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Libya denies Gadhafi’s support to South Sudan independence

July 2, 2009 (KHARTOUM) — Libyan embassy in Khartoum has denied the statements attributed to the First Vice-President Salva Kiir Mayadrit about the support of Libyan leader to Southern Sudan independence.

Earlier this week, Reuters reported that Salva Kiir told a Church congregation last Sunday he had secured a promise from Muammar Gadhafi to support southern Sudan independence.

The embassy said in a communiqué released on Thursday that if the statements attributed to Salva Kiir are accurate they would "reflect a significant misunderstanding and confusion that it will be difficult to accept."

"The Commander Gadhafi supports Sudan’s integrity, security and stability as well as its prosperity," the embassy said. The mission further added "he (Gadhafi) is currently leading political and historical dynamic for the unity of the entire African continent."

Southern Sudan, in accordance with the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, will hold a referendum in January 2011 on whether to create its independent state or remains part of the Sudan.

Rabi Abdel Atti, one of the Sudanese government negotiators of the CPA slammed the alleged Gadhafi’s support to the creation of an independent state in southern Sudan and considered it as "interference in Sudanese internal affairs."

He further added this Libyan move could affect the future of bilateral relations between the two countries but also the vote of southern Sudanese for the independence.

The government of southern Sudan keeps silence over the publication of the statements attributed to Salva Kiir.