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South Sudan launches air force


January 26, 2011 (JUBA) – The nearly independent region of South Sudan on Tuesday launched the air forces of its official army Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) in the region’s capital Juba.

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File image of an armed Mi-17

The air force was launched by the region’s President Salva Kiir in the presence of senior officials of the Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS) and foreign diplomats.

President Kiir, who is also the SPLA’s commander-in-chief, addressed the occasion and reaffirmed GoSS’s commitment to protect the region as it prepares to become independent.

The SPLA reportedly purchased its first batch of 10 Mi-17 helicopters from Kazan, a Russian supplier, and ordered unarmed aircraft for transport purposes.

The erstwhile guerrilla army fought nearly two decades of civil war with the north before the 2005’s peace deal that ended the war and allowed the south to vote in a referendum this month on secession from the north.

Southerners voted overwhelmingly for independence.

The establishment of South Sudan air forces was legislated in a defense bill passed by the region’s legislative assembly in June 2008. The bill stated that the SPLA should consist of ground and aerial units.

The oil-producing yet underdeveloped region allocates 40% of its budget to the military.


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  • 27 January 2011 06:14, by son of abyei

    what an achievement for our great army to be equip for any suprises from any form of threat. SPLA oyieee

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    • 27 January 2011 06:24, by Gatwech

      I am sick and tired of that northern national anthem which speaks against the South and yet we sing it to launch our dear historical events such as the launching of an air force before independence.

      Why couldn’t we wait and proudly launch it with our own national anthem and new flag to make it an official event that would co-incide with the declaration of independence.

      Also we would have purchased helicopter gunships and some modern fighter jets.

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      • 27 January 2011 08:12, by Nhomlawda


        These helicopters were purchased during interim period for transport purposes. It is impossible to buy gunship and F16 fighter jets when we are still in the same Sudan. Those air defense systems will be developed after independece.
        My worry is, those military hardware should not be just kept in open to everyone in Juba Airport. It is high time we should think about building military Airport in Ramciel - our new capital city.

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        • 28 January 2011 09:13, by Peter Majok Chiengan

          Dear Brother,
          What have you say is right,because these military equipment we must keep them in seperate building just like Ramciel or our (GOSS) must build a military airport for our beloved army in aplace no civilian can go there.

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      • 27 January 2011 08:49, by Nyachebe

        Dear Malawian president:

        You are a truth brother to South Sudan and an African icon for your words of encouragement to the will be the Republic of South Sudan. “Unity and cooperation should be at the forefront of the southern government’s agenda”. In every developed countries unity is the paramount of making the real development. Separated we fall, united we stand. However, Unity comes in play when people of that particular country work hand in hand in terms of power sharing, public equity, infrastructure placement, genuine wealth sharing, zero tolerance to corruption, zero tolerance of nepotism and tribalism, and the list may get lengthen.

        Mr. President, Bingu wa Mutharika of Malawi, I am not wishing your blessing words to be part of the wind, but practically far from that. Imagined, H. E. President Salva Kiir declaring his presidential candidacy immaturely as if some unknown forces were going to take it from him, meanwhile, the rowing boat towards freedom is still ¾ sailing the wavy river. What a fear! This demonstrates that the leadership is more leaning, thinking and dreaming of how to sustain their power, rather than, care of less into looking for the way forwards to bring a one unified prosperous South Sudan after secession.

        Here is an example for you Mr. President of what has been going on in South Sudan since CPA was signed. Hoped this cross example happen the same way in your country since we are all African anyway with the same cultural back ground. For two brothers [eldest and youngest] born from the same mother and father to live in harmony they have to share what ever wealth passed down to them equally, they have to have mutual respect and understanding. They must build a strong commensalism where their heritage is of the same great notion.

