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SAF drop 18 bombs to South Sudan territory - SPLA


By Manyang Mayom

December 8, 2010 (JUBA) – The Sudan Armed Forces dropped 18 bombs between Timsa and Raja counties of the southern state of Western Bahr El Ghazal at 3PM on Wednesday, according the regions minister of information and broadcasting, Baranba Marial Benjamin

Speaking on Southern Sudan Television (SSTV) on Wednesday evening Marial said that no casualties had been reported. The recent bombardment has caused the cancelation of a sporting competition, which was supposed to take place in Western Bahr El Ghazal this week, the minister said.

Marial said that “as official spokesman of government of South Sudan, we receive information this evening that SAF had dropped 18 bombs in SPLA zone areas at Timsa and Raja in Western Bahr El Ghazal state – this is very regrettable news to South Sudan government – we called upon Government of National Unity to stop this bombardment act and let peace prevail - we don’t need war”.

After a 2005 peace deal that ended decades of civil war the dominant parties of the north and south, the National Congress Party (NCP) and Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) agreed to share power and wealth by forming a Government of National Unity.

Under the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) the SPLM has ruled the south as a autonomous region for the last six years and in January is widely expected to vote for independence in a referendum.

In recent weeks the south has accused the north of bombing raids inside southern territory. On the first occasion the northern army the SAF said that it was a mistake while pursuing rebels from Sudan’s restive Darfur region.

But subsequent claims by the SPLA – the southern army – that bombings have taken place have been denied by the SAF.

According to the SPLA’s official spokesman Col. Philip Aguer, two Antinov aircraft were used by the SAF to bomb SPLA positions in Raja and Timsa.

Aguer said that bombing the south had become a “habit” of the SAF and said it “does not match” the requirement for peace. The spokesmen said that the bombing intended to return the country to war. The last north-south civil war lasted from 1983-2005 killing two million people and forcing four million to flee their homes according to the UN.

The SPLA spokesmen said that the bombings were “not acceptable” at this stage of the peace deal as South Sudan approaches its referendum on secession.

Aguer appealed to the signatories of the peace deal - the SPLM and NCP - to implement the remainder of the agreement peacefully. The SPLA, he said, would not respond the bombing as it would only be “adding fuel on fire”.

“We need to called upon international community witness the aggressiveness being carryout out by SAF against people of South Sudan at our critical referendum expected to birth new nation – it is good that UN were present in Timsa today watching what happened this afternoon.”

Aguer expects the SAF to continue to bomb SPLA positions but said the former southern rebels “are not for war at this time”. Instead he said the SPLA wants to see the remaining aspects of the CPA implemented.

The main remaining issues are conducting the referendum for the south but also another plebiscite in the border region of Abyei, which has been severely delayed by disagreements other voter eligibility, the formation of a commission to run the referendum and demarcating Abyei’s borders.


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  • 10 December 2010 03:45, by Young Nation

    What on earth do these devious Northern Sudanese want from the peace loving citizens of Southern Sudan? Do they think the SPLM and its military wing SPLA is afraid or what? This is not the case. The SPLM and the people of South Sudan are wise God fearing people with certain objectives to achieve. One of such objectives is peaceful vote coming in early 2011. In contrast, the NCP, SAF and some elements within Northern Sudan are seeking for provocative ways and means of triggering full scale North/South military confrontation.

    Well, as for now, they need to be informed that, the SPLM, SPLA and the entire people of Southern Sudan have no time for such unjustified war. They are waiting patiently for anyone to obstruct them from conducting their internationally approved referendum. This would be the D-day for all Southerners to declare a just war against not just on Northern Sudanese but anybody who seemed to side with them. Mark this warning seriously.

    Young Nation is a BA stduent at The University of Queensland, Australia

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    • 10 December 2010 04:17, by Ahmed Chol

      The question the NCP has to answer is, How many Darfur rebels have they wounded or killed so far with their bombing in South Sudan? Because their claim is that they are bombing Darfur rebels.

      The wounded and the dead are always SPLA soldiers and civilians.

      Southerners are very strong people but the leadership is the worst of its kind on earth.

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    • 10 December 2010 04:33, by kaci-banno

      Haaaaaaaaaa, young Nation
      That is not the case, How long SLPM remain silent while NCP is bombing his territory ? is SPLM fearing God according to your statement?I don’t think so, You know what SPLM doesn’t want to respond because they are fearing if the war break again their source of income will end and no one in South Sudan are going to fight except majority tribes whom own south sudan as their source of income.

