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South Sudan Kenya pipeline is "uneconomical" says oil minister


June 4, 2010 (KHARTOUM) — Sudan’s petroleum minister and leading Southern Sudan ruling party official described a proposed pipeline to take oil from Southern Sudan to world markets through Kenya as, “uneconomical.”

Dr. Lual Deng, minister of petroleum in the National Unity Government told the independent daily, Khartoum-based Al-Akhbar on Sunday that such pipeline, "is not economical and it will be expensive."

"If you are forced, economy does not make sense, but under peaceful conditions we will continue to use existing facilities," he further said referring to the use existing pipeline transporting oil to Port Sudan in case of southern Sudan independence.

Though most of oil reserves are in the South, downstream facilities like pipelines, storage and refinery are in the North. Sudan produces currently an average of some 485,000 barrels per day (bpd).

Sudan has a number of pipelines, mostly in the North, extending over 3700 km, with a capacity to carry 1.5 million bpd and storage facility with 4.8 million barrels capacity.

The Japanese company Toyota has been floating an idea of constructing a pipeline from Southern Sudan to Kenya with an estimated cost of $1.5 billion, though some experts believe such a pipeline may cost several billion dollars given the tough topography of the region and its length over 3600 km and that it may need years to complete a credible feasibility study and years to construct, provided that finance is guaranteed.

The semi-autonomous South Sudan will hold a referendum on self determination in January 2011. The proposed pipeline would vastly reduce the need for post-referendum economic and political cooperation between the South’s ruling party and their erstwhile foes in the North.

The separation of Sudan into a two states will deny the North billions of dollars in revenue generating from vast oilfields in the south of the country. Currently the North and the South are splitting the proceeds of crude in accordance with the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) signed in 2005.


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  • 5 July 2010 02:39, by jur_likang_a_ likan’g

    Mr Minister of Oil,

    While you are entitled to your opinion on any matter, I believe this subject matter should be left to the parliament of South Sudan to draw up a decision. All mineral resources of South Sudan are owned by the people of South Sudan and it is therefore legitimate for there parliament to decide with the process, export, sale of their natural resources. This is my opinion, I might be wrong but I think you, as a minister of oil should not make statements without consulting your colleaques in the parliament of South Sudan and the people of South Sudan.

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  • 5 July 2010 03:15, by Gat nyaraan

    that is unfortunate statement minister Lual.you should be thinking about how to construct the pipeline and the lowest cost based on those who presents their bids such as the Japanese company Toyota.Even if the construction cost more than $1.5 billion for example $2bil it will be more economical and safer in the long run. Kenya is more stable politically than sudan and i cannt imagine that south sudan will have any conflict with Kenya any time in the future. In addition the royalty that Kenya will demand for transporting the oil through its land will be lesser several times than the north.
    if the south separate and the only mean for transporting the oil is the north, they will impose nighmare conditions for the south, and in any event of conflict as there is high probably in the future if the south separate what will we do if they close the pipeline? because along the pipeline there are 6 pump stations in which north can control the flow of oil and also the port for exportation.
    the new minister is trying to boost the current state of affairs, where by the north and south will continue to share the oil dividends according to the CPA(50/50) even if the south separate with the excuse that constructing the pipeline through kenya is uneconomical.

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    • 5 July 2010 04:02, by Dengtaath

      Who is "Dr. Lual Deng"? Can some body tell me please?

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      • 5 July 2010 04:59, by Jeremiah Mach


        Dr Lual is one of those Southerners who became a Southerner when there is green pastures ready for harvest.

        How can this wicked man said it is uneconomical to build our pipe in a country we trust her people and government?.

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        • 5 July 2010 08:40, by John Awan

          The new pipeline to be constructed is uneconomical it is a true economics statement. One of the post referendum items for discussion should have been the usage of the share assets. One of the share assets is the pipelines that run from Southern Sudan to Port Sudan. Why would the south build a new pipeline? How will south use their share of the pipeline that was built using their own oil money? Will the south leave its own pipeline to the north? It will be a poor economic decision for the South to choose to build a new pipeline through East Africa. If the referendum resulted into the independent of southern Sudan then still northern Sudan will be one of the neighbors of south Sudan like Kenya, and even closer politically. If you count all to be leaders of south Sudan start from the top to the bottom, many are Sudanese schools educated. Salva Kiir, Dr. Riek, Dr. Lam, Deng Alor, Luka Biong, John Luke, and that you know by names went to school in northern Sudan. They are more relational to north Sudan than Kenya. It is not true that we trust Kenya more than north Sudan. For our economic growth we need not waste billions of dallors in constructing a new pipeline. We might be ending up only building the pipeline my friends. It is going to be a difficult decision on both sides of the southern divide.

