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Sudan opposition parties reject resolutions of Darfur conference

November 27, 2008 (KHARTOUM) — Three Sudanese opposition forces urged the government to revise a number of laws to match with the interim constitution but also they rejected the resolutions of a consultative conference on Darfur peace saying the solution of five year conflict requires to involve all the political parties.

Sadiq Al-Mahdi
Sadiq Al-Mahdi
Umma Party of Sadiq AL-Mahdi, Popular Congress Party (PCP) of Hassan Al Turabi and the Communist party led by Ibrahim Nugud sent today a letter to the Sudanese President delaing with the democratic transition and the resolution of Darfur crisis.

Two of the three leaders, the PCP and the Communist party, didn’t not take part in the Forum of Sudan’s People. But the Umma participated in the large consultations.

Criticising the initiative of Sudan’s People launched by Omer Al-Bashir, the three parties said “The President of the Republic was not in need for initiatives but for decisions that meet the demands of Darfur people.”

They further defined the grave problems facing the country as: Darfur issue, the democratic transition and the unity of the country.

With regard to Darfur the three parties called to involve all the political movements and parties without exception in the expected talks to be held in Qatar. They said the findings of the presidential consultation, Forum of Sudan’s People, reflect only the positions of the National Congress Party.

They also appealed the government to abolish all laws that contravene with the constitution, especially the National Security Act, the Press and Publications Act, the Trade Unions Act, the Criminal Procedure Code, the Sudanese Penal Code and other laws that are inconsistent with the Constitution.

They also requested the Sudanese president to hold an all parties National Constitutional Conference which is the only solution to the political crisis in the country, they stressed.

The three parties’ alliance called on the government to release the political prisoners convicted because of the Darfur issue.

This is the first time the Umma party denounce publicly the NCP and its management of Darfur crisis. The Umma officials said their proposals were sidelined and ignored.

The Democratic Unionist Party of Mohamed Osman Al-Mirghani didn’t join the letter which hailed in Khartoum as good step towards the creation of all parties front to win the next year elections and to facilitate the democratic transition.


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  1. Sudan opposition parties reject resolutions of Darfur conference
    this could have been a short cut toward the country politic and self right to each an every register party if it have been existed early. since our country is the larger one in africa the same to our polical and socio economic has to be widen as well as the country wealth.if than why do we not recognise the others political groups and sudan remained the same?


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