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Islamic clerics reject south Sudan referendum, demand Islamic laws


December 25, 2010 (KHARTOUM) – A group of radical Muslim clerics on Friday overtly faulted the Sudanese government for accepting south Sudan’s referendum on independence, and demanded imposition of Islamic Shar’iah law in the entire country whether citizens of the mainly Christian region of south Sudan like it or not.

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Mohamed Abdel Karim (L) appears in a press conference held in Khartoum by Leadership of Association of Muslim Scholars on 22 Dec 2010 (Al-Sahafa.sd)

South Sudan, whose population mostly follows Christianity or traditional beliefs, is bound for secession from the Muslim-ruled north in a referendum vote due in January 2011, a plebiscite stipulated by the 2005’s Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) which in 2005 ended nearly half a century of intermittent civil war between north and south Sudan.

Under the CPA, north Sudan maintained Islamic laws whereas the south was given extensive autonomy under a secular government led by the former southern rebels Sudan People’s Liberation Movement [SPLM].

The legitimate League of Muslim Preachers and Clerics (LLMPC), a group of radical clerics existing in parallel to the official clerical body known as the Association of Muslim Scholars, marched in protest on Friday, 24 December, and held a press conference in which the group’s leaders declared rejection to south Sudan’s referendum on independence and called on the government to implement Shari’ah law in full.

The group’s prominent member Mohamed Abdel-Karim addressed the protestors and demanded the government in the north fulfills its long-standing promise to implement Shari’ah Islamic law regardless of what southerners want.

Abdel-Karim, whose name is often cited in association with Al-Qaidah branch in the Land of the Two Niles, said that the implementation of Islamic Shari’ah was currently incomplete in Sudan as evidenced by the fact that president Al-Bashir said he would adopt an Islamic constitution after south Sudan secession.

Sudan president Al-Bashir last week sparked a nationwide controversy when declared that the north would change the constitution to make Shari’ah the only source of lawmaking and Arabic the only language if the south decided to part ways with the north.

“If god forbids, the South separates [then] the constitution will be amended [and] a lot of things relating to the South will go away,” he said in a speech in the eastern state of Al-Gadarif.

“But the opaque talk [about] the Sudanese people I don’t know what…is multi-racial and multi-religious, the [Islamic] Shari’a will be the main source for lawmaking….and Arabic language will the official language of the state as will be stipulated in the upcoming constitution,” Al-Bashir added.

The group’s leaders declared south Sudan’s referendum on independence as “null and void” and part of a “Zionist-Western” plot to divide Sudan into five frail states, implying that the government was already aware that signing the CPA would pave the way for the south to secede.

“Those who say that the agreement [CPA] was consented by all sides and that they are surprised that the people of the south [will] choose secession have deceived the nation because the agreement works in favor of secession,” Abdel-Karim was quoted by the daily newspaper Al-Sahafah.

Abdel-Karim further warned that secession would reflect negatively on the Islamic gains in the south under a strong secular drive to boot Islam out of the region.

In August 2009, Mohamed Abdel-Karim and his group sparked concerns of raising religious extremism when they issued a Fatwa branding members of the Sudanese communist party as infidels and instructed that they should be divorced from their spouses and their children to be deemed children of adultery.

Separately, the leader of the National Umma Party Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi, who is also the leader of Al-Ansar religious sect, poured scorn on the LLMPC, saying that their demands would tear Sudan into pieces.


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  • 26 December 2010 05:55, by Covert

    The cleric Abdul Karim who opposed South Sudan referendum and wants to impose shar’irah law is highly welcome to South after 2011; we’ll see how brave he is to enforce his shar’irah law in the South.

    Mr. Cleric we will see you in the South after independent and see whether we like your shar’irah law or not.

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    • 26 December 2010 09:21, by Biliu

      Imposition of Shar’iah in the South whether they like it or not!!!!???… Well…take your Shariah and toss it on your rears, South is leaving and there’s nothing left between us except saying bye bye Mondokoorah !!!

