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South Sudan “entitled to join Arab League”


June 12, 2011 (KHARTOUM) – The soon-to-be independent state of South Sudan is perfectly entitled to join the League of Arab States (LAS), according to the organization’s envoy in Juba.

South Sudan, whose population is ethnically African and predominantly Christian, will secede from north Sudan in July this year after its citizens voted almost unanimously in a referendum in January for the creation of their own state.

The plebiscite was carried out in accordance with the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement, which ended more than two decades of the south’s civil wars with the Muslim-Arab controlled north.

According to the head of LAS office in South Sudan capital Juba, Mohamed Munsif Amin, South Sudan has “every right” to join the LAS alongside the already-existing member state of Sudan.

The Arab league envoy on Sunday explained that the Charter of the Arab League endorses the membership of south Sudan, citing an article stating that any Arab country that splits in two gives its splinters the right to become members of the Arab League.

Amin went on to say that top officials of the Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS) welcomed the idea of South Sudan joining the LAS, adding that South Sudan president Salva Kiir welcomed LAS to maintain its presence in the region after independence.

The Arab League official said that Arab countries intend to implement development projects in South Sudan, in line with the outcome of LAS’s conference on South Sudan development which was held in Juba in February 2004.


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  • 13 June 2011 06:10, by Waucity

    OKay don’t be abusive in this case...This is an economic opportunity and one reason to gain allies within the arabs world..Thanks guys.

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    • 13 June 2011 06:59, by Dinka Dominated SPLA

      Riek machar is the one behind this, an atempt he made during the war in which he intented to united African with Arab just because of food he received form Mr Bashir,

      people of south sudan will never forgive wicked Riek machar for betrayal them.
      Riek machar was having plan B’ with north sudan and tried to collaborate with Bashir in order to Killed the south kordofan leader for cold blood murder, he deserve death punshment for that, now he want to khartoum and tell bashir that to keep his troops in Abyei because he is getting secaret of Abyei son for daniel him leadership and being layol to Dr Garang and Kiir,
      Riek machar had murdered alots of south sudanse than Bashir in sudan, all those two milions people dead in sudan helf of them if not whol were killed by gangster Riek for exchange of food and power,
      Death to riek machar for the crimes he committed.
      god is great,

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      • 13 June 2011 08:28, by Kon Ajith Deng

        You are accusing Dr.Riak Macher always for nothing,because you do not know the role of Dr.Riak,he is better then your dog MR.KIIR, I think your dog could not be in government of GOSS,if there is no Dr.Macher, arab world has a right to call South Sudan for joining Arab League,because we are part of arab world and we colonized by them,and for your information,the SAF will not get out in Abyei till your dog get out from the GOSS.arab needs good persons for the GOSS.....

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    • 13 June 2011 11:59, by WendeMajok

      In respond to Waucity’s comment, indeed you hit a point but its worth dealing with nations who are trustworthy in trading only!
      Its through business that brought this political instability in the country....I would suggest, we may opt not to join the Arab League and start looking for opportunities else where though they are famous of great business deals.

      I strongly recommend, "lets not joint the league no matter what it takes....lets try to be self-reliance if there is no any other option".

      Think big on business perspectives and the negative impacts on the people within the country....Don’t pave way for the terrorist, drug dealers etc to come in...Watch out!!

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    • 13 June 2011 17:11, by Dinkawarrior

      All Arabs were born servitude to Abraham family according to the history and they must be forever as long as Israel still breathing.
      “In the Bible it says that the blind shouldn’t lead the blind” Arabs are slavery and they have their own master, now they pretending to be Southerners’ master? How come for slave to lead other slave? Both will fall into the ditch, you must liberate yourselves from Israel before you run your mouths.

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  • 13 June 2011 06:13, by George Bol

    Our leaders should know that there are CIA working everyday with them while they do not know.

    South Sudan will never ever be in the Arab league because we are African and we will be Africa country. That little guy is dreaming about the South.

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    • 13 June 2011 12:35, by dengtaath

      George Bol, allow me to cross the river in the same boat with you today, we never agreed on the point, but today, we are.
      Hahahahahah, I can’t stop laughing, South Sudan to be an Arab state, by the way allowing Arab league membership is it not allowing Slam in South? That dream is a dead dream, will never work, South Sudan is a home of Christians, no way for Slam in South Sudan.