      By: Kaci-Ma-banno

      repondre message

      • 10 December 2010 04:48, by LongTweng

        Ha, Kaci Maban!
        If majority are to own any land, I think the world could have been by Chinese.
        You seem to be jealous of majority tribes, Kaci-Ma whatever!
        here a quotes by JFK to enlighten you up a bit.
        "Ask not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country"
        I hope that help because you are only looking up to majority tribes to fight for you and you will be helping only by hiding like a mongoose.

        repondre message

        • 10 December 2010 17:17, by kaci-banno

          Dear Long Tweng

          I know it’s very hard to understand the truth because Since the juba government has been established , it’s become the government of friendships,Nephews,sons, daughters and tribes. So most of the people in South Sudan are not happy with that and that’s why SPLM is regretting to respond bombardment. Even I’m sorry, your quotation is not working with our situations because if you go to Juba now with your BA or whatever qualifications you might have, no one will consider you unless someone from your tribes fight for you to get position. But Some time try to admit the way majority tribes within the government of southern Sudan misbehaving. However,If I want to hide myself, I should run to Kakuma camp or Uganda for last 21 years like some of you guys did.

          By Kaci-Ma-banno

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      • 10 December 2010 04:58, by Young Nation

        Dear Banno’

        Are your attempting to tell me that SPLM-SPLA would not fight, if and when and God forbid, NCP try to block the process of South Sudan referendum? This is what your are saying if you are not sure of the complication of your words.

        Young Nation is a BA student at The University of Queensland, Australia

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    • 10 December 2010 06:43, by Ajok Garang

      Iam very disgusted to hear all the time about the bombartment that the SAF carryout in our region and no one is concrned especially the socalled International communities who have become " a toothless barknig dog" and i don’t think the NCP will stop those bombs without any action taken ,yeah i don’t blame the SPLA but what if they are killing people everyday ,should we wait for the peace to come from anybody ? we are the one to make peace and at thesame time dishonour peace if someone doesn’t respect us,there are many bombs from now since last month till today ,howeevr there are so many ways of going for just war if the Diplomacy has failed as we know in International Law of nation and those grounds has to be justified before going to wage a just war .

      An International Relations student " B,IRD " Ajok Grang Ajok in Nkumba University .

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    • 10 December 2010 13:10, by Wiyual Wech Puk D. Payol.

      Thanks to SPLM\A to remain calm when the bombardment start from SAF.I personally knowing that the SPLM\A soldiers are not fearing,it is just not to destroy peace[CPA].Yes,SPLM\A officers let our forces be calm as it is now.we the people of southern Sudan will fight our real enemy Arab of north after the implementation of CPA and after our succession for our independence.

      repondre message

    • 10 December 2010 15:22, by John M. Atem

      Young Nation,
      I have to resepectfully disagreed with you on this comment.
      Iam dead serious SPLA should have shot down those devil Airplanes. They have now bombed us four times. What more are we really waiting? This is truly a cowardic act on the SPLA’s leadership part. For those people who think that this is going to be a violation of the C.P.A. shame on you.
      This is not a violation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. In this world if some body attacks you in your home and you manage to kill him or her that is called "self-defense" We should have shot down those Airplanes as a part of our self-defense.
      Finally and last,but not last certainly the least, May almighty God creator of heaven and Earth bless the long-suffering, abused and long-forgotten people of Southern Sudan who have been greatly humiliated beyond believe by various brutal, fatalistic and murderous regimes that have come and gone in a lunatic asylum Khartoum.
      The writer of this comment is John Atem. He is a orphaned son of late freedom fighter who wishes these people of Southern Sudan who have been subjected to harsh aerial bombardments a credible, successful and transparent Self-determination Referendum outcome. He has also succesfully completed Certificates in Agriculture, Peace Education and Diploma in Criminal Justice Program.

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  • 10 December 2010 03:50, by Anyang

    On this bases, I thinks GOSS should acts to simply avert this ongoing agression.Otherwise, they are determine to escalated further.

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  • 10 December 2010 04:41, by jur_likang_a_ likan’g

    South needs to sharpen the spears and arrows ready for these evil people. It is very clear that Arabs learns through the barrel of the gun. Check on palestine and come to conclusion.

    repondre message

    • 10 December 2010 05:09, by Peter Elia Kuzee

      SPLA,SPLM.Those NCP will not stop bombing our people, Please bring those planes down, give them blood nose so that they may remember the old time.
      For those southerns still in khartuom, please come out,fire is coming.

      repondre message

  • 10 December 2010 05:07, by Deng Thiak Adut

    Well, I agreed with very third post in this article. SPLA is not the SPLA that used to be so vital and react accordingly. Am afraid, the SPLM was botching in corruptions and aggressive behaviour toward the fathers and mothers whose sons died in the war, the fathers and mothers who lost both the love one and relative.
    Now the powerful enemy is using advance weapons and firepower. We got no Anti-aircraft missile, aren’t we? How are going to shoot these jet fighters down? Using what? Honestly, I won’t less about SPLM rather a safety of my mother. That is the only that could force me going back to war. Real question: Are you going to use your bottom like porcupine and fire at the jet fighters, since you were busy feeding yourself to death and enriching yourself criminally?

