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Scores flee Abyei violence as Misseriya threatens to enter area “by force”


March 5, 2011 (KHARTOUM) – The surge of violence in Sudan’s disputed area of Abyei has forced thousands to flee, aid groups said, as south Sudan accused an unknown militia of burning a village in the area, and north Sudan-allied Misseriya tribe threatens to enter Abyei “by force” within 10 days.

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Misseriya community people from the village of Goleh of Abyei district in Sudan (UN Photos)

Medecins Sans Frontieres said on Friday that tens of thousands of people had left Abyei town “mostly empty” as tension in the area exacerbated after violent clashes this week between South Sudan policemen and the north-backed Arab nomadic tribe of Misseriya killed at least 100 people.

The confrontations highlighted the tension associated with the onset of the migration season in which Misseriya tribesmen traverse the borders into Abyei, which is mainly populated by the south-linked Dinka Ngok people, to search for pasture for their cattle.

North and South Sudan, which both contest the oil-producing area, agreed in a meeting held on Friday to set up a joint committee to address insecurity in the area. The committee will adopt measures to ensure the implementation of a peace deal signed after the latest violence in January.

The deal, known as Kadugli agreement, promised the withdrawal of South Sudan police from Abyei and devolved the reasonability for security in the area upon the joint integrated units, formed between north and south Sudan as per the 2005 peace deal that ended civil war in Sudan.

Meanwhile, the United Nation Mission in Sudan (UNMIS), which is mandated to monitor the 2005 peace deal that ended civil war between north and south Sudan, deployed extra 100 peacekeepers in the area to reinforce the existing force.

Abyei’s status was supposed to be determined via a referendum in January on whether to maintain its current administrative status in the north or join the south which chose to secede from the north in another plebiscite held in January.

The vote on Abyei never took place due to disagreements between southern and northern leaders over whether members of Misseriya can vote.

South Sudan officials said that militiamen allied with north Sudan burned a village in the area on Saturday. Speaker of Abyei area administration from the Dinka Ngok, Charles Abyei, told Reuters that the assailing militias burned all the huts in Tajalei village whose residents fled on hearing rumors of the attack.

Meanwhile, chieftains of Misseriya tribe promised north Sudan officials in a meeting held in Al-Mujlad town on Saturday to seek calm with the south in order to reach a lasting solution to Abyei.

However, Misseriya leaders warned that they would enter Abyei “by force” if they are not allowed to take their livestock to Bahr Al-Arab area in Abyei within “ten days,” as reported by the pro-government Al-Raed daily newspaper.

North and south Sudan fought a civil war for nearly half a century before they signed a peace deal known as the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2005. Under the deal, South Sudan voted to secede from the north and is expected to debut as the world’s newest nation in July.


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  • 6 March 2011 11:37, by Historical Boy!

    What a situation in Abyei as Presidency doesn’t care.

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    • 6 March 2011 11:48, by Koang

      Northerners are greedy over the land of south sudan . Please be fair otherwise sudan shall never be in peace.

      repondre message

      • 6 March 2011 17:20, by Omoni Atari

        To all Idiots and cowards of south sudan,

        This is not the time to blame the president Salva kiir nor anybody in south sudan.
        It is time to fight and face the death with enemy ,talking too much is nothing to Arabs. Misseriya have to be killed mercilessly .Bla bla bla bla is not gonna work.
        I do urge all youth of south sudan including myself to stand together ready to die. Please man-up.

        repondre message

    • 6 March 2011 11:54, by Land-of-Cush

      Goss has removed a man who would have tackly the situation since 2010. But their interest force them to sellected wrong man that will never win Abyei issue till Ngundeng pridiction will come.

      repondre message

    • 6 March 2011 13:48, by junub

      All is propaganda and this ill illusion will soon to its end.

      This news is written in Khartoum what do you think where it should leaned to?

      Both Misseriya militiamen and Khartuoum government will not do anything to South Sudan government. For sure those feet of their dying horse will soon turned to a shocking surprise to them.

      We are not in any of fear but rather them because we knew the Abyei’s future is in south and, of course, it will be coming south after July 9 whether they like it or not.