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  • 13 June 2011 06:18, by belle loboi

    stop saying anything about join Arab League this terrorism networking. We have no timetable with this Arabs anymore when we get our independence on July 9Th.

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    • 13 June 2011 06:51, by Agutran

      South Sudan is entitled to join African Union, the reason is simple, we are Africans!

      If anyone is that proud of middle-east, what is the point of staying in Africa?

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  • 13 June 2011 06:26, by Khartoum92

    Juba needs to change its name from South Sudan to something else, South Sudan has a year to turn from garbage dump to a minor dump they betta beat the clock..

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    • 13 June 2011 06:34, by Land-of-Cush

      If south Sudan will join Arab league then they will lost their membership of "commonwealth Union" keep that in mind.

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    • 13 June 2011 06:36, by Waucity

      Khartoum92, didn’t you hear that my legendary leaders in Southern Sudan feed you..We are Sudan, there is no sudan without us. YOU are an arab remember..An arab in my homeland Sudan..I LOVE SUDAN..You don’t because it is not yours, Sudan is my inhertance period, four hundreds years ago, your forefathers hoplessly stood in the arabian desert without hope of life until they came to my country Sudan...Shame on you to argue with me moron!!!!!

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      • 13 June 2011 10:14, by mohammed ali


        You are right you have more than 400 years in Sudan , since the Nilotic tribes migrated from Massai areas in the 15th century. Sudan is your country no one can doubt that. At the same time the Nubians have more than 9000 years on this land documented by their rich and facinating arechologicl monoumentumS all over north Sudan.

        The Arabs enterd Esat Sudan centuries before Islam.Historian estimate that was in the 1-2 cenrury BC.The red sea which is an extension of the Great African Rift Valley was not as big as today. Africa was connected to the Arabin Penensula of today. The red sea slowly expanded and it is still expanding and it is expected to turn into an ocean.

        Having said that, we all have the right to exist and live peacfully on this land; it is big and can accomodate us all.You opt to have your own seperate country ,that is well and good, let us live in peace.War and hatred is not going to help us or solve our problems.

        We have problems in the north and you have problems in the South. Let us try to help each other and not to creat problems to each other. It is only our real enemies who exploited and enslaved all of Africa who are investing and benifiting from our divisons.

        Race, tribe..bla..bla is a fallacy and fiction. There is good Arabs and bad arabs,bad Dinka and Good Dinka, neuer, shaygia, nuba...whatever.What is important is how much Human value you carry within yourself.

        Europeans had been fighting with each other for centuries.They fought against each othe and they call it World war 1&2 , they involved us without ourselves been part of these wars, but we have been the victims of these wars when they divided and enslaved us. After all , now they are united.

        We can be the same, not necessarly in one country, but we can turn competition into co-operatio, hate into love, war into peace.

        War is not going to solve our problems, it is going to destroy us and ruin us. Let us invest in what bring us together and unite us all , not neccearly in one country, but with common goals for peace, prosperity and all the good human values.

        Hate and war mongers are the ignorant and foolish who are the enemies of their ownself.

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        • 13 June 2011 10:47, by Achiek Alier Jr

          Mohammed Ali,

          You have a Northern version of history, Masaai are a plain Nilotic tribe who migrate from Southern Sudan to their current home. Sub-Saharan Africans history teaches us that all the Nilotes migrate from Sudan, and that is why they still carry the Nilote which was drive from our great river, the Nile.

          On the other part, you comment is pretty good overall, but since the history acknowledge that, the first Sudanese were Nubian with a recorded history of 9000 years in the Sudan, who come up with the Idea that Sudan should be an Arabs country despite Arabs were the last people to come to the Sudan although I myself don’t believed if we really do have Arabs in our country. I went to Khartoum last year and found out that all the people are Negro like me and there black racially. The caused of all these messed in our country according to my perception is the continuing denial of Africans race in Northern Sudan.

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          • 13 June 2011 11:49, by mohammed ali


            It is all academic and does not really matter. But if you go to the bible you will see that Abraham who came mrried to Hajir the Kuchite from whom the Arab decended, and Moses when he crossed the red sea he did not crossed it from the extension of the red which is made into the swiss canal. All this confirms the connection between the Arabs and Africans.

