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UN, Sudanese judiciary discuss counter-terrorism efforts

November 2, 2018 (KHARTOUM) - Sudan’s Chief-Justice Hayder Ahmed Daffaallah has discussed with a visiting delegation from the United Nations ways and mechanisms to combat terrorism.

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Sudan’s constitutional court in Khartoum (Photo: Reuters/Mohamed Nureldin Abdallah)

During the meeting on Wednesday, Daffaallah briefed the U.N. delegation on Sudan’s judiciary’s experience in combating terrorism and establishing special courts to that end.

He pointed out that Sudanese judges have been sent abroad to take training courses and seminars on combating terrorism.

The U.S. delegation agreed to provide support for the Sudanese judiciary to promote its efforts in combating terrorism.

Last September, the United States affirmed its positive rating of Sudan’s record in combating terrorism but maintained its name on its blacklist of states that sponsor terrorism along with three others.

The east African nation was placed on the U.S. terrorism list in 1993 over allegations it was harbouring Islamist militants working against regional and international targets.

But since the September 11 terrorist attacks against the U.S., Khartoum has kicked off comprehensive counter-terrorism cooperation with Washington with the hope of normalizing the frayed ties.