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Salva Kiir orders to forcefully disarm South Sudan civilians


By James Gatdet Dak

June 17, 2009 (JUBA) – The President of the semi-autonomous Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS), and Commander-in-Chief of all sectors of the organized forces in the region, has ordered the forces to forcefully disarm the civilian populations if they resist to hand over arms.

Salva Kiir

Addressing the opening of the 24th session of the Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly (SSLA) in Juba, President Salva Kiir lamented that almost all corners of Southern Sudan had experienced insecurity mostly caused by rival armed civilians.

He said he had ordered the command of the organized forces this week to launch the disarmament in Lakes state, adding that any one illegally owning a gun and refusing to handover that gun to the authorities would be disarmed by force.

Kiir told the appointed lawmakers, in the session believed to be their last one, as the region expects elections in February 2010, that those who illegally hold guns should either hand them over now, or be disarmed by force in all the ten Southern Sudan states including the capital, Juba.

Inter and intra tribal deadly clashes have affected almost all the states of the semi-autonomous region, with Lakes, Jonglei and Warrap states being the hardest hit by the violence for the last four years.

In the three states thousands of people are believed to have perished in the civilians’ armed clashes, and in Jonglei state the clashes fit Murle tribe vs either Lou-Nuer or Dinka Bor, and in some cases, Lou-Nuer vs Dinka.

In Lakes and Warrap states, rival Dinka clans have turned against each other, and in some cases do clash with other non-Dinka communities within their respective states and from the neighboring states.

Upper Nile and Central Equatoria states, which were relatively peaceful during the first three years of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), have also joined the violence this year.

The recent clashes had involved communities of Mundari vs Bari and Lou-Nuer vs Jikany Nuer or Dinka vs Shilluk in Central Equatoria and Upper Nile states, respectively.

Other five states are as well affected by the similar violence, but some with minimal magnitude.

Among the least affected by the inter-community violence is Western Equatoria state. However, the state was also faced with insecurity caused by the notorious rebels of the Ugandan Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and Ambororo migrant nomads.

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Gier Chuang Aluong, returned from Rumbek on Tuesday after launching the disarmament of the civil population in the state.

Chuang said there were renewed clashes during the week in Lakes state between the communities of Dinka Agar and Jur Beli, leaving dozens of people reportedly dead and displacing hundreds of them.

Among factors causing the civilians’ violence in Southern Sudan include cattle rustling and child abduction, competition over grazing lands and water points and revenges on past murders or killings during open battles.

However, native politicians are also suspected in having a hand in orchestrating or fuelling the violence in their respective states.

The Speaker of the Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly, James Wani Igga, in his remarks during the opening of the parliament session expressed support to the President’s order to forcefully disarm the civilians.

In the past, the government launched voluntary disarmament policy which did not bring the expected result due to resistance or defiance by the armed civilians.

In 2006 a forceful deadly but successful disarmament was carried out in one section of the Lou-Nuer areas in Jonglei state under the command of Major General Bol Kong.

Hundreds of people died in the exercise, but brought calm and relative peace in the area.

However, other communities in the region remain heavily armed while some others previously disarmed are believed to have re-armed.


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  • 18 June 2009 04:54, by amokdoor

    Iam sure Mr president that what you are doing is long journey to stablise normal situation in S.sudan but you need to assure the public about the following issues

    Security for disarmed client from internal and external evaders.
    Ful control of uncirculating arms machin guns and munitions from arab,southern sudanses generals backed by arabs eg (malakal case) to civilians.

    Supplies of polices units with gunships to patrol amd amplified security setup on boarders within southern sudan (you never know your boarders)

    Duplication of existing police unit to help meet the need and provide protection to civilians.

    Used of tactical mechanism of disarmements (not forceful)as you said to civilian poppulation for example if you need to control civilian’s guns than there is need to survey and research (to know the mood of people because they are not herd of animal)before you luanch that agreesive decision.
    after that there is need to setup the panel team on diplomatic enquiies with automatice reseasons of your decision to control the gun from civilian and after that you need to reward some people who have been faithful respect to the authorities with USD$500 and for sure nuer will do that as soon as they saw your reward.(this was done in liberia)

    Deploy police,soldiers to every state,county,city and villages to ensure that security is in play.

    Employ well qualified accountants to deal with this special programme and inform minister concern that there is no delay of thier salaries because in southern sudan there are so many "headquarters of many hands salaries purification before exiting to the clients"

    Ensure anyone disarmed by panel that you will be look after by the government because our government is for the people.

    introduce the laws of gun license and communicate to the entire poppulation so that to control gun’s crimes.

    i hope on doing the above mentioned issue, there will be glowing light of hope for freedom of everythings in southern sudan.

