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Jonglei and Lakes State SPLM members trained on new party constitution

November 17, 2012 (BOR/RUMBEK) - South Sudan’s ruling party, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM), has begun training its members on the contents of a draft document containing a new SPLM Code of Conduct, Manifesto, and Internal Rules and Regulations.

In Jonglei State over 200 top SPLM members held a workshop in Bor to introduce the documents to party members, including government officials, ministers, MPs, members of the SPLM state liberation councils, and county commissioners.

The workshop was led by Antipas Nyok Kucha, a member of the SPLM political affairs and mobilization in the national secretariat based in Juba, said their objective is to improve the standard of SPLM leadership at all levels in South Sudan.

“The Purpose is to enhance the capacity building of our leaders who are holding the various position in the government for their efficient performances,” he said.

Nyok said that they will launch the reorganization of the SPLM as a party next year after the second anniversary of independence of South Sudan in July. An extraordinary session of the SPLM’s senior leadership is expected to take place in Juba to approve the new documents, although a date has not yet been set.

The SPLM have governed South Sudan since a 2005 peace deal was negotiated with the Sudanese government. Since independence on 9 July 2011 the SPLM has faced numerous challenges including, rebellions, crippling levels of corruption and a poor human rights record.

“This training is meant to give our leaderships skills in various field and [make them aware] about the current SPLM vision for the South Sudan, because our vision today is to build [a] free peaceful and prosperous South Sudan,” Nyok said.

He urged South Sudanese communities to help the SPLM achieve this "by avoiding conflicts among themselves and concentrate on their development of their own lives".

“Our people should distance themselves from confused elements that continue to perpetuate suffering among our people even when have already obtained their freedom,” he added.

Jonglei State SPLM Secretary, Buoth Chuol Ngot, urged his party to "make sure the people get the prosperity they fought for during the war".

“We the SPLM as a political party, we still have a mandate to serve and look after our people and to make sure that they get the prosperity they fought for all these years. Now we became independent country but we have a lot of things to do for our citizens,” Chuol said.

The state governor, Kuol Manyang Juuk, urged SPLM members to abide by the laws governing the party.

He called for the full commitment from the members to serve the party, adding that "we must work day and night to recruit more youth" to the party as the they are the future of the South Sudan.


Lakes State saw the start of the same process on Friday with over 100 SPLM members attending two days of training also organized by the SPLM national secretariats visiting from the the capital, Juba.

The SPLM’s eight county chairpersons, assistants secretaries, executive and MPs representing Lakes State parliament participated in the training at the Palm Tree Hotel.

Lakes State’s SPLM chairperson, Daniel Awet Akot, told the participants to show cooperation with South Sudan’s leadership and urged citizens to adopt SPLM manifesto which focus on democracy, justice, prosperity and equality.

Lakes State Governor Chol Tong Mayay, said that it is the first step towards making the SPLM more democratic at all levels. He urged the 150 participants to contribute to the SPLM’s future to rule the country with core values of justice, prosperity, equality and good governance.

According to team leader sent from Juba to head the training in Rumbek, the capital of Lakes State, Parmena Awerial, the SPLM wants all members to be working hard towards the 2015 elections.

The "SPLM party is preparing it members to spearhead better in 2015", said Awerial.


Recently, the SPLM party secretariat in Lakes State has been at odds with its Chairperson, Daniel Awet Akot, over the controversial appointment of Mabor Ater Dhuol. The appointment of Dhuol was made by Daniel Awet Akot without consultation to the State Liberation Council (SLC).

Akot controversially appointed Mabor Ater Dhuol, replacing Samuel Mathiang Keer as the SPLM’s acting secretary in Lakes State.

Lakes State’s Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) assistant secretary for political affairs, Malou Moses Majok, has said that he fears for his safety following a disagreement with Akot, who is also the Deputy Speaker in South Sudan’s National Assembly.

According to Majok, Akot referred to him as the “late Malou” three times during a meeting earlier this month. Akot, has since stated that he has “withdrawn the statement”.