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  • 10 December 2010 05:37, by Land-of-Cush

    Another bombardment carrying with SAF in sight south Sudan territory; what the senselessness of NCP leadership is this? This government with it army haven’t yet realised that the guilt they have carrying against south are counted and deal for the latter use (define what I mean) I wouldn’t blame GOSS with it army at all nor encourages them to care-out the same did by SAF. Raising up the issue internationally would be the right thing to do; keep alert local and international until we have achieved 9th January 2011. NCP and its SAF know what they are doing not by mistake; in which they want SPLA to fall in to war and forgetting ballot defeating. If this could happen before 9th January 2011 and then this would be announced South Sudanese rebel have defected again.

    This would be third times for SAF to bombard south territory wounded six army and two civilian and also displaced thousand of people in our Northern Bher el Gazel in which some of this people may be miss-out voting registration .

    Southerners make sure that this is plan” B” announced by president advisor that NCP are likely to determent.

    Therefore, I would ask SPLA to get patient and bear up with GOSS leader’s comments while we approaching 9th Jan 2011; keep protecting our territory border; not allowing them to foot on our territory ground.

    repondre message

  • 10 December 2010 05:57, by original sudanese

    Most of you guys are racist. Why do you have to say Arabs, northerners, southerners, etc? Why do you also generalize using terms like northerners are evils? If someone from a village kills a person does that mean all the village people are killers? I think you falling into the same mistake which some people from the north did. Stop been racists and focus on your own issues

    repondre message

    • 10 December 2010 06:19, by Young Nation

      Dear "Original Sudanese"?

      First I would like to admit officially that you are not a real Sudanese not matter how your eargerly you claim to be. You know exactly who you are especially if you happen to be a Northern "Sudanese"? Your history is well known to us naitive Sudanese (Dur, Nuba, Beja Funj and Us in the South). I don’t need to waste my precious time going through the corridors of history Mr. real "Sudanese"?

      Conversly, displaying us as racists is not true as you know. Who terms Sudan as an Arab/Islamic State when Sudan we all know is mult-racial and religious? Who divides Sudanese into Southerners and Northerners when we supposed to be single children of Sudan? Who came up with terminologies such as Northern Sudan being as Dar al Sama (sphere of peace), and Southern Sudan being Dar al Harb (abode of war)? Who divides the people of Sudan into awlat belet and fake Sudanese since independence in 1956? Of course the racists Northern Sudanese are the one who are responsible. Think about this and reply me honestly.

      Young Nation is a BA student at The University of Queensland, Australia

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      • 10 December 2010 08:14, by Kolnyang youth

        SPLA should now look into this problem bombing by reacting in a military way otherwise this is a part of security so they should answer to Saf .
        government of Sudan politicians are now defeated by Splm politicians they are now looking fighting .

        repondre message

    • 10 December 2010 06:21, by Land-of-Cush

      original sudanese

      I know you are from north that why you want to depend yourself. We the southerners have been fad-up with people from north govern by Arab people. But make sure that we love non-arab living in north but not trusting them because they don’t fight for their right as many of them has been misleaded by Islamic policy that would not help until the end of ages.I am not ready to creat an abusive with you but your claim do not reflect any thing relating with article north is a north with it people unless if you identify yourself for us to know who you are. Please leave us alone!

      repondre message

    • 10 December 2010 12:31, by Victory


      so-called oreignal sudanese,i doubts whether you are Southern Sudanese if you could support such bombings & cases aganist humanity the NCP is commiting in south sudan,or u could be the fake sudanese (nuba,beja,messeria) you & your likes are the one NCP is using in returen of some sudanese pounds ,good luck brother.

      repondre message

  • 10 December 2010 08:14, by Peter Nhiany

    SAF behavior is unacceptable and must stop. Putting Darfur rebels as shield to defense the act of bombing civilians areas is not good tactic. Khartoum must halt dropping bombs on South Sudan soil.

    The international community must address this issue to khartoum to stop inciting war and see the remaining aspect of CPA.

