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China secretly sells Sudan multi launch rocket systems: report


July 13, 2009 (PARIS) — The Sudanese government managed to buy an unknown number of WS-2 multi-launch rocket systems from China, according to Kanwa Defense Review Monthly magazine.

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WS-2 multi-launch rocket systems (military-today.com)

This is the first time this system is exported by China to any country, the Defense magazine reported adding that Sudan now is in possession of the “most powerful long-range attack system” in the African continent.

The multi-launch rocket systems was never shown in any of the country’s military parades.

The report comes as the Sudanese defense minister Abdel-Rahim Mohamed Hussein started today an official visit to China.

“The two countries have witnessed fruitful cooperation in such areas as politics, economy and culture since the establishment of diplomatic ties 50 years ago,” the Chinese Defense Minister Liang Guanglie said after talks with Hussein.

Chinese state media made no mention of any proposed defense contracts between the two countries.

Kanwa Defense Review Monthly could not verify when Sudan received the WS-2 rocket systems but that several African delegates at the Abu-Dhabi International Defense Exhibition and Conference 2009 confirmed the sale.

Furthermore, sources told the magazine that the system’s effective range was upgraded to 200 km with enhanced accuracy and reduced launch time. The system’s warhead weighs 200 kilograms and it uses four types of ammunition.

The UN Security Council (UNSC) imposed an arms embargo that covers Sudan’s Western region of Darfur.

Human rights groups frequently accused China of supplying arms to Sudan for use in Darfur, in breach of a UN arms embargo and produced photographs of Chinese weapons in Darfur.

But Beijing insists that any weapons sales made to Sudan are not in breach of any UNSC resolutions.


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  • 14 July 2009 06:36, by oshay

    This is unbelievable Sudan currently has one of the most sophisticated Armies in sub saharan Africa all that is needed now is modernization in the field of Aviation and the Navy. The SPLA better think clearly before it tries to instigate another war

    This is a long way off when Sudan used to beg countries for bullets to fight the SPLA.

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    • 14 July 2009 06:54, by jur_likang_a_ likan’g

      Again instead of developing the regions of Sudan especially Darfur. Khartoum is still purchasing war machinery to exterminate the Sudanese with income got from their natural resources. This clearly shows a hidden agenda of Jallaba. They probably want to sell Sudan to Arabs and Chinese for resettlement. Already Darfur is now occupied with Arabs right from Mauritania, Niger upto Yemen.

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      • 14 July 2009 07:00, by Garang Arok


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      • 14 July 2009 13:54, by Mr Point

        This is unbelievable Sudan currently has one of the most sophisticated Armies in sub saharan Africa even though it has never fought a foreign war.

        The Head of State spends more money on the Army than on Education and Welfare combined. He is head of state because he is head of the army. And for all the money spent on the Army why is it rubbish?

        The Army could not fight the SPLA and so the PDF militia was set up by the NIF.

        The Army could not handle Darfur and so the Janjawid milita murder gangs created the insecurity.

        And where was the Army when JEM drove to Khartoum? It was a hot day and they were sleeping in the barracks ....

        This is a pointless waste of resources.

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    • 14 July 2009 08:04, by Hillary B.M.L,M

      And then what with your Guns, are you going to fight us again?
      Ashay, you better come to Sudan , in other help your relatives.

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    • 14 July 2009 08:35, by Bior-raandu

      Dear oshay,

      If you are to wage war against SPLA because they have no Long - range rockets, I hereby telling you that during the formation of SPLA, SPLA was having no good machine guns and they managed to get from their brothers through the fierce battle they used to launched.

      you coward boy, do not let me go beyond my limit. This is the right time for you to experience your being aggressive

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      • 17 July 2009 01:31, by Nguetbuny de Luelpiny

        Ohoo god! let us be skillful; SPLA/M have to used, theirs especial task force to capture them before they get fire. As they used do before. Even if the government buy any types of multi- system WS-2 weapons; SPLA/M will still take on Khartoum.

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    • 14 July 2009 09:47, by garang peter majok


      be reminded that you were begging to fight SPLA not manufacturing just the same as buying in terms of military advancement.
      I just want to remind you that you don,t matter with your little sheet army which is consisted of cheqs and Imams.SPLA is a freedom army which deserves all sorts of military strength.

      you have not got missiles defends system yet and off course SPLA Missiles will only sits on khartoum so that we will have to start the development all over again to gather remember that.

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    • 14 July 2009 10:04, by Aduol Liet


      You are stupid Arab brother of Omar al Bashir, who care this weapons have been used for long time by criminal killer your uncle Bashir still SPLA Captured 280 Towns in Sudan. SPLA are they Armies who fear with such weapon shown. If you hoping for the SPLA war two then wait, this time all SPLA armies in Nuba Mountains, Blue Nile Region, Souther Sudan and Darfuri Regions and we will see Arab immigrants go back to Middle Esat very soon. Do not confusing people whatever, you have avation and Navy in Northern Sudan will not affect average men SPLA. If cause again then, you will see all these oppositions movements will go to Northern Sudan this time. Try to take out your mother now in Khartoum before it will stars what you are hoping.