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    • 26 December 2010 12:22, by Murle Intellectual

      South Sudan has shaken ’jalaaba’ slavery off. No more jalaaba, no more sharia law ’baad alyom’. It is the Devil’s law because it is not really God’s law. For those of you who are still ignorant about Islam, Islam is not a religion, the best Muslim that Islam can produce is a terrorist, it is a false religion. These fanatic radical Islamists in Khartoum are day-dreaming

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    • 26 December 2010 14:23, by Malish Martin

      this clerics are just drunk with their islamic materials and are now realising that the south is seceding. they need some psychiatric services to understand that sudan is multi everything and therefore cannot be subjected to any single way of life by any group in the sudan. statements like "whether they like it or not" do not have a place in the current world, dear clerics, such statements and their implementation have their place in the books of history. animals have rights nowdays let alone humans. if you want to see sense, lets have you converted to christianity and be "born again" christians and we shall accept unity. stop your madness and accept the reality of the independent south Sudan.

      repondre message

    • 27 December 2010 23:33, by Paul Ongee

      Ya Mohammed Abdel Karim,

      Please, note that what we essentially need are simple "freedom, peace, dignity, justice for all" not competition over growing beard in order to abuse Islam. Understand?

      For your information, South Sudan is already a free country. Tell your child that a new country is already in the making in the South Sudan. OK? Never ever even dream of creating an Islamic state in the North if you really know why Sudan has been at war with itself for over fifty years. Believe me or not.

      Paul Ongee
      Khartoum, Sudan

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    • 28 December 2010 08:50, by Young Nation

      Northern Sudanese are really funny. Religion is all about peace. What form of religion is this Islam? One can not claim to be religious and a preacher of hatred, war, marginalization at the same time. Radical Islam in Northern Sudan has a long way to go.

      Mohammed Adel Karim of North Sudan’s Islamic group should know that, the North, under NCP did not signed the CPA with the South because they were are peace lovers. The NCP was forced South Sudan military and political heat. The people in the North know this reality very well. So please stop fooling yourselves. The demand the North to remove the veil of ignorant.

      Young Nation, a University of Queensland student of International Relations, Australia

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  • 26 December 2010 05:59, by Bol Deng

    Dear Mohamed Karim and your likes,

    Jeez! If you can afford,please do.I think,the secession of South Sudan is not going to be rejected just like the way you think. You are demanding for two contradictory things that can not go altogether in the present of South Sudanese.Why do you repute the South Sudan referendum,and at the same time you want Islamic laws to be imposed in the Sudan?
    I have no doubt that there are some people( Arabs North) who are completely blind ,and that blindness is not going to help them to see things that are existing in the modern world. You words are war like,and SPLM is not going to back off from hyenas like you mr Muhamed!

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    • 26 December 2010 10:42, by doctor nuong

      Abdel Karium
      let southerness go and enjoy their mother land,why do you feel annoy when they say, they want to be alone, shame on you madam.if you were somebody from southern sudan who are easily panic when abrother slept epmty stomach.how long have you been with southerness and no development while you are wasting southerness natural resources without shukuren even you yourself between the two nile.time has come for southerness to verify what they are lacking and judge themselve without forigner religious law let peace be with you and turn your new leaf, it is inevitable for southerness to be presuade for unity.

      Dr: Aguacnuong-Lake state

      repondre message

  • 26 December 2010 06:12, by Maguangdit

    Remain in the North Sudan to fuck your asses with your bulshits. You have proved to the world that you are mentally retarded. I really feel that young boys of 8-10 years old in Southern Sudan rural villages are better than you Arabs in the Northern Sudan.

    In fact, Southern Sudan is already gone willy-nilly and I`m confident that some of your criminal bosses of the National Criminal Party had already acknowledged that Southern Sudan is gone. Please, watch out for other parties in the North Sudan. You will soon be left with a futile piece of land in the North Sudan.