    John the great.

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    • 18 June 2009 05:29, by makur

      Dear Kiir

      I would to tell you that althought do to disarm civilian then you still have to hear people’s death every day, every months, every year.. Guns does not kill people, people’s kill people.

      repondre message

      • 18 June 2009 06:02, by makur

        Although I am in no way an activist for or against gun control, it is time those who argue that guns kill people are brought back to reality. While in theory the statement may be true, the gun did not load itself, take aim itself, and fire itself. A person, a human being, loaded the gun and fired. Granted, I have heard recently of a man that jumped on his owner’s gun in such a perfect way that it fired and shot the owner in the leg, but a human still loaded that gun.

        When we discuss suicide we often times refer to it as ’killing oneself’. We do not say that mr who was killed by a gun, we said mr who was committed suicide, why don’t we say, gun has kill mr who.. The gun did not raise itself to the exact position in which it would be discharged. It did not load itself and cock the hammer. The gun did not squeeze its own trigger, resulting in the death of an unknowing person.

        The gun is not put on trial for murder. It can not be sentenced to a lifetime in prison for taking the life of an innocent person. There is a person always behind the gun in every case of voluntary murder or suicide.

        I have been around guns my whole life. I learned how to properly clean, load, aim, fire, and maintain a gun before I was five years old. In my adult life, my father-law would shoot himself. There is not one person that can say that either one of those cases the gun was not to be blame. He shot himself by his own gun. Who is to blame’s, gun or man? Stupid person will say gun but to me gun is innocent joy.

        Some will argue that without a gun those things would not have happened. That is also not true. While I am not about to lobby for the 1,000 ways one could take his or her own life, I think everyone can judge for themselves that there are more ways to do these things than fire a gun.

        If we were to take away the Sudanese Right to Keep and Bear Arms then we better destroy every household kitchen knife as well. A knife cannot stab a person without a person standing behind it any easier than a gun can shoot a person without a human squeezing the trigger.

        Then we will have to ban the automobile. How many lives are lost to car accidents each year? I am not about to even try and make an assumption, but I am willing to bet that their are more lives lost in traffic accidents, also consisting of pedestrians hit by cars, than there are people who lose their lives to guns.

        Guns do not kill people, it is people who kill people while using a gun, or a knife or a vehicle, or, unfortunately, many othe rmeans not needing to be discussed.

        Idiotic adults who let their children play with guns without properly showing them how to use them, care for them, and make sure they are not loaded are the ones who kill people. It takes a millisecond to hit that safety button, or safety catch as it is sometimes called, but a lifetime of grieving for the ones who don’t bother with it.

        Home towm Malek Anyieth pan-Ador
        Makur was belong to above

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        • 18 June 2009 14:09, by Abuk D- Nhial

          Your sentences might either be true but it doesn’t have conclusion.
          As you said gun doesn’t lood it self nor could it aim to burst firing toward the aimed direction to kill,what do you think might cause common death in our states in Southern Sudan today? It’s guns sir,the civilians must to be disarmed all without favoring who ever call them selves cousins of ministers or brothers to lieutenant.

          I want to aware the people of Lake state in particular to remember that "world is round and changeable’ unless you change from pride to humble, your state and your people would be useless.Lieutenants,CDR,commissioners please avoid favoring your relatives but do justice,equality and fairness.

          Look some unclear politicians brought up the news of new elected commissioner of Rumbek East(Mabor Mayen wol) and block out some interesting comments from other knowledgeable people,does it mean you are really doing the right thing ?, No’ the view of right is shared by every body.

          To Kiir,let disarmament continue but not by force but by law according to who have really hidden the guns yet innocents shall not be included as it was.

          Finally, any nuer soldier shouldn’t go for disarmament in lakes state, I meant the very great meaningful sir.
          Catalyst Hemisphere.

          All in all do parts from the comment of Mr. John the great.

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        • 18 June 2009 17:07, by kuur Deng

          I personaly agree with presidential decree that guns should be disarm by force simple because whoever possess weapon like gun without law that govern it is unlawful it can inflict a terrible implications like its had happen.We all know that guns should be always under the rule of law in any particular country and shouldn’t be anybody jsut. You imagine that every one including women and adult children to have guns and other weapon in this country what will be expectation by then.Let just look at our status who are we to have weapons randomly without regulations. In fact I have to tell people like Makur and others that there is no point of leaving civillians weapon of mast distructions.We better to advice the civillian to get back their spears,knives and endegenous weapon rather than to have guns.