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      • 14 July 2009 21:11, by Simon Maguor

        Bravo Aduol, it was in exactly this same pattern that the SPLA obtained its ammunitons during the wartime. It is the role of the political thugs in Khartoum (BAshir, Oshay and all jallabas) to buy weapons and we shall capture them.

        Let them begin and see, the worse of the Arabs is coming. I have already granteed the number of Arabs that I will slaughter before advancing to others.

        Where the hell on earth will these jallabas go if we chase them out of the Sudan. Their only safety is to surrender to be our slaves or else they should get back to the breeeding ground or terrorists, the Middle East.

        The fight for freedom still continues remember that ’TO BE BORN FREE IS AN ACCIDENT, TO LIVE FREE IS A PREVILLEGE, AND TO DIE FREE IS A RESPONSBILITY’

        Physical liberation of people and land is what we live for.

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    • 14 July 2009 11:03, by Jeremiah Mach

      O’Shit again, look here dumb; the Sudan Islamic government has been arming it army with the latest weapons to defeat the SPLA since 1983, but unfortunately it failed to do so. if you think that SAF is well equip, yes nobody disagree with that; but SPLA is well equip hundred time. try to play with the sleeping LION and you will go with a bloody nose.

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    • 14 July 2009 13:15, by mohamad adam

      dear people of south sudan i pitti you
      up to when will you keep on barking jalaba arabs mandokoro?
      you failt misirabli to do any thing concerning your promising land
      and what a pitti your freedom fighters and leaders are the main cause of your backwardness by stealing each and evry thing and once they are questioned they start attacking jalaba and the arabs and unfortunately you used to swallow the lies which they tell you
      what is surprising me is the fact that up to now your goverment did not explain the fate of the 7 billions so far they have receved and once they hear any body comenting or asking about the money got from oil they repeat the samme story of abyei nuba mountains etc etc etc
      the war should not be against arabs it should be against your own corupted goverment
      the spla splm is ashaming the whole of africa not only the sudanese
      you have to admit that you failt completeli
      and your splm canot manage a town council leave alone a country
      go and beg any europian country to come and colonise you as you can not do alone
      the un should interven and appoint a body to manage south sudan becoz you futer is very dark
      i feel sorry for you
      north has gone very very far and after one year we shal start our nuclear program yet you are still waiting for shipments of wiski and beers from kenya
      enjoy it but the effect will be on your childrens futer

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      • 14 July 2009 21:24, by Simon Maguor

        Mr. who, I fail to estimate what your brain is like. I would conclude that you are a brainless animal BUT that won’t be convincing for no animal writes or can click a key to a website. Medical anallysis of whta you are is that you lack intellect.

        What ,makes a man areal man but not a scrab is intellect. What is corruption? Define it in various terms among which is included the misuse of public funds for worthless issues. the Sudan has been at war within itself becoiz the the emergence of bureacratic Arab elites, a group of Bourgoise, that contrl the wealth of the country for their own sake. Hoe many public schools would be funded with that money spent on rockets? What is the rocket meant for? Is it for fighting Ethiopia, kenya, uganda, or any other Country? No, just for fellow Sudan as you may know though am not certain becoz of your minute brain capacity. This is gross corruption BUT you do not know.

        I understand that you are an extremists and this is a combination of religious thugs that don’t avide by any moral code of conduct acceptable in Society. Plan your journey before war starts otherswise you are a living grace.

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    • 14 July 2009 17:04, by ngor martyn jok

      hahaa,SPLA is not scared by such threats,we ’re not even interested to hear about that fuck..it’s not killing!

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    • 14 July 2009 20:56, by Simon Maguor

      The SPLA is not that you think it is Mr. OShay. Without any country’s help, the SPLA brought the CPA and for sure, whether or not China helps Khartoum, the roadmap of the SPLA liberation struggle will never change.

      After all, what your small arabised (if at all you are not a mad Arab) brain must know is that ’it is not the bullet that succeeds in war but the bravery of the fighter.’ How many so-called Mujahidiin (Islamic terrorists) did the SPLA force out of the South during the war time? Visit records Mr. Fool Oshay.

      If you wish war breaks out again, the first victims will be those in Northern Sudn this time, we are ready to do what it requires to obtain total freedom.

      It is not a matter of expressing whatever you think but how logical it is. Revise your thoughts before submission to public websites like Sudan tribune otherwise you have betrayed yourself unknowingly. It is now clear that Mr. Oshay is a GREAT FOOL.

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    • 14 July 2009 22:33, by Kur

      Bashir may possess all the guns he wants, but this will not help him in anyway. He will be arrested whether he has neuclear weapons or otherwise. The US would have conquered the whole world if sophisticated weaponry is the solution.

      Moreover, I want to remind you that the twenty years of fighting the SPLA fought against your janjaweed army will differ with what may come. No weapons will deter us from defending our country. Again those weapons are not made in Sudan, so we know where they can be bought. Our response this time against any aggression will be thorough and complete. Everybody will feel the pinch. Try it. But remember that the SPLA is not the army of violence, it is an army of peace and freedom. It does not fight to rape women and children but to defend them.


