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Darfur rebels begin to arrive in Libya for unity meeting

December 1, 2009 (LONDON) — Darfur rebel groups announced today the arrival of 55 commanders to Libya to attend a unity meeting they plan to hold there.

The Sudan Liberation Movement Revolutionary Forces (SLM-RF) said today the purpose of this meeting is to develop a comprehensive strategy with all categories of the people of Darfur before to take part in the peace process in Doha.

The group which is composed of some factions is established on August 30 in Tripoli with the support of the Libyan government. The Kufra meeting aims to reunite more groups who had resolved to meet inside Darfur before to unite.

However some groups such as the SLM of Ahmed Abdelshafi reject the idea and insist on the need to be inside Darfur near their troops and supporters.

SLM-RF leading member Mahgoub Hussein said in a statement released today that the democratic political parties would be invited to attend the meeting in order to address the political crisis in Sudan and discuss issues of crucial interest as elections, census results, and the rights of the people of Darfur as well as building a common position towards the International Criminal Court to bring justice in western Sudan.

The SLM-RF includes: Sudan Liberation Movement/Army (SLM/A)-Field Leadership, SLM/A-Unity Leadership, SLM/A-Juba of Mohamed Saleh Harba, SLM/A General Line, and SLM/A led by Khamis Abakar.

Besides the SLM-Abdel Shafi, URF of Idriss Abu Garda and URFF of Yousif Ibrahim Izat refuse to join the new group and maintain the need to hold their meeting in Darfur.