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UNMISS Korean contingent begins work on Juba-Bor road

August 31, 2014 (BOR) – The continent of Korean engineers working for the United Nations peacekeeping mission have started work on the Juba-Bor road, a week after it signed a contract with the Jonglei state government.

The contract, officials say, will involve downgrading the road, which has been a major challenge to the business communities transporting goods from the South Sudan capital, Juba to Bor.

“Our part is to provide security for the construction team that is already done. The governor wrote to the minister of defense for a good force to provide security for the Korean team, this was approved,” said Jonglei’s information minister, Jody Jonglei.

He said Korean engineers will provide labour, equipment and fuel to complete an estimated 204km of road in three months.

“The road will take about three or four months to complete. They will first level one side for use by the traders and heavy tracks. The labour, fuel and the machineries will be provided by the Korean engineering Unity,” said Jonglei.

Once completed, officials say the road is expected to improve the standard of living in Bor, as well as reduce the cost of goods.

It currently costs between 150 and 180 South Sudanese pounds (SSP) to transport a passenger from Juba to Bor.

“Most people travel now after paying 150 plus. Again many people travel by air because of their safety because is completely bad. But if the road is ok, people will be travelling by road, even us, the ministers,” the minister said.

The road work is expected to be completed by end of this year.