    Therefore, keep on preaching or uttering these bulshits yet you don`t know that you are inviting more rebellion in the North Sudan.

    Islam or violence, it is none of our business anymore.
    Long live Southern Sudan!

    repondre message

  • 26 December 2010 06:27, by original sudanese

    To visitor
    You are nothing but an ignorant person. What do you know about Islam? If Islam is that bad why is it the most growing religion in the world, specially the United States of America? If you don’t believe me since you are ignorant go and check the statistics by yourself. So I advise you to leave Islam alone you can talk bad about Muslims because they are human beings and they make mistakes but not Islam as religion. All the religions preach peace, it’s people like you or parties like SPLM, NCP etc. who are ignorant and worry about nothing but money, oil, power and personal gains

    repondre message

    • 26 December 2010 06:51, by Bol Deng

      Original Sudanese,

      I am not against your suggestion but you should simply judge from arguments forward by Muslim in Sudan in particular.They want to marry other nationality but they failed to know the other side of the coin. What is that? it means something else!

      They want to force Islam to everybody who does belief on other religion, and this is simply what the article is all about. For instance, Mr Muhamed like to impose Islamic laws to Sudan and he forget that not everybody is Muslim in the Sudan. This common concepts made some people thing that what Muslim get from Islam in most cases contradict with others who does not belief in Islam.
      The game is on and on!

      repondre message

      • 27 December 2010 23:44, by Paul Ongee

        Ya Alleged Original Sudanese,

        Please, note that what we essentially need are simple "freedom, peace, dignity, justice for all" not competition over growing beard in order to abuse Islam. Understand?

        For your information, South Sudan is already a free country. Tell your child that a new country is already in the making in the South Sudan. OK? Never ever even dream of creating an Islamic state in the North if you really know why Sudan has been at war with itself for over fifty years. The secession of South Sudan is beyond your shallow retarded mind. Believe me or not.

        Paul Ongee
        Khartoum, Sudan

        repondre message

    • 26 December 2010 07:02, by Maguangdit

      Mr/Mrs Original Sudanese or whatever you called yourself,
      The name you chose reveals who you are. Please, leave Jongkuch alone. I would bodly say "islam is evil, violence and terrorism"

      Go to hell with your evil religion. You are nothing to tell us the junk statistics about the growth of Islam or terrorism. You will miserably fail with your agenda about Islam.

      Remain to kill yoursselves in the North Sudan but don`t cross the line to Southern Sudan this century; a good lesson will be taught to you and you know it better now.

      Your evil religion has ruined our country, the best known as the largest country on the African continent, which has already undergone disintegration or dismemberment due to your evill policies based on your shits.

      Long live Southern Sudan!

      repondre message

    • 26 December 2010 07:37, by Marco A. Wek

      Why don’t you shut up the so called original Sudanese, first of all me correct you, you are NOT original Sudanese. You are one of Mamaliks who entered Sudan when the NATIVE Afican tribes where welcoming those from Midle East who were forced from their land by other stronger Midle Eastern tribes. Those of you who claim to Arabs which the main Arab groups don’t embrace or admit to be true Arabs were the ones escaping slavery which was then termed MAMALIKS.

      As for Islam, if I were to be a Muslim as you are, I shouldn’t really be proud to be given the daily facts that those who claim to show the World true Islam are blowing innocent people including children, nonmuslims and Muslims alike. Is this a religion you should be proud about? And stop saying all the time, you do not know Islam. WHO ON EARTH DOES NOT KNOW ISLAM? If you were to do mathematical equations by equating 2+4=4+2 , then nowadays, Islam = Satan the Devil based on the why way you people are practicing it now and don’t tell me those suicide bombers are not practicing Islam in the right way. That is what they say too that the rest of Muslims are not practicing Islam the right way and that they are the ones who want to show Muslims and the whole world true Islam. Yes we very well know Islam and so does everyone.