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      • 18 June 2009 10:45, by Sala Gai

        Dear Dr Kiir Mayardit.

        I think Mr President Kiir, disarm will be for two communities

        Murle and Nuer lou in Jonglei state for their wrong activities.
        Disarm them but Arab will bring more for them to threat CPA.

        repondre message

        • 18 June 2009 17:56, by kelvinho

          Dear Mr.Sala Gai,
          Do you have anythings against the tribes you have mentioned?Which tribe in Southern Sudan that doesn’t own guns?Please do not bring the mind of refugee to Jonglei state where every refugee want to have right.If you are a Dinka Bor and you don’t owwn a gun then u were not in Sudan.Mind you the prezo was talkin’of ten states not your Isrealites that you are fearing most.Are they the only collaborators and Bor are not?Talk of Abel Alier is he from Nuer or Murle?Continue eating your yellow corn and you will get us in Sudan.
          The writer has never been to refugees camps unless internally displaced by arabs.

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    • 18 June 2009 05:41, by Kim Deng

      Mr. Kiir,

      It is too little too late to use force at this cridical movement. Were you not the same guy who stopped the forceful disarmament after learning that some lives were wasted in Lake State? When the same method was used in Jonglei especially from Lou-Nuer area, you’re just enjoying the dirty game. What change you from your position or do you think that there will be no tough confrontation from those you always expect them to hand their weapons peacefully to the authority?

      I do support the disarmament sice 2006 regarless of its outcome because I do not only believe it is the only mean to bring peace and stability in the South, but it can block the arabized Nubian govt/NIF its dirty activities in the region.

      I cannot wait and see Mr. Lion General Gatdet Yak to be assigned to command the disarmament in Jonglei State and Warrap State respectively since they have been the wosrt States from insecurity.

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      • 18 June 2009 08:19, by Arochthon

        Dear kiir

        This is what we have been waiting from you since the time you established this government of southern Sudan. we all have confidence in you that with all your powers nothing would happen in south sudan with out your acknowledgement.

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      • 18 June 2009 20:29, by Buol Majier

        Kim Deng

        You really have a point here, there is nothing that puzzled me like the inconsistency of our President in withdrawing the same decrees he issued out. comprehensive disarmament is inevitable this time round if we are yearning for stability in South Sudan.

        Without prejudice Mr. President it’s high time to renovate Boma Cell for sabotages the ones you nickname spoilers of the peace if the attempt to avert your orders.

        Bosco Buol

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    • 18 June 2009 06:09, by John K

      I strongly agree with your commments amokdoor. How can mad salva kiir ordered a forcefull disarment while there is no stable security in all parts of southern sudan. He want to repeat the same mistake he did last time by disarm other communities and leaving others with arms. This idea cause alot of problems special in jonglei state where disarm communities are vulneble to arm communities. Therefore, i urge the incompetent salva kiir to think twice before implemented his new rules of disarm. Here are some tips that salva might have to follow in order to be wise in his decisions. He has to deploy the spla army in all borders of southern sudan especailly nothern border to ensure no guns are exported or imported , make a research properly on dsarmment,discuss the issued with mps, local cheifs to see their opinions, make sure polices are doing their job of enforcing law and finally, introduce strict law on private arms

      repondre message

    • 18 June 2009 15:35, by Simon Puok Nyang Tutjiek

      Dear president Kiir.
      Iam very glade with decree, our civilian have gone far, they want even SPLA to be civilian and they become SPLA these is what they think, the massive disarmament in all over the Sudan is quite beter than to stay in the enemies, the civilian become the real enemies than lord resistance and the main enemy you all know.
      Therefore I my self congretulate the presidential decree today and if possible the disarmament can be start asearly the decree as tomorrow, so that arabs among the civilian are aware of what is going to heppan tomorrow otherwise the longer the decree is not implement the many problem they arrived.

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  • 18 June 2009 06:07, by mapek

    Immense congratulation Mr Kiir,for the developmental and unproblematic plan you simply brought forward after couples or hundred of thousands die,for the last four years after the key signitory to CPA, in SPLM Dr.John Garang finshed his long and rough duty leaving you the simpler one.You have brought forward that forceful disharmament but the core challenging branch is the implementation modality,which most leaders of the World simply fail,but try to put in place what you planned.

    President Kiir,why you put Lake state to be the first,what of Jonglei and Warrap and you have enough batallions without being deployed whilst there is no more war between the main two rival NORTH VS SOUTH.Please Kiir you have delayed the best disharmament policy,reason because our people are semi wild animal.Without being kill policy,then there is no peace.Tackling insecury in Jonglei,Warrap and Lake state will bring peace to other seven Southern states.