        Now, in the light of the above example, if the elderly brother always thinks of being the most dominant unjustifiably, considers himself of eating everything, greed control his stomach, misplays with the wealth they both have worked harder for, and above all, thinks as if was the best among the living in the world, then with no question, his younger brother would correct him in the very first place. And if this elderly brother keeps doing the same routine bad habits definitely, the younger brother would considered ending their kinship or pokes him at his ass since they are all originated from the same gene, simple as it sounds!

        All the tribes in South Sudan have fought for the libration of this nation regardless of their proportion input to end the tyranny regime in the north. Everyone is negatively impacted by the degree of the war. People lost their loved ones, properties, dignity and physiologically damaged. But the funny will come in play when one tribe insisted of controlling the account of the new nation and rewarding themselves with the biggest “Lion share”. This itself is a pantomime and let a lone intolerable. Dinka, as tribe has been looting public money and rewarding themselves with fake contracts for the last six years and everybody has been just watching carefully. This time the people of South Sudan will ask for a good audit system to ensure that these embezzled resources are brought back for the building of the new nation. Look at how the key ministries are allocated to themselves and where on earth the structure of fairness is achieved in such a government? There are many qualified experts out there from Equatoria, Nuer and other minority tribes who can even do the job better than…... and again; this is what they called “lion share”.

        1. Defence or SPLA, secretary of Affairs, (Dinka)
        2. Finance, (Dinka)
        3. Ministry of Energy and Mining, (Dinka)
        4. Regional cooperation, (Dinka)
        5. Interior, (Dinka)
        6. Supreme Chief Justice, (Dinka)
        7. Governor of the Bank of South Sudan (BoSS), (Dinka)

        Anyway, thanked Mr. President, Bingu wa Mutharika of Malawi, for your highly support and attention to South Sudan political trend. We hoped, the current leadership will lend you their ears and put in action what does bother its citizens.

        South Sudan Oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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        • 27 January 2011 09:28, by Nhomlawda


          Too much baseless complaints will not take you anywhere.
          This is not the first government in South Sudan.
          During 1997 peace agreement, the government in Juba was made up of Nuers and their allies, did they deliver? no they did not.

          During war time, no one complaints why Dinkas fight and command the movement against SAF and its militias; because they were able to command and fight the enemy effectively.
          If those Dinkas are delivering their duties well, than please shut up other than exposing your igmorant to the world.
          Positions are not allocated by tribes but through ability and capacities.

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          • 27 January 2011 11:36, by Citizen

            Dear Nyachebe

            You need to shut up man; Equatoria; are all born with the habit of traitorship, complaints and greedy, complain,complain, complain, will not help you but will always increase the tension between the South tribes.

            Equatoria in all the Southern tribes are sucking GoSS in everything as if they were a well fighters, all coward, All mixed Ugandan, when it was only 1/5 of them who manage to bear the hot blaze of fire.

            All the development South Sudan can only be seen in Equatoria and they are complaining day and night,

            Look at all the media
            Roads in South Sudan
            Developmental programs
            and the list continue..............
            can you guys feel satisfy with all the benefit the GoSS is giving you, I wish GoSS take out that fucken capital out of Juba cz Juba is becoming a fucken shit hell for the other non Equatorian.

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            • 27 January 2011 16:45, by Joseph Canada

              Dear Brother citizens and his cindicates,
              I think it is ahigh time to tell the truth rather than just shutting people up the way you commented here. as we practically look at the S. Sudan and its governing as well as the sharing of wealth and its deveolopment, my friend there’s no denial that the cabinate positions and the important powerhouse is not alocated to one part of the tribe. You said "Equatoria are Born with the habbit of Traitoshi, complaints,and greedy,complain, complain, will not help you but will always increase the tention of the southerntribes"

              I would like you to give me the fact example of Equatorians who are the Traitors Brother. for me I will give you without the reasonable doubt the Dinka who are the traitors to the Southern Sudan formation since the Bigining of Anyanya One. Best Example is Your Grand father Abil Alier, and the list can go on till the latest that you have in Either lake state or Unity state as well as those who were asking people not to vote for seperation. Equatorians NEVER thought of spliting ANY SOUTHERN movement that was formed to save the Southern Citizens. So thats the fact check Commorade.