      African Americans who became Muslims did it not because they are the smartest people in planent but they did it because of their grievances towards some white Americans and they think church did not do enough to fight white American injustice to them and it has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with Islam being perfect religion. They are not stupid, they hear almost everyday about suicide bombings which blamed for the death of innocent people and they very well know in whose name are these CRIMES AGAIST HUMANITY are committed.

      repondre message

    • 26 December 2010 11:32, by Nhomlawda

      Original Sudanese

      Islam is growing fast because of abuse to human values. Muslems are producing like rates without understanding where to feed those many children. Terrorists had refused to recognize rights for women to live better life. Now all those too many children from Islamic countries are migrating to the west to be fed by those governments with good policies that respect human values regardless of race and religion and now you terrorists are not appreciating that offer and instead keep bombing those countries that are giving you helping hand to feed those surplus population both in those Islam countries and immigrants to the west.
      The so called Original Sudanese plus those Islam extremists so called clerics instead of terrorists should be captured by Al Bashir and take them to Darfur to test the results of their incitments. They are inciting innocent people to be killed by people who are fighting just war while these extremists or terrorists enjoy luxury with their many radicalised children and wives in Khartoum and other Arab cities inside and outside Sudan.
      Al Bashir should ensure they test their thirst for war by taking them to Darfur and place in the hottest battle fields so that when some of them survive that operation, they should be brought back to Khartoum to preach peace instead of preaching terror.

      Down with extremists ill intention for South Sudan and long live the struggle for liberation from terrorists in the North Sudan.

      repondre message

    • 26 December 2010 19:52, by Konybaai

      Mr origin you are wrong islamist always talks somethings which is against none Muslim i don’t thinks that it is peacefull religion.

      repondre message

    • 27 December 2010 23:37, by australian

      Mr Original Sudanese (and you are not, as you would not be a Muslim.): You have things around the wrong way. Many Muslims are very good people but Islam is fundamentally bad. The good Muslims are the ones who do not follow Islam’s advice to steal, rape, murder and lie because they know instinctively these things are wrong. True followers of Islam are like these pig-headed clerics who want to force Islamic law on everyone and think that the Prophet Mohammed ’s immoral actions are worth emulating.

      Take the trouble to read your "holy" books before you speak again about Islam being peaceful. You are woefully ignorant and wasting your life following some religion which exists only in your woolly head. And please spare us the "Islam is growing" rubbish as if any growth is intrinsically good. Of course it is growing because it is parasitical and the host hasn’t realised yet that it is being eaten alive.

      repondre message

  • 26 December 2010 06:45, by Marco A. Wek

    Mohamed Abdel Karim and your suicide bombers group, do you think Omar Hassan Al Bashir had any choice when he accepted the CPA which underlined Southern Sudan referendum?

    You can spply your Satanic Sharia laws in the North for the South Sudan you talking about is long gone. I have already voted for separation even before JANUARY 09 2011 and if you and your group don’t like, then GO TO HELL. We Southern Sudanese really love it when we see those of you going crazy like that.

    MASALAMA TERORISTS and we will see you burning in hell for the innocent lives you take away every time just to pleas your TRUE FATHER SATAN THE DEVIL.

    repondre message

  • 26 December 2010 06:59, by Justice

    Shame to you Mr Abdul Karim for your total ignorance. Whether you like it or not, South Sudan will become a legistimate country recognizes worldwide by all international communities very soon. If you still have the elusion of enforcing your sharai fundamentalists idealogies to South Sudan, manage to try it you hard-headed man! We the Southerns will teach a lesson you will never forget.

    repondre message

  • 26 December 2010 07:47, by LongTweng

    Shar’iah law
    Islam, Muslims
    Jihad or Mohamed, none of these exist in my family names, from great great great, grand fathers and mothers before time.