    Kiir, abandoning of corruption and settling insecury in the ten states of the South will raise the popularity of SPLM plus defection in it.Let the previous reshuffling policy be the predominantly agent and correct yourself in leadership,share powers equally to number of states for those who wants to eat,eat and people who wants legacy and freedom achieve it,for the next generation to achieve prosperity in their lifes.Kiir be careful don’t let our land make u turn to 1972 erra.

    Lastly,don.t fear that, if I do threats my people they will not votes at me in 2010 presidential election or they will not vote for their interest in 2011 referendum.Everyone have tasted the bitter of Jallaba or how bored is the government in Khartoum was and is.Kiir implement,implement,implement and implement forceful disharmament to all 200 tribes in Southern Sudan if you wants peaceful co-existence and harmony.And start it with the most hostile communities paradigm BAAR, NAATH, MUNDARI, JIENG AGAAR, JIENG ATUOT, JIENG TWICH WEST ,JIENG TONY, TAPOSA, JIENG NGOK, SHILUK, LOTUKO ,DINGDINKA AND JIENG BOR PLUS THE POISONIOUS BAARI and wipe out TONG-TONG out of South territories,then you will get a peaceful Southern Sudan.


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    • 18 June 2009 07:35, by KingJared

      Sudanese have not reckoned the impacts of civilisation, transformation, and technology in south Sudan. The world has changed, floating away from its previous axis to new pivot, "Seesaw" between savage and civilised life. And this paradigm shift is the major effect that causes inter-tribal clashes in southern Sudan. Everyone neeeds money to have bettter life but we don’t recognise it. Look at the previous and current situation and then compare and contrast tribes relationship in the region. Cattle were there but the rival over them was not constant like now. The raid comes once year or maybe in three years because there was no need for money notwithstanding, today everyone needs money to buy a car, build mansion and have mobile etc. This is why we see civilians killing each other. The civilians see that their relatives working in the goverment are living in luxury so they want also to be in the same boat. If it is matter of cattle why do Mundari and Bari fought? Were they fought over cattle? No. They just fought for certain matter that should be linked with modernity and civilisation. "Little knowledge is the poison" Their littel knowledge about the civilisation made them to fight each other. Look at Rumbek and Warrap, the cattle were there since the creational day but they didn’t fight like now.The war came as impact of modernity. People ambush others to loot them so that they can get money. When I was in southern Sudan ten years ago, I encountered many attacks but I was not a herder. People sometime hijacked me to give them some money if not they threat to kill me, yet I was not working nor trader. And then I came to realise that the mercenaries were bodygaurds of some commanders from spla. To me disarmament won’t stop the tribal war unless the government should have to draft laws of attack, raid and looting. It will take ten years in southern Sudan for guns to extinct. The SPLA can disarm the civilians but they will rearm themselves in black market because I know they are some people who are going to sell the guns to themselves like what was happenning in Agoro market ’Shuk majirimani’

      Everyone needs money, money is root of devil, money brings crime. For us to have peace. Goverment needs to employee young people so that they can engage in work. When a man is idle he can do something to engage him. So people commit crimes to kill their bore and get money.

      To stop this crime, the government needs to implement the laws.

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  • 18 June 2009 08:53, by Simpleman

    Mr. President, your idea could be ok but you should apply both military and civilian political technicalities to achieve that, otherwise elections are nearing and when you frustrate your people, you will definitely offer most of your votes to your opponent.

    So be very careful and technical in carry out such activities

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    • 18 June 2009 11:30, by magang chol

      To mr kirr. it is too late to do disarmment after very people lost their life. also it is imposible for only two community to be disarm. what of those of Nuer you are going to do disarment also.

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  • 18 June 2009 09:00, by billieth

    It would be good news for South Sudanese if the president really wakes up and try to move south forward. The crisis could have been appeased if the president had been up to his task. Technically South Sudan is a new nation and therefore challenges are many. However, security could have been the first priority in the South so that the citizens would feel the breath of peace that they had missed for decades.
    The insecurity in South is at its climax. If you, Kiir, don’t move quickly, South would be fragmented. And the lives we lost, the pain and the sufferings we endure would have no value. Disbarment is a way forward but it has to be done in a smart way. Southerners know and respect laws. If you call local chiefs and explain to them without reservation what it means to leave in peace, I am very sure all arms would be surrendered within a month if not a week.