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          • 5 July 2010 12:01, by jalabi

            Mr. John,

            You’re absolutely right but those hard line separatistors want to ignore the fact of geography, history and economy between the north and south, just simple question: why the british administration did not separate the south and attach it to Kenya or Uganda but north Sudan? because the ties between the south and north are much bigger and deep than Kenya & Uganada.

            Just look at the river nile and it will tell you whether the pipeline between the south and Kenya will be economical useful or not ? the river nile runs from south to north and that will tell you the nature of the terrain sloping from south to north not the opposite as between Kneya and the south and that will significantly reduce the cost, most importantly, most of the oil fields exist in the border between north and south that means close to north and far from Kenya which will provide another important factor in terms of economical point of view. Will Kenya export the south oil for free? will it be less than Arab/Jalaba quotation and deal??!! at what minimum price should the oil barrel be to make it profitable to the south and Kenay??!!

            The minister should be more realistic and says "the separation itself is a disaster to south and to the whole region"

            Buddy confederation is the solution, you will gain full control over the south and share Sudan power, let us rotate the presidency between north-south and we will all be in the safe side.

            Jalabi (Abo Jalabia)

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        • 5 July 2010 08:49, by Dinka Boy

          Jeremiah Mach,

          Do you trust Kenya?
          Please, you have to support your arguments instead of throwing statements to the public.

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        • 5 July 2010 21:44, by luak T

          You are right my friend!

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        • 6 July 2010 00:41, by Gae Ajak

          Can’t belame you, but how much do you know about the war that lasted some years back? all you may know is just about seeing soldiers carrying fire arms finish.

          Please Deng and other guys who writes like him, lets behave well with our big people, we can comment, put whatever deem fit here but not insulting and writting bias info. about them. if you were not shallow minded, i would ask you" what did your father contributed to the war"? and " is there any successful war without the helps of scholars"? son of a woman, you cant answer those questions.
          donot think that how you think is how others think, people’s minds have positively widened while your is at the reverse.

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      • 5 July 2010 06:19, by Dinka Boy


        Dr Lual Achuek Deng is one among the South Sudanese politicians.
        Dr Deng is from Twic East county.

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      • 6 July 2010 00:22, by Gae Ajak

        Dr Lual Deng is not your father if you are seaching for your dad, whom you might have forgotten his name. He is Dr Lual Deng,
        Man instead of putting your opinions like others, you childishly asked irrelevantly.
        please if you have nothing to contribute to the country’s affairs being discussed here, leave the web to those who could share ideas about this nation and the world at large," this webpage is mandated to the provison of news and the public opinions not for nonsense"

        Who are you too?.

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      • 6 July 2010 00:25, by Gae Ajak

        Dengtaath! find below a comment to you question.
        " Dr Lual Deng........................."

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  • 5 July 2010 05:41, by Gar J.

    Dr. Lual statement gave me some doubt and I thought that his opinion was mutated by the Khartoum-based media (Al-Akbar) and if not, I THINK, his opinion is the expression of opposition against the interest of his own people (southern Sudanese), Uneconomical pipeline proposed by the government of Southern Sudan in long term is economically better than the northern Sudanese pipeline which has been helpless to the Southern Sudanese since....second to that, talking about referedum in southern Sudan mean (to Me) that, the government of sourthern sudan (GOSS) must be/stuggle to be: atleast economically stable, politically stable, and to have their own independent networking with the neighboring countries rather than depending on the northern Sudanese in anyway...... let’s hope for the permanent change in Sudan for any available course and both freedom and development will come about............we are respecting our leaders opinion but expressing our thoughts........
    Gar J. Abraham

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  • 5 July 2010 06:30, by Dinka Boy

    The building of pipeline has some advantages and disadvantages in Kenya or in Northern Sudan. The Goss under the ministry of petroleum/energy need to make research where they can built their pipline after seperation.

    This might be a difficult talk but the cost base on the two locates will determined the better area for distribution. I know that the building of new site might cost alot on money but who knows that it might cost low. We have to examine the two rout and go with the quality services or cost that will benefits the Goss.

    Also, the contract must be accurrate and document when we choose any side because some countries sometimes go with the situation. For example, a work might get taugher on the way and this sometime might help others to shift their gears. We do not want that to occur.

    If the route to the North is cheaper or had some quality services than the Kenya side than we will go with it and verse versa.

