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South Sudan’s Warrap state asks committee to investigate death of over 300 people


August 16, 2011 (JUBA) - The legislative assembly of Warrap, one of South Sudan’s ten states, on Tuesday said it has tasked a special committee with looking into reports and allegations that 358 people have died between June and August, possibly of hunger.

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Nyandeng Malek, governor of Warrap State (Gurtong.net)

This comes following reports that the state is facing severe food shortages. The most affected groups are women and elderly people as well as those who have just returned from the north following Sudan’s official breakup last month.

Local and national officials have blamed Warrap’s state government for allowing people to die of malnutrition.

However, Nyandeng Malek, governor of Warrap State, while confirming the deaths on Tuesday, denied reports linking the cause to hunger. She attributed it to other factors including diseases.

“In South Sudan, many people, especially women have [a bigger] chance of dying of diseases than hunger. There are no adequate medical services. [This means] that a simple, very simple and curable disease, like malaria, can kill,” said Governor Malek.

Governor Malek told Sudan Tribune by phone from Kuacjok, the capital of Warrap State, that the cause could be associated to “an outbreak of disease”.

Reverend Amet Kuol, a member of Warrap State Legislative Assembly, who chairs a committee on peace and reconciliation, also confirmed the deaths but said the cause remains unknown adding that he had also received reports testifying that it was hunger.

Kuol said because of the sensitivity of the issue in the area, the house was obliged to form a fact-finding parliamentary committee whose membership was drawn from other existing committees.

“Yes it is true some people have died. I was this morning at the site were those who returned from the north are camped," Kuol Sudan Tribune by phone from Kuacjok, on Tuesday.

He said representatives of Warrap state’s committees for peace and reconciliation, human rights, gender, security were sent to an area where they were shown more than 35 graves of people reported to have died. The dead are reported to have been returnees from north Sudan who were staying in a nearby camp.

“Our aim of going there was to go and find out whether [there] were deaths and the actual cause of it”, he said.

The legislator said chiefs and other representatives with whom they held meetings plainly told them that the cause of death was hunger and that they saw for themselves graves of people reported to have died of hunger.

“The chief said 358 have died and showed us more than 35 graves. They also told us of another place where some other people reported to have died of hunger were buried. We could not go because it was a little bit far and we were walking on foot. The chiefs wanted to take us so we see it for ourselves,” he explained.

The Member of Parliament said the committee has asked the chiefs and the immediate family members of the deceased to make a list of all those who have died and submit it to the investigative committee by Wednesday.


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  • 17 August 2011 08:09, by Sam.Eto

    There is no Warrap state in Sudan. Try to be more accurate in you reporting. People dont mix North Korea with South Korea, unless they are dumb as Sarah Palin.

    repondre message

    • 17 August 2011 08:21, by MINDED.DUDE

      Sam Eto.
      please be concentrate with your fucking Ramadan.

      repondre message

      • 17 August 2011 12:34, by Sam.Eto

        I hope I see you rot in hell.

        repondre message

    • 17 August 2011 08:24, by JAMUS


      Look how people are starving to death in your home state and you like keeping money abroad,repatriate the money you have in Australia back,sell ABMC and buy grains for the suffering people of Warrap and make sure that the two HUMMERS that belong to Arthur Akuein sons are sold and buy food with the proceeds.It is the corruption you guys initiated that have this ripple effect on innoscent people.

      To Sam Eto,if you meddle in the affairs of South Sudan,we will exactly do that in Southern Kordufan,keep your mouth shut here.


      repondre message

      • 17 August 2011 08:27, by Mi diit


        Politicians in South Sudan are more concerned about how to feed their individual mouths and expand their bellies while the rest are continuing to suffer in the new republic. Under Salva Kiir’s leadership we have a very long way to go.

        repondre message

        • 17 August 2011 08:59, by Junubi Karuduaks

          USD 12,300- being wasted to offer scholarship top daughter of politician in unity state and yet the government knew very well that there is starvation in warrap state.
          The government of Kiir might be happy to hear death, and unhappy to hear that politician daughters are not given enought money to go to the school. WHAT A SHAME in the name GOD.
          Kiir would have rescue the lives of over 300 civilian, the population is worth enough to put him up again in the next election if he (kiir governemnt is thinking as leaders),
          Crazy politician who think of today but not future.
          Oh God renew south sudan politicians of their Pocket-Mouth.