            This doesnot exist only in east Sudan , but also Eriteria,Somalia and Ethiopia.The Arabs who came at that time were different tribes with different language from the language speak today. All of them including East Sudan have genetic( Y chromsome featutes), linguistic common features.Teir language is classified as Afro-Asian.

            We donnot and can not and we will deny that we are Africans!Obviously we cannot denie that we are black. We are black and Africans and we are proud of that!

            The problem comes when put Africans as antagonist and enemies to Africans.Arabs had never been in South Sudan, they never reached there, but they mixed with all of East Africa hence the Swahili language which is a mixture of Arabic and African language.It all happened when the Europeans came and enslave all of Africa and consider it as theri property.It is only then this propoganda came to protect their "properties" from the Arabs and Muslims.Ironically while they enslaved Africans and discriminated then on their own land they branded Arabs as slave traders, while they were shipping millions of African to what they called " the new land" which actually very old with its owners living on it and it was grabbed from them!

            For me it doesn’t matter we are all Sudanese and primerly African and we can not deny our Arabic heritage. Above all we are human beings ..nothing less nothing more!

            Arab country had contributed very much to the liberation movement in Africa , particulary Sudan, Egypt and Algeria.You may be young, but when we were young all these liberation movement were stationed in Khartoum. The first country visited and the first money to be given Mandella!Thambo Embeiki and his wife were carrying Sudanese passports before independencs!Kaund of the Congo was living with forces in Sudan after the assassination of Loumamba!

            Now as I said this history and academic. NOw we should think peace talk peace and work for peace. WE ARE NOT YOUR ENEMY AND WE DONNOT WANT TO BE YOUR ENEMY AND WE SHALL NOT BE YOUR ENEMY, WE DONNOT WANT TO BE THE ENEMY OF ANY!

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            • 13 June 2011 12:00, by mohammed ali

              Sorry it was not Kaunda , I have forgotten his name! but the father of the present president of the Congo , his father came after Mobutu and was assassinated.

              Oh yes mean Kbila not kaunda!

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              • 13 June 2011 13:01, by Achiek Alier Jr

                Mohammed Ali,

                You missed the point, I am not denying the mix race of the Sudanese people, and that was the reason John Garang came up with the vision of the New Sudan because he knew we are all blacks and only a few elements in the North are continuing rejecting their blackness.I am not creating this assumption from the blue, president Beshir declared recently that, after the secession of the South, no more multi-ethnic Sudan or multi-religious country. We are all Arabs and Muslims. You can respond to that called from your president anyway.

                What I objected from you is the history that Nilotic migrated from Masaai, which could be from Kenya and Tanzania to Sudan

                Otherwise, all your justifications that Arabs who came to Sudan, Eritrea,Ethiopia,Somalia and coastal Kenya had chromosome Y is nonsense and a hoax. every person has his or her own chromosome according to Biology. Chromosome is for individual not for the entire tribe brother. Just be a man and say, Northerners were idiot to have thought that it would be possible to deny your own God’s given Identity. They called Obama a black man. Why not Beshir when his mother and father are all blacks?. How can a nation with over 500 tribes be an Arabs country in the first place anyway? or are 499 tribes in the Sudan of Arabs origins?.

                Mohammed, common man, if we in the South and the North debate the Sudanese identity in front of the whole World, you guys will feel ashamed and guilty of what Sudan is going through now.

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                • 13 June 2011 20:11, by mohammed ali


                  ((Nilotic people or Nilotes, in its contemporary usage, refers to some ethnic groups mainly in southern Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, and northern Tanzania, who speak Nilotic languages, a large sub-group of the Nilo-Saharan languages. These include the Kalenjin, Luo, Ateker, Dinka, Nuer, Shilluk and the Maa-speaking peoples – all which are clusters of several ethnic groups.[1]

                  The terms Nilotic and Nilote were previously used as racial classifications, based on anthropological observations of their distinct body morphology. These perceptions were later widely discarded by scientists,[2] but today they again find support in population genetics))