    One reason why I would never be muslin is, why push it? Why force people to it? Don’t beliefs any of the old school illusionists.

    Now, how would Islamic laws work in South Sudan? Does he think? Muslims will still rule there? That’s a big fucking No number one.

    Did you read the paragraph that says people cited this puppet name in prayers? (Abdel-Karim, whose name is often cited in association with Al-Qaidah branch) ha!, this will never happen in my world.
    The man want people to worship him by citing his names, that how people get fools so blindly that they are worshiping god.
    I like the way the writer put it in small letters; he knew what is he talking about.
    South Sudan solution is written in the stars with blood of our martyrs. It can be never be change by sitting preaching farts.

    repondre message

    • 26 December 2010 08:12, by Mango

      The issue here is not Islam as religion, but its the people who believe in it. For instance we have our fellow southern who are moslems but they dont practice fundamentalism. We are in peaceful coexistence with them.
      As said in one of the articles above, that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, well yes, but why force people to believe int it. It should grow by its spiritual force not by Human. Let the cleric leave the issue of secession alone, that is untouchable to the southern cause. We welcome to south sudan after independence and inpose you shariah, we defend our selves agressively.
      Thanks Mango

      repondre message

      • 27 December 2010 23:48, by australian

        Mango: you should learn more about Islam. Islam is "peaceful" until there are enough Muslims in an area, and then it is no longer peaceful. The Muslims in the south of course do not want trouble as they are in a minority. When there are many of them, they will force the rest of you to become Muslim, or to become a second-class citizen if you refuse (or kill you). These are the three choices given to non-Muslims throughout Islam’s history. But first they are obliged to behave very sweetly, in a non-political way, to make you think they are harmless.
        If you have the time, I advise you to look up Mark Durie on the internet and read what he says on this topic; he is an expert.
        There is nothing "spiritual" about Islam, even though human beings have a spiritual aspect. Islam was always about political control, gaining land, and ultimately theft - and don’t forget the price of leaving Islam is death.

        repondre message

  • 26 December 2010 08:23, by Stephen Gatloth K

    Islam fundamentalists are running out of their mine,how come that this nation be ruled by muslim,agressive and cruel Arab.God knows what to do this time for southerners to live peacefully like the rest of nation in the world.
    With the exception of president Bacher himself and other peace lovers,others Arab are not exually a human being like.
    Thank goes to El-bacher becuase of doing what so good for we the southerners like granted us with CPA though there was pressure some where else.however he tried his best hard and harder.
    You remain in and we shall be stand bahind you if south sudan seperated from cruel north and then fuck those Arab.
    Shame on the Arab Muslim fundamentalist.
    God bless Bacher and others peace lovers in Sudan.

    repondre message

  • 26 December 2010 08:26, by david mabior deng

    In human history or rather human life its sometimes vital to take time and think some awkward situations critically in order to devoid the negative implications.Ever take time and observed whats common among this failed states in the word,i mean iraq,pakistan,Afghanistan,sudan,yemen?their common feature that successfully drive them towards failure is religion-obssession or rather their religion-blinded nature and its become even worst when its the destructive-oriented islam.Ever heard of religion which supports mass killing of innocent lives in the name of "jihad"??May almighty open up their ears and eyes because Northerners are destined for the worst after seccesion of the south.As for Abdel Karim and his religion-blinded dummies i have no words but to congratulates them guys because they just dreamed the most and the biggest unrealistic dream in the word because not even their so-called Mohammed would perform his ancients miracles to make their dream come true.
    Lastly but not the least all readers or rather participators of this site should take care of idiots like saban john,original sudanese because am death sure they are out to chaotise southerners against each other through their tribalistic utterances like dinka this or nuer that.Shame on you!and let it be their vivid knowledge that they are destined for failure.

