. This is a respond.


  5. Awerial county independent rejoins SPLM party
    All the independent candidates should follow the same footmake of Mr Isaac Kon,you might win what you are aiming at, but with no good term from authority above, please try to think on this. It is still not very late please try your level best to come to your mother party,leave away aiming higher for position without support from the leaders above.

  6. Awerial county independent rejoins SPLM party
    Isaac Kon Anok

    Is a man who understand that it is important to maintain the unity of south sudanese people and not to betray the country for seek of short term political benefits. He know that there is still many battles to be fought so there is no need to rush to make noises and betray the movement of the people toward freedom. other independents are only power hungry that is all i can say.

  7. Awerial county independent rejoins SPLM party
    They so called independent candidates are still thinking that they are SPLM members? What a nightmare?
    That’s like a day dream, look how stupidly they responded to this post. Well, if you don’t know that the train has already left the station then please be informed that train left a month ago.

    To Hon. Isaac Kon,

    I say thank you for making a very tough decision that is what the leadership is all about. It is all about making very tough decision some people may like it and some may not like it. Welcome home and the Southerners are appreciating it. Those who stupidly condemn you and calling low-self esteem are lunatic and have no idea what is the different between low-self esteem and Egotism. Thanks for realizing that, it is not about you but people of Southern

    Personally, I think Sudan Tribune is not doing a great job as a media. All it has are messy and chaotic articles, opinions, analysis, news, and comments.

    You guys needs to read this fruity article from Gurtong, Kenya former President H.E. Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi has a message for Southerners.
    “Moi calls on Southerners to unite under SPLM”



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