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SSOA condemns mediators for directing defector to sign governance deal at their space

S. Sudan Government and opposition delegates wave hands with the Sudanese FM after the signing of the power sharing deal in Khartoum on 25 July 2018 (SUNA photo)
July 27, 2018 (JUBA) - The South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) condemned the Sudanese mediators for allegedly instructing the defecting faction to sign at the space allocated to the group.

On 25 July the South Sudan United Movement (SSUM) of Gadet Peter Yak, which is a SSOA member, signed the agreement on the outstanding issues on the governance chapter despite a collegial decision taken by the opposition umbrella leader to reject it.

The signing came after a meeting between SSOA leaders and the Sudanese mediators where the latter had been informed about the refusal of the opposition umbrella to initial the agreement.

"Whereas we have no problem in any of the members signing against the name of his organization if it so chooses, signing against the name of SSOA is unacceptable and those who do so and the ones directing such breach stand to be condemned," said SSOA in a statement extended to Sudan Tribune on 27 July.

The opposition alliance further said they sent a letter to the mediation to protest this matter, pointing they had requested the mediation to write the names of SSOA groups in the agreement so they can sign individually as it was the case in Addis Ababa and in Khartoum for the security arrangements agreement.

"The insistence of the Mediation to lump its members together in signing the document sends a signal of bad faith in light of what took place yesterday at the signing ceremony," said the statement.

The SSOA decided to suspend SSUM’s membership in the opposition alliance for contravening the Charter by acting contrary to SSOA’s agreed position.

The mediation and the South Sudanese government called on the non-signatories to reconsider their position and join the deal on 5 August at the final signing ceremony.