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Seven killed in clash between communities from Lakes and W. Equatoria


By Manyang Mayom

March 14, 2011 (RUMBEK) - Clashes between pastoralists of Yirol West county of Lakes state and agriculturalists from Mvollo county of Western Equatoria have killed seven and injured five, according to a local official.

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Youth members dancing in Rumbek (ST File)

Makur Kulang Liei, county commissioner of Yirol West County, said that the five injured people who sustained gunshot wounds were being treated at Mapuordit hospital. So far it has not been possible to confirm how many were the numbers of injured and killed from side of Mvolo County of Western Equatoria state.

Kulang called upon the “people of Western Equatoria and Lakes state government to address this situation urgently – we are one party people and one system people for South Sudan – we are one constitution with people of Western Equatoria, no need to kill ourselves”.

South Sudan is due to become independent in July after a referendum earlier this year, as part of a 2005 peace deal with Khartoum. Despite the peace agreement violence, often related to cattle raiding, is still common in South Sudan with still well armed communities competing for resources.

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Rumbek cattle keeper remote cattle camp in 2010 (ST)

Anitphas Wanyin, a young man from Yirol West County who witnessed the fighting said that the clashes occurred between pastoralists from the Anuol and Mapuordit districts and Mvollo farmers over grassing land.

He told Sudan Tribune that the fighting erupted after a policeman, Mathet Dak Abongbar, was “shot dead on his motorcycle.” Young men from Yirol West have blamed the murder of members of the Jur tribe from Mvollo county, Wanyin said.

On Sunday the governor of Lakes state Chol Tong Mayay and Yirol West County commissioner Makur Kulang Liei visited the area and said that the situation has returned to normal.

Col. Santo Domic, the Lakes state security advisor to Lakes state’s governor said that the ongoing conflict around Mapuordit Payam of Yirol West County is a clash between two cultures and not due to cattle raiding rustling.

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From left Makur Kulang Liei commissioner of Yirol West county and right Lakes state governor Chol Tong Mayay (ST)

Domic said that the tension between the two neighboring communities of Mvolo in Western Equatoria state and Yirol West in Lakes state is not new. In February, 10 people were killed in a misunderstanding after members from Yirol West County went looking for pastures for their cattle in Mvolo County.

He attributed the current tension to a failure in reconciliation between the two cultures.

The security official stated that Lakes government has deployed some 300 security officers to a joint force combined with Western Equatoria forces to the area to study the root causes of the conflict.

He appealed to the people of South Sudan to change their mindset of using violence as a way of resolving issues, proposing universal education that empowers people to realize the negative effects of violence. He called for unity of the different tribes of South Sudan, insisting that dialogue is the best way to resolve differences.


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  • 15 March 2011 07:01, by Historical Boy!

    See, war spirit will bring more tribal wars.

    repondre message

    • 15 March 2011 07:28, by sunny

      Respect of diversity is needed whenever we are conducting our affairs. We should not enter our people’s territory without their consent. It is very impossible!!!!!!!!!!!

      repondre message

    • 15 March 2011 09:17, by sunny

      Dear readers,

      During Garang’s death in Khartoum. Nuer took lead in the protest. A nuer young man who was a protestor was shot dead by a dinka police working for the northern government. He threatened the nuer man to put down his panga or he will shot him to death, the nuer man told him that he has no heart to throw away the panga. With this argument, he shot the nuer man to death. Why should you kill your brother while he is reacting because your leader is kill? This scenario proved dinka as most food lovers in southern sudan more than any other tribe.

      repondre message

    • 15 March 2011 09:48, by Juba Lira

      Dinkas are well educated, most handsome, tall, intelligent, really leaders, who fought for right to protect cowards.

      and what about you Equatorians, sex sex sex sex sex sex, Alcohol alcohol alcohol alcohol and eating eating eating eating only.I wonder how will you survive without Dinka as your shields.

      let talks sense, be happy to have Dinka on your side. be the enemy of Dinka, Arabs know how fierce the dinkas are, they don’t play around with us, we cut his neck like chicken.

      juba lira is Dinka by father and Equatoria by mother

      repondre message

      • 15 March 2011 19:25, by Charles Dusman

        Please Dinkas arenot well educated, if they were to be educated, they could not behave like that. Why Dinkas arekilling Equatorians for their fertiled land? Why are Dinkas all in the top Goss officials? Dinkas are so stupid like their cows.Any body grow with milk cows areso stupid like cows, because mentality of cows are in their mind. Why are most of Dinkas just stay in other states? is it because of food or what. They should go to their respected states.Shame on Dinkas. They think that south Sudan is just for them but negative. We shall see later on.

        repondre message

    • 15 March 2011 12:27, by Cibaipiath Junub Sudan

      Manyang Mayom,
      I really hate your style of writings. How dare are you to mix happy occasions with sad occassions? Those photoes are very irrelevants to this article. Is that the style of writing you got award of $ 2,000 USD last time in 2010? Try to realise the four square boxes described below:
      1. The square box you know by yourself;
      2. The square box you by know yourself and others;
      3. The square box other people know about;
      4. The square box that is dark and typically black not known to you and others;

      Therefore, when you write or do anything give yourself humble time to consider all relevent informations require in the article to gain readers interest. Otherwise, you will lose your status of being a journalist.