                  ((In the past, scholars like Hiob Ludolf and Carlo Conti Rossini postulated that the ancient communities that evolved into the modern Ethiopian state were formed by a migration across the Red Sea of Semitic-speaking South Arabians around 1000 BC who intermarried with local non-Semitic-speaking peoples. Indeed, the ancient kingdom of Aksum ruled much of Southern Arabia including Yemen until the rise of Islam in the 7th century, and both the indigenous languages of Southern Arabia and the Amharic and Tigrinya languages of Ethiopia are South Semitic languages))

                  ((The 6th c. author Stephanus of Byzantium later used the term "????????" (i.e. Abas?noi) in reference to:

                  an Arabian people living next to the Sabaeans together with the ?a?ramites. The region of the Abas?noi produce[d] myrrh, incense and cotton and they cultivate[d] a plant which yields a purple dye (probably wars, i.e. Fleminga Grahamiana). It lies on a route which leads from Zab?d on the coastal plain to the ?imyarite capital ?af?r.[18]))

                  I can go on and tell you it is not justification. It is population genetics. The chromosome carries millions of genetic codes in " alelles" , while they carry your indivdula characteristic , they still carry shared genes from parents or race. This what is clled now population genetics.So you are wrong to it is only for the individual, the genes of the white colour cannot be found a black African. This not an individual characterstics it is a group chataracteristics.

                  I am not going to be ashamed of anything and I donnot care about what you call identity if it is based on race or ethenic origon. I am Sudanese and am vey proud with divesity of Sudan with all it’s tribes. Nobody in Sudan is rejecting his colour, we are black and we are proud that we are black. There is nothing wrong with being black.

                  Northerners are not idiots , they are quite intelligent people, very proud of what they are, very happy with what they are and donnot feel any inferiority for being black .

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        • 13 June 2011 12:13, by dakin

          It is not about the war between South and North.
          There is no need for us to get into an argument over that.
          Arabs league is for arab nations.
          Those of you who are in support it,
          will south sudan implement the Arab agenda?
          Are we arabs though we have some black muslims in S.S?
          What about the sharia law?
          Fortunately our membership can be terminated unexpectedly due to our drunkeness starting from Salva Kiir above all
          This is nonsense

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        • 13 June 2011 15:26, by dengtaath

          Mohamade Ali,I like Your language, and not only today, you always say the truth. Of course the war and hate are the recipe of ruin in our bigger country Sudan, this is a fundamental thinking from you indeed. However, I think you must be the only one Arab in the soil of Sudan who dreams and thinks rationally in case of Sudan problem, if the way you narated the way we can live in sudan is how all or most Arab in Sudan thinks, how could we spent more than 50 years in war? Omer Bashier is killing Darfurians, South Sudanes, and Nuba Mountain and Blue Nile communities until now you send this beautiful piece of writing brother.My conclusion here is that, you are an individual Arab who have human dignity, although I don’t agree with all your contributions, Ilike to acknowledge that you are an honest fellow who is really concern with our existance as human and Sudanese as well.

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        • 13 June 2011 15:31, by Abyei Soil

          Mohammed ali

          People don’t advance when they are in isolations thus it is good idea for South Sudan people to have relationship with neighboring state. This will help in economic build up and other related issues. However, it is not easy to force someone into something he/she (they) don’t have interest and succeed as planned. League of Arabs State should relate with South Sudan in diplomatic relation not South Sudan to be a member. Why I said this, people already gave up their hope in Arabs coz they realized arabs had neglected them and mistreat many while calling them black. These had erased the reputation of Arabs from the Africans’ mind. So I don’t think that idea will succeed.

          To Mohammed Ali, I don’t know where did you come from with that history of yours! Take note that there is Nilotic and Plain Nilot came from different direction seperately. Nilotic are those from Sudan. They were living in Khartoum at around 11c. Khartoum is their language means ’meeting point of two tributaries’ and these tribes were include Shilluk, Nuer, Acholi, Luo (Jurcol), Anuak and Dinka. These left Khartoum moving Southward following the Nile coz they are relatively cattle keepers and some grows crops for subsistance benefits. Their Migration came as a result of settlement of TurkoEgyptian thus forcing them southwards. They never met with Masaai of East Africa. Masaai you said to have mixed with Luo and Nilotic is a white lie. They (Masaai) came from Ethiopia via Kenya to Tanzania to Uganda and later to South Sudan which are Bari, Lotuka, Kakwa etc and they are Plain Nilot. Please don’t lie History will tell everything before you accelerate your tongue.

