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’Lick your elbow’ Sudanese president tells opposition, reiterates move towards Islamic law


December 28, 2010 (KHARTOUM) – The Sudanese president Omer Hassan Al-Bashir dismissed calls by the opposition for the formation of a national unity government following the likely split of the South in the referendum that is a little over a week away.

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Sudanese president Omer Hassan Al-Bashir (AFP)

On Monday, the major opposition parties in North Sudan threatened to join ranks to topple the government of the National Congress Party (NCP) led by Bashir if the latter does not respond positively to its demands.

But the Sudanese leader categorically rejected the ultimatum saying that he and his party were empowered by the general elections that took place last April.

"The government is not a revolutionary council or any government that can be ousted but it is the Sudanese people," Bashir told supporters in Al-Gezira state where he inaugurated several projects on the occasion of memorial day.

"Whoever wants to overthrow the government can lick his elbow..... There will not be a national government," he said.

The NCP chief said that anyone who wants to rule "should head to their grassroots starting now rather than whine" and stressed that only polls will change the government with next elections due in five years.

The last general elections have given the NCP an overwhelming majority in the parliament while retaining the presidency. Most opposition parties boycotted the elections and even those that participated managed to gain only a handful of seats in the national assembly.

The international community while noting the flaws and logistical failures recognized its outcome.

Bashir lashed out at the West saying that they have persistently attempted to bring down his regime since coming to power in a bloodless coup in 1989. He said this was for the purpose of making Sudan back down on implementation of Islamic Sharia’a law.

"They [the West] have tried us and we tried them. They figured us out and we figured them out. They tried to make us kneel through sanctions, pressure and missiles but we will not backpedal on Sharia’a," he said.

He said that Western nations need Islamic Sharia’a law to cure "moral degeneration" which according to Bashir led these countries to legalize gay marriages.

This month the Sudanese president came under criticism domestically for announcing that he will no longer recognize ethnic and cultural diversity after the South goes away saying that Islamic law will be reinforced and that Arabic will become the state’s official language.

The current constitution recognizes the "multi-ethnic," "multi-cultural" and "multi-faith" status of the Sudanese state, and is based on both Shari’a, or Islamic law, and the "consensus" of the population.

Opposition claim that the NCP wants to suppress opposition through the cover of Islamic Shari’a law.

On the South, Bashir said that his government will respect the decision of Southerners in the referendum and pledged to assist the new state.

"The ball is in your court and the decision is yours. If you say unity, welcome. And if you say secession, also welcome, and welcome to a new brotherly state," he said.

"We are going to cooperate and integrate in all areas because what is between us is more than what is between any other countries" Bashir added.

Pagan Amum, secretary general of the former southern rebel Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM), welcomed Bashir’s comments.

"This is the positive outlook we are calling for ... This is precisely what we are saying," he told reporters in Khartoum.

"We are calling on the people of northern Sudan to be in solidarity with the people of southern Sudan as they begin to build their own independent state."

"They need their solidarity, while the people of southern Sudan need to give solidarity to the people of the north as they begin a new journey of building a new state in what remains after the separation of the south."

The NCP has recently resigned itself to the South’s split but accused the SPLM of intimidating voters during the registration process to ensure that independence is the outcome.

Sudanese officials have softened their stance on insisting that the referendum be transparent and credible for them to recognize it.

The Sudan constitutional court is expected to rule on legal challenges before it that seek to annul the voter registration process. The SPLM claimed that the NCP stands behind this court move.


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  • 29 December 2010 09:15, by Aleu

    The truth is that, most Northern Sudanese will not join North Sudan government for sure but they will go to Southern Sudan as long as the name of Sudan is still sound there Southern Sudan then, there is no problem and the religion freedom is another good thing in Southern Sudan.

    repondre message

    • 29 December 2010 12:57, by Livingson DC.

      Sure Mr. Aleu, South Sudan is a place where one can live freely,regardless of religion, ethnicity, BUT we will not permitt Somalian (any Terrorist) in our NEW State. Mr. Bashir plse keep up with your NCP supporters to make your promise come true in the next few days to respect the result of the South Sudan referendum. the freedom of South signaling your stablity in power.

      repondre message

    • 29 December 2010 21:37, by padiit gaga

      North sudan understood how the president misstreated many people including them .before the thought that is holy war but bad leadership is including.