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    • 5 July 2010 07:58, by James Mangula

      When it comes to politics, non from the South has ever got it right, apart from Garang who has departed. If anybody had ask this short sighted minster of energy of where he got his data comparing Kenya versus North Sudan pipeline expenses, you would definitely find none. Presumbly, the minster might have taken conculsion from the existing NCP’s questionable documents as a basis of forecasting how expensive it would be to build oil pipeline from Southern Sudan to Kenya, rather than using the existing facilities. There is no question about how far Mombasa is in comparison to Port Sudan. However, if this was the only cost benefit analysis tool the short-wire minster used, then there is much to be desired from his conclusion. Given the historical facts on how Arab in Sudan created the inhuman injustices, which we are now trying to run away from through secession, it would be more expensive to let the same monsters managed the pipeline. Furthermore, the minster seemed to have overlooked the future border problems that we might have with Arab. All these and more will make Port Sudan oil pipeline project much more expensive than Kenya-Mombasa pipeline. If I were Kiir, I would have reason to worry about academic merits of this minster.

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      • 5 July 2010 08:32, by AAMA

        The Minister is right, its not economic, and in the event that the security of the south exports is in danger from the north, they should consider something that flows to the atlantic (no point in having two pipelines flowing to the east) its just a waste of money. Also in the event of future peace, maybe the north can use it too to export some of its current or future oil westwards, eventhough i don’t think this will happen.

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  • 5 July 2010 09:32, by Adam

    Look guys! Yes. It is not economical, nor it is sane.

    let me shock many readers, the whole separation idea is uneconomical and insane. Think about this carefully and let the wealthy Amoum and other unwise dreaming separatists .

    Separation is a nightmare now. You cannot have a new state while you have nothing; no economy (100% oil), no infrastructure, no trained human resources, no security, no democracy , no homogenous society or identify - no nothing. Where are Francis Deng, Mosses Machar, Joseph Lago, Bona Malwal and many other honest Southerners to enlighten these separatists.

    CPA is good and can be developed further after unity. What the CPA provides is much more than SPLA fighters were dreaming. But SPLA/M - Not SPLM/A made the implementation of its protocols s very difficult. NCP has also stupid understanding that it must control everything. However, divided Sudan is very painful to the North, but leaves no single hope for the Southerners.

    Those who are relying on the West to come and erect a South Sudan are wrong. The West will come to the South to fully control it and steal its virginity. Believe me! There will be only more pains, underdevelopment, deprivation and wars among southerners. Black Waters will do very well in the South – much better than what it did in Iraq. The Western advisors and consultants will tailor the South Sudan to suite the greed of the West – no more.

    If the separatists have any reasoning, let them come up with them. We only hear emotional mobilization in the news. One cannot build a nation out of fantasy, hatred and paranoiac attitudes the separatists have in abundance.

    Let us first set the foundations for economy and education. Then let us work hard to reduce tribalism and agree on a “South Identity”. Afterwards, we must practice democracy and good governance for some time. When that is achieved, then our future leaders may be in a good position to think carefully for the best of the future of the South.

    Good Mr. Minister. You’re wise than many of the naive critics on this site or in the GoSS or for that sake SPLA/M.

    Please think deeply.

    O Ye Southerner UNITE!

    Adam Milawaki, Kansas City

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    • 5 July 2010 10:19, by mack waweru

      The America you live in didn’t grow out of ground. It was built from nothing to what it’s today.
      The current pipeline was also built. Why not take that into consideration that infrastructures are built by humans like us. Are we subhumans? The said minister is politiking.
      If you are a unionist, no reason would allow you to be in US. pause and reflect back a little why and how you happened to be in America today and not your native united Sudan.

      Mack Awer

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      • 5 July 2010 11:00, by Adam

        Please read my article again.


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      • 5 July 2010 11:13, by James

        Kiir has indeed betrayed the freedom fighters in favor of Arab slaves like Dr Lual who has never shown any spirit of patriotism at all during his schhool days upto now.Shut up damn Dr Lual,do you think that if Kenya discover its oil in Turkana land,it would be eceonmical for it to pipe its oil to Port Sudan because of topography.This stupid doctor who do not have good knowledge in geography is trying to behave like betrayer Abel Alier who approved the excavation of Jonglie Canal without thorough geological & hydrological studies,forgetting that aquifer water would have been depleted in few years & the vegetation that is highly dependant on ground water would have died out forever causing terrible environmental catastrophy. It is economical to pipe the oil to Mombasa because Kenya will not divert even a litre of the oil anywhere,but your Jalaba Dr Lual will divert more than half of our oil into its underground stores & claim that it his oil,more over pipe fees would be less in Kenya than Sudan.Dr Lual we are going to kill instead of talking to you Arab slaves.We know that, you want to reward them at the expense of others for educating you.