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        • 13 June 2011 16:08, by Madokol

          Mohammed Ali,

          Distorting information is a breach of intellectual code of conduct. I don’t preach racial politics, Africans and Arabs can live in peace on conditions only history can tell, therefore your soft and crazy description of Africans and Arabs is out of context. There is no dual race in this planet. You may be African or an Arab. There is no Sudanese Arab in any case, you are an African full stop. You can not be both. Sudanese are African and not Arabs.

          Global world order is dictated by tolerance not what we see in the Arab world, otherwise your cheap politics describing illusion as reality does not make any sense. You don’t need to tell Africans who they should relate to as a partner in politics, trade and socio-economic, we are mature enough to figure it out. Your comparison of Arab as the savior of Africans from European slavery is an insult, not history of any kind. We know Arabs as slave traders and European as the savior who imposed the law that stopped slavery.

          Your description that we are not enemy is not true, if history has it that even before independence war broke out between the north and south 1955, it means we have been enemies for over 40 consecutive years, a justification that we are real enemies, and will remain enemies until if you change your fake identity and embrace tolerance.

          Let me inform you that there is no babyshitter as you thought, history has been made and is being made, nothing would make us look back, not even as an incentive for economic development from Arab world, but thanks for exposing your ignorance about Africans.

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        • 13 June 2011 18:51, by Madut Tong

          Mohamed Ali,

          You are a liar, who no nothing about the true history of Sudan. Where else can you find the following tribes of southern Sudan in the whole world as tribes, Dinka (Monjang), Nuer (Naath), Shulluk (Colo), and Baria, yet the other tribes that I didn’t mentioned are sharing some countries territories, and they are Sudanese. What does Khartoum mean if it is Arabic word, besides the name Chandi north of Khartoum? the false history that we read in Sudan is a politicized one which I don’t like. If you want to know the new comers to Sudan are your masters in Khartoum who are monitoring and developing the country in one side. Who are Nubians you are talking about, what does that word mean if you know it, there is no tribe in Sudan called Nuba, these are collective tribes of black Africans name by Egyptians as Nubians, as it happened that Jews called them Cush long before the Egyptians nicknamed them. The same was done by Greek who called them Ethiopia. So, Sudan in history was called with all these three names, and it doesn’t signify certain tribe, but all black people in that land. If you study your history well, the Nillotics in Kenya and Uganda came from Sudan many years ago, else how can they be called Nillots, while not living along the Nile River. So please don’t try to play that game, it will not work.

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          • 13 June 2011 21:26, by mohammed ali


            Cool down! Who said Khartoum is Arab name.Khartoum was called Khartoumtutti, this was not the real name! The real name was kourkouti and the area along the river opposite to Sudan Museiem and Friendship hall is called Asckila which is originally asckele! . So what is Kourkouti and Askila. Korkouti means in the nubian language " river mud’ or " teen" if you know Arabic. Asckeli is the uniqui nubian invention for the machine using " buckets’ and circular wooden and rotated by a cow to deliver water from the nile for irregation , it is present only in north Sudan and evey part of it has a nubian name!

            Kuch of Maraowi Nabta is not Nubia! These are two different civilization existed in North Sudan. Kuch was the first and after its collapse the Nubian came up.Kuchite language is not deciphered yet, may be only partially and very little.The Nubian language is different and fully deciphered, still variants of it are spoken by the Nubians in north Sudan, the nubian hills in South Kordufan, the birgid around Gazera Abba " disappearing now" and the birgid in north Nyala. So Nubia is not nick name given to Kuch. The Nubian established three kingdom two of them in Sudan , Alodia " Soba" just to the south Khartoum ,it was christian destroyed the African Muslims of Sennar and Makuria at the present Dongala!

            The river nile is not present only in Sudan, it is also present in Kenya!

            As I said to me this all academic and have no real value.We must accept that we are all Sudanese , southerners or northerners and we all live and will continue living on this land. Divded or united we will be on this land.We have the choice to live in peace and prosperity with dignity or humulate ourselves with wars , hatred and poverty. For myself the way is clear!