      So all these fault threats about Abyei by Misseriya militiamen and Khartoum government will fine its buried coffin in the North when we responded harshly.

      repondre message

    • 6 March 2011 14:31, by Mototo

      What fucken situation in Abyei? Mr. President, why Messiryia are killing southerners every year, month, week and day while u don’t respone or answer to them? We have a lot of weapons why r u not using them?

      Mototo Chol
      Tunker driver and gunship pilot if Abyei case is settle.

      repondre message

      • 6 March 2011 23:08, by Omoni Atari

        Mtoto mean child.
        fuck off from matured people’s forum ,you are very stupid to called yourself tank and gunship pilot. Are you driving food into your stomach?
        I keep on telling not blame our president salva kiir. It is time for you idiot to face Arabs like a man.again I urge my fellow south sudan youth unite and defeat the enemies through battle not mouth.
        God bless Christian Republic of south sudan.[C.R.O.S.S].
        "together we can achieve"

        repondre message

    • 6 March 2011 16:55, by Peter Nyak

      Let Kuol Deng family suffer more, they deserve to suffer that mach. Its roots are unforgettable, the decision by theirs grandfather had let to this violence. Still, Deng Majoks’ stupid sons are spreading lies, and hatred while their house is already burning down. Look what a stupid creature? Maybe there will be another dysfunction that will know this Fricke idea of fighting over stupid Danka Ngoc is Abyei. so where is their big stupid professor, Francies? Why doesn’t helping his stupid innocient people? Why he just teaching white people in DC while he doesn’t want to stablish institution in his villegage and teaches his stupids sons, with their stupid Mantallity. I am afrid that Dinka Nyok will not functions as they been to this curse since Ngundeng era.

      Peter Nyak

      repondre message

    • 7 March 2011 05:29, by Dinka Dominated SPLA

      Dr. Riek Machar: Revisiting 1991 Coup and Massacre
      The occurrence of 1991 failed coup, its subsequent Bor Massacre and their aftermath have generated political debate among Southern Sudanese. Whereas ethnic leaning is apparent among the proponents and opponents of Dr. Riek Machar, the man who orchestrated and championed the defection and civilian extermination, there is no doubt that Dr. Machar stands no legal grounds whatsoever.

      Riek Machar
      Although some quarters are trying very hard to glorify the infamous 1991 coup that degenerated into the killing of Bor, Panruu and Atar Dinka civilians and the subsequent NIF induced hunger, facts speak otherwise.

      In spite of the fact that some changes in the SPLA/M could, to some extent, be attributed to Riek’s failed coup attempt, it is utterly unacceptable to give the man all the credits on this regard. Dr. Riek’s inability to find ways of effecting the changes he envisioned from within SPLM/A and the ensuing repercussions, that is, the killing and chaos of his defection had marred the entire gesture.

      It is also an insult to Southerners’ intellect to allude that Dr. Riek defected simply because he wanted to champion Southerners’ cause that Dr. Garang did not care about. If anything, his defection became the worst nightmare Southern Sudanese have ever experienced. It created a tense division that the entire Upper Nile Region is yet to recover from. Examples abound such as the Dinka-Nuer conflict where the Bor and Panruu Dinka as well as those from Atar were viciously attacked. This conflict also expanded to parts of Bahr el Ghazal adjacent to Nuer areas. The chaos culminated into mass exodus of refugees and internally displaced persons. Southerners call those moments “the dark days.”

      At the time when SPLA had confined government forces to major southern cities of Malakal, Wau and Juba, the latter of which it was posed to capture, Riek’s departure from SPLA mainstream left it vulnerable. The SPLA liberated areas that fell under the Nasir faction were overrun by government troops without resistance. SPLA mainstream became thinly stretched making the enemy recapture town after town.

      Dr. Riek’s men became part of government’s instrument as is evidenced by the fact that the two Dinka men, Telar and Dengtiel, who were in Dr. Riek’s team left London in protest of Riek’s quest to collaborate with the enemy to obtain weapons and ammunitions from the enemy to, in their own words, “kill our mothers.”

      What southerners had worked hard for was taken back to square one by Dr. Riek. Yet some Southerners have the guts to ignore this predicament and instead call Dr. Riek the man who wanted to fight for Southern cause?

