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SSDF commander Paulino Matip says he is “alive and well”

KHARTOUM, Aug 3, 2005 (Sudan Tribune) — Sudanese TV has reported that the commander of the Southern Sudan Defence Forces, Paulino Matip, has denied rumours of his death, which, he said, were maliciously being spread by some quarters.

paulino_matip1.jpgHe affirmed his support for the peace process in accordance with peace agreement and added that his forces would participate in the burial of Dr John Garang. He appealed to the Sudanese, both from the north and south, to remain united and vigilant.

“I, Paulino Matip, would like to thank the president of the republic, the second vice-president, and I would like to congratulate the people of Sudan. I would like to tell them that Paulino Matip is alive and well, and that the rumours that were being spread by some people with a specific agenda are untrue”.

On the other hand, the office of the official spokesman of the Sudanese armed forces has denied rumours that commander of Southern Sudan Defence Forces Maj-Gen Paulino Matip was injured as untrue and baseless.

The office said in a statement Wednesday that what was reported in Al-Jazeera mobile news in this connection is untrue and baseless.

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