          repondre message

      • 17 August 2011 14:33, by Ustaz Diing Wek

        Dear Jamus,
        Allow me to correct the statement that says"over 300 people have died of hunger in Warrap State",
        The deaths as reported are not hunger related but malaria related.The figures are also highly exaggerated.Let us wait for the findings of the just formed parliamentary committee before jumping to such a dangerous conclusion.
        Iam one of those who will condemn the state government if such a number were neglefully allowed to starve but for now please refrain from making more comments on the issue

        Thank you,
        Ustaz Diing Wek

        repondre message

        • 1 September 2011 15:53, by Manyaar

          shot up Diing!!!

          look at you!! what do you want to correct in this report? do you have a evidence that show malaria as the cause? there was/is no malaria outbreak reported in the area before these people died and that prove it that these people were starved. its not good to comments on vacum mr Diing when right is there, everybudy knows that this warrap governer is Kiir’s concubine and that’s the reason Kiir keep issuing the notice of recommendation everytime. however, we want this fuckin concubine go and bring a true and humble leader to help this citizens who have been out of Warrap for a decade starting their new lives in a new place meekly.

          I am sorry for the death of these huge number.. God, what was the point of repatriated these innocent from their house in Khartoum and bring them to starve in Warrap..

          repondre message

    • 17 August 2011 08:43, by Waucity

      We really want to know what the government has tried in term of agriculture...Nobody is dying in Northern Sudan and they live in the desert...I always say that you need to organize some sort of a community contribution in order to get everybody involve in food production. You don’t do anything to advise people, or to motivate people, If you can’t do it, just pay for my ticket and I will come do it.

      repondre message

    • 17 August 2011 12:16, by daniell

      If the findings is going to be due to hunger,disease etc; then an inevitable question is did they died one day?

      repondre message

    • 17 August 2011 13:20, by Anti Dinka’s

      Our brothers & sisters from Nuba & Darfur tribes have pick up guns to replace the cowardness Of Dinka’s Administration in Juba to fight the real enemy

      repondre message

      • 17 August 2011 20:49, by mohammed ali

        Anti Dinka,

        This has nothing to do with dink or non-dinka , these are human beings; they could be from different races or etinicity.

        Your enemy is ignorance, hunger, disease , war, racism tribalism and hatred.

        Donnot be the enemy of yourself and your people, they are dying in a relatively wealthy of hunger! Your tribalism is not going to feed them!

        repondre message

    • 17 August 2011 16:37, by Nhom wadit

      That is it you have seen how nyandeng is governing warrap state. She denied but true pple died of hunger.thx

      repondre message

  • 17 August 2011 08:13, by JAMUS


    Look how people are starving to death in your home state and you like keeping money abroad,repatriate the money you have in Australia back,sell ABMC and buy grains for the suffering people of Warrap and make sure that the two HUMMERS that belong to Arthur Akuein sons are sold and buy food with the proceeds.It is the corruption you guys initiated that have this ripple effect on innoscent people.


    repondre message

    • 17 August 2011 09:15, by Ariambek


      Death of over 300 people is need very serious investigation. Why and how, disease or starvation while state government is existing. Many questions will be ask as a substitute to governor has been said that diseases are rampant in the state.


      repondre message

  • 17 August 2011 08:50, by Madingthith

    Shame on Nyandeng Malek the Governor of Warrap State!

    In my perspective I don,t see the reason of denying the report of confirming 358 dead of hunger in Warrap State. Since I left Kuajok some weeks back I heard every morning that the returnees who are staying in Khartoum Jedid are dying of hunger that starvation because it is only World Vision who cater them with small ration but not enough and also alot of rains are contributing into their death since they have no proper shelters.

    Nyandeng, is not careful about his people in Warrap state and she will never think of contesting the seat of Governorship some years to come because she fail to lead the people into right way and aim at embezzling public funds instead of catering for the returnees.

    Now in Warrap state the Malwa is 22 SSP and it is gradually rising bit by bit.The Governor is to be investigated by these toll of death in Warrap state by hunger as if there is no givernment.

    Warrap will be a failed state if Nyandeng continue to rein in the state of Warrap like that.

    repondre message

    • 17 August 2011 09:54, by victor sani

      Dear Readers
      Ms governor of warrap state
      she is faill governor .look people are died because of Hunger and she is denying that they people are died because of other disease not Hunger .iwish that committee should send the event of photos and graves .
      look from Kuacjok to Twic county take you 9hrs driving due to no road and from wunrok to Turaeli 6Hrs driving and its place of 3Hrs walk and it take people to 6Hrs driving .
      we wish president to sack her and appointed new governor .she is faill women completely .when she was deputy governor also fail to do her work as d/governor and again given the position of education minister she also fail ,now to governor competely wrose .
      we pray to get the new governor if president can send the replacement of nyadeng .

