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Jonglei state governor names 8 new counties

May 2, 2016 (BOR) – The governor of South Sudan’s Jonglei state, Phillip Aguer has named 8 new counties on top of the three already in existence within the region.

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New governor of Jonglei state Philip Aguer, (C) flanked by defence minister Kuol Manyang and information minister Michael makuei Lueth during a popular reception, at Bor airport on January 2, 2016 (ST Photo)

The governor’s office, in a statement, said increase in the numbers of counties was demanded for by the population who wanted more administrative units closer to them.

Bor county had been divided into Bor South county (Kolnyang), Bor East county (Anyidi), Bor centre county, (Makuach), Bor West county, (Baidit), Bor North county (Jalle).

Twic East county, on the other hand was divided into Twic North county (Panyagor)
Twic center county (Wangulei) and Twic South county (Adubaar/Maar).

Meanwhile the former Duk county, according to the decree, was divided into Duk Padiet county (Padiet), Duk Payuel county (Payuel) and Panyang county (Pajut).

The new decree was welcomed by the citizens of Jonglei state, although it remains unclear if it would be economically sustainable to manage the newly-created counties.

The state finance minister, Ayom Mac, admitted that the current economic situation will not support new counties.

He was however optimistic that the newly-created states would have to find ways of generating their own incomes.

“As you know, the financial difficulties facing the country, after the creation of 28 states, the government of South Sudan was unable to meet all needs of states,” said Mac.

He added “Each state was allowed to generate its own resources”.

According to the minister, resources for running the new counties will mainly be generated through agriculture.

Mayom Ngong, a state lawmaker, told a recent youth gathering that creation of new counties come at the time when people were desperately in need of service delivery.

The state parliament was waiting for its government to answer the call of its people by giving more counties, he said.