    The people of South Sudan want peace, and that is our objective forward. Enough is enough and Khartoum and its ally must cease from trying to escalate the situation.

    South will use anti-aircraft to protect its citizens should Khartoum continue with aerial compaign.

    We South Sudanese are tire of Khartoum vicious behavior, and need the world to ask Khartoum and pressure its government to stop bombing innocent people.

    This is a serious war crime Bashir is adding to his previous war crime and crime against humanity. May peace prevail in South Sudan.

    Peter Nhiany.

    repondre message

  • 10 December 2010 13:22, by Wiyual Wech Puk D. Payol.

    Thanks to the people of southern Sudan for their being calm when the bombardment was started by SAF.I personally as one among the SPLM\A soldiers knowing that the SPLM\A soldiers are not fearing.it is just to respect the processes of the peace deal[CPA].we, the people of southern Sudan,will fight our real enemy Arab of north after the referendum and our succession for our independence.now let our forces be calm even though they[SAF] continues bombing our civilian.the time is now coming, only 29 days from today to depart from Arab rules of the north.

    repondre message

  • 10 December 2010 15:47, by original sudanese

    Young Nations
    It does not matter weather I am from the north or south, Muslim or Christian or else what’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong. Like I said stop generalizing and been racist. Most importantly don’t repeat the same mistakes some folks from the north did in the past. Obviously I don’t support bombing innocent people. Stick to the issues in hand

    repondre message

    • 11 December 2010 04:57, by Young Nation

      "Real Sudanese"?,

      A Southerner like myself could be in the right posiiton to generalize the current indignities being faced be Southerners and other marginalize Sudanese in the Sudan on Northerners. If you look at the problems in our country, you could be convinced that Northerners are equally responsible for evils perpetrated on innocent non Arab Sudanese in the country. The people of the North (Arab) are capable of solving the issue of racism and religious begotry in the Sudan.

      If the people of the North were able to overthrow Nimeri’s regime in 1985 through popular uprising or intifatha, they could have as well done the same to other governments because of the injustices inflicted on Southerners on the basis of race and religion. However, Nimeri was overthrow because of economic downfall in Northern Sudan not because of South Sudan mistreatment. Think about this Mr " Real Sudanese"?

      Young Nation is a BA student at UQ, Australai

      repondre message

  • 10 December 2010 19:10, by John M. Atem

    Folks, Iam extremely shocked to hear that the Criminal National Congress Party’s armed forces have carried out two days heavy aerial bombardments in the greater Bhar- el- Ghazal state of Wau.

    These aerial bombardments should not be allowed to continue due to the fact that they are too deadly and they instill destabilizing fear in the civil population. The South Sudan army must forcibly responded back with heavy artillery bombardments of Northern Cities. This is the only language this degenerated, of the degenerated scum of humanity Jallaba-Arabs will attentatively understand. They have been doing it now four times and they should not be allowed to do it any more because they will make it as their habitual habit.
    I have said it many times that this good-for-nothing criminal National Congress Party will do any thing to abrogate this hard-won 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement.

    And we, the people of Southern Sudan who have greatly suffered in their hands for many years must not allow this to happen. Folks, we have given this good-for-nothing National Congress Party six years to fully implement all aspects of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. But they have miserably failed to implement them. So, the Criminal National Congress Party has nobody else to blame, but themselves should the people of Southern Sudan voted the separate way.
    Finally and last, but not certainly the least,May almighty God creator of heaven and earth bless the long-suffering, abused and long-forgotten people of Southern Sudan who have been greatly humiliated beyond believe by the various brutal, murderous and fatalistic Islamic regimes that have come and gone in a lunatic asylum capital Khartoum.

    The writer of this comment is John Atem. He is a orphaned son of late freedom fighter the who wishes the people of Southern Sudan a fear-free, credible and transparent Self-determination Referendum. He has also successfully completed Certificates in Agriculture, Peace Edcuation and Diploma in Criminal Justice.

    repondre message

  • 11 December 2010 03:21, by edward-riko

    The government of South Sudan should insure Air Defense for the people of South Sudan by deploying Air Defense Radars and Anti Aircraft Missile systems in the area of Bahar-Gazal

    by doing so and taking down only one Antonov aircraft the pilots of the SAF will be afraid to fly in this area knowing that they can be shut down,
    this type of action is a defensive action and not aggression one,
    the obligation of GOSS and especially of the president is to insure that the sky of South Sudan will not be abandon for the North aircraft to do as they pleased

    thank you for reading my comment

    repondre message

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