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    • 14 July 2009 22:51, by peter marko

      To unsophisticated supporter of INF regime: OSHAY

      Recently, it becomes laughable trend that the elements and supporters of NCP regime, previously called Islamic National Front, rejoice and praise their regime for strengthening its military capacity. However, they overlook the fact that such move will not be a game changer. So my advice to warmongers within NCP regime is not to instruct their stupid president to take the nation to unwinnable war again.

      SPLA will not start the war. However, should the war resume, they will courageously defend our nation as they did during the war. You stupid little jerk has to know that war is all about the moral, and SPLA moral has never been higher than it is today. The warriors of SPLA together with the freedom fighter s of Equality and Justice Movement will crush your ill army and deliver painful strike that will bring your regime down once and for all. So you better think twice before rallying for the war.

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    • 14 July 2009 22:51, by peter marko

      To unsophisticated supporter of INF regime: OSHAY

      Recently, it becomes laughable trend that the elements and supporters of NCP regime, previously called Islamic National Front, rejoice and praise their regime for strengthening its military capacity. However, they overlook the fact that such move will not be a game changer. So my advice to warmongers within NCP regime is not to instruct their stupid president to take the nation to unwinnable war again.

      SPLA will not start the war. However, should the war resume, they will courageously defend our nation as they did during the war. You stupid little jerk has to know that war is all about the moral, and SPLA moral has never been higher than it is today. The warriors of SPLA together with the freedom fighter s of Equality and Justice Movement will crush your ill army and deliver painful strike that will bring your regime down once and for all. So you better think twice before rallying for the war.

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    • 14 July 2009 23:46, by Tongthok

      Oshay! I ’m not surprise that you trying to hide among the southern to practice your devil tactic. Your days are numbers you and your master killer will end up in ICC hands soon not later.

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    • 15 July 2009 01:33, by pol d

      Mrs.Oshay do you things this war is going to be like 20 yrs ago, when your uncle Arab bomb children of Junub.SPLA are every where not only in the South,but all arround Sudan.Go a head and try it we are ready for you.So your women and children of your uncle,Bashir should smell SPLA bultels soon inside Khartoum.
      Think about the song says children of Junub don’t care when it’s time for war, dead or alive we continuse until you surround to our Arms greater SPLA
      GOD bless people of South.

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    • 15 July 2009 08:29, by Peter Aarai

      Congratulation to NCP for their purchasing the multi launch roket systems, now Southern Sudan army cannot buy any rocket launch from any where again, they will get it easily from NIF if they declare war on SPLA, I believed if SAF try to fight SPLA using this laucher, in one month I will see all these rocket launcher will be captured by SPLA commandos.

      I just met with one SPLA soldier in Rumbek last two hours ago I have interview him asking how SPLA will responded to these new system rocket laucher purchased by SAF? first, he thanks God for letting SAF buy those laucher, I ask what made you saying that, because soon SPLA will capture all those rocket if they decared war on the SPLA or try to attack them.

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  • 14 July 2009 06:58, by Akol Liai Mager

    Right and Justice are the best weapons you need to win a war.

    NIF has been using all sophisicated weapons in the South and Darfur.

    The deadly weapons UMMA and NIF regimes used in the South include; chemical weapons, Antonov Bombers and the most advanced Russian Sokoi Mig 29 Jet Fighter.

    Due to the lack of the rifght weapons, "rights and justice", NIF and UMMA evil parties miserablly failed to defeat the Marginalised Uprisings Movements led by SPLM/A.

    China weapons are no different from those defeated with NIF militias.

    Senar is not a region in the Arabian Penisular, it is a Sudanese Land and you need to be wise to avoid fighting the nature.

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    • 14 July 2009 07:12, by peemoney

      oshay u so fool bashir used to have same weapons b4 but still didnt defeat us i dont kno wat defuck u talking abt , nobody blame u anyway coz we kno u r equartoria wit no brain

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      • 14 July 2009 07:42, by Ajuscommando

        Congratulation to comment on this issue of China weapon supply to Sudan. In fact China is one of the UNSC and is supporting terrorists now in the world. I can say this WS-2 rocket were sold to Sudan by China due to ICC case, CPA and Dafur problem. On our behalf as Southerners, it’s not big threat we can think too much because China has sold many weapon during war to Sudan government and nothing they have achieved. I can not fear since this rocket can not see you.


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      • 14 July 2009 21:27, by Simon Maguor

        Look here Mr Peemoney or whatever you call yourself, NEVER call an Arab an Equatorian.

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    • 14 July 2009 07:19, by Ambago

      I really enjoy the way Uganda is playing with the fugitive. The roles are well divided. We now even know who is to do what and when.

      Museveni the big head plans the whole game. Ocampo comes and blesses the plot on legal grounds. Sam Kutesa the Ugandan Foreign Minister prepares the diplomatic platform for the breaking news.

      Even the arrest warrant is already with the Solicitor General. And we are also aware the police are on full alert. Even the name of the police office to carry out the arrest of Al Bashir is known ( Gen. Kale Kavihura).

      Henry Oryem , the state minister for International Relations have also made sure that the invitation sent to Al Bashir by his neighbour President Museveni has already been dispatched , stressing how they would miss him if he fails to turn up..

