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Released SPLM-IO’s James Dak unable to travel


November 19, 2018 (JUBA) - The wife of the SPLM-IO leader’s spokesperson, James Gatdet Dak, said her husband is unable to travel outside South Sudan to see his family abroad and undergo medical checkup after his release from prison more than two weeks ago.

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SPLM-IO leader’s spokesperson James Dak when he released from jail on 2 Nov 2018 (Reuters Photo)

"First, I am very thankful to His Excellency President Salva Kiir for pardoning my husband and granting him his freedom, " said Mary Nyahok Chuol, in a statement she extended to Sudan Tribune on Monday.

Mary who lives in exile in a European country with their children, however, said her husband was still trying to replace his lost South Sudanese passport at the migration office in Juba for the last two weeks.

"We understand he has been trying to replace his South Sudanese passport which was taken away from him in November 2016 after his arrest in Nairobi," she said.

She appealed to the authorities to issue him with the passport, saying his children have been longing to see him after two years in prison.

Dak, who was deported to Juba in November 2016 and handed over to South Sudanese government by the Kenyan authorities, was sentenced to death by hanging in a Juba court over his alleged activities against the government.

South Sudanese President Salva Kiir during the recent peace celebration in Juba on 31 October publicly announced that he pardoned Dak and ordered for his immediate freedom. He was freed on 2 November 2018.

Mary said her husband should as well exercise his freedom of movement.

It is not clear what causes the delay of the issuance of the passport.

During Dak’s release, the interior minister Michael Chiangjiek announced to journalists covering the event that the former spokesperson would travel to Khartoum.


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  • 19 November 2018 21:43, by The Rhino


    Its truly unfortunate what this poor gentleman had gone or is still going through.But I’m hopeful he’ll embrace his wife and children during Christmas.See, this exactly what happens when you have f**king jienges beside you.Never trust these bas***ds whatsoever!They either pull you down or stand in your way.We Equatorians are busy cooking the right medicine for them.Watch this space,shit!

    repondre message

    • 19 November 2018 22:57, by Joseph Canada

      Please can someone tell me why Dr. Riek Machar is blond to see the future of South Sudan. This guy need not to concerntrate on his given FVP position but the position of the Nation. We need leaders who care for the citizens not themselves.we will go back to square one with these people.

      repondre message

      • 19 November 2018 23:05, by Joseph Canada

        This so called peace deal is being runed by the Two East African criminal Gang. Museveni And Bashir are the two dangerous dictators and gangs who want to use South Sudan for their own National gain. Kiir and tribal Council ceaze this opportunity to oppress citizens.

        repondre message

        • 19 November 2018 23:27, by South South


          Please correct Joseph Canada’s English: "This so called peace deal is being runed by the Two East African criminal Gang"
          " Being runed", English of monkeys.

          repondre message

          • 20 November 2018 00:15, by Games

            South South
            Joseph Canada’s English is fine and when you Dinka become more educated than Equatoria people? Over 80% of Equatoria can read and write compare to the rest of the country...your English was so poor years ago and now is much more better since you have been learning on how to write probably from Jubaone and Eastern

            repondre message

            • 20 November 2018 04:16, by South South

              Is talking about education. I cannot stop laughing.

              repondre message

          • 20 November 2018 05:04, by Eastern

            South South,

            You are an imbecile, a typical ad hominem. Joseph Canada is NOT obliged to type ruined in lieu of runed if that pleases you. The important thing here is, you picked the message. Get lost moron!

            repondre message

            • 20 November 2018 07:13, by South South


              You are another stupid person with learning disability who makes FATAL mistakes everyday. Now, How would you know this mentally retarded called Joseph Canada was trying to type ruined and not run? What a wicked and stupid old man!!!!!!!!!

              repondre message

              • 20 November 2018 07:38, by Eastern

                South South,

                Now that you got what you asked for, you are left hollow and shallow as a typical jenge. Please send the next text for correction, you arsehole...!

                repondre message

              • 20 November 2018 08:44, by Joseph Canada

                Am sue you are reading and getting the message. Just deal with the truth.