    Keep your words and Good Luck!

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  • 18 June 2009 09:06, by Akolde Nhiak Jinub

    Dear President Gen. Kiir,

    Forcefully disarmament isn’t a solution to all troubles in our Southern Sudan today. It is South Sudan in the first. As you have just realized that there are quarters, out there as enemies of Peace, you are very right. Enemies are not even Arabs as perse, Arabs are using your very politicians, some of whom you have overtrusted with our masses lives.

    I would seek if you form committees of Inquiry (Investigation) to first dig out (and especially in Lakes state) why are people fighting?
    Case in point is the recent fight between Jurbeli of Wulu and Dinka Agaar of Rumbek East.

    I have interview some youth from Rumbek East of why did they launch a fight, they said, we were reliating. From 2008 April till May 20, Dinka Agaar of Rumbek have lost over 90 fellow men and women respectively to Jurbele of Wulu. The recent relieved commissioner of Wulu Mr. Shiluru Gideon and one MP of Lakes state Dapal Rajap plus their Master Gen. Awet who supports them as said to be behind all these atrocities.

    The recent confrontation in Nuktamanga has shade a light there are proxies behind this escalations in Lakes state of Wulu and Rumbek east. Rumbek East of whom I met told me that they were battling with army in National Security uniform. The soldiers that they have killed in the battle are not from Jurbele of Wulu, but more of a look of Arabs, the youths said. We were assaulted with a jeep (landcrusier car) mounted with 12 milimeter machine guns. They saw more than three jeeps, one of which Rumbek East youth have destroyed!

    So, is there anything suspicious in this case!!??? YES, there is. Just send investigation to Lakes state of Wulu and Rumbek East to investigate this recent fight between the two communities.

    Former commissioner of Wulu county is now in Khartoum where he has sought asylum. Why Khartoum and not Juba!!??

    There were landcrusiers loaded with unknown asorts that speed up from Wulu heading Lakes state. Reaching Tonj, it speed off and broke off the check Point in Tonj. People of Tonj called on Governor Awet and security forces in Rumbek. Governor Awet went alone and in less than two days, fight broke out in Wulu.

    Wulu youth did their heinous killing, even killing aged women and men, children and this intensed reliation from Rumbek East youth, as I learnt from Youth.

    Both, Governor Awet, former Commissioner of Wulu and Wulu MP Mr. Dapala Rajap are implicated in Wulu and Rumbek East tribal fights, my foot. Just send a committee of inquiry and the team will dig the truth out.

    Now Wulu have turned on foreign trucks as their preys. They have just shot at a Kenyan yesterday evening in Nutkamanga. Injuried him badly. UNMIS has declared the road insecure and raised its level to three, Arm escort mandatory!

    For all the troubles that have rocketed Lakes state, there has never been an investigation team sent from Juba to dig out what goes around and cause fights.

    What does the above entail of Lakes state issues????

    Think about Lakes state!

    repondre message

    • 18 June 2009 14:40, by Abuk D- Nhial

      You really resemble to your created name "Nhiak Jinub.
      What you have stated will need spying and investigation.
      Please keep on among the community of thuyiich.

      Or I may know you by the way.

      Little to tell you, stop insulting your newly commissioner of the same community.


      repondre message

  • 18 June 2009 09:14, by postmortem

    Mr. President, when you launch a project of this nature, an assessment and evaluation team must be following the excercise to feed you with the project performance.

    If the disarmament exercise is not moving well in a particular area, the team should be able to evaluate and give you recommendations on possible alternatives in handling the exercise and you .

    Remove all the guns from the civilians and should be an equal exercise in Southern Sudan. I remember very well in the bush years back that it was easy for our people to mobilise quickly against an advancing enemy and we were able to contain the situations. These guns can be released in case of emergency situations that are posed by our common enemy.

    Go ahead and let the disarmament take root. Tribal clashes have causes stagnation in development in Southern Sudan especially in the private sector due to insecurity.