      As was reported in the independent Sudanese Al-Sahafa newspaper, if Omer Al Bashir is really the tough guy he thinks he is, then let him go to Uganda on July 26 for the grand Ugandan-Turkish forum as scheduled. The rest to follow will be history.

      This is the moment for sane people to live up to their legal obligations and not merely follow dubious political decisions.

      The great spiritual leader, Reverend Desmond Tutu should again make it clear to the governments of Uganda, south Africa and the 30 African (member) state parties to the Rome Statue that they have this legal and morale obligations on them to arrest Al Bashir if they have to clearly distance themselves from impunity.

      President Obama, the son of Africa and our own blood has said this,” Now Africa does not need strongmen but it needs strong Institutions if it has to tackle its problems”. He said.

      The days of strongmen are long gone and the stage is now for the badly needed strong institutions which is our only offer towards peace and progress.

      To the people of Uganda, I say that the strong Museveni should allow the strong Ugandan Justice Institution to deal with al Bashir, and Uganda would be remembered as a rare example of an efficient institutionalism in Africa.

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    • 14 July 2009 07:32, by richard opele

      Oshay! Can you recall the year 1983-1992 when the SPLA were fighting with only Klanshinkof & yet Omer was crying & the year 2002-2004 when the SPLA was using tanks? that time was the darfur helping omer,this time the Arabs alone.
      The problem is not the weapon,it’s the courage & the tactics.
      As late Dr. John Garang De mabior said " Town can not be captured from the air" the weapon omer brough will be for SPLA as we were been capturing weapons from the SAf & used it aginst them.Omer is making every thing possible for the SPLA,a very good logistics instead of SPLA to waste money.
      That weapon is ours.

      SPLA Oyee!!!!!

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      • 14 July 2009 21:36, by Simon Maguor

        Bravo Mr. Who. Be a friend to Simon Maguor for opinions are the same.

        Just prepare your farms tools for Arab slaves that will be created by further war. This is going to be the worst war on behalf of Kahrtoum and its allies.
        Let the stock those rockets for us, we shall capture them in War. Darfur, the military wing of the NIF is now apart, who wil fight on their behalf when all are cowards?

        A rocket doesn’t operate itself.

        I consider this as an important event in the miliarty life of our heroes for the days of these thugs in Khartoum are numbered. Let them keep joking with a hot Iron rod and they will know what it really is.

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  • 14 July 2009 08:47, by BUSTA 2

    Kiir be very carefull!!

    Any shit you do now will mean Dinkas are over if you can see that powerful gun.

    It is simply brought for you since your people are using money just to buy Hummers with, have you seen how Bashir is using his money which he he is getting from the Oil share?

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  • 14 July 2009 08:54, by Mr Famous Big_Logic_Boy

    Mr Famous Big-Logic-Boy < Fraud

    Mr Famous Big_Logic_Boy < original

    Unbelivable that on the day of firing those missile to south and durfur. Sudan will turn into another Gaza or worse. GOSS of dinkas was importing fake panges(weapons) from Russia now arabs are more into advance weapon (arrows) which they will fire from north without comign to frontline. Finaly they will come when the whole South is ash not us (Southerners). GOSS and his mongrel junglese will fligh to their heaven of USA, UK AUS, UG, KEN and ETH. But my lovely poor Southerners will be burned to ash with those arrows from china.

    When it is eating the corrupt goss and his junglese are number one but when coming to defense of this nation you find that the coward community of dinkas are number one taking trip for safety. This time when the hell days of Sudan whether during the referradoum, election or arrest warrenty of criminal has come, there is need for you junglese to particapate and face the truth. Don’t always leave Equatorians and nuer to defend you like their wivies. Tthose rockets where bought by arabs for two reasons, one is to panic other countries from arrestting bashir and other is to threaten the junglese to vote for unity. However a wise man and people like Equatorians are always into the battle. To die is much better than going for unity, prove yourself as brave by facing the bullet not ranning to hid.

    To my Equatorians, we want only those of us who are abroad to come and occupy our motherland when we did our best, because we who are present here in South are into the fight with those arabs, if their rockets were intentional bought for us. Our land must not and will not be left to the hands of arabs never and never happen if w’re alive, this is why i say that the once who are in foreign countries will come to take over not us because are ready to face the death. Another thing is that if those rockets were bought especial for South then the is a chance that most of them are made out of toxic. You dinkas this time be prepare to stand with your skilled and knowledgable Equatorians. Otherwise if you repeat turning around to the side of arabs and acting aganist Equatorians then your on fire. No messing around the moment for truth is coming to South.

    Logic is the chairman and founder of Equatorian Resistant Movement (ERM) after achieving its objectives and goals it will reverse to Sudanese Revolution Movement for Democratic (SRMD)

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    • 14 July 2009 09:26, by RED ARMY INTERNATIONAL

      Indeed, Sudan again find her way into the deadly weaponry store. It’s one of the blunders China commit against humanity, the ICC talk of arrest warrant and China is busy selling arms instead of giving possible solutions. China should remember that it’s not out of danger if she keeps the world in flames. The safety of Sudan will also affect the Republic of China. For sure, whatever come to Sudan will affect the whole universe but the people of Sudan have to remain collected though China is selling weapons that will increase the scene of carnage in Sudan- Darfur region.