            As for your friend who said he was saved by the white-man who abolished slavery! is this a kind of joke?! Yeah the millions in America were shipped by the Arabs! South Africans were discriminated on their own land for centuries by the Arabs and like wise is Zimbabwians who are being punished for claiming part of the fertile land to go back to the real owners ...Africans. Slavery was abolished when it was economically not feasable. Get it!Donnot be so naieve!

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            • 14 June 2011 07:53, by Madut Tong

              Mohamed Ali,

              I write and speak Arabic very well and I don’t have any problem with those who call themselves Arabs in Sudan as people. My problem is with their ideology when they make themselves masters upon every other people who had no privilege of education like some of them do.

              your interpretation of Khartoum as Kourtouti in what you called a Nubian language meaning ’river mud, or teen’ is false, first there is nothing called Nubian language, there are Nubian Languages because these people are not one tribe even to this day. So, your interpretation is not true. the word comes from the Nilotic languages ’Kartuom’ which is a compound word from ’Kar’ branch and ’tuom’ meating together, coming together, confluence. It discribes the confluence of the White Nile and the Blue Nile to flow together into the River Nile. So, it has nothing to do with ’river mud or teen’ and failure to accept right interpretations is part of the Sudanese problems.

              The River Nile doesn’t pass by Kenya, it passes by Uganda into the Lake Victoria, you have to know your geography well, so the allegation that Nilotics emigrated from east Africa to Sudan is also false, they came from Sudan to east Africa. here I am not discriminating any Sudanese who has settle in the area for a very long time, I am just putting things in their historical order as well as I am against occupying other people’s land in modern time like the move by Mesiriya to occupy Abyei region which is not theirs. And thanks.

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        • 14 June 2011 04:46, by talentboy2

          Mohamed Ali.
          this is one of your great article ever posted on this site, however you mis understood Waucity comment about who where inheritance of sudan. he said that you "YOU are an arab remember..An arab in my homeland Sudan..I LOVE SUDAN..You don’t because it is not yours, Sudan is my inhertance period, four hundreds years ago, your forefathers hoplessly stood in the arabian desert without hope of life until they came to my country Sudan...". we as whole are inheritance of Sudan exclude arab who came to Sudan during 400-500 years ago. you always mention Nubian,

          Nubian are not arab and Nubians dont called themselves Arabs.Do not associate your claim that north sudanese are Nubian. Nubian have suffered than anyother tribe in sudan in arabs hand, they have been slaves, garbage collectors, toilets cleaners and all other dirties jobs they where entitle.
          typical Dinka or Nuer dont do those job unless they are powerless or forced to do that Kind of jobs. i remember yusif KUO Maki Superior officer of the SPLA from Nuba was quote as saying " You Dinka are very clever to weigh war against arabs, we Nubian where suppose to lead this liberation because we suffer the most in sudan than you".

          So Mr Ali, stop being arab slave and join your brothers on ground in South Kordafan or Nuba Mountain. Liberate your people and South Sudanese will give you a hand to be free as well as southerners After 9-7-2011.

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    • 13 June 2011 17:24, by Dinkawarrior

      The Black African Southerners wouldn’t join so call Arabs league forever, they are all terrorist group!

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  • 13 June 2011 06:46, by Khartoum92

    South Sudan is a slave country and will always be it will just shift masters your new masters will be the whites, Europeans have yet to make their mark in South Sudan yet, you do realize north Sudanese are people on freed Sudan in 956. Where were you southern Sudanese at? climbing trees and eating bananas in the south?? why didn’t you come to fight

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  • 13 June 2011 06:47, by Khartoum92

    free Sudan in 1956

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  • 13 June 2011 06:53, by Lorolokin

    That is a bulshit news how can that be, we African to join Arabs again, so why do we vote for separation in the first place? we vote so that we could be free.

    Cowboy Kiir should thinks wisely we are not Arabs we are African, Let Arabs come to Juba and opened their embassies but not we joining LAS,Garang who is death will not accept it.


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  • 13 June 2011 07:23, by Kon Garang

    Arab league states (LAS) is an ethnic economical regional organization, Ethnicity and religion must be separated from the organization before South Sudan is entitle to Join.