    David mabior
    high school student in kenya

    repondre message

    • 26 December 2010 17:54, by Victory

      David mabior,

      Iam so impressed that you can write such english language when you are still even a high school student,not even the president al,bashir can write in such english language,keep it up, your bro is lives somewhere in Asia,
      Back to satanic islamic followers in north, we the southern sudanese know very well that this is the last attempt of a dying hors,but this referndum is probable & unstopable..May God bless south Sudan.

      repondre message

  • 26 December 2010 08:43, by Bol Deng

    I can see in their pictures that they are Taliban. They are brothers to B.l.D.

    repondre message

    • 26 December 2010 20:21, by Konybaai

      You are right Bol Deng their physical appearance has clarified their terrorism and it show that they are from Midle East not Africans.But why do they involved in Africans affairs? it is right for Africans to divided their land into small pieces if they want.

      repondre message

  • 26 December 2010 13:44, by Jada Lotole

    Why dare reject something that you even dont deserve ? These clerics are just crazy and thier hands are full of blood of the innocent Southerners ! the Referendum belongs to Southerners. These so called clerics have nothing to Reject and so, they should bear in thier osamic heads that the refrendum shall take place as planned . If they feel bad about it, i suggest they go and hang on a tomato tree . No more slavery, no more islamisation and no more dictatorship! We are actually already an independent nation . What is left is to only announce to the world !

    repondre message

    • 26 December 2010 20:39, by Konybaai

      for sure these muslim clerics are those whom were brought up in wrong manner and their religious misled them.So they don’t have right to talk about independent of South Sudan therefore people of south Sudan will announce their independence very soon.

      repondre message

  • 26 December 2010 15:14, by John M. Atem

    The thuggish and murderous Criminal National Congress Party will never impose their stupid sharia laws on us. They are trying it, but they will never success. Folks, Islam is the religion of lunatic people. The question is: Why do they want to impose their religion beliefs on people who do not want it? If these thugs think that is the right way to do it, then let us go for it. We will not let ourselves to be ruled by blood-thirsty strip of islamic sharia laws.

    repondre message

  • 26 December 2010 18:02, by John M. Atem

    Iam greatly shocked by the statements made by these lunatic Islamic clerics. These thugs have not achieved any thing worth appreciation in their entire life. They have making living by preaching hate-filled and cheap propagandistic lies aimed at derailing the peaceful implementation of the hard-won 2005 Comprehensive Peace.

    repondre message

  • 26 December 2010 20:08, by Martin Noah

    Who the hell these clerics think they are? There is no chance in hell that we would bow down to these killers. We southerners would rather die than accepting your stupid sharia law. If you guys can’t stand diversity, tolerance,and other compenents essential to co-existance between Southerners and Notherners, then leave us alone. You had already killed millions of southerners, exploited our resources, and made the South a living hell for us by not developing it like the North. What more do u guys want? May God bless Sothern Sudan and the soon to be new nation.

    repondre message

  • 26 December 2010 21:05, by Freedom Fighta

    Are these the preachers sent by Omar El Bashir! I wonder why UNITY isn’t made attractive by this corrupt regime. All they want is war, coming to war they shOuld know that we are not scared of war, we fought for mOre than 30 years against them Arabs. They want war again? Let them continue these nOn sense and they will see Khartoum being bombed, this time it ain’t going to be American drone Or missile but it’s gOing to be South Sudanese Air Force, this time it’s going to be hard and destruction will be evident all around Khartoum, because in the past we were nOt fighting sudan’s Arabs but we were fighting many Arabs an we prevailed, South Sudan will be a fOrce to reckon with, not even an Arab can defeat us. If war starts this time, i’m coming home to fight for my people, ward up.