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    • 14 July 2009 09:38, by Samani

      ’It is unclear exactly when China shipped the WS-2 system to Sudan. But what is clear is that this will be the most powerful long-range attack system in all of Africa.’

      There’s the Video to the WS-2.
      I feel so sorry for the South since all its ’friends’ are giving up on them. You can feel as patriotic or proud of what peace has been achieved with the CPA. But the truth will hurt. You were loosing the War back then and you would loose any war with the North in the future if you so decide. The sad truth is your wealthy and bling bling leaders living in Khartoum, US and EU with their million $ Houses and fancy cars will never give this up. Why give up this life of luxury? Will the poor people in the south see nothing in terms of development, security and prosperity.

      Everyday you hear of development in the north. Dams, factories, agriculture, deals and trade. One of the fastest growing economies in the World. What does the south have to show for those billions spent. Stop blaming your problems on the North. Your leaders are making a mess of the South, fools of its people and an embarrassment to the rest of the Country and Africa. Your SPLM/GOSS leaders are not qualified and wouldn’t be able to run a corner shop let alone a Government. The world knows it, the North knows it, and its funny that the only people that are blinded by the laughable propaganda the SPLM play are You (Who dont get it). The North doesnt give a rats ass if you separate for the simple fact that the South is dragging the Country behind. All you people think is the north is stealing our oil !!! The South gets 50% of this oil, you haven’t done anything with it, what are you going to do with 100%. A Joke. 90% of your population is illiterate and ignorant. How long are you going to rely on oil.

      Good luck with separation, cause you’ll need it when you become the next Somalia. Just remember this when it happens

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      • 14 July 2009 13:43, by Hillary B.M.L,M

        To Mr. Samani,

        Sudan Foreign Ministry spokesperson, aren’t you? you may be correct because you made every thing impossible for Southern part of the Country. You are the second Northern Sudan figure to say such word after prominent member in the parliament who had said, they will do every possible thing to make it impossible for South to break away. But man, know that frog can kill an Elephant, despite your China made Weapons, Economic growth or any rapid development you are talking of yet we can do necessary effort for our liberation.

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    • 14 July 2009 09:44, by Mr.Atok

      Dear Logic Man,

      I knwo you are a man who has grown up with the mentality of a boy and that’s why you behave in boyish manner.

      Unless you are an Albino in Northern Sudan because there are no Arabs in Sudan but albinos who called themselves Arabs. Albinoism is a curse in the whole history of human race and that’s why they are hunt down in Tanzania for luck but here in Sudan the dismay is that people are proud to be albinos yet they don’t know the repercussions associated with it.

      If you are one of those Albinos in the North, right with you but as I know so far, stockpiles of weapons don’t fight war by themselves. Khartoum had been buying weapons on daily basis yet they did not manage to get rite of SPLA let alone now when SPLA has also procured its sophisicated weapons also.
      Our problems in South used to be the internal albinos (alleged black albinos) but now we have already gotten a clear distinctive borders with those cursed race in the North. Abyei case is soon out on 22nd July and surely to South.
      Here now, the issue is not the Dinka nor Lotukos but the black skin even the black arabs with them there shall be targeted with those toys you are seeing on the photograph.
      They are meant to kill even you the stoog of Arabs. I do give constructive criticism for the betterment but for your case, you don’t even understand english of which you claimed to be writing to people.

      Am advising you to better listen since you neither read nor write.
      Second to that, we used to get our weapons from our quarters master general Omar Bashir during those years to combat them. Let me tell You SPLA has never had stockpiles from anywhere but we do capture those and use them against them and that why your mother’s husbands and you accepted peaceful negotiation.
      Finally, Those toys won’t affect the outcome of referendum whther you bring B-52 and F-117 use by US Marines to combat those curse race in Afganistan and Iraq we are going our own way decisively.

      Atok Dan.

      repondre message

      • 14 July 2009 10:37, by Luke Kuth Dak



        repondre message

    • 14 July 2009 10:44, by Ermano Munduku

      It is not a suprise for Southern Sudan to know the Sudan Multi launch rocket system because Southerners are aware the CPA will not be honoured like many of the agreements signed before. The Agreement of 1948 when chiefs were taken to Cairo to be brainwash in order to sign unity with the Arabs that has brought constant and endless war with any Arab who come to authority in the Sudan. The Addis-Ababa Agreement signed to cool down the war never helped the in development either yhuman or industries. Juba University was a scondary school converted to university and was for educating the Arabs. It never benefited the South. Many Southerners were taken to Egptian univerisities to be brainwash so that the Sudan remain united for Nile water and the Khartoum Agreement of Rich Macher signed without vison under the tree in Upper Nile 1992 was nothing but to to shut down Southern rights for sefl-determination/ freedom. By signing the CPA the Arabs want to defeat the South ideologically and militarily as the last option. Arabs were going to be defeated militarily but because of Dr. Lam Akol and Dr. Rick Machar were hungary for power and money they destroyed the SPLA and sold the South to the NCP/North. The same people who have no determination and nationalism today are the one leading the government and are preparing to hand it to the Arabs through the coming REFERRANDUM in 2011 and by forming SPLA-DC