      Please try to improve.

      repondre message

  • 15 March 2011 07:15, by Dr. cholera

    The Dinkas are always the cause of problems in South Sudan.Why can’t you people live in peaceful way? Don’t you have your own land? What is the difference of the land you have compared to other non dinka tribes? See what’s now happening in Jongolei.

    repondre message

    • 15 March 2011 07:19, by Bol Deng

      Dr Cholera,

      We are watching at those who always want to create problems during our leadership. Guess what might happen when others take charge. I want to encourage everyone to respect the leadership of who in charge so that we will respect who will take charge latter. Thanks

      repondre message

    • 15 March 2011 07:55, by Land-of-Cush

      Everywhere Dinka

      Dinka is become another Maseriyai in south Sudan.
      The reporter did not make it clear as Dinka cattle are grazing on Equatorian farms.

      Look 10 people were killed in January but never been reported that is the murdering of human life.

      Jobless Dinka are always barking on this website about Nuer and their leaders while they are the most worsens; who are making more trouble everywhere in South Sudan.

      Dinka never realises that Salva is a president from their tribe in which they can show good atmosphere to the people of south Sudan.

      But now I don’t understand what they are looking at.

      No, Ok they are good in swearing and crying on media about things that had happened in two decades.

      repondre message

  • 15 March 2011 08:06, by Malou Luiny Joseph

    Giving criticism about a problem that has already erupted is not a solution Mr. anti-Dinkas, The problem has already come and the best we can all do is to talk to our people on both sides to stop this madness. There is no way we can develop if we start talking ill about oursleves and inciting fights by saying the Dinkas, the Jur , the Mundari, the Nuer etc are not good people.

    Mr.Santo is very right by saying that the problem is a different problem and it could not be over cattle, nor is it over grazing land though it may be connected to such because the Jur of Mvolo and the other Jur elsewhere have been preaching about Dinkas occupying their land. This problem is not in Mvolo only but it is even in Yei, Maridi, Yambio, Mundri and even in Juba the capital of the south. The guys in Mvolo have not to be blamed because they are the immediate neighbors to the Dinkas and they are the best tool to start the propaganda.

    The best thing we can all do is to go back to the people and talk to them on how the Dinkas, the Nuer, the Mundari and the Jur should sit down; solve their own problems on the table and look forward on how they should develop the young Nation ( Southern Sudan). If we cannot stop talking ill about our other brothers at home, our children will not change their attitudes towards the others. They have been taught how to hate and so they will go out with the same attitude and mentality and what will the outcome be? hatred and then conflict.

    repondre message

  • 15 March 2011 08:19, by Prophet

    Dinkas listens through their anuses. they dont get things like ordinary humans. its a shame that they put a militia cowboy on the presidency. south sudan will be a night mare in the coming months under this idiots. Foolish majority. you only twist facts for your own interest. big liars in Southern sudan. no one can trust any of them God already regretted their creation. without brilliant leaders like Machar, southern Sudan should be like a cooking pot of human meat by now. they dont know anything. just loot loot and steal what doesn’t belong to them Idiots AKA shortsighted baboons.

    repondre message

    • 15 March 2011 11:58, by Cibaipiath Junub Sudan

      Mr. prophet;
      I am compel to response to your uguly words of expression. I think you are trying for the first time to write comments on Sudantribune websites. You just a beginner that is why you behave like a child who tries to begin speaking with Abuses. Your parents brought you up wrongly. You will never suceed in live though call yourself prophets.

      All your comments are very irrelevant to articles but insulting Dinkas all along. You call Salva-Cowboy Militia and yet you have not gone through his Biography to prove to entire readers that he is a militia. According to me, Salva is a unique soldier who have never tried to turn to Arabs despites all the circumstances he faced. It just this time when he is faced with influx of Malitia who never have any military languages for command. You told a nuer militia orders in Arabic or English he responded in Nuer. Who can you called such gruops? These are gruops who listened through anuses as you said.

      About Riek do not try to advertise Riek. Leave Riek to purify first. He still has that filthy smell- Double faced person. People will be begin to realise Riek after Independent and if you insist to sell him by now then you are destroying his future and your prophecy will not come true. Please refrain fro abuses.

      repondre message

      • 16 March 2011 08:58, by Malou Luiny Joseph

        My dear brothers and sisters, we are all children of South Sudan. We are all Nuer, we are all Dinkas, we are all Equatorians and Zandes. Why don’t we stop abusing ourselves in a website that almost everyboddy in the world is reading and getting information from. What we should be doing is see the areas that need correction and tell/advise ourselves to correct on those specific areas. I have never involved myself in such bad acts in any way and so I am not writing to beg sympathy or to apologise or ask any body’s favor and lastly I am not a sycophant; I am just asking you guys to stop abusing yourselves in the media.

