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Three people killed by hyenas in Yirol area of Lakes state

By Manyang Mayom

October 25, 2010 (RUMBEK) - Three people died this week when hyena’s attacked remote villages in remote areas of Lakes state in southern Sudan, according to a local official.

Four people were injured in the attacks which occurred in Abang payam (ward) in the Yirol West and Dungdhiei village in Malek payam of Yirol East county.

Yirol West County commissioner, Makur Kulang Liei, said that the three killed were a child, an old woman and an old man.

Four people had been admitted in Yirol West hospital suffering severe wounds, he said.

Commissioner Kulang said that county authorities were deploying police forces in the area to hunt down the hyena to prevent anymore attacthem from attacking anymore villagers in remote areas, which normally occur late at night.

Sudan Tribune tried to contact the Wildlife authority in south Sudan but they refused to comment.

Last year, a court hearing 24 murder cases heard that a hyena has involve in the one of the killings.

In 1988, a hyena attack killed a number of people in Yirol.