      Dr. Riek’s human rights violation record speaks for itself. Southerners have the right to vilify SPLM/A for human rights violations but we have to remind ourselves that Dr. Riek was not a better devil. The Nuer indiscriminate killing of the Dinka civilians from Bor, Panruu and Atar are a living testimony to Dr. Riek’s handling of his human rights records.

      In Dr. Adwok Nyaba’s review of Dr. Lam’s book, "The SPLM/SPLA – The Nasir Declaration," he stated the following and I quote “Dr. Lam Akol lectures us about the liberation movement, Garang’s one-man no system rule, the need for democratization and building of institutions and respect for human rights. It is real cynicism. The truth is that neither the SPLM/A-Nasir faction [1991-1993] nor its later versions: SPLM/SPLA-United under Riek Machar or under Lam Akol after the change of the name to SSIM/A, exercised democracy or respect for human rights. The people of Bor and Kongor are witnesses of this including some of them who were lynched in Nasir and Leer in the wake of the coup announcement.”

      It is to be recounted - for those who do not know - that Dr. Adwok was an insider to what transpired to be the Nasir-Declaration and how the faction conducted its internal and external activities. The same killing became the norm of the day among the Nuer themselves.

      Dr. Garang rebuffed Dr. Riek’s claim of being a pro-democracy by saying: “Democracy has been so much bitten up these days that even the devil can come and say he is a democrat, people would listen to him.” Yes, before we could buy the claim that Dr. Riek defected because of lack of democracy in the SPLM/A, those privy to Nasir faction should first tell us the make-up of Dr. Riek’s administration and whether or not any elections were conducted after his defection.

      Would we be surprised if we discover that his administration was predominantly made up of one ethnic group or one region? It is no secret that human rights abuses by the Nasir faction generated fury from human rights groups and international community.

      In all of its negotiations with successive Khartoum regimes, SPLM has always maintained that it is advocating for a free, secular, democratic and united Sudan. And should this fail to materialize, Southerners must be given the option to secede. The message being that SPLM’s first objective is to have a united Sudan while its second objective is to vie for an independent Southern Sudan.

      Although the call for a united Sudan was, and still is, unpopular among Southerners, SPLM had made it very clear what it went to the bush for. The late Dr. Garang in his own words stated the following: “The objective of the movement is a united, democratic, secular Sudan that will have been based on the free will of the people, and hence the necessity of self-determination. That [self-determination] is the second objective of the movement, for the people of South Sudan and other marginalized areas to freely express their wish in a referendum, whether they chose to belong to the kind of Sudan which we aim to establish or wish to establish a state of their own” (Reuters, November 15, 1998).

      It therefore beats logic for some Southerners to insinuate that Southerners did not know what they were fighting for under SPLM. If anything, they should ask Dr. Riek and Lam, why they left their factions that had outlined “visions” and returned to a visionless movement (SPLM)?

      It is actually an overstatement for me to give the Nasir faction or its subsequent splinter groups the credit of having clear objectives. Dr. Adwok Nyaba who was privy to these organizations disputes the claim that Riek’s faction had a vision when he said and I quote: “Yes, the split in the SPLM/SPLA became a reality because the bone of contention was not democracy, building institutions, self-determination for the people of Southern Sudan and all the thrash peddled by Dr. Lam in his ‘Towards organizing the SPLM’.

      The split became a reality because of the greed and ambition for power. There was no credible objective on the part of the Nasir conspirators for which Dr. John Garang could have willingly or unwillingly given up the leadership of the SPLM/SPLA.

      In their own court, the Nasir plotters had nothing new to offer the people except tribal and sectional divisions and feuds…” There we go. Dr. Riek and Lam had nothing new that SPLM failed to offer and this is manifested by the way the Nasir faction became immersed in tribal conflicts as well as its tendency to fight alongside NIF forces against Southerners.

      Riek Machar’s self-aggrandizing remarks such as “Garang today has no troops. If he had troops we would have been fighting here. Most of his troops are wiped out in Bor. And anybody else who wants to fight knows that his fate might be the same with those who were wiped out in Bor,” makes Southerners wonder what was in his mind when he uttered those words.

      Being part of the highest echelon of SPLM/A movement prior to his defection, he knew very well that the entire SPLM High Command was grounded in Torit, Eastern Equatoria, while majority of SPLA soldiers were busy shelling government strongholds in Juba. The only people who were in Bor when the coup was announced were unarmed and innocent civilians. And Dr. Riek knew this. Therefore, it must be true that those who were “wiped out,” to borrow Riek’s own words, were civilians.