                repondre message

              • 20 November 2018 09:10, by Joseph Canada

                South South, it’s your translation according to your mother tongue that make you think I don’t know how to write. Try to read and interpret in English not in Jenge. Example you wrote this: “ you to inject Kenya to your rebellion which has no people to it”. Now what are you saying? Conjunction “to” can’t be used twice in Sentence. The whole of that line is your mothert tongue 👅 .

                repondre message

                • 20 November 2018 09:49, by South South

                  I have corrected the mistake I made immediately, see comment below wicked.

                  repondre message

        • 19 November 2018 23:41, by The Rhino


          Ironically and distant it might sound,I truly believe its high time for the Kenyan government and its military force to step in big inside South Sudan and train Equatorians to determine adequate security for both Kenyans and vulnerable people in Equatoria.Kenya and Equatoria share same tribes.This is not far fetched,further more Kenya immensely contributed to the liberation of South Sudan,...

          repondre message

          • 19 November 2018 23:50, by The Rhino

            ...,these are few good reasons for Kenya to review its interests and that of its distant relatives inside South Sudan.We can’t have priests and others cold bloodily slained by savages time and time and nobody seems to care about them.These are God’s service men,damn it!Kenya must thoroughly rewind the tape and use every gateway to powerful nations and get serious about its role in the region.

            repondre message

          • 20 November 2018 04:25, by South South

            The Rhino,
            You see what I say everyday. You are very big coward like Eastern and jubaone, not only that, you are very stupid too. You to inject Kenya to your poor rebellion which has no people supporting it. No, you get out form an army and start fighting as a man instead of crying for help from Kenya. Riak got 100% support from Sudan, did he held any town or city in South Sudan?

            repondre message

            • 20 November 2018 04:27, by South South

              I mean you want to inject.

              repondre message

        • 20 November 2018 03:38, by Pakuai

          Joseph Canada,
          North Sudan is not an East African country & Uganda. Uganda doesn’t has any stake here in South Sudan fool. North Sudan want our country to be part of their hellhole because of our resources, lands and others. Your damned US, the UK, their evil juus (so-called israel), Abesh (so-called ethiopia), their NGOs, their UN, NGOs & some of their creepy allies>>>

          repondre message

          • 20 November 2018 03:42, by Pakuai

            fellows, my postings are often re-edited here by SUDAN TRIBUNE. But don’t worry fellows, just take the message. We are going to bomb the UN & UNIMISS and everything that is connected to evil white Americans, English people, their cloned so-called arabs of North Sudan, their evil juus (so-called israel), Abesh (so-called ethiopia) and some of their Bantus>>>

            repondre message

            • 20 November 2018 03:48, by Pakuai

              out of our country once and for all. Let our Nuers ’ke nyantoc’ and some of their lowly Equatorian fools go to Khartoum and live in those countries. Fellows, we want stability and peace and we are going settle our scores with the evils. South Sudan is not part of the so-called ANGLO-AMERICA empire, never has & will never will. In fact, we are the ones who will bomb this evil empire to nothing>>>

              repondre message

      • 20 November 2018 06:42, by Midit Mitot

        This debate is different from James Gatdet release!

        repondre message

  • 19 November 2018 22:53, by Akol Liai Mager

    Are you suggesting Food Testing Law passed in South Sudan or what? I have ceased commenting on this site long, long time ago, but this kind of hatred is irresistible Walahi! Be reminded that there are Jenge with minds similar to yours and so you too, must watch the same space. You will be forced to test your cooked food before consumers.

    repondre message

    • 20 November 2018 00:44, by The Rhino


      Akin,Alu’böng,Alogirit,Apöt,Alugwulö...do ’dinga nguti....lopiat lo yakanyu!,what is your problem?How about I chock you before you even think of cooking any shit?I know your trade marks, idiot.Are you a messenger from the BH maybe?...be afraid!

      repondre message

      • 20 November 2018 04:18, by One people

        So now The Rhino you’re speaking Rutana huh? I know why; is because what you’re try to say it wont make any sense to the public in english word, I told you last time that you’re a village person with dumb brain. Tell me, there are two people has two Cars and there is one person has one car and two engine, who has more Car?