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        • 5 July 2010 11:31, by Adam

          Is this an intellectual reply?


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        • 5 July 2010 12:58, by mohammed ali


          Nobody is a slave to any body and no body could be enslaved by anybody and these people are much stronger than you to protect their freedom.Your own and personal inferiority complex , impeded and augumented by the white-missionaries, who made you feel that you could be enslaved , makes you feel that you and others could be enslaved.You can not and should not think that you could be enslaved by Arabs or non- Arabs!Raise your head , be proud of yourselves, we are all born free and will remain free!

          Lual Deng was part of the Nivasha wealth division committee.The pipe-line construction through Kenya was brought up.Experts from America explained to both parties that the pipeline through Kenya is not economically feasible and very expensive to construct.The nile is flowing south to north , if you want something to flow backward you have to pump it as it is going up-hill, and oil is much heavier than water, so you will need huge amount of energy to pump it to Kenya.It will not cost $ 1.5 billions as Toyota said, it will cost $ 10 billions.Japan is competing with China and they are coming to disturb the Chinese and not to rescue from the Jalabba!

          As Dinka boy "for the first time to say something right" ; do you trust Kenya? My answer is go back to Pagan when he asked the Americans to deliver arms directly and not through Keny , because they take huge amount of commission.Build it through Kenya and they will strangulate you, and you will find that the JAlabba are angels.

          Economy is not done by emotion or hatred, it is done by simple Math!

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    • 5 July 2010 12:47, by Paul Ongee

      Adam Milawaki,

      Ya Adam, you can never shock many readers as you have put it. You are shocking your own conscience. You still need a lot of knowledge about the issue of separation and unity regardless of the current circumstances. Southerners cannot be held hostage because of lack of infrastructure. Separation is not a nightmare believe me or not. It is the right of Southern Sudanese. You’re now in US and you didn’t bother even to study the history of US in order to learn how to be free first and build a country that Jallaba hasn’t done anything for over fifty years besides destruction, humiliation, injustice, and oppression.

      Based on your description of the interest of western countries in Southern Sudan, what did Khartoum or Arab League do so that South Sudan should wait until infrastructure is in place? Khartoum has been running the political, economic, cultural and social show for over 50 years why don’t you ask Jallaba for failing to put everything in place first before South Sudan breaks away? Over the last five year SPLM has done something in the South that Khartoum didn’t and will never do over the next 50 years.

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      • 5 July 2010 13:07, by Adam

        Thanks brother,

        It is obvious that the norh and the Arabs failed to do anything in the South. Could they do anything and the South has been war areana for almost 50 years? My point is simple. Let us make use of the CPA to the maximum and build our nation. Afterwards, many things can happen.

        Can you please list me the projects implemented by the GoSS during the last 5 years? I know what the Jalab did and what they are planning to do in the last second.

        I am really happy to read your post. It is intellectual and cool.



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    • 5 July 2010 13:34, by mohammed ali


      This south is divided into three Catagories with their subdivision:

      1-SPLA members ,who consider themselves the owners of the south and they are looting with impunity.Most of them are uneducated solidiers and fighter who were put on top of the educated and trained people.Even educated SPLA politicians are helpless infront of them.6 months back an SPLA member was arrested in Dubai Airport carrying huge bags stuffed with $ 150 millions.It is not only thuggery but it is compounded with igonorance! In this world of today you can’t carry $ 10,000 in cash! These are the new masters of the "new Sudan"

      2-Southerners who remained in the south during the war, are not considerd as human and conistantly reminded that.."we have liberated you!"

      3- Educated intellectuals like lawyers, doctors, judges,engineers, civil servants,who were educated and worked in Khartoum.These are considered the most dangerous, because they cannot compete with them; the best weapon against them is social degradation and intimidation...they call them Arab slaves!It is the same way as they are trying to intemidate you by calling you Arab slave.Even somebody who could be the most decent, honest and corageous person like Mawlana Abel Alier , who is respected by all decent Sudanese , unworthy thugs here on this web site call him slave.What a shame!