    Long live SPLM, long live Southern Sudan.

    repondre message

    • 18 June 2009 10:16, by kelvinho

      Dear excellency Mr.President,
      I really seconding your decision but there is one problem that as a citizen of Sudan I fears most,the disarmmaent will cause disaster to other tribes in some states as you take some soldiers let’s takes lou-Nuer and Dinka as example to Murle areas they will just shoot civilians anyhow revanging what Murle or Lou Nuer or Dinka did to teir brothers.
      Lastly,if you want to forcefully disarm,then better do so to one state at a time but not one County or tribe at a timw.
      N/B Bear in mind that you will loss more than 2000-3000 in this forcefull disarmmament.
      By crying citizen

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      • 18 June 2009 10:22, by Dinkamoi

        Mr. President got wrong this time. He can not order the entire disarmament of the South. In fact it is the Dinkas who are generally misusing the guns. The Dinka SPLA are dishing out guns to their Dinka youth in order to terrorize innocent people in major Southern towns like Juba, Malaka and Rumbek. The Dinka has a conspiracy to disarm all other communities in Southern Sudan so that they can intimidate the rest. For instance, in Eastern Equatoria, the president must make sure that he disarm the Turkanas and the Karamojong who are waiting for the people to be disarm in Eastern Equatoria so that they can make a walk over including raping and ordering women to cook for them.

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    • 18 June 2009 11:55, by Epuol

      18 june 2009 by epuol

      That is good from the goverment to decide or to bring the good path to peace in the South Sudan.But our Salva Kir should have to know that, the good governance with good civillians because if the civillians are still carrying gun this time that mean they are considering there is no goverment.

      In other hand, the civillian could not respact the goverment because they all in power,If the president ordered today it is good news but not like the 2006 disarmament that disarm some community and leave some.

      And i asure you sir that you start with the pending communities that had never seen any disarmed in the past.It is good if it come to your attention, But i am not totally believe you are going to succede because you are the one who did the same in 2006.

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  • 18 June 2009 10:48, by Young Patriot

    "However, native politicians are also suspected in having a hand in orchestrating or fuelling the violence in their respective states."

    Mr President, if you are well aware that native politicians are involved the inter-clan clashes in Lakes and other affected states. Why are you keeping such politicians in your cabinet?

    It simply makes you ridiculous when you know the truth but fail to execute the right decision out of fear.
    If you are a man of your words, then get rid those politicians from your cabinet and appoint those who will deliver to the people of South Sudan.
    If you do your work according to what you say, South Sudan will be a better place.

    repondre message

    • 18 June 2009 13:01, by Spla Commando

      Akolde, You have talked well.

      Infact lakes State crisis has got invisible hands behind them while the government is aways thinking of failed attempts to Lakes state situation, Instead of Presdient sending a team of imminent persons to come and invastigate the source of conflicts and those who fueled them he is just thinking of forced disarment. how many innocent civilians have been killed in Rumbek during his September/8,2008 forced disarment?.does that brought any solution and relative peace in Lakes? absolutely nothing............

      Lakes State citizens are paying a heavy price daily under Salva vs Awet rule, What did Lakes State do to Awet and Salva that deserve such inhumane treatment?

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  • 18 June 2009 13:05, by Adok Liei

    It doesn’t matter to me at all, no matter what, disarment is going to pursue the issue of Killing atleast though it is too let now to disarm civilian, than there is a time for everything, time for birth, time for death, time for war, time for peace, time for blood shed, time for happyness, the end has come-what is so important is to register all guns in South Sudan under the law, the Government could used its own machnism to do that veraciously without misunderstanding between civilian and soldiers who are assigned to do that disarment. otherwise there will be more blood shed during that time.

    repondre message

    • 18 June 2009 14:13, by Abuk D- Nhial

      Makur, Your sentences might either be true but it doesn’t have conclusion. As you said gun doesn’t lood it self nor could it aim to burst firing toward the aimed direction to kill,what do you think might cause common death in our states in Southern Sudan today? It’s guns sir,the civilians must to be disarmed all without favoring who ever call them selves cousins of ministers or brothers to lieutenant.

      I want to aware the people of Lake state in particular to remember that "world is round and changeable’ unless you change from pride to humble, your state and your people would be useless.Lieutenants,CDR,commissioners please avoid favoring your relatives but do justice,equality and fairness.

      Look some unclear politicians brought up the news of new elected commissioner of Rumbek East(Mabor Mayen wol) and block out some interesting comments from other knowledgeable people,does it mean you are really doing the right thing ?, No’ the view of right is shared by every body.

      To Kiir,let disarmament continue but not by force but by law according to who have really hidden the guns yet innocents shall not be included as it was.

      Finally, any nuer soldier shouldn’t go for disarmament in lakes state, I meant the very great meaningful sir. Thanks. Catalyst Hemisphere.

