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Ethiopia’s PM: outside pressure over election wrong, dangerous

By Tesfa-Alem Tekle

December 12, 2009 (ADIS ABABA) – With only few months away for Ethiopian general election to go, Ethiopian Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi said that suggestions of putting an outside influence to press government to conduct democratic election are wrong and unacceptable.

In a press conference he held with local journalists, Prime Minister Meles on Friday said that the only way to guarantee democratic election in the country is through constitution and any outside pressure would be an uncalled action.

‘‘The Ethiopian government doesn’t need any external pressure to hold a democratic, fair and peaceful election’’ He said.
‘‘To hold democratic election, the pressure of country’s constitution by itself is more than enough’’

The premier stressed that the government he leads never does not accept any outside pressure nor does it accept any foreign interference to his country’s internal affairs.

‘‘No matter degrees of pressure are mounted, for what it didn’t believe, the party in rule won’t do a thing under any pressure’’ Meles said adding ‘‘this is a government, no outside pressure could change its stand’’

The Ethiopian leader reaffirmed his government’s strong stand and belief to conduct a democratic and peaceful election. Further, adding that the ideas of putting an outside pressure for election are unnecessary and even could go unhealthy.

Ethiopians will go to polls in May 23 next year, the first since 2005 when nearly 200 people were killed in a post-election violence.

Ethiopian leaders have repeatedly expressed their commitment to conduct a first ever Democratic, fair and peaceful election.

The Ethiopian government has also invited observers including from the AU, the Carter Center and the European Union but the mechanism is on the pipeline and not yet finalized.

Recently, PM Meles Zenawi-led government and over 60 other political parties, including main opposition rivals sign a landmark agreement on an election code of conduct.

The government has done quite a good work so far, Meles said, citing the election code of conduct drafted based on international best practices and adopted by most of the opposition parties.