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  • 13 June 2011 08:35, by Aleu

    Riek Machar Teny and Salva Kiir Manyardit must be careful.

    We have lost many million lives in Sudan and the root caused was the Arab agendas. These two leaders in Southern Sudan must know that, we do not need a business connection with the Islamic agend and if we founf any leader does this then, he or she will face a toughest situation just like the Israelis always warning their leaders.

    I think the message to all Arabs nations will be clear and very simple for them to understand that, we are not against any religion on earth, on the hand also we do not want a religion that cause almost a trouble to the society and good example, Sudan government has finishing killing none Arab. There are lesson African people have learn so far particular, in Sudan’s case where by these Sudanese Arab have successing murdering innocents African Black in the Sudan. I don’t think there is anybody interesting in Southern Sudan to belief in a religion which killed millon people and never have a sorrow for unhuman.

    Southern Sudan government will have a separation between Church and the State unlikely to Old Sudan constitutions where the religious was the main root cause to million innocent people lost their lives under Shari’ah law. We Southerners Sudanese people, we are not going to accept any Arabs business in exchange of Islam if that is what they are thinking please forget it.

    For Salva Kiir Manyardit and his VP Dr. Riek Machar Teny, please don’t fool yourself just, because of Dubai develovpment maybe will attracting you guys and I am assuming also you know very well, how many years Southern Sudanese have managed their lives without Dubai development nor the Khartoum development. Arab league are very racial organization and to prove my point, why all Arabs leaders supporting Omar al Bashir who have committed many crimes and why they votes against Libyan leader Mummar which have not killed 1000 people.? There are many countries that,can help us if your Ideas were just about starting development project. When I hear Arab league, it goese back to think about suffering which we have faces in Sudan, it give me a pain to think about 2.5 million people lost their lives very innocents and plus 300,000 Darfurian dies under Omar al Bashir rules, this Arab league sound same as like those fighting for God army as away of belif in God. We do not need a business connection with Arab any more and that is my message and if we found any leader in Southern Sudan who is willing to bring Islam agenda again to Southern Sudan, I will be the first to lead that movement against Islam agenda.

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  • 13 June 2011 09:04, by liberator3

    Achiek Alier Jr

    You are twisting facts; Late Dr. John Garang was desperately for United Sudan until forced to conced the self determination clause into CPA by non-other than Dr. Riek Machar. Dr. Riek Machar corrected the fantasy vision starting in 1991.

    To say that Dr. Riek Machar has killed more people in the South is just plain stupid and a lie.

    Late Dr. John Garang, Salva Kiir, Kuol Manyang, Daniel Awet Akot, and Majak Agot have collectively murdered many South Sudanese especially from Nuer than Arab did let alone Dr. Riek Machar who never ordered the killings of any single rogue soldier in his division when he was high command in the SPLA or thereafter.

    Accusing Dr. Riek Machar and hoping to succeed in convincing those who do not know the real murderers in South Sudan history won’t go unchallenged.

    Bring those mentioned above before laying your false claims at Dr. Riek Machar(an innocent man)!

    repondre message

  • 13 June 2011 13:13, by hard liner

    Dear all,
    the arabs must be dreaming and are still following us with the trick of pushing our people further south into the neighbouring countries, how dare do they want us to join arab league? the name clearly specifies the organization as for arabs but not for africans like us, so this envoy (representatives) must know that we dont want to be part of them. We want to be zionist and we shall join israel but not the terorist league which supports osama....! just leave us alone we are done with you... i still remember during the 21 years of our north south war you asked the north to declare Jihad on south why is it now that you want us to join you? you arabs should be the one to join us and proclaim zionism.

    repondre message

  • 13 June 2011 13:26, by Nhomlawda

    There is no a continent called Arab and no countries called Arabs. Arab is a race and Arab League is a racial league.
    People of South Sudan are not Arabs and therefore, no ground of joining an Arabs racial league.
    People who are looking for financial benefits through the idea of joining Arabs League are daydreaming.
    We can still do business with friendly Arab countries without the condition of joining their Islamic and Arabs racial league.
    Arabs League can still maintain its office in Juba to cater for business interests of its member states.

    repondre message

  • 19 July 2011 08:48, by Josh

    I think Dinka deserve to be salves and they are good at it.

    repondre message

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