      All in all do parts from the comment of Mr. John the great.

      repondre message

  • 18 June 2009 14:37, by makungu1

    well done# $$$$$$$ but we will see how you will go with your government dog.makungudit repersent westcost

    repondre message

  • 18 June 2009 15:18, by child soldier

    Dear president,mr Mayardit Kirr. It’s a very good idea of disarmament of southerner’s,but not by force,it should be by introducing such a principle or fundamental law that they can cooperate with,as i read an article in the sudan tribune that you were suppose to recrute about 450+ police men and women to insure the security of civilian’s,these law enforcement agent’s should be the one carrying out the task,and then could be supported by the military wingSPLA,if needed. Iam saying that because the last disarmament that happened in lake’s state some armed civilian’s has lost their lives.and if that’s what’s going to happen again then you need to reconsider the upcoming election following by Referendum of our countryThe Democratic South Sudan. Sorry iam not telling you what to do,but it’s my opinion to say. So don’t rush mr president,time is all you got in your hand’s,because a lot of people are thinking to retaliate what happened in the past,but it’s such a wrong time in wrong place,this should be a rest time for them southerner’s to think about this situation,#1 Are we living with an enemy within,or were we fighting the arabs in the north?. of course the arabs in the north,which prevented us from education and the right of freedom to be exercised in our own land. #2-If there’re enemy’s within then you need to secure the border’s,from state to state or coast guard’s from country to country,with equipped security personal to eliminate the gun smuggling from the north etc. This opinion is from yel ranthiar.

    repondre message

    • 18 June 2009 16:22, by Moses Kur Akech

      I think the best way to deal with this disturbing insecurity is to primarily amend parliamentary firearm law which clearly stipulates or states for instance that:

      It is an indictable offense to possess illegal firearms in the land, waters and air geographically defined as part of South Sudan. The crime of this nature carries maximum of 7 years or so imprisonment if charges are proven by court of law.

      Anyone other than authorised security personnel possessing illegal firearms after this date ... should be charged with possession of illegal firearm

      Everyone has legal obligation to fully cooperate, comply with any government authorised Special Task Force such as police during and after the disarment period. And anyone deliberately fails to meet the above conditions and chooses to confront the authorised Force, the Act empowers the Force to take appropriate measure to deal with such kind of situation which risks security personnel life and so on.

      Kiir GOVERNMENT should have initially through parliament put firearm Act in place before ordering force disarmament. By doing so can give the government legal ground to defend itself from ICC which the always fear. And too citizens CAN VIEW DISARMAMENT AS A LEGITIAMTE ACTION BECAUSE IT’S PROPERLY DEFINED BY REGION’S LAW BUT NOT A BUREAUCRATIC OR DICTATORIAL DECREE WHICH CHARACTERISES MOST OF UNDEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT.

      repondre message

  • 18 June 2009 17:24, by Garang Arok

    Congratulations to Gen.Kiir Mayar-dit

    The true disarmament is what all the ten states were supposed to be subjected to right from 2006 when only lou-nuer and dinka-bor were disarmed,living the two communities vulnerable to armed communities in the state.

    Now that it on door for every civilian with illigal weapon,let be done done squarely i.e no bias and the south will soon be at real peace.

    repondre message

    • 18 June 2009 19:26, by Adok Liei

      Abuk, i ’m strongly supporting your statement 100% right, you have really mentioned something very important, that we have to avoid things like being bias or prejudice to our people, no matter what, everyone must be disarmed, lieutenant’s brothers, commissioner’s cousins, brothers to commanders and even commissioner’s wives must be disarm, that shows fairness to other people who do not have people with high ranks in army, by eye witness-i have seen women carry guns (Pistols) when i went to Sudan for one month holiday, i was almost shock, that is why i had wanted to own a gun when i was there, just in case my justification.

      I once again agreed with Abuk, you know what, Nuer soldiers are not suppose to disarm Lakes State for some reasons, if those people who are siting down there have time with our comments, than this issue must be taken seriously by Gen Salva Kiir with his authorities, forcefully disarmament is not a right mechanism for me to disarm civilian, they don’t care about who is going to suffer, they just take fight as a pride because of their egotism.

      repondre message

      • 19 June 2009 04:11, by magang chol

        It will be good indeed if government awake up to disarm all the guns, this disarmment should be done by all the Excutives Chiefs with their Gold leaders. if we allowed the soliders to do the disarment they can go and do other business things. Instead to follow the government rules .How many times were disarment been carriage out since 2004 to 2007 to 2008 and the fail to fullfiled their duties. Also i can blame the government of south
        sudan for supplying the civilians guns, if the rules will be restricted there is no way for the civians to get the guns. Where do the civians get the guns? This is the question mark to the goverment. For insance if i were the government all guns should be kept in the local place where no one know nor civians nor soliders and there should be only store person. if you government decide your mind today to disarm all the guns i will apperciated very well . the disarment of all guns is the only way we can prevent casualty to our civians.
        Now in southern sudan you cann,t identify who are soliders and who are civians all people are on uniforms .there is no different between soliders and civians.