    Freedom Fighta from Australia.
    South Sudanese forever.

    repondre message

  • 26 December 2010 21:41, by Padiet Deng Alony

    Haaaaaaahaaaa a barking dog while camel is working. never ever will it happen it is only nightmare that is narrated by the cleric. Till Jesus come back to the world islam sharia will NOT function in Southern Sudan Country.that lucifer law is not functioning only for stupiid people like cleric and their stupid follwers.

    repondre message

  • 27 December 2010 04:28, by Cholmaduk

    Mr.Karim and his radical Muslim Clerics demanded "imposition of Islamic Shariah law in the entire country whether citizens of the mainly christain region of South sudan like it or not" Mr.Karim you are free to impose shariah law in North Sudan not in the South Sudan. The South Sudan is leaving not matter what your demanding will be effective or not. The Southerners can not tolerate shariah law or any injustice systems at this time. No body is fraid of what you says or whatever you want to do . It is better for you and your radical Muslim Clerics to stop running your mouth against the South Sudan’s independent. you are suppose to preach this imposition of shariah law in the North only since you will be left alone in the upcoming few months.

    repondre message

  • 27 December 2010 04:51, by original sudanese

    Marco A. Wek

    This forum is not for religion debate so like I mentioned before leave religions alone. You can talk bad or good about Muslims clerics, Christians preaches, etc. all day and you are entitled to your opinion. To call a religion as a devil or evil you are insulting billions of the followers of that religion. Like I said all the religions preach peace and worshiping the same God. I read the bible and Quran and I don’t see any verse that talks about imposing Christianity or Islam on none. I am not going to have words war with you and also I am not going to use foul language as some of you are using, because I am a civilized person. Using foul language does not make you a man, as matter of facts it makes you a punk. So I advise all to leave the religions alone. By the way I don’t care about NCP, SPLM, Muslims Clerics or Christian’s preachers as all make mistakes.

    repondre message

    • 27 December 2010 05:21, by Covert

      Sudanese immigrant, you have a point here that no one should affront your religion, but if you and your clerics don’t want your religion to be insulted, then you should refrain from making comments that says sharirah law should be imposed to those who don’t even share the religion with the Muslims.

      If you don’t want to play the game, then don’t enter the game to play in the first place.

      repondre message

    • 27 December 2010 06:43, by Freedom Fighta

      Original Sudanese you are very stupid e en from your name, go back to the history and research of who the real sudanese are?. Take your dump as out of here cuz you got nothing to say as hole. Go to where you came from Trader.

      repondre message

      • 27 December 2010 15:50, by original sudanese

        To so called
        Freedom Fighta and victory
        I am not going to use aggrisive language with you. I am having a good day therfore I am not going to let you mess it up. You guys are nothing but PUNKS like I said before. I did not insult none of you and you are acting like cry babies. A man is the one who control himself not the one who just park like a dog. This is a free forum so therfore I can express my opnion like anybody else. You don’t have the right to tell tell me not to post here..... Thank you Sudan Turbine for letting everone express there opions in this forum. I suggest that anyone uses foul langauge should be stoped from posting as there are nothing but PUNKS

        repondre message

  • 27 December 2010 05:48, by original sudanese

    for some reason you did not get what I am saying. Don’t associate me with anyone. Read the end of my comment. If you don’t undererstand it then ask somone to explain it to you or break it down for you. Stop been hard head. By the way I am oringal Sudanese as my title suggest.

    repondre message

    • 27 December 2010 06:49, by Bol Deng

      Original Sudanese,

      If you are Muslim or Christian,then can you judge those who preached Jihad as a source of hatred among ourselves. And i a very much convinced that you never heard South Sudanese( Christian) declaring a war in the name of their God?

      Yes, We should understand that Muslim misunderstood the core values of Islam. Even though religion is not a point of augment, I believe that Muslims around the world insisted that people need to follow their tradition.

      what can you say about someone who really want unity of a country and at the same time demand the imposition of Islam laws in Sudan-the diverse country?

