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Payinjiar county residents oppose commissioner’s removal

June 13, 2018 (NYAL) – The removal on Tuesday of the Payinjiar county commissioner, John Tap Puot and subsequent appointment of Gai Riak as his successor has caused tension in the area.

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The map of Unity state

Riak is known to be a strong supporter of the armed in opposition faction allied to South Sudan’s ex-first vice president Riek Machar.

Youths from both Nyal and Ganyliel, together with elders have objected to the removal of long serving country commissioner.

Yohanes Matai Dar, the youth chairman of Greater Nyal, said he felt disappointed over the removal of the Payinjiar county commissioner.

“We are unhappy of the removal of our county commissioner without any tangible information to us from your office. Thus, we assume it is against the will of the entire population in Payinjiar county. We would kindly bring to your attention that we are displeased by the news,” he said in the letter to the armed opposition leader.

The youth leader claimed Payinjiar county was peaceful under the leadership of the now sacked commissioner.

“Any move to relieve him from the position at this critical time will be seen by the community as an attempt to destabilize the county, and we are asking your Excellency to reconsider your decree without fail. We are at war at the moment, and the people of Payinjar county are on the defensive position, fighting the common enemy that you know, by saying that, there is no need for the transition until such times when the HLRF [High Level Revitalization Forum] is achieved,” he said.

Unconfirmed reports claim the removal of the county commissioner could be connected to his alleged failure to share the resources with the armed opposition’s senior military commanders and close allies of General Dhieling Keah.

The deputy youth leader, Gatjang Tap Dhoal has confirmed to Sudan Tribune, in a separate phone interview, that that the commissioner removal related to resources generated in the area.

“Those who want the leadership at the moment might perhaps be interested of the resources that they falsely think are in the county instead of the already existing peace within the county,” he said.

Meanwhile the youth called on the armed opposition leadership to mainly focus on peace and stability other than focusing on positions.