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German defence minister rejects military contribution to secure peace in Sudan

OSNABRUECK, Jan 18, 2004 (DDP) — German Defence Minister Peter Struck (Social Democratic Party of Germany, SPD) wants Germany’s security policy "to pay special attention" to Africa. "It has to be pointed out" that Africa is the Europeans’ responsibility, let alone the fact that terrorists are coming from there to us, he told Neue Osnabruecker Zeitung.

However, Struck rejected a military contribution of Germany to securing the peace agreement in Sudan. "A military mission will not be examined," he stated. The focus of Germany’s commitment in this African country is "clearly humanitarian aid."

Commenting on the German Government’s criteria for becoming militarily active abroad, the SPD official said: "No German Government, especially a red-green one can inactively accept massacres." The proximity and the dangers from terrorist regimes for Germany also play an important role, he said.