              When it comes to the history of whats going on, You will see those who devoted themselves to the war were all Southerners including Nubians and those people living in the Eastern Blue Nile. But how many Equatorian Children and other tribes were taken to Cuba apart from the Dinka kids? thats just another hint.
              Equatoria and its citizens ahe the Rock that comprises of so many tribes starting from Eastern Congo to the Wast of Ethiopia. From the North of Uganda to the South Lake state,Lake state and Gongolei state. out of that given area, there are more than 40tibes that make Equatoria. So when you are talking about Equatoria, you are talking about the three state with total different culture but share the same goel which is, all Southerners are equal regardless of where they are and who they are. To you, No one in the south better than Dinka when it comes to the leadership and the struggle of the South Sudan. We the Equatorians had the men and women who fought in the war and cuptured hard cities like Kapoeta Hiala and those other strng holes that were occupied by the Arab regime. They never smuggled anything from those places that they cuptured to Uganda, Kenya and those neibouring countries. WE ARE NEVER COWARD!! WE JUST DON’T PROMOTE OURSELVES. The "fire Blazing that you are mentioning here is not the fire that one part of the Southern took. Everyone in the south took the heat. we all lost people in that war. The only reason whe you took too much heat was because you were clossed to the Arabs and your own Brothers who have been enslaved by the Arabs terrorised you and your families, which inturn you brought that to kill other tribes in Equatoria. Let me tell you the truth Mr. Citizen. if it wasn’t of Equatoria you the Dinkas wont have lived. The Govt of the South Sudan as its proudly said now sevived in the region of Equatoria, which is at the momment the Headquarter of our southern Military base. These are the fact my friend not aligations.

              The reason why Media is occupied by the Equatorians is not due to the tribal. it is qualifications of the person working there. We Equatorians don’t pass the job to the people because they are our tribes, but by the marits and the Acadamia of that person.And father more i beleve there’s some media in the 7states of the North and are not runn by Equatorians. The roads are being built in Juba and surounding because Juba is the Capital city dump dump.
              I know am mixing alot of writtings here but before i shorten it up, I would like us to work together as anation, not just anation but anew nation with forgoten errors of the past specially those days when one tribe decided to bucher, raped,and toture others. God will only guide as to the destiny.



              even if we can fight here, i hope we are learning and not take this to the future nation.

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              • 28 January 2011 01:36, by Dinka-Defender-General

                Well Joseph Canada, let’s be straight here. Remember, in May 16, 1983, when SPLA leaders break away from Sudan in Bor. There were two groups of tribes: Dinka and Nuer. They went ahead and formed SPLA/SPLM and other tribes start joining, but until later years. When SPLA took a group of young children to Cuba, there were still two groups of tribes: Nuer and Dinka. Therefore, SPLA leaders took Dinkas and Nuer children who were there at the time. Where were during the war time? Equaterians used to run to Uganda and other neighbors to hide or studying. Now, they are arguing over the leadership. Please stop quibbling with loyal and trustworthy Dinkas who liberated you out from Arabs. You guys should thank Dinkas and start eating. Just shut up and eat like you use to do during the war. We, the Dinkas bled more than other tribes and we are still mourning over our brothers and fathers. Equaterians are trying to be smart now after the war is over. This is nonsense. If it were not Dinkas people, SPLA Equateria land was supposed to be control by Arabs right now as we speak. Remember, you guys turned against Dinkas and try to destroy SPLA from 1991 to 2007. But we kept our hearts together and liberated you out from Arabs. Now, we are your enemy. Take for example, few days ago more than 45 NCP Equaterians breakaway from Northern Sudan after they knew SPLA is breaking out. They join SPLA after they had done harm to them for many years. If I were SPLA leader, these people will never get a chance to join any party. Maybe, they can work for non-government organizations. These people are traitors and brainwashed by Arabs. These NCPs are still our enemies. Please, don’t push us off the edge. We, the Dinkas are loyal and trustworthy in the world. Please eat and sleep as you used to do during the war. That’s your job and leave Dinkas alone. They are liberators. Here you have it.

