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Al-Bashir reiterates promise to accept result of South Sudan vote, build strong ties


January 1, 2011 (KHARTOUM) – Sudan President Omar Hassan Al-Bashir has reiterated his commitment to recognize the results of south Sudan’s vote on independence, pledging to erect strong ties with the semi-autonomous region if it opted for full independence as expected.

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Sudan President Omar Hassan Al-Bashir during his address to the nation on the occasion of Sudan’s 55th anniversary of independence at the Presidential Palace in Khartoum, December 31, 2010 (Reuters)

In less than a week on January 9, citizens of south Sudan are due to go the polls to cast their votes either in favor of remaining united with the north or seceding to create an independent state.

The vote was stipulated in a 2005’s peace deal that ended nearly half a century of intermittent civil war between the south decades between the south, where most ascribe to Christianity or traditional beliefs, and the predominantly Muslim north.

Feeling aggrieved by the years of civil war and perceived neglect by successive governments in the north, southerners are largely expected to vote for full independence.

In the speech he delivered on the occasion of Sudan’s independence on December 31, Al-Bashir once again said he would adhere to the referendum date and honor its results.

“Let the referendum process proceed with God’s good graces as well as our commitment which we now reiterate to the scheduled date and to accept the outcome resulting from the desire and choice of the citizens”.

Al-Bashir pledged that he would “not renege or hesitate on” the commitment to accept the final result.

President Al-Bashir, who is expected to visit south Sudan’s capital Juba on 4 January to assess preparations for the plebiscite, further reaffirmed his government’s commitment to safeguard the rights of southern citizens in the north if the south seceded.

“We are committed to the promise we made to protect south Sudanese citizens in the north, we call on the Government of South Sudan to do likewise by taking the measures to safeguard the situation,” he said.

Al-Bashir maintained that unity is the best option for southerners. But he promised if unity cannot be attained he would seek to foster cooperative and mutually beneficial relations with the south.

“We will call and work for creating relations based on cooperation and promotion of common interests, and to present a role model in maintaining joint security and exchanging interests as well as looking after social relations and ties of blood, kinship and history,” Al-Bashir declared.


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  • 2 January 2011 05:53, by omoni Atari

    Thank you mr. president.
    peace be with you and also with south sudan.

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    • 2 January 2011 13:22, by Shadrack Nuer Machut

      Bravo Mr. Pres. Omar al Beshir for your peaceful comment ever on issues concerning positive progress of Southern Sudan.
      We’ve also recognised your support and appeciate you for that therefore you need not to change the decision after saying it.

      Though, Southern Sudan separates we shall still remain brothers and sisters as far as the entire Sudan is concerned.
      Keep on with the spirit and God Almighty and/or Allah will redeem you from the hands of chief presector for International Criminal Court(ICC).

      repondre message

    • 2 January 2011 15:37, by toposaboy

      Dinkas willing to bring Islam to south Sudan
      We will never respect you as a tribe in our new Country
      We have 65 tribes in south Sudan
      We will work very hard to kick you out of our new born country
      Read my lips very well

      repondre message

      • 2 January 2011 15:52, by omoni Atari

        YOU retarded so called Toposa boy.
        you are sick boy,and to make the matter worse you are boy,and you need to sit your punk ass in class before getting too late.Dont jot down your rubish full of hatred on this website.
        This site is for mature and learned people.

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        • 2 January 2011 16:19, by toposaboy

          You fucking gay man call omoni Atari
          You Dinkas will face the gun sound very soon
          Read my lips
          You Dinkas will feel it very soon
          The only way you can be our brothers is to get ready of Islam
          Islam Muslims are responsible for the problems we are facing in Sudan
          New born country in south Sudan will never enjoy life if they accept Islam

          repondre message

          • 3 January 2011 01:41, by omoni Atari


            "yau nyahumuc"means give me food,hahaha,beging food along the kapoeta street without clothes on,.
            "Lopai hinahina ahumuch" means my friend please give me food,
            That was why we had lost ten of thousand of SPLA heroes in kapoeta because Toposa madness and food they got from Arabs/NIF. So now you pretend to be someone educated,but you are nothing,and i know how you did get that computer,and i bet you stole that computer from one else.

            repondre message

  • 2 January 2011 06:49, by original sudanese

    There is a white boy / girl who reads our posts and sometimes he posts baseless comments. His nickname is Australian be careful with him he has hidden agenda. He always uses religion to divide between our people. He has no business to interfere with our internal affairs. Don’t pay him attention please. He thinks that we don’t know better since we are Africans, so he keeps sticking his red nose…..