        repondre message

    • 19 June 2009 04:33, by magang chol

      What will be the consquence if the person caught up with ilegal gun? The consquence the person might face if he/she caught with ilegal gun might face death penality or will be taken to new site to do government work for about 4 years without seeing his family or her family. Our people may accepted when he/she suffer or when he had face difficulties things.They are like donkey if you don,t beat donkey it wouldn,t walk ,this is what the people like. Government should have to be very careful to this kind of animals.

      repondre message

      • 19 June 2009 05:58, by Maruon Ayiei

        Thank you Beny Kiir

        It was overdue to take this path. Congratulation for taking the step into this simple, uncomplicated problem. Disarm them and if they refuse to abid to a disarment procedure, call them insurgent and fight them with full might of the SPLA no matter what tribe they are from. Grip your tide and don’t fall short with heavy attack by your rival. It take a man to bring calm to a rein city. Think out side the bun (Juba) or presidential palace. It is really worse on localities.

        repondre message

        • 19 June 2009 09:57, by Abuk D- Nhial

          Thank you mr. Adok liei for your capability and full knowledge of what would take place in Southern Sudan.

          To, Marun Ayiei, if Kiir happens to fight those who refuse handing over their guns, I think there would be no Southern Sudan were we were struggling for its freedom. Infact,there is different between being clever and educated,wise and knowleagle, I mean to say most of civilians have shallow knowledge whereby they expect death than lives,however he/she can be arrested if he is against the law but if kill them,the law can be upon who killed them.

          Judge right to bringup thought of cleverness to polically disarm them than being murdered.

          The govern shall be for people,with people and by people.

          Little to add,restriction of buying and selling guns should be applied because some youths hands their guns over to the government and continue buying others.


          repondre message

          • 20 June 2009 04:55, by Maruon Ayiei

            Abuk D Nhail,

            Thank you for your comment and expertise in the field of disarment. I am not asserting or claiming slaughtering of those innocent civilian but encouraging if needed for those hardheaded individual. I am not a knucklehead as you out layed in your statement but nor a naysayers when necessary. The different between those words(cleverness, educated, wise and knowledge) you pronounced me of are irrelevent and too broad to my description. I have some fiduciary in what I am saying and I hope you are not a confusionist in what are saying. I am not lagging on perception but leading on principle and hope you joint to this bizzare circumstance surrounding our people. Can you walk around without fear of being killed? Thise is more than a group of thugs and their agent bragging about a death squad. This is nonsense and they have to be disarment. Look at Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, South Sudan and so on, they are lawless and killing is just snift of the day. Not any more because we had enough since 1983. If you just understand the movement from the breath, Than I have live it. criminal are always deemed criminal and if they happen to associate themselve with group of hardliner who will cling to gun, then I am sorry if they will be caught in crossfire. This is broader then a niche and a beat of web blogger.

            repondre message

            • 20 June 2009 07:33, by Abuk D- Nhial

              Quote me right. AYiei,

              When I said the difference of EDUCATED,WISE,CLEVERNESS and KNOWLEDGE, I didn’t mean you want to slaughter the civilians nor did I tell you to stop slaughtering them but I mean, ’they civilians would expect deaths rather than life whenever they are forced under any circumstances not knowing that the government is doing right to disarm lawfully.

              I quote your word when you wrote as,
              "call them insurgent and fight them with full mighty of SPLA" instead of saying’ Who ever refuse/s to hand over the guns would be called criminals and would be highlighted under the categorical of permanent treason and deserve a lawful punishable intervention.

              scientifically,heart is defined as a simple disgusted chest situated organ that lies in the diaphragm. Any way, I can’t blame you but the sense of understanding my words.

              Some times,what ever seen ahead is seen at last and whatever seen last is seen ahead. Thank you.

              Queen sheba would later enjoyed Solomon’s wisdom in Israel by 97 BC.


              repondre message

              • 21 June 2009 01:17, by Maruon Ayiei

                Abuk, Thank for your clarification even though we are still differing in our word and believe. The bottom line is that, we both need stability across the region. The dynamic of the situation is dire and need a bold move in order to bring peace among the people. Also we cannot prejudge the outcome of those intend disarmament. It will be a disservice to all of us. implicaing the circumstance before it’s start is not a good idea. I hope you percipitated what I am saying. GOODLUCK!!!!!!!!!

                repondre message

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