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        • 27 January 2011 09:42, by mathem jech amer


          You are a poorly brought up girl who was impregnated by Dinkas and refused to marry you. By the way the name Deng is used by 3 tribes in south Sudan(Shilluk, Nuer & Dinka), so when you see be sure not only Dinkas are named "DENG". Oyai Deng Ajak is a shilluk and should not confuse you to add into the list of Ministers.

          You should have mentioned other ministries and compare the list not only selecting the list. Last April elections gave people chance to choose the people they want, so those ministers were elected from their own constituencies. There is no doubt that Dinkas are more in the Ministries but you should know that they come from their own states. Dinkas are found in 7 states of SS except Equatoria states. So if each person comes from his state, can you stop him of becoming a minister?

          Mahdi is only found in Eastern Equatoria, Shilluk is found in Upper Nile only and Murlei is only found in Jonglei. In this case you can complain when 2 or 3 of them fill higher posts.

          Please learn before complaining. Even if a president of another tribe comes, still those ministries will be filled by Dinkas as per States percentages.

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        • 27 January 2011 10:32, by Michael Anyong

          thanks to you all guys who are commenting but one thing the are not for commercial use please let them not be like buses!!

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        • 27 January 2011 21:19, by John M. Atem

          Iam sorry to answer this philistine fool’s comment. But allow me to correctly point out the error of this philistine Fool’s way. Indeed, the people whom has mentioned are all Dinkas, but what that has to do with the help that the Malawian President is trying to offer?
          Folks, the people who are writing these shallow-minded comments should ask themselves first, whether their comments are really making alot of sense or not?.

          Iam sorry folks whether these people really know what they are talking about. This is not time to start pointing-fingers of blame to other tribes.

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      • 27 January 2011 09:28, by mathem jech amer

        Mr. Writer

        Please shut up, you know nothing abouth the history of south sudan.You said that SPLA fought nearly 2 decades. Do you really know what decade means?

        SPLA fought more than 2 decades BUT NOT nearly 2 decades. Please learn the history of South Sudan before posting any useless and misleading articles

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      • 28 January 2011 08:13, by actiongatkuoth

        hi reader .
        iam very happy for what had been done by kiir.
        it is good for as to launches out our airforce,
        but why don,t we wait for independence day?

        now it is clear that we are independence nation we are not longer to be mistreated by arab againt,
        new nation oyeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

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    • 27 January 2011 06:25, by Facts Check

      Son of Abyei,

      Don jump up and down too soon!

      Great but please don’t allow the drunken children of our leaders destroy them too soon. I know the son of James Hoth, Gier chuang and Salva Kiir Brother in Law who are academically foolish are among the ones being trained right now in South Africa.

      I don’t want them to come with their small ego of son of so and so and come to destroy our multi million fighter planes.

      The irony is that no one in the SPLM/A leadership would trust to fly with these undisciplined and spoiled children including me. I helped trained some of these children last year.

      Please don’t be emotional hear this is a fact... This nigga children have already destroyed some of our fighter planes bought in 2008 and I have the prove of the pictures in a location near New Site.

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      • 27 January 2011 08:20, by Nhomlawda

        Fact Check,

        You are right, we need disciplined pilots, our people careless about public property and that is really worrying.
        I hope South Africa will instil discipline in them and when they come here, they will be good citizens to manage air force well.
        Otherwise, many of them will end up in marshal court and firing squad.