    I am not going to pay attention to him

    I love Sudan
    I love Africa
    I love all my African brothers and sisters

    repondre message

    • 2 January 2011 13:29, by australian

      I am in favour of unity, a carefully considered unity.

      Religion divided your people long before I was born.

      Sudan needs an Ataturk (or someone like John Garang.)

      But I am sad that Sudan will be split. It is such a pity.

      (Just for the record.)

      repondre message

      • 2 January 2011 17:13, by mohammed ali


        Corcodile tears!

        We are happy , we are going to have peace, our brothers are going to achieve their inspirations, though that is really very sad for us, we will still love them and they will still remain our brothers!

        repondre message

        • 2 January 2011 18:16, by mohammed ali


          I told you to go away you are insisting.

          Why don’t you go and preach Christianity in Australia, they need to believe in GOD. instead of disiminating it hatred here!

          (((( One terrible thing was that the aboriginal men gave their daughters to white men for sex in exchange for alcohol. When babies were born from this kind of union, the full-blooded aborigines usually rejected them. I have a book about case-by-case scenarios of part-aborigines being taken from their mothers, and let me say, aboriginal women have always been treated roughly by their men. The "Bringing Them Home" report is much discredited, by the way.))

          That was prepostorous explanation! To make it worst:

          ((And of course the church did not condone such things (unlike another religion does...a religion which says men can kill men and rape their wives, all a part of jolly jihad...)

          State of denial!

          Even worst:

          ((. The worst thing is that abuse of girls is still very widespread in aboriginal communities. ))

          How outrageous, the black inferior man is always on the wrong side!

          Let me show some more statistics about Australia, about the holly white man and his Church:

          (( Roman Catholic Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle
          The diocese has been referred to as the "epicentre of Catholic clerical sexual abuse in Australia"[4] due to a number of paedophile priests with extensive abuse records being jailed since 1997: Father Vincent Ryan (a $6 million compensation payout to victims setting a record for the Catholic Church in Australia), Father David O’Hearn (due to stand trial in June 2010) and Father James Fletcher (died in jail in 2006).[5] John Sidney Denham pleaded guilty to 29 child sex charges involving 27 boys under his care while a Roman Catholic priest in Newcastle in the 1970s.[6] It has been alleged that the Archbishop of Adelaide, Philip Wilson, knew about clerical sexual abuse when serving in the NSW diocese of Maitland-Newcastle in the late 1970s and 1980s[)) Homosexual men of God!.

          (( Roman Catholic Diocese of Wagga Wagga
          In 2002, Vincent Kiss, 70, was sentenced in the Sydney District Court to ten and a half years in jail (eligible for parole after seven years) for sex crimes against four teenage boys, aged 13 to 17))

          Boys again!Do you want me to go more!Or...still telling me the "black inerior" abuse their women!

          This you and your white man church!

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  • 2 January 2011 06:54, by Marco A. Wek

    Thank president Bashir, the best thing is to work for good relations with South and health the wounds of injustice as well as millions of lost lives of Southern Sudanese over years of civil wars. You should too back off of the false claims that Miseriah Bagara are citizens of Abyei, you very well know that it is not true and it is like the Egyptians claiming Halib to be their land and that does not mean that because you back down from Egypt grabbing of Halib, Southerners will too back down from the the land of their brother Dinka Ngok Kuol Arop. Miseriah are nomads (ruhals) who move around in the South for grazing, they even go for grazing in Twic counties as well as Malual Gernyang counties and under no circumstances could they say they are Twic , Malual or Abyei and by the way none of these naming sound right for the Arab Ruhals or marahlin.

    repondre message

  • 2 January 2011 10:15, by Freedom Fighta

    Mr el Bashir,

    First let go of our Abeyi, and then if their is any relationships or ties that you are planning to have with us will grow by time, now is just the wrong to to do any of that, we are still remembering our loved once who were killed and murdered by your troops and by you reckless rulership. Maybe after 10-20 yrs by then we might have such ties or relationship.

    repondre message

    • 2 January 2011 13:27, by Peter Mading

      Mr. President,
      If i referred you to the New Testament-Holy Bible. You will not believe for the truth it contained. You will only believe if i referred you to Qurran. Yes in the Bible Thomas one of the disciples did not believe of the resurrection of Jesus and he said he would not believe untill he sees, feel hands that were pricks with nails and wound at his rib. This is the case with Southners, they won’t believe in your words until the results of referendum would be out.

      Your future preparatory plans for mutual relations with the South is just a dream. Why? Where is Abyei in this case? Where are you taking Area and Citizens of Abyei to? What do you want in Abyei,the people, Land or Resources?

