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South Sudan Forum calls on Salva Kiir to fight tribal nepotism

South Sudan Democratic Forum

Press Release Rampant Political Corruption within South Sudan Ministries: The Case of the Ministry of Legal Affairs and Constitutional Development
Jan. 12, 2006 — Enough has been said about financial corruption, which seems now to be receiving attention from the president by setting up committees to investigate the corruption. His first step in dismissing four top finance officers from their positions has shown that the president is a honorable man and does not want to associate himself with SPLM veterans of corruption who could be among 4000 thieves which Dr. Garang referred to in his 1994 interview—as people who might have slipped through the net and could not be caught, but emerging as the SPLM veterans of looting spree cabal. What the president seems to forget is that what constitutes financial corruption has its roots or foundation in the political makeup of any political organization, the SPLM being no exception. Even some members used to describe the SPLM in the past as “too deformed to be reformed”. With the rampant political corruption still going on within the institutions of the government of the South, particularly in the area of human resources and personnel recruitment, many people begin to wonder whether SPLM is reformed as the president wants Southerners to believe. Before we give him an example, perhaps it would also be advisable for the president to widen the investigation against corruption in political, social and legal institutions in the Government of South Sudan (GOSS). Referring to the case of the Ministry of Legal Affairs and Constitutional Development, we would have thought that this ministry should be the beacon of fighting all forms of corruption and should not be complacent what so ever the case may be. Unfortunately, the reports coming from the GOSS indicate that the ministry is being run mainly by one clan, particularly Dinka Bor. That is causing a great concern from general public of the South, particularly those who have got grudges against Nilotics. We are fully aware that the person appointed as the minister of legal affairs is one of the SPLM veterans who is very articulate and a competent lawyer. Because of his firm stance against corruption and nepotism, he took courage in1992 to challenge the policies of the late SPLM/A chairman, Dr. Garang, which led to his detention in his spider hole for some months. Now that he has this golden opportunity as a minister of Legal Affairs and Constitutional Development, people would have expected him to continue with the principles which led him to be imprisoned by Dr. Garang. Unfortunately, the honorable minister has fallen on the same booby-trap (tribalism and nepotism) which he did not want to associate himself with during the reign of Garang. With his ministry being dominated by employees from his own clan, could this be a conspiracy from SPLM veterans of political corruption to sabotage his ministry so that it is always projected as Bor dominated ministry? Or was it a deliberate act from the minister to consolidate his political hold in his own constituency, as most of these employees from Bor come from all sections of Bor community, ranging from Kol-nyang, Anyidi, Makuach, Baidit, Paliaw, Wongole, Kongor, up to Duk Pawiel and Duk Padiet? If so, will the Ministry still retain its name as Legal Affairs and Constitutional Development? With the way it is, it will invite comments and perhaps certain people may regard it as a ministry of ILLIGAL AFFAIRS AND UNCONSTUTIONAL DEVELOPMENT—until such time when it will reform itself by recruiting people from different ethnic groups so that it returns to its proper name known in the Interim Constitution of the South Sudan. Reports coming from Juba concerning this ministry are not only worrying but disturbing, as different ethnic groups of South Sudan who find themselves minority within the ministry may consider moving to other ministries