      Thus, Southerners do not need rocket scientists to state with absolute certainty that Dr. Riek’s defection greatly weakened SPLA’s military might and decreased Southerners (reads SPLM) negotiation power in Abuja I and II and IGAD prior to 2002. Maybe the only good thing about Dr. Riek was the toothless Khartoum Peace Agreement he signed.

      But, to his chagrin, the NIF made him come to a bitter realization that they were not interested in the implementation of any bit of the agreement, leave alone the self-determination clause. This prompted him to unceremoniously leave Khartoum in 2000, swallowed his pride and joined the man he accused of autocracy in 2002.

      Militarily, Dr. Garang best describes Dr. Riek’s betrayal when he said: “Even if I forgive them, they will be known in history as people who stabbed the movement in Southern Sudan in the back. They will be known as people who at the point of victory, when we were going to win in Juba, this was our next target, still is, they stabbed us in the back. The people of Southern Sudan and the people of Sudan will judge that.”

      Well said, Mr. Chairman. Southerners may have deferred their judgment but one day one time, they will issue their verdict.

      What else can Southerners call a disservice than Dr. Riek’s previous inclination to conspire with Khartoum regime to allow relief food and services, via the help of his deceased British wife, Emma McCune, to be delivered to Nasir while the government, with his permission, imposed a no-fly zone in other interior parts of Southern Sudan? What can we call a disservice than his decision to make peace with the enemy while becoming a staunch adversary to his Southern brothers (the SPLA)?

      Having proved to the contrary the claim that Dr. Riek was the man who brought all the goodies on the table of Southern Sudanese, I find it crucial to elucidate Dr. Riek’s legal liability in the wake of the 1991 massacre. First and foremost it is to be stated that justice knows no ethnicity.

      Therefore both the supporters and opponents of Dr. Riek will have their hands tied behind their back when justice is being administered on the case. Should the case be brought under the microscope of the International Criminal Court (ICC) it would be quite relieving for others and devastating for some that the man stands very little chance of acquittal. If anything, Dr. Riek would be on his way to join the likes of former Liberian President, Charles Taylor and Thomas Lubanga of Congo Republic.

      Article 28 of the Rome Statute defines very clearly the circumstances under which a military commander could be held accountable for wrong deeds their forces committed. The article states the following:
      “In addition to other grounds of criminal responsibility under this Statute for crimes within the jurisdiction of the Court:
      (a) A military commander or person effectively acting as a military commander shall be criminally responsible for crimes within the jurisdiction of the Court committed by forces under his or her effective command and control, or effective authority and control as the case may be, as a result of his or her failure to exercise control properly over such forces, where:

      (i) That military commander or person either knew or, owing to the circumstances at the time, should have known that the forces were committing or about to commit such crimes; and
      (ii) That military commander or person failed to take all necessary and reasonable measures within his or her power to prevent or repress their commission or to submit the matter to the competent authorities for investigation and prosecution.”

      A video clip (and I watched the complete tape) on You Tube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZIT_g4FCV0) shows Riek giving a very incriminating testimony where he acknowledges his responsibility for what befell Bor people. “Yes, yes, yes I am the commander of the forces. They were in touch with me, yes. They were in touch with me (when they attacked Bor area) and they had the specific instructions”.

      Whether or not what occurred on the ground came as the result of Dr. Riek’s “specific instructions” is not the point of contention. The fact was that civilians were killed en mass and their belonging looted (another prosecutable crime by the ICC). Therefore, it would be prudent for one to conclude that the specific instructions that Dr. Riek gave his troops included the horrendous killing of civilians and looting of their livestock and property for that is exactly what happened.

      However, a case like this has to be filed at the ICC if the state party or the UN Security Council requests the prosecutor to launch an investigation. Since Sudan is not a state party to the Rome Statute, it may take us a long time to lay charges against human rights violators. And even if Sudan was a state party to the Rome Statute, the fact that Dr. Riek is currently at the helm of power, coupled by a number of temporary immunity (although the ICC does not honor this, the state will not renege on it), anyone’s quest for justice in the near future may be hampered.