      Bashir is used to forced sharia laws to southerness but southerness do not accept them.If ,he was treate people equally there could be no separation between north and south ,but because of bad leadership south must be separate from that evil acts and it must be stand alone.

      repondre message

  • 29 December 2010 09:37, by harry

    It is OK, Mr.president. You keep your Northern Congress Party(NCP), and we will keep our Southern’s People Liberation Movement(SPLM).


    repondre message

    • 29 December 2010 09:59, by Peter Mading

      Bashir is now changing if he keeps on to recognise and respect the future outcome of the referendum. However, his reservation on holding Abyiei is characterising him as a liar. That diffult saying or imposible miracle "Lick your elbow" will be said to Bashir (NCP)if he does not release Abyiei.

      These few days are good days to balance politics. Do not impose Sharia Law in Sudan and if you do you will be like Iddi Amin who died in exile and burried there. Give everyone his rights so that you live for ever in presidency.

      repondre message

  • 29 December 2010 10:52, by david mabior deng

    As long as mr omar al Bashir continues to be of planet earth then it should be democrats’s cheapest knowledge that democracy can never be achieved through diplomacy but through military means since mr president himself have already proved to them that diplomacy is of least concerned to his brain cells.It is to entire world’s vivid knowledge that Northern sudan is set for the roughest path in sudan’s history.politicals wrangles and economic crisis will be of much prvailance and its upto them to seek themselves out.Dictatorship is no remedy to these challenges and it will be wise if president bashir allows formation of national government if he really care about his islamic counterparts and subjects. as for us the southerners of all times we open a new chapter in the history of our rights-given lives.Democracy, peace and tranquility will forever remain our core values in the new nation.May almighty God make success the subject matter of our post referendum south sudan.

    David mabior
    a high school student in kenya

    repondre message

  • 29 December 2010 12:33, by Benydiar

    Thanks Mr. Al Bashir with your NCP elements for promise on the next coming referendum (As you said that you will respect the result of the referendum), BUT make sure avoid slippery ideas it us which may take Sudan to square one.
    Wish a happy new year, and successful referendum!

    repondre message

  • 29 December 2010 12:37, by Deng E. Manyuon

    Mr Omar Hassan Al-Bashir,
    You have stated that if the South goes, you will amend the constitution to incorporate full implementation of Sharia Laws in the North and use of Arabic language as an official language.
    I think the same circumstances that prompted you to justify the aforesaid, will also force you to justify the formation of new broad-based national government in the North. Be realistic. What goes round, comes around. The opposition parties might lick their elbows today as you said, but yours is definately tomorrow.


    repondre message

  • 29 December 2010 13:12, by Padiet Deng Alony

    On the South, Bashir said that his government will respect the decision of Southerners in the referendum and pledged to assist the new state.

    "The ball is in your court and the decision is yours. If you say unity, welcome. And if you say secession, also welcome, and welcome to a new brotherly state," he said.


    repondre message

  • 29 December 2010 20:17, by Garajuuech

    We Southeners should not legalize gay marriege in our sociaty.This is Bibicaly wrong even socially.I urge the government of South Sudan to scrupulous on this matter,I have heard sometime ago that there were gay in Lake State and lasbian in Jongoli State and nothing was done for them.Please brothers and sisters say something about this.What you think?I know we need freedom but not this sort of this freedom that leads us into evil act.

    repondre message

    • 29 December 2010 22:21, by australian

      Not everyone in the West is in favour of gay marriage - far from it. But our "elites" are the ones making the rules, and they love to upset everyone else wih crazy ideas.
      You should leave gay people alone and not persecute them but be tolerant. It is not their fault they are gay...but as for gay marriage, it is a totally absurd idea designed by the "intellectual elites" as part of their plan to overthrow society by confusing and dividing us and promoting minorities.

      repondre message

  • 29 December 2010 20:24, by John M. Atem

    Folks, I have been constantly asking myself this question: Will the division of Sudan into two states prevent future bloody civi wars? And my answer to this question has been emphatically yes. It will indeed prevent future bloody civil wars. And it will also pave a way for viable and prosperous states that will live in peace and prosperity.