so as to pave the way for the Bor clan in order to run the ministry—giving Dinka language an opportunity to be the official language of the ministry of Legal Affairs and Constitutional Development. If such a move from other South Sudan ethnic groups happened because they feel constrained in their operations since the majority of employees tend to communicate in Dinka—encouraging even the security guards and watchmen to talk to non-Dinkas in Dinka language thinking that all employees are from their tribe—it would be a disaster for the people of South Sudan who pined their hopes on that ministry, as it is deemed to be the custodian of the interim constitution of the GOSS and the ten states. The Ministry is led by Hon. Michael Makuei Lueth, from the Dinka Bor, and Hon. Majok Mading Majok, the undersecretary from the Dinka Bor also. This Ministry has 42 Legal Counsels where 22 of them are from Dinka tribe. LOOK AT THE LIST OF 22 LEGALCOUNSELS FROM THE DINKA TRIBE ALONE. S/N Full Name Job Title Grade 1. Majok Mading Majok U/Secretary 1 2. Deng Biong Mijak Counsel General 2 3. Thomas G. Mamur Counsel General 2 4. Paul Mayak Marier Counsel General 2 5. James Mayen Oka Counsel General 2 6. Filberta M. Mareng Counsel General 2 7. Biong Pieng Kuol Senior Legal Counsel 3 8. Deng Kuot Deng Senior Legal Counsel 3 9. Akech Deng Joo Senior Legal Counsel 3 10. Abuot Mayang Deng Senior Legal Counsel 3 11. Abraham Biar Deng 2nd, Legal Counsel 5 12. Mary James Ajith 2nd, Legal Counsel 5 13. Kuol Ayang Dau 2nd, Legal Counsel 5 14. Bior Tit Ngor 3rd, Legal Counsel 6 15. Ayii Deng Ayii 3rd, Legal Counsel 6 16. Kuot Maluil Adage 3rd, Legal Counsel 6 17. Agum Samuel Mabior 3rd, Legal Counsel 6 18. Chol Awaw Lual 3rd, Legal Counsel 6 19. Majok Dau 3rd, Legal Counsel 6 20. Daniel Madol Agot Legal Counsel 8 21. Joseph Aleu Chiman Legal Counsel 8 22. Alor Malek Ajing Legal Counsel 8 Look at the List of 20 Non-Dinka Legal Counsels in the Ministry AND Compare their Grades WITH DINKA COUNSELS ABOVE. S/N Full Name Job Title Grade 1. Isaac Izako Bandu Counsel General 2 2. Abdulrahim B. Jabir Counsel General 2 3. Lako Loggale Legge Counsel General 2 4. Stephen Kang Ilario Counsel General 2 5. Joseph Sebit Igga Counsel General 2 6. Moua Moti Moua Counsel General 2 7. Peter Gatkuoth Kor Counsel General 2 8. Serafino Simon Mizan 2nd, Legal Counsel 5 9. Monkuer T. Tung 2nd, Legal Counsel 5 10. Afaf Ismail Ibrahim 3rd. Legal Counsel 6 11. Sabri Wani Lado 3rd, Legal Counsel 6 12. Joseph Marko Karoul 3rd, Legal Counsel 6 13. Khan GatRoum Tut Legal Counsel 8 14. Angelo Sebit Gaitano Legal Counsel 8 15. Peter John David Legal Counsel 8 16. Lukudo L. Lokule Legal Counsel 8 17. Jamual Malual Teny Legal Counsel 8 18. Mut Turuk Thok Legal Counsel 8 19. Benedict P. Jazz Legal Counsel 8 20. Fatima Hamid Legal Counsel 8 List of 19 I.T. Professionals from Dinka Bor alone. Some of these boys were sent to Law Schools in East Africa so that they will take the Ministry in the Future. S/N Full Name Job Title Grade 1. Daniel Gak Jurkuch Senior I.T Professional 7 2. Beny Gideon Mabor Senior I.T. Professional 7 3. Philip Deng Alual I.T. Professional 8 4. Simon Anyang Nyok I.T. Professional 9 5. Paul Aguer Kiir I.T. Professional 9 6. Abraham M. Nhial I.T. Professional 10 7. David Kuek Awer I.T. Professional 10 8. Mindra John I.T. Professional 10 9. Gisma M. Issa Dewng I.T. Professional 10 10. Lino Mayen Guet I.T. Professional 10 11. Mac John I.T. Professional 10 12. Abraham Bol Ajak I.T. Professional 10 13. Gabrial Ajith Atem I.T. Professional 10 14. John Lual Leek I.T. Professional 10 15. Abraham Ngong Kelei I.T. Professional 10 16. John Duot Ajang I.T. Professional 10 17. Anyar Matiop Gebrial I.T. Professional 10 18. Ayuen Jacob Akon I.T. Professional 9 19. Peter Anyang Ngong I.T. Professional 10 List of 5 non-Dinkas I.T. Professionals. S/N Full Name Job Title Grade 1. Chuol Gai Leu Senior I.T. Professional 7 2. Paul Tesloach Kulang I.T. Professional 8 3. Rose W. Chicago I.T. Professional 9 4. Angelo Bako Jamba I.T. Professional 10 5. James Tut Lul