      Even if the SPLA succeded in dividing Sudan , it will unite again ! Nobody wants or respect the SPLA in the south.Naivity is giving some people an illusion that the whit-man will build the country for us! Like black water, they want 50% of the mineral deposits against $ 50 millions , and again this 50 million could be 20 millions by inflating the price of the arms and services; the remaining 50 % of the minerals could come to 10% for $ 20 millions!!Yet , some people like James are talking about Arab slave! May be he prefers to be a white-man slave!

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      • 5 July 2010 15:05, by Paul Ongee

        Adam & Mohmed Ali,

        Why don’t you tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. The system of divide and rule has already gone. Can you imagine that Sudan will never be the same? You talk of unity without specifying the real factors of unity. If you are familiar with the political history of our country why did Khartoum introduce Sharia law that will fragment the country instead of uniting it? All of you are talking about the symptoms not the root causes of political crisis facing our country since independence.

        SPLM/A is treating the root causes but Khartoum keeps coming up with "bribery fund projects" as if we are at the beginning of 2005. Can Khartoum undo the political damage done to the country or to the South Sudan in particular in only less than seven months? Does it need a rocket scientist to explain this to Southern Sudanese or marginalized people? If Khartoum doesn’t want to let South Sudan go for the sake of freedom, then let’s bring back the Anglo-Egyptian administration to do the job of uniting the country because they didn’t introduce Sharia law before Independence. Got it?

        Paul Ongee
        Khartoum, Sudan

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      • 6 July 2010 02:47, by Dinka Boy

        mohammed ali & Adam,

        SPLM/A is beyond your thinking capacity. How can you guys can understand SPLM/A while you have been sleeping under the umbrella of our enemy( Jallaba).
        Clearly, both of you are from Nyamnyam though Ali keep pretending to be Jallaba. You are from EQ, the one who love jallaba and slavery in the South.

        Mr Ali, I always said that you are among the weak heart who always like enemy or other properties than his/her own.
        SPLA took up arm voluntarily against Arab North and in fact these SPLA are only few tribes while the rest are busy fighting the South/them.

        My friends, your crying about SPLM/A will not change anything unless you keep quite. Talking against SPLM/A will not give you any benefits because both of you are nothing to be considered. If you talk trashed about SPLM/A then i considered you as Madukuru/Jallaba.
        Pray for God because he created very brave tribe in South South Sudan other you will be still in your little hut on or under mountain.

        What can you guys do to SPLM/A while we know you in the South-North war as acoward who coiled tails when Jallaba attack the South.
        Say amen to SPLM/A because they liberate you coward of Uganda.

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  • 5 July 2010 15:24, by Sudan virus


    Having achieve ministerial position in the national unity government does not mean all of us southerns are now OK,.

    Please when feasibility study,take into consideration the long term befit first.

    The more you spend in the short run ,the more you gain in the long run.

    We Sudanese especially southern do not develop because we fear long run investment and prefer short run investment through the influence of some foreigners or internal enemies.

    In the modern world ,countries like investing on long term business which in the futures yields billion of dollars than the short run.

    If you insist than south Sudan after independent should for life depend on the oil pipeline to Khartoum,then you are now submitting the south into another way where Khartoum will dictate some our economic interest in their own benefit.

    The southerns and their for sisterly countries brainstormed this decision for quite a long time,before conclude or found these opportunity of constructing oil pipeline through Kenya with the help of Toyota company of Japan.
    Now you want break such opportunity with in minute?Are you normal?

    Its not wrong to say the south will still continue supply its oil through Khartoum,but you must have alternative for garantee.

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    • 5 July 2010 15:27, by Sudan virus

      Please Mr. Lual consult southern patriotic economists first before say nonsense.

      repondre message

    • 5 July 2010 16:09, by Justin Chicago opiny

      Politically the south sudan Kenya pipeline is "uneconomical" that is true because the cost of the pipeline from southern sudan to port sudan will be covered under the Assets should southern sudan decides to separate,but in the long run the south sudan pipeline will be economically be viable if the south will become an independent state running its oil independent of the North.

      The huge consumers of the oil in the emerging econonomy are the chinese, Indians and other Asians countries and if you consider distance to these countries from Port sudan and Port Mombasa ,the south sudan kenya pipeline will be economical because the consumers for the oil will be the Southern African countries and the south east Asians countries if you look at it geographyically.
      The other thing is that the Railways that is proposed to connect the existing line from Mombasa to Kampala-Gulu in northern Uganda is only a stone throw away this rail link will boost trade amongst the eastern African countries of Kenya,Uganda and the democratic Republic of Congo those are some of most important aspects of the economical break through of the near distant future of south sudan. For now it is ok to use port sudan because the two nations will also need to build economical business with the North,Middle East and Europe.
      It is upto to the politicians to see it from the right economical perspective and political stability of the courtries concerned,after all it is all about business.

      repondre message

      • 5 July 2010 17:25, by james nyoma

        Dear All,

        In the first place I would like to salute you all and thank you for your contributions in this interested discution.