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      • 27 January 2011 15:52, by BE A MAN

        Dear brothers
        this is not individual to talk about the son of so and so, people are different in this wold and being a pilot is not something easy to joke with, the aviation law is the govern us along our profession as am one of the pilots you talk of,
        and pray that all things will go well in South Sudan air force
        and thanks you for you comments.
        by MOU

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    • 27 January 2011 07:43, by omoni Atari

      my advice to south sudan Airforce.

      Although am happy when president kiir said that this military division is launched in order to protect its citizens ,in case any invasion from anywhere.

      But am really really scared about this sometime,let not these war aircraft turned and kill our own people in southern sudan.

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    • 27 January 2011 16:29, by Wiyual Wech Puk D. Payol.

      Yes,Mr president if 40% of the GOSS budgets is given to military,why many soldiers from the struggle and who have no education background are now starving to death without food to eat because they are not been giving their salaries in full? do you think that if all these brave soldiers die of famine,these military aircrafts you bought will fight jalabas alone? all the ministers of GOSS know how to fight,with exception of few ministers who came from jalaba regime after CPA.what happen to them to forget their brave soldiers whom they command and face many difficult things with them together? please buy weopons and don’t forget that it is the people who will fire them.

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    • 27 January 2011 22:52, by Wal P Muoranyar Biet

      One thing that surprises me is the white belly of our aircraft! Isn’t suppose to be camoflouged?

      For those who are embroiled in tribalism, checkout the artilce posted by anti-corruption committee!

      Wal Muoranyar Biet

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  • 27 January 2011 06:18, by Gatwech

    Dear readers,

    It is a good attempt by Kiir to prematurely launch airforce at that low.

    Launching it with illegal flag and illegal national anthem doesn’t make it look an official thing historically.

    I wish Kiir could have waited until a new flag is designed and a national anthem is in place. Doing it without these official two things makes it a bush attempt rather than for an independent South.

    Nevertheless, we will do it officially and correctly on July 9, when we shall have raised our new flag and sing our own national anthem.

    And I hope we will have launched modern fighter gets instead of those small transport helicopters.

    Good attempt, though!

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    • 27 January 2011 07:18, by humanbeing

      Someone is still think that the spla flag is illegal, my friend, south Sudan has been governor themselves for last six year, we got our independent when comphensive peace agreement was signed on january 9 2005. we were just waiting for implementation peace agreement to exercise our voting right as we did on january 9 this year, if you are still doubt for our independent, therefore, you are our enemy, but nobody with shot you with a gun, you will gun yourself with your own mouth.

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      • 27 January 2011 14:21, by Gatwech

        Mr. or Ms. Humanbeing,

        Don’t get mad before you understand my point correctly. When I said illegal flag I don’t mean that it is illegal with SPLM/GOSS.

        It is illegal with the independent South because the government is currently working on a new flag to replace this SPLM flag which is being used by GOSS temporarily.

        To me, it would have been good if the air force (or those helicopters) are launched using the upcoming legal flag for the independent country. And including the national anthem.

        I hope that your anger will cool down abit and never to think of committing suicide.

        repondre message

    • 27 January 2011 07:42, by Dengcol malual


      what do you really mean by saying that the South Sudan flag is illegal? also legally Sudan still one country so nothing is illegal in that event. neverthelss,South Sudan has been using that flag since 1983 and six years after CPA. When any official from GOSS came to the west or outside the country that flag is always represent them.

      you should have used a better word because the word illegal doesn’t make sense and it makes you sound like an idiot who doesn’t know what he is talking about.