      So, What is your reaction? I am not blaming those who tell the truth about Islam because it’s always against the interest of others. Please, why not you keep quite and let people blame those who preached hatred against others because they are damaging Islam as a religion. Thanks

      repondre message

      • 27 December 2010 07:40, by Victory

        Original sudanese,

        You are very stupid & fool at the same time.
        Islam is a fals religion a very demonic,you said islam is a religion of peace,i read koran & the bible...etc may you shup your mouth.
        The bible say,woe to those who called good evil,&evil good, isaiah5:20,go & read the bible onc again. therefor i strongly clarifiy that islam is a fals religion because its a religion of satan to blind the people &destroy them its not from God the father of our Lord Jesus christ .long live South Sudan.

        repondre message

      • 28 December 2010 00:04, by australian

        Bol Deng: Islam needs to be challenged. We can’t just say leave it alone, don’t upset Muslims.
        Same goes for "Original Sudanese".
        Muslims are living in darkness, forced to worship a savage, nasty god and his equally unpleasant "messenger". Muslims should be allowed to leave Islam if they want to. They should not be treated like very sensitive children, but like adults who have the capacity for reasonable thought. They always scream "victim!" if anyone criticizes their religion instead of considering that maybe something is wrong. After all, can they really believe that God says they should kill and torture, and despise black people, and steal women, and all the rest of it? If they REALLY believe all that, then they are people we need to stay away from, and if necessary kick out of our region for security reasons.
        In the West we have a problem with immigrant Muslims who, following the Prophet Mohammed’s teaching, think it is okay to rape our girls. This is the kind of thing Islam seems to teach men.

        repondre message

  • 27 December 2010 15:52, by original sudanese

    To so called
    Freedom Fighta and victory
    I am not going to use aggrisive language with you. I am having a good day therfore I am not going to let you mess it up. You guys are nothing but PUNKS like I said before. I did not insult none of you and you are acting like cry babies. A man is the one who control himself not the one who just park like a dog. This is a free forum so therfore I can express my opnion like anybody else. You don’t have the right to tell tell me not to post here..... Thank you Sudan Turbine for letting everyone express there opions in this forum. I suggest that anyone uses foul langauge should be stoped from posting as there are nothing but PUNKS

    repondre message

    • 28 December 2010 00:05, by Paul Ongee

      Ya alleged original Sudanese,

      I hope you’re lucky to be enjoying freedom in the West because you have learned how to use the word "PUNKS." Keep up learning English instead of generational competition over growing beard only to abuse Islam.

      repondre message

  • 28 December 2010 02:14, by Freedom Fighta

    I’ll say it again to ur face Original Sudanese, fuck of you and your false religion, You ain’t knowin shit to say myn, if you can’t take it, then put on ur fucking Jalabia andy take ur fuckin camel and fuck of from Sudan, you might be in the west to learn them English, whose money you usin to go to such places, it’s blood money myn, the money of our people who were murdered by your parents and ur president O mar Suck a Dick. You’ll see one day The whole Sudan being ruled by real Sudanese, and you and ur fuckin sharia bulshit will fuck of from my land. Ward up.

    Freedom Fighta
    Fight for my people till I die.
    Long live South Sudan in peace and freedom.

    repondre message

  • 28 December 2010 02:22, by Freedom Fighta

    I’ll say it again to you Original Sudanese, fuck of you and your false religion, you ain’t knowin shit to say myn, if you can’t take it, then put on ur fucking Jalabia and don’t forget ur fuckin camel and fuck of from Sudan, you might be in the west to learn them English, whose money you usin to go to such places, it’s blood money myn, the money of our people whom were murdered by your parents and ur president O mar Suck a Dick. You’ll see one day The whole Sudan will be ruled by real Sudanese, and you and ur Punk ass Clerics wit them fuckin sharia bulshit will fuck of from my land. Ward up.

    Freedom Fighta
    Fight for my people till I die.
    Long live South Sudanese people in freedom
    And prosperity.
    Long live South Sudan in peace and freedom.

    repondre message

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