        Many people have said many things without knowing the necessary fact(s). The first thing which comes is the port. Which port? South Sudan does not have a port so it is upto her to choose the port of her choice. The topography comes later if we have choices of ports. Some people say the Nile flows from South to North. It is irrelevent here to say so. Why not continue to construct the pippline to Cairo instead of Port Sudan considering the topography of the Red Sea? Why all these pumping stations if topography is that very important? Constructing anything is expensive. We can construct the pipeline and at the same time use the pipeline which is going to the North. It is a question of decision and indepedency.

        I think I am simple.

        God bless South Sudan, God bless North Sudan. Give us some Good Luck ya Mohamed Ali in our New State of South Sudan.

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  • 5 July 2010 17:13, by Osorubeng-Beng

    This is unfortunate statement by Mr. oil minister. I think; he is becoming a true puppet of Arabs against Southern interest.

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    • 6 July 2010 01:36, by John Awan

      The southern Sudanese interest is clear but sometime many people fail to get it right. Independent of Southern Sudan and hatred of Arab are totally different things. I have lived in Kenya for nine year. I have never lived in Khartoum for more than two weeks. But there is a different between me and southerner who lived in Kenya. When I taught at Juba Primary school in Kakuma when my payment was four time less than that of a fellow teacher holding the same certificate as I do but who happened to be a local Turkana. When Luka Biong Deng, the former minister of GoSS taught at Al Gezira University there is no a written report from him that he was paid less than other Arabs doing the same work he was doing. Don’t mistake me, the situation different from situation. This does not have to justify the marginalization of Arabs in Sudan. This is what I disagree: we don’t to have looked for other saviors rather than we to save us from marginalization or we will always be victims of marginalization by others. They war is an event that had occurred between the north and the south. The war was is an event that is unforgettable in the mind and hearts of the Sudanese. Many lives were lost. But the judgment that Kenya or any other country is better than the Sudanese from north Sudan is not an easy claim. We clearly know by facts that southern Sudanese fled to neighboring countries in large numbers during the war. Also majority of people were displaced in northern Sudan. Their records will by themselves. Although the UN and other INGOs tried to help these southern Sudanese who fled, the result is clear that those who were in other countries did benefit from UN services. The southern Sudanese were taken for granted by their neighboring countries. The refugees were exploited. But now an important protocol of the CPA is coming in the few months and we need to think careful. Let no one think that our help is coming somewhere else but from us southern Sudanese. Independent need to be clear to southern Sudanese because it does not mean the North and South are going to be enemies to each other. It does not mean either that South Sudan to be is going to closer to Kenya or Uganda or any other country. It is going to be an independent country that will work it interest while cooperating with its neighbors of which North Sudan to be will be an important neighbor. Kenya can be important but only those who have cultural roots there those around their borders and those have stayed there for many years like me. The same to Uganda, Ethiopia, North Sudan, Congo etc. will be important to closers neighbors’ interest. This is exactly will happen when it is separation that resulted. You people need to be conform to the reality. I have nothing to do with Arab as individual but as part of the nation of South Sudan to be Arabs are still going to be important us. It is easy for those in Northern Upper Nile, Unity State, Abye and Northern BarelGazel to relate easy with Arabs than Kenyans. From practical point of view it was easy for eastern Nuer to exploits opportunities in Gambela district of Ethiopia than Dinkas from Bor who had no roots in that country. The equororian in Uganda border did not had suffered during the war because they were welcome by their fellows Ugandans than Murle from Jongeli state.
      Please don’t build your political life with hatred. We need independent not because we hate Arabs. Afterall Northern Sudanese are not only Arabs. And the south will not be only for Africans. I know you will not get it again. You will talk of Yasir Arman here, but that is not what I mean. I mean southern Sudanese Arabs!