      GOSS bought those planes under that flag.

      good luck buddy

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      • 27 January 2011 09:56, by Liberator

        Dears readers:

        Isn’t that the flag they barred all independent candidates from using at their campaign rallies last year right? used for their campaign rallies. But had allowed all SPLM official candidates use it. Hmmm! interesting. South should have a different flag on July 10.

        coming back of launching an Air force. My questions are why now? is it shows of force to N. Sudan? Well, where was Kiir when N.Barhgazel got bombed by ill equipped Sudan Air force?. So, Launching it now instead of on July 9 will service as great deterrence isn’t?. Building an Air force is not fame or history contest. where it’s who wanted to be the first on history book. I hope those GOSS officials who rushed to launched this National symbol of pride comes to their real sense on what lies ahead! Unless they have prepared to people on danger of building An Air force from scratch, soon the euphoria will be replaced with shell shock. And finally, Northern elitism is has finally xerox copied itself on to the Southern elites’ circle. Separation alone is not enough. If we as southerners don’t get rid of old habits of old Sudan(N.Sudan) if we ever dream of having a great country on the Continent. employing GOSS officials children and relatives where they where handpicked to be trained as pilots on an Infant Air force is very dangerous precedent, not only for our security but for God sake for the safety of our hardware and most importantly for our Gallant forces.
        To be continued.......

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  • 27 January 2011 06:20, by miss JOOK

    We are the most determined of all people. Nothing we cant do, we suffered, showed up in large numbers to determine our destiny and we are now ready to protect what is righfully ours.


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  • 27 January 2011 06:23, by Facts Check

    Great but please don’t allow the drunken children of our leaders destroy them too soon. I know the son of James Hoth, Gier chuang and Salva Kiir Brother in Law who are academically foolish are among the ones being trained right now in South Africa.

    I don’t want them to come with their small ego of son of so and so and come to destroy our multi million fighter planes. I irony is that no one in the SPLM/A leadership would trust to fly with these undisciplined and spoiled children including me. I helped trained some of these children last year.

    Please don’t be emotional hear this is a fact... This nigga children have already destroyed some of our fighter planes bought in 2008 and I have the prove of the pictures in a location near New Site.

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  • 27 January 2011 06:32, by Stephen kuach

    that,s very interesting and proudness moment to observed the South Sudan helicopter air-force being lifted proudly.
    Republic of South Sudan Oyeeeeeeeeeee.

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  • 27 January 2011 06:45, by James Garang

    Dear readers
    It is very good for us to know that our Southern Sudan army is equip and now they are able to protect their civilian from enemy. so for me there is nothing bad to launched our air force it is exactly showing the Northern citizen that Southern citizen have what you have so that they will think what is good is it fighting or peaceful talk
    SPLA Oyeeeeeee
    SPLM Oyeeeeeee
    Salva Kiir Oyeeeeeee
    Riek Machar Oyeeeeee
    James Wani Oyeeeeee
    Southern Sudan Oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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  • 27 January 2011 06:50, by Lorolokin

    That is really a great news from the great people of the greater Born newly state in Africa,keep it up we need to be more than ready for any eventuality.
    Continue in that spirit and make sure we don’t want anything from China as their goods are just fake.

    Well Done Mayardit.
    Republic of Southern Sudan Oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
    .............. organized force Oyeeeeeeeee.


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  • 27 January 2011 07:07, by Peter Elia Kuzee

    Our army are now too powerful,They have very many airdiffend systerm, inclouding digital control systrem,and morethern weapons for morethern man.
    GOSS,bring more weapons.

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    • 27 January 2011 07:28, by Dengcol malual

      that’s wonderful and it is the right time to do it. i think it lift up the spirit of Southerners and it sends the message to the north that we are arming ourselves to teeth to protect ourselves.

      Well done GOSS

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  • 27 January 2011 08:07, by Padiet Deng Alony

    ThumbUp for GOSS.