      Victor Kenyi Mose

      repondre message

    • 17 August 2011 15:40, by Wundit

      to Madingthith
      Nyandeng Malek is caring only for Muorater Biar Mawien his boy friend who is studied in kampala university (kiu)she don’t care about they people of warap that’s what i know from Nyandeng

      repondre message

  • 17 August 2011 09:25, by Aleu

    Salva Kiir doese not care any more about.

    Since he got in the power, he only care about Nuers and all Equartorians and he done nothing on the Dinka side.

    2 billion for donation end up in Equatoria States building roads,Hospitals and many others things while, the whole Dinka communities get nothing. This is the nation which caused all Dinkas with about 1.5 million lives lost in the SPLA/SPLM Movement but after when he gained his position then, he had been distant himself from the real people who have had let this independence happen.

    It is clear that, president Salva Kiir is only favor Nuer people and all Equatorians people but he has disconnect himself to the Dinkas people. I wish all Dinkas people should forget about him because he is now favoring two sides for his own interest not like the time the Dinkas people fought different enemies.

    The governor of Warrap State is so a shameful for the lives lost in neither diseases nor shortage of food. Also the Congress in the GOSS must considering divided Warrap State in to two States because there are too many communities including Abyei and budget for one State does not cover more than 50 communities.

    It is time for all Dinkas in South Sudan to find the leader that, does not only support a certain parts of the citizens but treat citizens same and balance the budget equally to citizens. Why 2 billion for the world donation end up only in Equatoria States for their development and gave nothing in the whole Bahr al Ghazal States. All Dinkas must thinks again about turn against them.

    repondre message

    • 17 August 2011 10:37, by factorx

      Hi Brother Aleu!
      U have hit the point right on its head. President Kiir doesn’t care much about the rights and the dignity of Dinka people. Do u know why, he feared that if he turns his backside to Nuer and Equatorians then they will team up and rob him of his leadership. He is a coward thick headed cowboy.
      Can I announce our next President guys, His name is Comrade Muolana Nhial Deng Nhial. He is a man of ethics and charisma, a man of vision trained by his master and lord, Dr. John Garang De Mabior. That will be our next president and all Dinka across ten state of South Sudan will rally behind him.
      And by the way, Nyandeng can not be blamed much but I am lamenting at the so called Political Bureau who brought her leaving out the able man Ustaz lewiz Anei Kuendit. Nyandeng can not even managed her own house in Nairobi and assumed to be the leader of greater population. Shame Salva, Shame Nyandeng!

      repondre message

    • 2 September 2011 01:39, by Gogrialboys

      Mr. Aleu,
      I’m always wondering what kind of person are you?
      Aleu, you don’t sound like a common citizen that want to express his feeling towards his government, nor sound like politician that want to run for office. This bring to ask you question of what do you really want, if Warap beak into two states? If you cannot provide the leadership in your current county of Tonj now, then there is no way you are going to be influential in great Tonj affairs.

      You always confuse things in your writing, because separation of our states as you put it, has nothing to do with Kiir abandoning Dinka and favour Nuer and Equatoria. This is not the way Dinka intellectuals talks, and I must ask you to refrain from those tribal and regional assertions, because it is not going to help you. I thought the war that the Dinka fought to liberate the people of Southsudan, should be the great achievement that we should be proud off, instead of power greed and positions.

      See, the formation of the Spla, was seen has a dinka organization, because we committed to the cause until independence was achieved, but was wrongly seen by others as dinka dominance. It is something history can tell, not us to keep singing it. So please, you have a right to complain to your government concerning service delivery and not who is appointed, and in what region or tribe. Let us leave those complain to others who don’t look beyond the horizon, but through their court yards.

      repondre message

  • 17 August 2011 09:26, by John Gum


    this is how your appointment be,bringing Nyandeng Malek is the result of 358 dead,this is a great loss and Nyandeng should be account even if deny the death,strong committees keep it up like that,Nyandeng Malek will go as soon as possible.

    repondre message

  • 17 August 2011 09:27, by Augustino

    Dear all Thank you for your comments, they are touching BUT who will listen to us? why the death rises toomuch like this without early intervention? I can not blame the government now before the investigation but blame to warrap govenor and her government official who are busy feeding themselves and their families. this government with all its official should go home and new one be elected. why do they allow the people who voted for them died? who will vote for them next time?
    this is big shame if the people from the president’s home town died simply because of hunger. sure it is this appointing.

    repondre message

  • 17 August 2011 09:46, by mohammed ali

    Oh my God! My heart goes with these poor people and their families. May their soul rest in eternal heaven.