      repondre message

      • 6 July 2010 02:25, by Madhod

        Mr. Awan,
        We don’t hate Arabs, but we hate their ideology and their attempt trying to makes all government policies tied to Shari’a law. You don’t have to be an Arabs and knows arabic to be considered a real Sudanese. As Southerners, our struggle is about equal opportunity for education, economic, democracy, freedom and development, you named it, these are things we are fighting for and we don’t get them fully as a citizen of Sudan.
        Sudan has been an independent state for about 54 years now, what single important thing did the government of Sudan did in South Sudan. Not a single hospital, university, development projects, and etc, has been build in South Sudan. Does any one believe that this was a coincident? Civil War didn’t prevent the Khartoum from making development in South Sudan. If they can build a mosques in southern Sudan, I believe they can also afford to build school in S. Sudan.
        I have lived in Kenya for 8 years and Know it very well that pays differences between teachers is very common, but that doesn’t means that Kenyans were discriminating people bases on their citizenship status, it was simply matter of whole differences factors, such cost of education, rents, travel expenses, and etcs, are always very common in any country host refugees. We need not compare ourselves with you are in their own country. What was happening in Kenya is happening worldwide in refugee Camp, and that is how it is. You can’t compares oranges to apples, they are two different things. Working in Sudan as Sudanese is difference from working in Kenya as refugee.
        And what we are talking about here, is a matter of one citizen treating another citizen differently. Just like it happened in the United States to black people in 1600s-1960s.

        repondre message

        • 6 July 2010 18:23, by John Awan

          Madhod and Jur_Likang,

          I am very sorry you guys fail to get like the rest that I know. I want the independent of Southern Sudan but not a reactionary idealogy as you guys are maintaining it. Reactionary will never offer us any independent. Kenya is a nation of its own and Kenya values their own interest. Sudan is still a nation of its own too. If South Sudan became a country than our relationship Kenya is not going to be an automatic things. We have a parliament that decide for us what to do?

          My friends, Kenya are our Neigbors like other countries like Ethiopia, Uganda and all others. Kenyans might be our closers or farest enemies. Kenyans will be in south sudan and they are now and s sudanese will be in Kenya. But in the same way will other countries including northern Sudanese react with southerners.
          Please the indepedent of South Sudan in the same way I am preaching it. Favoring other countries over Sudan is not a stretagy. But telling the world that we need our independent so that we can manage our own economic, politics, and to establish our unique system not the one Kenya or any other country. We came out the war and we should be the one teaching Kenya the best system of government. We fought the war because we want to establish the best system in the war in Sudan and in our terretory which going to be South Sudan. Did not fight because we want to be Kenyans or any other people.
          Please you need to change your mind set it is contridicting our vision for life. We need not to be second citizen not only in Sudan but even Kenya. This is a long vision in human history. It is related to vision of American founders that men were create equally free! This vision is not hidded and it has no single fear, hatred nor favoritism. It is either you go with it or hide down somewhere in fear.
          I hope it is clear.

          repondre message

          • 7 July 2010 06:21, by Madhod

            Mr. Awan,
            I think you are missing the point here! We are not talking about choosing between joining Kenya or Sudan? The GoSS is trying to find the BEST POSSIBLE and CHEAPEST way of building the pipeline! It is about having absolute control over our resources. Our friendship with Kenya is much stronger than Khartoum, and we will benefit greatly from international markets, by investing with East Africa countries; such as Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania. Why? Because they are more opens to international market than Sudan.
            Do you know that Sudan is having tough time selling its products internationally, including oil; because of international sanctions? Do you know that certain companies are banned from doing business with Sudan? The only customer Sudan has now is China and Russia! Do you know that Sharia law makes it difficult to make good investment not in Sudan only but also in most Islamic countries? And do also knows that in Sudan, banks are not allow charging banking fees? Because, according to sharia laws, it is wrong and aram! which makes it harder for a banks to make and profit and investments.
            The relationship between Kenya and South Sudan is a mutual one, each entity benefit from each others by trading and sharing common economical policies. Assuming that we vote for self determination, Khartoum doesn’t deserve to shares with us the pipeline any longer, in my opinion. I also don’t think the South Sudan government would have absolute control over the pipeline if we continues using the refineries and pipelines that are currently control by the government in the north.
            The best option is only the current proposal to build a pipeline between S. Sudan and Kenya, because it will be much cheapest, secure and we would have more control over it. Furthermore, it will create more jobs for Southerners.
            It is time to trust ourselves and build confidence within ourselves. I’m tired of listening to Khartoum telling us what we can afford to do, and what we can not afford to do. This is what they wants the internationals communities to believe.
            They are always telling us that we not ready to governed ourselves, to build our own pipelines, build own universities, hospitals, and infrastructures, and our response is always Amen.
            I’m sick of saying amen always,
            It is time to say "YES WE CAN"