      South Sudan must be prepared for war that will be judged by the international community that it is for freedom from injustice and genocide. The war will last for a short time this time because it will be fought by international community together with the South. South by now would have be free from the North but because the NCP has strategies of how they will win the South for unity and oppression made aggreement difficult in Kenya. The South asked for REFERANDUM to be after two years and the Arabs refused because they want enough time for preparation to buy MULTI ROCKET SYSTEM MISSILES to fight the south not Darfur. Arabs accepted 6 years because they know it is at their Advantage. This time will be enough to complete their ABC strategies. Strategy number one bribe Southerners in government of National Unity so that they become paralsed and forget about impleentation of CPA. Southerners fought this out by withdrawing from the Government of National unity and later returned after comprimise and still NCP/NIF are not implementing the core sections of CPA. The border remained undemarcated, Abyei was destroyed and the case is now with International tribune, the oil money is being hidden for the South only a quarter of it is being shown and GOSS continue to keep silent. There are no Southerners working in the oil field to monitor the production then what do you expect.

      People should stop talking about election of 2010 because this election will bring confusion. Let those in the government now take the country to referandum 2011 and after that we see whether the country will be one or two and that is the time people go for election. South has been cheated in censors and election is being posponed to April 2010 the time of raining season so that many Southerers will nto vote. Millions of Southerners are outside the country and are not allowed to vote. This are all to make the election favour the North. The South must now think and prepare for two things: war and referrandum. Our case laying now is with UN SECURITY COUNCIL, UNITE STATE AND EUROPEAN UNICON not to mention African Union and Arab league because this are being dominted by NCP/NIF. We can come out successfult without them. Let the South not fear the multi- Launch rocket. The rocket will kill people but will not finish the papulation of the South as it did not finish in the last 53 years fighting in the South. It is wise to declear unilateral Independence any time from now because NCP does not want to implement CPA. They violeted it by posponing the election to february and April 2010, refusal to demarcate the border, media and oil sharing.

      repondre message

    • 14 July 2009 11:10, by Gabriel Green

      Bullshit,this multi-launch rocket system is bought purposely for southern sudanese to prevent south border demacation and Abyei Boundary conflict(ABC).

      The cowards Equatorian are going to run away to USA UK,ETC as this stupid Logic boy has wrongly mention it above, leaving the Brave dinka to fight for them.This time we the Dinka will not entertaint nonesense to give any important position to the cowards which are always (mouthbrave)and run away for savety.

      Brave man die in front line but the coward remains, but still die, the same death going to grave. we the brave Dinka can still face this little rocket which will not even killed any one in the south.

      You coward boy,Dinka are brave,1,they are intelligent 2,they don,t listen to nonesenses 3,they have pity at cowards 4 and they are good leaders who brave face to any dog with chemical weapons leave alone a rocket 5

      Hey our president please be alert

      repondre message

    • 17 July 2009 02:10, by Nguetbuny de Luelpiny

      To Famous Logic Boy and others.

      you are foolish men, who could never take out any cent from Arab. Accept giving your sisters, Wivies to change your children colour. fake fool Arab supporters. Anyone who is not fighting for Africa will no Save heaven here.

      You should support your people that will make you proud. when you make comment negative to south,and Call SPLA/M as Dinka Movement; is not a good idea. SPLA/M is not for Dinka; is for Sudanese African Indigenous people. Those who are Arab pretenders, like a team dogs loyal to Arab; will have no chance among us.

      Don’t Slave yourself to white Arab, whom you never going to have any position among them until you died. Be really Africa idealist. You can change SPLA/M by doing something good inside it Ranks,and show your loyalty. SPLA/M is not for any Tribe in Sudan.

      repondre message

  • 14 July 2009 11:54, by Father Critic

    Dear barking dogs from Equatoria and their supporters,

    Please don’t be panic for you are still with your freedom fighters,We are ready to tune to the language Arabs understand better.How many rockets had been used since and we have managed to teach them a lesson.Dinkas enjoy sound of gun shoot like a music but Equatorians start urinating while dressed.

    I would like to inform the president of Southern Sudan to be ready and respond on time.Stitch in time save nine.You have to act quickly in order to avoid problems.

    Please I would also like to inform money minded and food lovers to leave the area as soon as possible.But bear in mind that these days........ unless you have taken part.

    The following communities are the ones which liberated Southern Sudan:Dinka Bor,Dinka Bhar El Ghazel,Dinka Ngok,party of Nuer community,Nuba mountain but those whose names are not in the list are food lovers and money minded,

    Critic ngueny from Bor town

    repondre message

    • 14 July 2009 12:51, by pills

      Father Critic of Bor rubbish,

      So you enjoy sound of guns like music this’s why you have been fucked by the White army in Bor jungle during early 90s and took refuge in Mundri and kapoeta?! What do you know about the sound of bullets you coward? in which battalion did you fight you fool? If it’s not because of commanders like Salva Kiir, Peter Cirilo, Issac Mamour, and Oyai Deng Ajak, could you ever return to your fucking Bor town?