        repondre message

        • 20 November 2018 09:26, by Joseph Canada

          Hahaha. Wait a minute!!
          “Tell me there are two people have two cars” (you mean two people with cars each? “ one person has a car and Engine “😳.. well 🤔... anyways let’s go a head with the question. “Who have more cars”? Duh!!!🤷???🤷???🤷??? 🤷???🤷??? What kind of shit is this? Is this how this people solve things? Wow you got to be kidding me!!

          repondre message

  • 20 November 2018 02:31, by One people

    First of all.Peace in our country is not fully complete the way we South Sudanese want it to, but what I can tell our government is that, it is good and wise idea to porven those prisoners of war from traveling outside the country until peace its fully complete, why? Is because there are warriors whose families aren’t outside the country to visit. The people that whose family are outside the

    repondre message

    • 20 November 2018 03:02, by One people

      are the peace spoilers, why? is because the don’t have anything to loss or any family to loss in SS. any prisoner who want to see his/her family should cut a ticket for they’re family to visit them in juba until Riek Machar gets back to juba, and until the people of SS understand themselves very well that they are one people. our gov need to put a closer eye on peace spoilers day and night

      repondre message

      • 20 November 2018 03:24, by One people

        if you don’t have enough people to keep an eye, than you will need to hire enough. hire a spirit or a shadow to do a great job. Spirit or shadow are always good on doing a great job for their nation.. All of South Sudanese tribes are bad people when it comes to rule, each tribe in our country wants somebody from their tribe to be the top ruler, and that what is kill us every day

        repondre message

        • 20 November 2018 03:52, by One people

          For Ms. Gatdet
          your haspin is a politician man, but he did a wrongdoing in the politics, why he don’t deserve to be put on hold? And why you didn’t tell him to stay away from politics, if you know politics it’s not anyone friend? For your information, president Kiir is not a president of releasing a prisoners, he is a president of the nation, so please keep your complains away from him.

          repondre message

  • 20 November 2018 06:31, by Joker Wizard

    One people: the word pardon is wide & U should understand in the context of maturity & the modern world order. how do U called pardoning in your L**ge? when we mean peace & to 4give,then let’s do it with one heart. we shouldn’t derail the fact that the topic here is about passport of a pardoned man. Because the man is bright and refused to work for the corrupt men. Mr. One people grow up OK!

    repondre message

  • 20 November 2018 06:53, by Lenin Bull

    A stupid child who never learned wisdom from his parents, will be taught wisdom by the world. This little bastard called Gadet Dak became more loud mouth than his boss Dr.Riek by directly insulting the President Salva Kiir daily on social media and he decived himself that he was unreachable just next door in Kenya!

    repondre message

    • 20 November 2018 13:32, by Joker Wizard

      Mr BULL, KIIR is not a stupid man to have ordered for the freedom of Dak. All what Dak did those days are just like what Michael Makue used to say. Which to many was lack of diplomacy and poorly brought up by the parents. be realistic and tell the world, Dak and Makue, who talk senses? your comment will tell me how you look at things. It is brain storm for you. Cheers.

      repondre message

  • 20 November 2018 06:59, by Lenin Bull

    He has now learned the hard way in the same way his boss has learned the hard way. Those poor type South Sudanese who set South Sudan on fire always and go and hide in other stable countries whose citizens are patriotic to their own countries and want their countries to be stable will be taught a hard lesson always. South Sudan government is growing in strength and wisdom/intelligence.

    repondre message

  • 20 November 2018 07:06, by Lenin Bull

    CIA, GB(Russia), Mossad, MI15/6, etc can capture or kill any treacherous citizens/enemies anywhere in the world and nobody can do anything. This is part and parcel of defense of national security. Mary Nyachuol should be happy that she still has the Nguel of James Gadet Dak alive and will get it soon.

    repondre message

  • 20 November 2018 07:13, by aborigin

    Brothers and sisters, hate speech is becoming too much on this forum, i don’t understand how Sudan Tribune’s forum rules work here!!,. Have been asking our regular commentators on this domain to be preaching peace, the two post independence wars we fought had 50-60% contributed by hate speech, this is the sad reality you all have to know.

    repondre message

    • 20 November 2018 09:31, by Kwacha Okonyomoi

      Pakuai, Can you bomb Israel, America, and the UN? Be careful with your words.

      repondre message

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