    1. The theory of military deterrence was based on a simple psychological truth, that fear of retaliation makes a would-be aggressor nation hesitate before attacking and is often sufficient to deter it altogether from attacking. Clearly, then to maintain military deterrence, a nation would have to believed to have retaliatory power so great that a potential aggressor nation would have reason to think that it could not defend itself against such retaliation.
    If the statements above are true, which one of the following can be properly inferred?
    (A) A would-be aggressor nation can be deterred from attacking only if it has certain knowledge that it would be destroyed in retaliation by the country it attacks.
    (B) A nation will not attack another nation if it believes that its own retaliatory power surpasses that of the other nation.
    (C) One nation’s failing to attack another establishes that the nation that fails to attack believes that it could not withstand a retaliatory attack from the other nation.
    (D) It is in the interests of a nation that seeks deterrence and has unsurpassed military power to let potential aggressors against it become aware of its power of retaliatory attack.
    (E) Maintaining maximum deterrence from aggression by other nations requires that a nation maintain a retaliatory force greater than that of any other nation.

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  • 27 January 2011 08:20, by Deng E. Manyuon

    Air force is the only power that was lacking in the SPLA. Well done Nhial Deng and James Hoth. The SPLA transformation into more conventional forces will continue under your both supervisions. you are truly nationalists and eloquents.


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  • 27 January 2011 08:33, by parara na junub

    Congratulation to all South Sudanese people for unifying

    their effort for such great scenic fortification for the NEW

    NATION. Through this spirit, I hope within ten years South

    Sudan is going to be the sanctum country in Africa.

    Long live SPLA, Long live Junub

    repondre message

    • 27 January 2011 13:59, by Kon Paul Awenchol

      Dear readers
      My congratulation goes to those who are visioned rather than being envisioned by the nature that they are involved and to build the nationhood to standfirm in public affairs.Iam supprising from the monotony complaint that has been thrown to the blue air space without any political corridor.it is too much civility in the politics of nepotism,it will never take us to where we want to be.any tribalist may get out from the market of the politics,iam here to fight those who are pessimistic,they are not so effective to the views of politics. tribalist will never have any anchor in this history.


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  • 27 January 2011 15:30, by Janafil

    All of these aircrafts are to be given to most pilote fighters( Greater Bhar el Gazal)and others dinkas including Dinka Nuer, Let me take this chance to congraculte Dr Salva Kiir and other southern fighters for this great acheivement. This time we are going to have Just one bomb to capital Khartuom as a test.And also instead of puting those aircrafts in Juba I suggest Kiiradeem and Abei border, we can either put these aircrafts in Wau or Aweil.

    repondre message

    • 27 January 2011 21:43, by Stephen kuach

      Those aircrafts are not belong to Bhar el Gazalians jack,they’re possessed by the Southern Sudan government,Dinka,Nuer or whoever you might try to add in that list will never possess one of these helicopters.
      OG Tiger.

      repondre message

      • 28 January 2011 03:52, by Wal P Muoranyar Biet

        To brother Janafil

        How do you tell whether a pilot is Dinka or Nuer in the aircraft while you type on the computer?

        That’s the funniest tribalism I have every seen!

        Wal Muoranyar Biet

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  • 28 January 2011 05:08, by Wally

    Let’s hope South Sudan don’t make the same error as many African countries and use it’s own languages as language of instruction in the education system. A multilingual education system is the way to go as research (unesco and else) proves.

    The multilingual/trilingual model is one that use:

    1 - African languages (own African language/closest familiar local language) as Language of Instructions
    2 - Another local/national language of wider communication as a second language (Dinka, etc)
    3 - International language as a second language (english in South Sudan, french, portuguese, etc, elsewhere in Africa)

    European countries, Korea, Italia, Japan, China, Scandinavian countries, Finland, etc all use their own language in the education system. It’s an important part of their development successes.

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  • 28 January 2011 05:50, by Gathoth Gai

    Great move Mr,president Kiir,

    Its greate achievement for all Southerners,this is time for our president to act and inpower our soldiers.Nevertheless,there is no time for critizism now because this achievement its not for Dinka,nor Nuer,its just for all Southerners in general.Guys,foreget about triblism lets think of our Country building and unite ourself.

    Thanks you all


    Republic of South Sudan Oyeeeeeeeee.....

    Gathoth Gai

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