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Three artists perform in Rumbek for SPLM campaign

By Manyang Mayom

March 4, 2010 (RUMBEK) — Three top South Sudanese musicians, Nyankol Mathiang, David Pacong Mading and Marial Awuok Til, were brought to perform in Lakes state for the SPLM campaign. Thousands of natives of Lakes state turned out at Sunshine Lodge to witness the event.

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Nyankol Mathiang in Rumbek preaching for the SPLM gubernatorial campaign (Photo by Manyang Mayom - ST)

The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) governor candidate Engineer Chol Tong Mayay is campaigning for votes across the state’s eight counties.

Nyankol, a renowned Southern Sudanese artist who composed revolutionary songs, voiced support for New Sudan’s separation from North Sudan. The song also touched on the future of New Sudan if it takes the route of independence beginning in 2011. She also focused on the Abyei administration which she asserted had been left behind by Southern Sudanese leaders; her song questioned Francis Mading Deng and all ten top leaders of the South Sudanese government on why Abyei has remained behind.

Chol Tong has expanded his election campaign to his hometown of Amongping payam. Residents there turned out in hundreds to welcome him home. The local chief slaughtered a first-class bull designated for his welcoming.

Speaking at the rally under a mango tree, Chol Tong Mayay ensured his followers "I am the same Chol Tong whom you all knew before – I have brought to you a box of hope and justice of SPLM party for you to vote me into power of governorship of Lakes state – your suffering for 22 year plus 5 years of CPA are seen by your movement and yet your movement the SPLM is still telling you to vote for me and Yasir Arman as well Salva Kiir Mayardit so that the last bridge will be crossed without sweat and no violence in 2011."

He made a campaign promise that he would work not just for his home area of Amongping payam but for the whole nation. "I will work closely with elderly people, children, women and youth who were affected by 22 years civil war between North and South. I will be open to every one of you to give me advice when I am going wrong in my cabinet – I am ready to solve your problems and you must also be ready to solve my condition – give me your opinion," said Tong Mayay.

The chief of Amongping told the SPLM governor candidate, "We don’t need a leader of money but only we need a leader of people and to allow freedom and to combat inter-clan or intertribal clashes in this state."

"The SPLM will take care of you all chiefs as well your payment and health insurance of human life are on the top list of the movement. There will be no more suffering if you elect me to become governor of this state," the candidate responded.

"The five years that we had spent in power were just five years of misunderstanding between the SPLM and NCP on wealth and power sharing option as well part of consultation were not put in order. Oil-sharing money was not allocated according to the agreement," said Chol.

The SPLM governor candidate hails from Rumbek Central County at Amongping Payam located in the eastern part of Rumbek Central County. He is a member of the Dinka-Agaar tribe, and within that he is part of a small section of Panyon in the sub-clan Papmany. The Panguetkur, which is also a section of Panyon, has a history of inter-clan disputes with the Papmany that is still ongoing in the form of revenge-seeking.

Last month, on Wednesday, the official Land-cruiser car belonging to the SPLM governor candidate was hijacked by unknown gunman in Cueicok area of Amonyping payam. The candidate was not inside the car when it fell into the hijackers’ hands, according to an official last month.

Lakes state had a lot of insecurity in both the western part (Cueibet County) as well as in the eastern part (Yirol West County and Yirol East County).