      That Very story of A camel and the Old Man in a hut will not happen again. You pushed the blacks, the true inhabitants of Sudan out from their home land and you took the larger part of Sudan and its resources and yet you are dreaming of mutual relations with the South Sudan?

      Let South Sudan come out first and no one will accept your tricks again so that in future you will claim a right to divide the South.

      Just keep saying and execute your promises towards referendum- 6 days remaining. South Sudan Oyeeeeee.

      repondre message

      • 2 January 2011 15:24, by mohammed ali

        Peter Mading,

        Please coul you tell me from where you have been pushed.Nilotic tribes migrated to the present Sudan from Kenya and the Massai land with the share physical features , genetic (DNA) characteristics and the languge belongs to the same family of the Massai.

        Nubians who lived central and north Suda, have different genetic and physical charactreistics , they still speak their old language with different dialect in north Sudan and Nuba mountains.They were Christians decades before Southerners know anything about christianity.Christianity was introduced in the south only recently in the 20th century by the British colonialist , when the Europeans started to compete in enslaving Africans an building thier apartheid systems.

        repondre message

  • 2 January 2011 15:42, by toposaboy

    A southern Sudanese Muslim Islam man burn the church in Juba capital city of southern Sudan
    At the same time Silve kirr Dinka Calling for southerners to give warm reception to A Muslim Man call the devil Omer Albeshiir
    No No No
    You’re fucking sick individual silver kirr

    repondre message

  • 2 January 2011 19:09, by original sudanese

    Okay keep on kissing the white boy / girl feet. I would rather stick to my original African brothers and sister, because we are smart enough to figure things out freely without whites influence. If it was not for the original African Sudanese who fought against the white man and kicked them out in 1956, the white man will still be in control and no chance for referendum. White man would have taken the whole Sudan. Good Luck! Don’t kiss too hard you may break your tooth because he may kick you one day while you kissing his / her foot.

    repondre message

  • 2 January 2011 23:52, by australian

    Someone asked me on this website where I got the figure of 270 million from - the number of non-Muslims killed by Muslims since the 7th century.
    Here is a link, which should arouse an interest in further study.
    (Thomas Sowell, by the way, is an African-American conservative writer.)


    The figures of Muslims killed by Muslims (for Islamic reasons such as apostasy or heresy, etc) might be harder to find, but no doubt they are high too.

    repondre message

    • 3 January 2011 01:04, by original sudanese

      Why should I believe such statistic???? Who is (Thomas Sowell, by the way, is an African-American conservative writer.). Is he a profit sent by God? Anyone can go online and write any garbage. Let me give you an example, if someone tell you me (original sudanese) raped your sister or daughter are you going to blindly believe that person? There are a lot of people nowadays have black skins but they have white mentality, just like this boy.

      My original African Sudanese Grandmother told me not to trust the white man. I love my African Grandmother…

      repondre message

      • 3 January 2011 04:29, by australian

        Was it you? Then read it, please, and keep reading, instead of raving like a lunatic and giving your people a bad look.

        And never, ever, trust anyone who says he is a prophet sent by God!

        repondre message

        • 3 January 2011 06:49, by mohammed ali


          Well was your statistics a response to the disgusting practices of your white-man church.After throwing the blame on the "inferior" black man , the real owner of the land, whom you made almost extinc!Do you still claim that the church was not involved.

          OH...you will tell me they have appologized!

          How generous!

          repondre message

  • 3 January 2011 06:20, by Deng E. Manyuon

    President Omar Hassan Al-Bashir

    Your visit on Tuesday to Juba is a historic for the people of Southern Sudan. Live up to your commitment. I consider your visit to cover the following
    1. issues of Northern businessmen residency in the South as well as the Southerners residency and nationality in the North. And safeguarding their interests.

    2. It should also consider economic and trade tie as presence of Northern businessmen in considerable number in the South indicates the pathway towards building that bloc.

    3. Splitting up central share of departmental and ministerial assets, property and wealth.

    4. National debts and loans.

    5. Abyei issue.

    6. Border security including people movement.

    7. Sudan treaties, pacts and protocols with different countries.


    repondre message

  • 3 January 2011 10:19, by australian

    Mohammed "Rage Boy" Ali might like to consider an apology from the president of the Sudan to all black Sudanese people, whether Christian, Muslim or animist, for the jihad waged upon them. And Rage Boy might like to humbly consider what he can do to help the situation, rather than talk hypocritically about "love", an emotion which he obviously holds in less regard than the emotions of hate and glorious Islamic "rage".
    "Love"? He’s gotta be a sufi...lol...

    repondre message

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