    The SPLA thugs had promised them paradise , instead they sent them to their graves! These people were repatriated from Khartoum more than 6 months and you can imagine the misery and agony they were living all this period untill they died of hunger or disease, it is all the same. This insensitive and out of touch lady should be saked if at all for her insensitive and irresponsible comments.Even if they died from disease she should know and should care and should respect them . These are human beings and not goats or dogs!

    Let the SPLA thugs and thieves like Deng Alour "repatriate" the money of the poor , starving and supermarginalized, 10th class south Sudanese citizents from Australia, Kenya before talking about helping Somalia. Somalia has no money or oil.Shame on you Deng Alour and the rest of the SPLA mafia.

    repondre message

  • 17 August 2011 09:48, by Alfredo christiani

    Dear readers
    It’s propaganda from Gogrial kitchen cabinets, what prove the death of 358 people’s .better to show us their pictures on this website. .those of gogrial in old Sudan used to say if you don’t have rail don’t go to gogrial, No thanks

    repondre message

  • 17 August 2011 20:18, by God Knows

    356 people, that is a big lost. That is due to food shortages. The Republic of South Sudan has fallen into big and serious economic problem. The government has to try something.

    The situation happenning in Somalia is about happen in South Sudan where a woman was carrying a dead child on her back unknowingly.

    they should use public funds for their own reasons or purposes.

    Otherwise the same should happen in Unity State where public funds are being used to sponsor officials’ daughters in very expensive universities.

    God Knows.

    repondre message

  • 18 August 2011 00:37, by Nyin Kuenchol

    Brothers and sisters, I don’t think some of our leaders are capable of delivering resources to our innocent villagers that need basic things like food, shelters, medical supplies, and clean water. Those juba idiots love to fat the accounts with public funds without caring for real people of south Sudan. I really blame people of Warrap state for electing that incapable public toilet who have no sympathy for warrap people. Finally, it is time for our south Sudan population to enjoy the fruit of their relatives, sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, and friends’ blood without that negligence in our nation, but there is no way for logical system there.

    repondre message

  • 2 September 2011 00:56, by Gogrialboys

    Dear all,
    I must say that the government of all the states, and the national government for that matter, have completely failed in assisting and provide services to the returnees. Those came from the North sudan, are actually suffering in all corridors, or corners of Southsudan. If you see the places they live, then you can tell how can they survive under those conditions, without the attention of their government.

    I’m sorry to say that those people were supposed to remain in the north as servant, than coming and die, without somebody hold responsibile in their suffering. I see them in upper nile calling for help, and no assistant avail to them. It is the same thing in Equatoria where they were told to be disperse in three weeeks time, but tend to be more than four months now. So my question is, why are we bringing them from the North where they were actually suffering, but atleast get something to eat with their family?

    It is true that most of these people have never been subjected to starvation, like those of us who were in the bush, although they were too, suffering in doing dirty job to the north with little pay. It seem to me that they were better washing ditches, and clothes for Northern families in order to get food for their children, rather than letting them die without the attention of their government.

    When is our government going to put an end to the suffering of our people in term of food?
    I always hear people blaming the North of border closure, but what have you not yet learn from the North, and I think it is the failure of our leaderships to motivate and encourage people to produce their own food. You government seem to have not read and learn your enemy seriously. I thought North was the one that suppose to suffer after we break away, because we have all what it takes, to be self reliance and prosperous nation. It is you government that let us down. You have failed to provide security to our citizen, which has contributed to a mass displacement, and what you the government do, is to call relief to assist every time. You seem to encourage nation to relie on relief, and indeed our people are not to be blame because they live in fear of attack by other communities. What I know as citizen, is that people fear government, not government to fear from her people. Why thousands of innocent lives lost every year without tough measures employ to punish those causing atrocities to others. It is always the Juba talk, and there is nothing else follows, and that encourage revenge among communities.

    Now where is the leadership here? I know we are made of tribes, but we do have leaders that can play role in those atrocities taking place in every corner of the Southsudan. Can some one tell me of how long will UN, be the only organ that will provide solutions to our communities problems, if not you leaders? It is shame always to hear governement officials complaining to UN for those local problems that you the government supposed to address. I wander what nation are we hoping to build, if the nation become a displace camp. I hope the new cabinet, will do their best to reverse the trend of death of innocent civilians from cattle rustlers, diseases and starvations. Our land has everything, only good leadership is missing in my opinion.
    Thanks for those who are trying to change the shape of our nation, and Nhialic kek week.

    repondre message

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