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The Sudan’s Federal Budget 2006

Jan 8, 2005 (KHARTOUM) — Attached a PowerPoint presentation of the Sudan’s budget for 2006 prepared by the Federal Ministry of Finance and National Economy.

The budget for the year 2006 is prepared within the framework of the implementation of the comprehensive peace agreement (CPA), and the provisions of the transitional constitution.

The budget estimates for Chapter four for the financial year 2006 amount to 448,1 billion Sudanese Dinner .

The priorities of the development budget estimate are:
1. Integrated rural development and food security projects.
2. Capacity building.
3. Primary health care.
4. Basic education.
5. Water and sanitation.
6. Rural feeder roads.
7. Railway and river transport.
8. Resettlement of IDPs and refugees.
9. DDR (reintegration of combatants into civil society).
10. Small and medium scale enterprises.
It is worth mentioning that the above priorities are consistent with the JAM framework.

PowerPoint - 514.5 kb