    Folks, since Sudan got her independence from the incompetent, racist, and immorally corrupt Anglo-Egyptian colonial administration on January, 1, 1956 Sudan has been marred in a never-ending bloody resources-draining political civil wars, violence and nightmarish economic deprivation. The bloody resources-draining political wars that have been fought through out the contemporary history of Sudan were fought on basic and rudimentary principles to achieve total freedom, liberty, respect for human dignity and social justice for all God’s created people of majestically New Sudan.

    Support for the SPLM as the only political organization with established vision for the country?

    Having thoroughly and brilliantly examined the other thuggish political parties’ records, backgrounds, visions, policies and programs, I have comprehensively concluded with out a shadow of political doubt that the SPLM is a Messiah-like redemptive political organization with firmly established vision for the country. Its vision of pluralistic democratic parliamentary united secular New Sudan is the nation sought-after vision.

    Therefore, I ardently urge the orphaned political pupils of the SPLM-Mainstream to protect and safeguard the SPLM-Mainstream’s vision, policy and programs from being fundamentally distorted by bunch of thuggish, demon-possessed and politically inexperienced leaders who have been for far long deceptively spoon-fed with lies, deceptions, falsehoods and mythological false sense of corroding inferiority.

    Equally important, it is the only political organization that does not consider people as the mere object of its activity, but its live in the people, feel the people and fight for sake of the people. This is what makes the SPLM as a very strong, unique and special political organization which every body should support.
    It is worthwhile to mention that this was the reason why the SPLM/A was able to wage a strong, dramatic and attention-getting war against the barbarous and murderous twenty-first century Nazi-like regime.

    Furthermore, let us stop preaching down-market, diversionary and outdated primitive stone age period politics that have reduced us into the lowest common denominator in the scale of contemporary human beings.
    Finally and last, and but not certainly the least, let us stop promoting, inciting and encouraging down-market and outdated tribal hatred politics that have significantly contributed to a massive lost of human lives, destruction of property, houses burnt down and above all, reduced us our magnificently great country with vast natural resources into complete destitution.

    Let us encourage, promote and emphasis our shared commonality and de-emphasis our personal and old-fashioned political differences for the greater good of our peace-loving and liberty-seeking people of Southern Sudan
    Let us use our intellectual thinking capacity to cross our people into the promised land of their freedom.
    Finally and last, but not certainly the least, May almighty God creator of heaven and Earth bless the long-suffering and long-objectified people of Southern Sudan who have been brutally humiliated beyond belief by various brutal, murderous and thuggish Islamic regimes that have come and gone in the lunatic asylum capital Khartoum.

    The writer of this comment is John Atem. He is a orphaned son of late freedom fighter. He has successfully completed Certificates in Agriculture, Peace Education and Diploma in Criminal Justice.

    repondre message

    • 29 December 2010 22:49, by australian

      You make many points.
      One is about tribal conflicts which are destructive to southern Sudan. Yes, it is true, but this trouble will never go away unless the reasons for it are addressed. One major factor is polygamy, and another is bride price. When I say to southern Sudanese that these practices must go if you want to survive and thrive, they recoil because they think these practices are an intrinsic and sacred part of life in southern Sudan. Well, many societies in the West have thrown away some destructive customs but we still think we have cultural distinctiveness. Change is unavoidable, but we can try to make it constructive change.

      Which brings me to your words about the British, effectively in charge of Sudanese affairs for sixty years. I have no special love for the British, but strangely many of your words use British concepts ("social justice", etc), so in a a way you are revealing your own respect for them. And whatever "racism" the British felt, it was nothing compared to the Muslim, Arabic racism which made slaves of your people and might have finished them off were it not for British intervention...remember they separated Sudan so the Muslims could not go into the south, and they banned slavery? I would not call such acts "racism", unless you think the Arabs had a right to exploit the non-Arabs...which is racism!
      As for "corruption", it exists everywhere, including, I believe, your beloved SPLM. Reading about the British in Sudan, I see no specially bad examples of corruption.
      (Have a look at a book called "Bonds of Silk" by Deng/Daly).
      The southern Sudanese helped the northern Sudanese kick the British out, forgetting that the religion of those northern people had no respect for people of other religions and regarded those people merely as potential slaves or infidels to be killed. Many still believe this; it’s the religion. It was never the religion of the British.
      British and American people fought hard to eradicate slavery and many lost their lives. When you talk about the British, would YOU risk your life to help them if THEY were being enslaved?

      repondre message

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