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Local official bans foreign music on Yambio radio

Freedom Stars Live band in action in Yambio Freedom square (Photo ST)

May 16, 2016 (YAMBIO) – The minister of information and communications in the newly created Gbudue state, has banned playing foreign music over Yambio FM radio after local artists raised complaints during commemoration of 16 May anniversary in Yambio.

Speaking to hundreds of citizens who converged at Yambio freedom square to commemorate the 33rd anniversary of formation of the former rebels in Sudan, the SPLA, the state information minister, Natale Sabuni, issued a verbal order banning playing foreign music over Yambio fm and only promote local music which focus on cultures and supporting the government.

“With effect from now no more playing foreign music over Yambio fm, it is over! And I will pay a close monitor on this,” the minister said.

The commemoration anniversary of 16 May when the first bullet was shot in Bor was celebrated in Yambio together with promoting local artists as they were part of the movement by making moral during the 21 years of civil war which ended in 2005.

The president of local artists in Gbudue state, Crist BB One, raised issues affecting local artists hindering their progress.

He mentioned lack of promotion from the fans like what is happening in other states and Yambio fm which could promote their songs only focuses on playing foreign music.

Lack of production studio also was raised urging the state government to establish a studio to reduce the burden of going to Juba to produce a song.

BB One further explained that local artists are being blamed for singing names of politicians who are no longer serving in the government, adding that as local artists they compose songs with names of anyone who has done something good for the people whether presently or previously.

However, the state’s council of ministers meeting in Gbudue state resolved two months ago to ban songs played over Yambio fm which praise the predecessor politicians in the state.

Meanwhile, the state governor, Major general Patrick Zamoi, hailed the participation of veteran politicians and fighters from Gbudue state who were together when the first bullet was shot in Bor and for their support of the movement which led to the birth of the new country, South Sudan.

However, the governor criticized the low turnout of citizens, which he said was not also with moral even though bulls were pledged to different organized forces.

Most of the speakers during the occasion called for peace and denounced violent conflict between the SPLA and the community because people of former Western Equatoria, he added, are known to be peaceful people.

Women representative, Grace Appolo, said Yambio county and some other counties in the state continued to be peaceful for the last three months where people were going about their businesses.

She also called upon the youth who claimed to be under the leadership of the SPLA-IO in the state to embrace peace.