      The biggest blow to those who want the case filed in The Hague is that the ICC can only prosecute cases which occurred on or after July 1st 2002 or after the country becomes a member state as dictated by Article 11 of the Rome Statute. This reality leaves Dr. Riek with a happy face. But there are many other avenues where Dr. Riek could be made to account for his past actions.

      It is naïve for us to expect victims of Riek Machar to forget what befell them. As a matter of fact, this reality will live with them for the rest of their life, no matter how hard they try to forget. They won’t forget but they can forgive. But to forgive someone, that person must ask for it. And the request must be genuine enough to attract your forgiving gesture.

      So far, Dr. Riek never asked for forgiveness so how can the victims forgive an egoistic human being? I also find it ironic to see Southerners putting pressure on the victims to be lenient on the culprits while the latter pride themselves in their heinous actions.

      In the present time, it appears as if Dr. Riek is reborn. His return to SPLM in 2002 was plausible while his tireless work as the Vice President seems marvelous. Despite Riek’s current redemption, Southerners must know that justice cannot be compromised in any way.

      I therefore join hands with those who call upon Dr. Riek and all other concerned individuals to account for their past misdeeds, albeit I differ with those who demand absolute justice via the court. What Southerners want is some form of justice where they will be able to put the past behind them. This, in my humble opinion, could be attained through a South African style Truth and Reconciliation process where victims and perpetrators would be made to come vis-à-vis with one another. This healing process must be initiated by GoSS and started by none other than Dr. Riek Machar.

      GoSS and Dr. Riek ought to give Southerners the timeframe when this process would take place or risk preemptive measures taken by the victims and their sympathizers to file charges.

      Riek’s only redemption is in the simple words “I am sorry” to all the affected victims and people of South Sudan. In the absence of that apology, he must be prepared for a mountainous journey ahead. There are other possible means of making things a lot harder for him, both legally and politically. It is most likely that he will campaign for his own election or that of his party members. And the issue of Bor massacre will be a thorn in his shoes, regardless of where he marketed his political plan.

      Filing criminal charges against Dr. Riek in Sudan and many other countries can also be an effective tool of making his life a living hell. If convicted at home, justice will be served. If found guilty in other countries, he may not step his feet in that country or if he does, he would be roughed up by law enforcement agents or face immediate deportation. Therefore his movement would be confined to limited number of countries, making his relevance in politics and diplomacy obsolete.

      Should this happen, Dr. Riek’s political career and ambition would be crumbling for Southerners wouldn’t want to elect a President who is a wanted criminal in some countries

      repondre message

      • 7 March 2011 07:22, by Liberator

        Dinka Dominated(None(____)

        Salva Kiir, should be tried for war crimes against Gajaak Nuer for 1986-87 genocides. Late John Garang Should be tried

        for commiting the same crimes in Absebtia since he’s

        Majak Agot of (NISS) co-conspirator with that intelligence service, he should be charged for massacre against Nuer red army in 1989-90 for throwing a live grenade into their building.

        Kuol Manyang should be charged and tried for massacring inoccent Toposa civilians in Equatoria region through out 1990’. (not to mentioned the cold blood murder of many Central Nuer of Lou & Eastern Nuer SPLA officers in 1992-93

        There are many more!
        You better shut up or hell is here to engulf the whole south

        repondre message

        • 7 March 2011 10:23, by actiongatkuoth

          hey dinka dominated spla.
          please don,t talk like mad,
          this useless dinkas ngok left their land for misseriya always how can we help such coward dinka ngok.
          they claim to own land while they are not able to protect their land.
          shame on dinkas as whole because they fight only for food,
          as athor doing so.
          please dinkas adjust yourselves,

          repondre message

  • 6 March 2011 11:46, by Liberator

    Historical Boy!

    What presidency? Salva Kiir?.. I don’t think so. he is not going to be tough on ’’Bashir Gov’t’’..but quick to fight his own people..

    Ngundeng prophecies are inescapable.

    Note: to Arop Deng Kuol(Deng Alor’s Brother & head of GOSS mission in Ethiopia) Now is good to tell you to go to Salva Kiir for help..Like you have told South Sudanese citizens in Ethiopia to go to Dr. Riek for help!!