      repondre message

      • 14 July 2009 17:17, by Gabriel K

        Dear pills,i know you feel bad about,[critic]but in reality don,t just assume they name above are they one fight they white armies in Bor,none of them fire abullet in Bor as you say.Only son of bor fight the white armies untill Machar sign agreement with nif in 1997,and they white armies what ever you call them, fight with only old man in the village not sons of Bor you can say what you want about that war,but Nuer community understand what happened in that war.To repeat myself sons Bor were fighting in Juba,so tell me what was your unit or battalion, spla.

        repondre message

    • 14 July 2009 14:34, by Hillary B.M.L,M

      stupid you don’t address real issue, answer Mr. samani than to wasting effort on tribalism.

      repondre message

  • 14 July 2009 12:00, by wannawilla S M

    By the way, who can help me know who is that O’shay???
    I think this guy has got something wrong with him.

    repondre message

    • 14 July 2009 13:22, by Saaid Nafe

      Don’t worry or panic by what brought to Sudan from China because those weapons need men behind them in which Sudan is lucking at the moment unless they exploit the weakness of the SPLM to use the marginalize people to kill themselves as they used before. I would like SPLM to prove their leadership to the entire marginalize people in Sudan before same of them taken by NCP in the coming war.

      repondre message

  • 14 July 2009 15:20, by Jakok Loakloak

    It is sadening to read such stupidity flowrishing among Southerners over the net. What a shame to be associated with such creatures of low understanding and percept. We could have had a consrtuctive discussion and brain storming over the armamnet issue yet these things will never allow us know what we don’t know. Because they think they are it..

    SPLA have the correct figures and solutions to your fears sons of darkness..Here we know they have Hinds gunships Numbering (##)this means two figures only. Unmaned surrvaillance planes (##) assemled in Jiad millitary production complex, Mig-23 (##), Mig-29 (##) SU-27 (#), SU-37 (#) and the Chinese SU-Version (##). We also Know that the North is assembling NVGs, tanks and ammos of all kinds in the same complex to eliminate the night attacks and trees we hide in. But rest assured, we Know..
    What you see today is leaked intentionaly to offset the Abyie rulling; and to frighten you as one may see from the above responses. If you feel the south will be overtaken in one day by the Raajimats, please; Uganda and Kenya borders are still open move there with your family..or best go to Khartoum and live in the shanty towns and come back when the land is secure enough for you to be home. Leave the south to us southerners who are willing to give it all..


    repondre message

    • 14 July 2009 21:33, by J. Noon


      1. People think the comment replier are Sudanese, but infact most of them are Westereners who design these fake headline for us in order to understand us, and how we do comment on a particular subject " watch out " they are even imitate us by our names to fool you so that you would think that the comment is a Sudanese one.

      2. The whole policy of the west is to segregate socities although they do have the "European Union, United States, United ... United ... to endless " THINK

      3. Know this forever "No Westerner will solve your problem" who does? You and who you live with end of story. Blacks in their own homes in the west not been helped by any mean do you think for you in Africa? THINK

      4. The thing of Arab, religon, Tribe, race ... etc is the main cause of what we do live in and nothing more than western politics.

      5. Do not reveal all of your truth here no matter how you are angry about whatever but do reveal it with you own race and your own country men.

      repondre message

      • 14 July 2009 21:42, by Simon Maguor

        You may be right Mr. Noon only that you are very bias (segregative). What problem do you have with the geographical dorection WEST? If at all you have a problem with WEST then you might have the same with EAST.

        I would not belame you if you had pointed to the EAST (China and Rusia) for they are the senders of disater whereas the WEST (France, for this case) is only sending a guiding message.

        You told us to think, so you should RETHINK now.

        repondre message

      • 15 July 2009 06:30, by Samani

        Well said Noon !!

        And for the other guy !!

        ’WEST (France, for this case) is only sending a guiding message’ ... Thats funny, hahahahahaha sending a guiding message my a$$!! Do you take us for fools. France on its own is the cause of more than 50% of Africas dark ugly 400 year past and present misery !

        Divide & conquer is always the strategy !

        Destabilize & enforce !

        Undermine & enslave !

        Brainwash & humiliate !

        2033 ...

        repondre message

  • 14 July 2009 22:17, by Matung Neng-neng

    I think the sudanese Government is coming to understand that what have been going in Iraq and the Middleeast crisiss are all relate to Sudan in which none of these right, or wrong, UN, or AU, and lawsuit need to be considered otherwise unless one have to defend itself.
    It is crimes time, no doubt about it.
    Please read it carefully!
    Have nice day!
    Mr. Matung

    repondre message

  • 15 July 2009 00:04, by Oduck Bol

    Areplying to my opponet Emano Mundukur:

    Good for you to give your opinion,but you are totaly out of information with people who chare with you. First,in your artical,you acause Dr Lam Akol and Dr Rick Machair and also the new party Wich is SPM-DC of betarying SPLM; if people go to court with you, "you will end up in jaile", because you do not have evdences that prove your acausation. New party (SPLM-DC)is not the one which serving Southerns as government and in Sudan as whole. You should blam your boss with his ministers who are doing nothing,but looting public properties,visitting others country and women. was Dr Lam and Rick or SPM-DC that Kill Kenyan,Ugandian and Amir in Lack State yesterday? answer is SPM/A members. Was Lam,Rick or SPLM-DC that looted this moeny $7000,000,000,0000 billin? Answer is SPLM/A members. Instead pointing your finger to your boss,your pointing it to people who want to save you. You are mind muniflated. The case of China selling missiles and rockets to North Sudan is welknown by many nations in side Sudan and on the world. Do you asked you boss Salva Kiir what he acheived or benfet from traveling to China since the started of CPA and China now still selling weapons to North Sudan?. What kind of relationship they have?. My comrade you are behind the world. China dose not care about any body in Sudan wether Southerns or Northerns. Just China want its interests in Sudan. China needs oil,gold Cuper,zing and agerculture to feed its hunger nations. China first was worry that SPLM May win the power in Sudan or in South however China relize she was worry of primitive who dose not know anything to serve his people. So now China is dealing with a person who knows his interest which is Arab. My advice to you is that,we are going to tell your boss that you are wrong person to serve people,you got the power by chance,you did not tell people what was your objective or what you want to do to them.
    Oduck Bol

    repondre message

    • 15 July 2009 01:41, by sam venansio

      Hi friends, agemates, brethrens,SPLAM all over Sudan,
      do not waste your time talking about what the government of Sudan is doing. If Bashir is buying weapons, let him do so. they are allready ours, belong to SPLAM soldiers. Those very weapons will chase him to either hiding or death. Oshay If that Bashir of yours resorted to war as his option,then that marks the end of his ill leadership in Sudan. Thanks Bashir buy for us more sophisticated weapons. Splam emerged from nothing to holding machine guns, what about now? Do not provoke the sleeping king,lion and the stinging scorpion, less you deserve punishment at this times.Diehard SPLAM supporter in Diaspora and southern Sudan man.

      repondre message

      • 15 July 2009 03:52, by Rodolfo Riak

        The crying hyena never eat any cow:

        what happened now is a clear sign of going back to war with south. I am sure SPLA is ready for that malicius show of forces. I am with gentlement who said that SPLA went to bush with nothing and they defeated Khartoum government in many areas. SPLA also should not show what they have until the zero hour come. Bashir is going to be like Sadam Hussein who was showing everyday what he produce and that show killed him. African will not remain silence for this, even Egypt.

        Also this show came as a warning to UGANDA who said last week that they are going to arrest bashir if he put his nose in Uganda land. And that also mean nothing to Uganda Power. Bashir doesn’t know what Uganda Has.

        The result of the next war will be a drawn with no penalties to deciede the winner.

        let us stop barking, or scare, SPLA is preparing for that.

        repondre message

  • 15 July 2009 06:22, by YihHon Alewei

    This is not something new if you guys following the history!

    Dear all,

    Stop bickering at each other, do something for yourselves and the people of Sudan in general. Those who always took side in the current situation in the Sudan are fooling themselves. The Sudanese government must think twice before wasting the revenues of the state by buying those expensive weapons without wighing the outcomes. It is the time our leaders have to give up stupidity, greed, nepotism and oafishness. What a shame? We have people dying of hunger, diseases and money has been wasted on weapons.

    In my opinion, Sudan can not afford another war, I mean we have lost millions of people and still our leaders don’t get it! If these leaders of Sudan have gone to school, I think, they would have learnt more about humanity and how to build a society which can live in harmony and tranquility. The countries that we are heavily rely on have been in civil wars for decades! How did they fixed their damages? Those people realized that war is not a solution to the social strifes but negotiation is the best to achieve your demands.

    Look at Europe, USA and China today, those countries went through terrible civil wars for decades—When they realized—they resorted to diplomacy instead of weapons like what Omar Bashir is doing now..

    Sudan can be a better country—if we listen to each other and work out our differences without firing a shot at each other. I encourage our leaders to take positive comments seriously—our country is collapsing before us—let’s do something different than killing civilians—

    To those of Oslay and Logic—you are far from the truth—I don’t know what kind of human beings you are? Stop supporting dull motions and do something better for yourselves—

    Sudan will be a better place if we use words instead of rockets—(heavy artillery)—at the end of the day—rivals still come to the round table for talks—

    God bless Sudan

    repondre message

    • 16 July 2009 13:21, by Makol Dhal

      Let me laugh at them.it is really bullshit and bad idea to make publically the very untrue statement,Sadam was trying his best to depend himself throughout by intamidating etc until the last minute Sadam was caught like rat under the ground.it is really wrong idea for Sudanese to intamidate others Sudanese rither than working on win/win method for welfare of all.Garang say weather it rain with spear or fire we will still to make it and that spirit had been instaled across the country other thing you don,t know.
      Fail project.

      repondre message

      • 24 August 2009 17:30, by Sudanese only

        To think that the SPLA matters to the Sudan government so as to buy weapons specifically to fight it is to be ignorant of military matters. The SPLA has not been an effective fighting force since the 90’s as we all know. Even the SPLA commanders know that they will be no match for SAF if they decide to fight again due to the immense difference in munitions, training, discipline and strategy. I hope that much of what is said about restarting the war is just blowing steam as I have no wish to see my brothers in the South wiped out !!
        Also, these weapons are for our protection as well. What happens when we have to fight Kenya for ouir borders or Uganda? I hope we will be able to count on our brothers in the North for help with their sophisticated weapons !!

        repondre message

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