            repondre message

  • 6 July 2010 01:58, by Madhod

    Can Mr. Lual tell us why building a pipeline between South Sudan and Kenya is "uneconomical"? What are some of the factors that make this move uneconomical? Or is your statement purely a political and co-conspired by your bosses-the Islamic regime in Khartoum. I just want to remind Mr. Lual that our democracy and freedom is far more important than what it will cost us to build that pipeline. We are tired of being treated like 2nd class citizens. This is our oil, and we don’t want Khartoum telling us what to do about it. Whether your bosses like it or not, we will construct that pipeline. And please, remind Khartoum that the time is running out, and, because we the southerners can wait to separate from you soon!
    The attention of the world is on South Sudan, and I bet will find the cheapest way to pay for the construction of the Pipeline, because we have more friends in the world than Khartoum. It is matter of months, China will divorce from Khartoum very soon, Bashir should sees that coming!!!!

    repondre message

    • 6 July 2010 07:04, by jur_likang_a_ likan’g

      I am flabbergasted by some people’s statement that we as Southerner’s are at the same political wavelength. They even try to connect the past history of education of some of our present leaders in the north as a bait to bond us with Jallaba. What a shock!! Have they asked themselves why did they go all the way to the North to study? Why were most of institutions of higher learning are made to be in the North? Why Juba-Bor, Wau-Yambio, Malakal-Bor are impassable by vehicles most of the year while Khartoum-Kosti, Khartoum-Port Sudan are all tarred roads? The fact of the matter is North Sudan and South Sudan difference is far wider than anything. May be what connects some of us with them is their dependence on criminal handouts from Jallaba to fail South Sudan independence of which the people of South Sudan are dead determined to get by any means under the sky. About the pipeline through the North, while it is economically viable it has some risks. We do not to let ourselves to be dictacted by the North on the matters of economic importance. They are unreliable, untrustworthy people who can change anytime with the influence of jealousy and envy against us. The Kenya-South Sudan pipeline might be costly in construction but long run cost and its reliability on promoting our country’s economic development will be unstoppable because of Kenya’s political stability. I think we could use the two pipelines while studying the overall efficiency of economic delivery to South Sudan and phaseout the othe or use both to rapidly create wealth to South Sudan. Two baskets are better than one when carrying the fragiles. Jallaba have never been a partner for the development of South Sudan but Master since the entrance of their grandparents into Sudan. It is therefore imperative to cut off that relationship if they do not accept change that accomodate all of us. I think this must be the bottom line of the matter. Dr Lual Deng is wrong he must be corrected. Here he is talking about Southern Sudan property that is subject to be under their control for any action that affects our country. It is therefore South Sudan that can talk about it not a minister who sees things from a narrow political spectrum.

      repondre message

      • 6 July 2010 07:31, by jur_likang_a_ likan’g

        I am flabbergasted by some people’s statement that we as Southerner’s are at the same political wavelength with Jallaba. They even try to connect the past history of education of some of our present leaders in the north as a bait to bond us with Jallaba. What a shock!! Have they asked themselves as to why they went all the way to the North to study? Why were most of institutions of higher learning made to be in the North? Why Juba-Bor, Wau-Yambio, Malakal-Bor are impassable by vehicles most of the year while Khartoum-Kosti, Khartoum-Port Sudan are all tarred roads? The fact of the matter is North Sudan and South Sudan difference is far wider apart than anything. May be what connects some of us with them is their dependence on criminal handouts from Jallaba to fail South Sudan independence of which the people of South Sudan are dead determined to get by any means under the sky.

        About the pipeline through the North, while it is economically viable it has some risks. We do not to let ourselves to be dictacted by the North on the matters of economic importance. They are unreliable, untrustworthy people who can change anytime under the influence of jealousy and envy against us. The Kenya-South Sudan pipeline might be costly in construction but the long run cost and its reliability on promoting our country’s economic development will be unstoppable because of Kenya’s political stability. I think we could use the two pipelines while studying the overall efficiency of economic delivery to South Sudan and phaseout the other or use both to rapidly create wealth to South Sudan. Two baskets are better than one when carrying the fragiles. Jallaba have never been a partner for the development of South Sudan but a Master and Killers of South Sudanese since the entrance of their grandparents into Sudan. That alone is more costly than even the dollar from petroleum. It is therefore imperative for us to cut off that relationship if they do not accept change that can accomodate all of us. I think this must be the bottom line of the matter. Dr Lual Deng is wrong and he must be corrected. Here, he is talking about Southern Sudan property that is subject to be under their control for any action that affects our country. It is therefore South Sudan that can talk about it not a minister who sees things from a narrow political spectrum.

        repondre message

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