    Why are you guys fleeing leaving the land to ’Arabs’’? what a coward bastards community!!!!

    repondre message

  • 6 March 2011 14:39, by Jongkuch

    Those thugs must know that Abyei is not up for grasp and can’t be occupied by any force. What force are they talking about? the days of intimidation are over. And in fact, those homeless nomads will regret in the long run what they are doing now. They are now allowing themselves to be used as destructive tools by the NCP, but they will pay a heavy price for their violent behaviour. They should instead beg the Dinka Ngok community to allow them to pasture their thirsty cows in Abyei without all this nonsense.


    repondre message

    • 6 March 2011 16:32, by Historical Boy!

      But why are Abyei youth running away in disarray leaving Abyei town empty to Messiriya?

      repondre message

  • 6 March 2011 16:41, by Monyekuron

    Dear all,
    The questions that beg an answers are: for how long will the Misseriya (or nomads in general) continue to graze their animals in South Sudan after the SOuth Sudan gains independence July 2011? What plans has the Khartoum Government got for the long term interests of its nomadic populations? It is well known that the first Arabs to enter Sudan were nomads, who came in search of water and pasture for their animals (not to mention slave raids). We now know how far they have moved into the interior of Sudan; and if unchecked they will continue to violate the territorial integrity of independent South Sudan. GOSS needs to press for a timeline when the nomad movement south must end. Besides, because of their large herds of animals, the nomads are agents of desertification. The government of independent South Sudan needs to levy a heavy tax (to act as a deterrent) on each animal that crosses to graze in South Sudan.

    repondre message

    • 6 March 2011 19:24, by Aliny pathou

      All the southerns youths and SPLA forces needs to come together and defends Abyei from misseriya occupation.

      repondre message

  • 7 March 2011 01:06, by monyluakkur

    Why the SPLA/M doesn’t take a tremendous solution to answer on Abyei’s turbulence stroke by the Misseriya at this momentous?

    Indeed, we didn’t go to the unrested civil war with the Nothern Arabs, because we were not aware about our people’s landmass occupation due to this abyei’s turbulence being brushed off by the Goss govts,as why they are just sitting their butts showcase in Juba Capital City without glancing at the brinks where the problems of the past civil war was first boiled and fermented into what all people are currently enjoying its fruits and its roots as if weren’t bitter right from the borderlines.

    Dont’t let the same causes of the past civil war begins in Abyei until it will extend to those areas which are too closed to Abyei.It will be upto the kirr’s challenges government to do it duty as needed by all the country citizens.

    The Goss must stop interferring with the internal tribalistics war amongst the intra or intertribes instead of quenching those current issues that are waving people dwellings.The Goss governments’politicians have to dissolve any earthscorch voilences to befalling on our innocence people’s lives, as they had never been at rest since the past civil war cracked the both warring parties.Especially, the Southern Sudan has experienced most worsen than the Nothern Sudan despite the fact of what had affected the both sides irrationally and uncompromised until it was fanalized in the Naivash, Kenya 2005 comprehensive peace agreement, as we are seeing the fresh air in the Southern Sudan prevailing in this present atmosphere pressure we are just gasping on our own imaginery and truly there.

    But it’s time for the Goss governments to protect the life of its citizens as per their employements income,we can’t leave them suffer at this monent becasuse there are sons;fathers; and mothers;and uncles of those victimized families who are now serving in the SPLA armies’ uniforms.

    repondre message

  • 7 March 2011 15:18, by Jalaby

    Well, That is a wise decision by Dinka Nok, just flee and never come back again. Fleeing Abyei proves that Dinka Nok are not the real owner of the land, how come you flee your home no matter what? if it is your home then you will fight till you win or die, Unless Misseriya believe it is their land they will never continue fighting like this everyday and die for their cause and never pay attention to death, what a brave people!!

    Ironically, Dinka Nok have only one solution for this problem, only see the solution with one eye and half mind .. Abyei is south and no place for Misseriya!!

    Again, it is wise decision by Dinka Nok, just flee and run away and never come back, Americans will never fight on behalf of you, you have 10 Dinka branches (brothers) in south and any one of them can offer you a safe haven and host you, could be Dinka Bor, Gogrial, Akok, etc.

    Jalaby (Abo Tagia)

    repondre message

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