I.T. Professional 10 List of 39 Dinkas in different positions in the ministry. S/N Full Name Job Title Grade 1. Malual G. Deng Office Manager 3 2. Henry Marial Juma Controller of A/C 7 3. Peter Ayiei Ayuol Senior INSP OF Audit 7 4. Jacob Deng Mayom Senior Gazette officer 7 5. Daniel Ayuen Tit Private Secretary 7 6. Natalina Adeng Akot Senior Est. officer 7 7. Mathew Herjok Geu Inspector of Account 8 8. Thok John Anyuon Executive Secretary 9 9. Deng Garang Atem Gazette Officer 9 10. John Mac Jool Gazette Officer 9 11. William Akech Jang Publication Officer 9 12. Medina Gordon Nhial Head Accountant 10 13. Martha Abuor Clerk 14 14. Yom Garang Yuot Clerk 14 15. John Bol Acuoth Head Drivers 10 16. Abuol Bior Yuot Head Security 10 17. Peter whel Lual Driver 11 18. Maker Dau Driver 11 19. Gabrriel Ngor Thuch Driver 11 20. John John Garang Security Guard 11 21. Gabriel Deng Aleu Security Guard 11 22. Biar Dau Security Guard 11 23. Abraham Akech Generator Operation 11 24. Akot Terkoch Moses Driver 13 25. John Kot M. Makuei L. Driver 13 26. Nyibol Deng Alier Messenger 15 27. Apandek James Wuol Messenger 15 28. Sarah Yar Paul Messenger 15 29. Rebecca Ayong Ajith Messenger 15 30. Christina Aluk Cleaner 15 31. Mary Agum Samuel Cleaner 15 32. Mangeth Matik Watchman 15 33. Madut Maluth Messenger 16 34. John Bol Awok Watchman 16 35. Joseph Mayen Mayom Watchman 17 36. Rebecca Achol Dor Messenger 17 S/N Full Name Job Title Grade 37. Achol Atiel Yai Messenger 17 38. Rebecca Akuol Chol Messenger 17 39. Peter Guet Wel Watchman 15 With the above list of names supplied to us from the GOSS, unless those names are ghost names; otherwise, the South is experiencing unprecedented scale of political corruption and nepotism that can cripple the government before the expiry of the interim period. Looking at the list of the employees in that ministry, there are people who could have been employed or encouraged to work in their own states in order to give more opportunity to some local residents who could occupy such menial jobs like security guards and watchmen. These are some of the privileges the surrounding indigenous people of the town usually get. Unfortunately, those non-essential personnel had to be brought from Jonglei state to be employed in those low paid jobs only to be faced with harsh realities of the living standard of big cities such as Juba, where their salaries cannot meet all their basic needs and demands. Unless they have or receive subsidies somewhere in order to top their salaries; otherwise, the person who though that he gave them a favor by employing them has instead punished them. For example, the foreign consulates, regional and international organizations, NGOs, and firms set up in Juba have only their senior personnel from their own countries while the non-essentials are locally recruited from the indigenous inhabitants of the city who are already settlers and can afford to live in the city based on the little income they get. Because of this situation which may cripple the efficient and effective running of the ministry of Legal Affairs and Constitutional Development, perhaps it would be advisable for the minister to order an internal investigation into the way recruitment was carried out. In conclusion, we would like to alert the masses of South Sudan that the South Sudan Democratic Forum will be furnishing them on regular basis on issues pertaining to the state of affairs within the GOSS ministries. We hope to give you further information regarding other corrupt ministries that we have not covered in this press release as we are going to tackle them ministry by ministry. Before we cover corruption in other ministries, the next press release will be our verdict on the speech of interim president of the GOSS on the 2nd anniversary of the CPA. For Contact: Gordon Buoy Chairman of South Sudan Democratic Forum-Canada Ottawa, ON Tel. (613)260-9307 Email: southsudandemocraticparty@hotmail.com Rampant Political Corruption within South Sudan Ministries

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