        Secondly the leaders you include in your abuses are supposed to desrve respect in the eyes of the world and this respect must start from home ( Equatoria, Upper Nile and Bhar-el-ghazal= South Sudan) but if we don’t respect them and keep on abusing them in public, then who are we? A nation of disrespectful Dinka, Nuer, Shilluk, Murle, Zande, etc. The outcome is going to be negative to all of us including the Pharisees, Scribes and the Sadducees. So even if you know more about the other, don’t teach people about it in the media, do it elsewhere.
        We are supposed to respect our leaders especially Riak Machar, Salva Kiir, Garang, Pagan Amuom, Lam Akol and the current militia George Athor because though he has turned bad now, he was our liberator before.
        Respect our leaders, Respect south Sudan.

        repondre message

  • 15 March 2011 09:33, by Redbull Geo

    DINKA, DINKA, everywhere dinka. What a cursed name. They are very stupid in the universe.
    1. They are very dirty
    2. They are illetrate even those who had been to school
    3. Their cows might be reasoning better than them
    4. They have failed to know the different between food crops and grass for animals.
    5. they think more stupid than anything worse you might think of.
    6. they are very black and their minds are black as well.

    How can they just move everywhere with their animals grazing as if they are gods of the whole south sudan? They are spoiling the name of that peaciful State with their behaviour of aggressive approach to problems that they themselves cause.
    They come to your farm with their animals, they allow them eat your foodcrops and find a way to kill you so that they can keep grazing on your farm, ARE THEY STUPID? Those creatures in sudan are not people they are black cows keeping white and red cows. If you need to call them; say either (SDT)Stupid Dinka Tribe or Simple as Cows.

    They are very very stupid ooooooooooo

    repondre message

  • 15 March 2011 09:41, by Redbull Geo


    repondre message

    • 15 March 2011 12:47, by Challenger

      To:Redbull and Anti-dinka’s,

      Hate it or love it dinka s are going to be around you & you got nothing to do but to live with it,they will rule you till your last day on this earth.
      Your haterd to dinkas simply show that you are two step behind dinkas that is why you try to create talks.

      repondre message

  • 15 March 2011 15:53, by mohammed ali

    Is Pagan comming again with his fake documents to accuse the Jallaba.
    It is the mismangment of the GOSS which is causing all of this loss of innocent life.

    The oil money is looooooooooooooted by thugs like Pagan and there is no development, food or progress. PEOPLE will fight and compete for resources!

    repondre message

    • 15 March 2011 17:48, by Malith

      Personally, I’m from Yirol and hate to hear this disturbing news. I urge the citizens of Yirol and Mvollo County to solve their differences and promote peace.
      And to Anti-Dinka and Monjang that appeared to comment here. I thought you guys knew that we need each other. The negativity talk must stop. Your nonsense comments only created division among selves and make our enemies more united wherever they are. Why empower our enemies? Do you like being defeated?

      repondre message

  • 15 March 2011 18:14, by Malith

    Mohamed Ali, I congratulate for playing your silly trick. The documents that were presented by Pagan were corrects. Your quest for arming traitors to create instability in the Southern Sudan is not going to work. The Southern Sudanese are stronger than before and very aware of your tricks as revealed. The incident which occurred in Yirol has nothing do with GOSS management. The incident was ignited by misunderstanding among ordinary citizens of Yirol and Mvollo. Mohamed Ali, you would fool dummies and not me. I’m from Yirol but I’m not blaming the GOSS government until the administration fail to find a solution. I can tell that you are so eager to see the Southern Sudanese killing themselves to prove your falsie claims to International Communities that Southern Sudanese Cannot rule themselves. But that is not going to work. Thank for trying Mr. Master of Confusion.

    repondre message

  • 17 March 2011 05:57, by Odingo

    Coward Dinka
    You are not a human being, but an animals with no tail between your legs. That is the only one thing that differentiate you with your cows.

    This time the Greater Equatorians will never forgive you again. Any mistake you make you will face the consequences.

    All the tribes in South Sudan are sick and tired of you coward Dinka.

    God give these Coward Animals tails so that they can joint their brothers like hygena and antelope in the forest.

    God if Dinka can not differentiate the food crops and grass for animals, why don,t you give them tails and horns so that we can know that we are dealing with wild animals.

    There are so many evidence that proved that Dinka are animals. In Juba, you can see them roaming from hotel to hotel looking for left over foods like dogs. You can see them begging people in the street and in the public places foods.

    What kind of people are they?. Only God knows when Dinka will think like human being.


    repondre message

  • 19 March 2011 17:58, by Antiphas Wenyin Paul

    Hi every one reading this article,

    The history on this article is not related to any propoganda, it is what had happen and is still continouing as we are talking and is an emergency which needs a rescue on both sides, and I was on the ground for the last six days, let us not connect it to whatever rubish we do discuss on this web, otherwise I am going to give you an Eye witness report very soon through Manyang Mayom, so be patient and let us not aggitate any body here. Thanks,

    I came from Mapuordit 3 hours ago, back from Mapuordit.

    repondre message

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