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South Sudan army moves dissenting general to Juba

SPLA General Stephen Buay Polnyang (ST Photo)
June 1, 2018 (JUBA)- South Sudan’s army announced Friday it has successfully captured and moved to Juba the former commander of its fifth infantry division in Wau.

Gen Stephen Buay Rolnyang, was the commander of the 5th infantry in Wau before he was replaced and redpolyed to Juba. The decision sparked tensions that prompted his return to his own area in northern Liech.

He was later captured by a unit of special forces commanded by Gen Mathew Puljang Top in Mayom and flown to Juba on Friday after he failed to hand in himself and travel to Juba where he was redeployed.

South Sudanese Army spokesperson Lul Ruai Koang told reporters on Friday that the local command decided to engage Gen Stephen Buay after he failed to listen to the command.

“Gen Stephen Buay has been brought. He decided to rebel against the government after being redeployed to the army headquarters in Juba,” said Koang.

The military spokesperson further said some 47 soldiers loyal to Gen Buay were killed during the fighting in Mayom on Thursday.

The dissenting military faces charges of rebellion against the state.

Lul said the general will face investigation by the military intelligence over his rebellion against the government.