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South Sudan says JMEC meetings should be held in Juba


South Sudanese Inormation Minister Mickael Makuei speaks to the press after the signing of the agreement on outstanding issues on governance in Khartoum 25, 2018 (ST Photo)
November 12, 2018 (JUBA) - South Sudan’s Information Minister of Information slammed a decision by the East African bloc to hold the first meeting for the Reconstituted Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (R-JMEC) in Ethiopia.

Minister Makuei was reacting to a decision by the IGAD to convene its first meeting after the signing of the revitalized peace agreement in Addis Ababa on Monday 19 November.

"Why should we go and meet in Addis at the time when JMEC is here (Juba)," he wondered, pointing that transporting all the staff who are based in Juba to the Ethiopian capital and accommodating them there will generate unnecessary spending.

"We do not want all these expenses to be incurred unnecessarily because whatever little money that is there should be spent on peace. Not at the meetings outside South Sudan," he stressed in a press conference held in Juba on Monday.

The South Sudanese government has repeatedly said they do not have the money needed for the implementation of the revitalized peace agreement and called for international support.

However, few countries agreed for the time being to contribute as the Troika countries have given a conditional approval saying they want full commitments of the parties, a genuine implementation and full transparency for the management of oil income.

Beyond the financial aspect, officials in Juba say keeping holding the meetings related to the peace implementation outside the country send a negative image about the security situation in the country.


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  • 13 November 2018 08:42, by deng

    You just realized that IGAD is doing business, if you leaders have not fought for power, IGAD would not have involved in countries affairs.

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    • 14 November 2018 06:54, by Mi diit

      With Makuei Lueth in political timetable of South Sudan, we won’t have a full breath of peace.
      He’s an idiot.

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  • 13 November 2018 10:24, by Lenin Bull

    Well done Great Makuei. Enough is enough for foreigners using our unfortunate situation for their own pockets. No more meetings outside South Sudan for South Sudan. Keep that good fight Hon.Michael Makuei. We have few people of your type here in South Sudan Makuenda.

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  • 13 November 2018 10:57, by Lenin Bull

    Where are the mongrels( Landlord, Eastern, Games, and Jubaone)? State your positions guys. Non-patriotic, treasonous, tribal, Ngundaeng deceived, Arab-worshippers, White-ass lickers, and naive aren’t you?

    repondre message

    • 13 November 2018 11:30, by Eastern

      Lenin Bullshit,

      The meeting slated for Monday, November 19, 2018 shall take place in Addud Ababa, Ethiopia not this desert hot town of Juba. Makuei can make the noise he can muster. The freaky minister of misinformation is now talking about money as though the tribal regime funds JMEC or now R-JMEC. Once a fool, you will always remain so!

      repondre message

    • 13 November 2018 20:43, by jubaone

      Lenin Fool
      Jienges can’t claim there’s no money for R-ARCSS implementation while they loot 💰 and buy houses in Nairobi, Kampala, Addis Abeba and buy weapons to fight. The US, Troika should stop this nonsense and take over oil sales to finance this peace. Otherwise this jienge talking parrot should shut up.

      repondre message

    • 14 November 2018 00:58, by The Rhino

      Lenin Bullshit,

      Michael Makuei Lueth is a weak old timer from Khartoum thats all, nothing else.A greedy jienge mouth piece around the corner.The way how things look like, well your jienge republic is finally approaching its end.Regional leaders are now only playing their obligatory politics for the good face.IGAD is taking its share and so are others too.I dearly recommend fellow Equatorians.....

      repondre message

      • 14 November 2018 01:10, by The Rhino

        Lenin Bullshit,

        ...to never give up their guns before the big show, stay focused at this juncture.Never believe in any peace until Equatorians take back their ancestral lands.No mercy to jienges or imposter of any kind.Anybody on their side is on the weak and wrong side.Global politics rule and the smartest Equatorians are irreversibly following the scenes.They’ll inevitably liberate Equatoria...

        repondre message

        • 14 November 2018 01:18, by The Rhino

          Lenin Bullshit,

          ...from the York of jienges constant savagery and anarchy,this time for good.Equatoria will never ever again, whatsoever allow mistakes to happen for the second time in its territories.We are definitely in the calms before the big show, stay tuned!

          repondre message

        • 14 November 2018 04:01, by Kush Natives

          The Rhino/useless,
          Which Equatoria are you always opening up your shirth**le talking about? Is it this same Equatoria that I am in or is it something else? Otherwise, everything else is meaningless to you. All I know is vast migration of my innocent fellow Equatorian to other countries. You will make a Big noises out there on the 🎹 and mouse for 100 years 👵!

          repondre message

  • 13 November 2018 12:16, by Lenin Bull

    Ahahahaha, Eastern so you despise your own city as desert and hot. Then migrate from South Sudan and leave us alone chap. You are unpatriotic beast.

    repondre message

  • 13 November 2018 12:55, by aborigin

    It is indeed a good development, getting rid of per diems meetings/consultations is not worth it this time. Let the hotel owners in Addis know and understand that they should diversify their marketing strategy not relying only on delegation coming to your hotels, seek other avenues like tourist AND forget of delegation coming from he region again to discuss peace.

    repondre message

    • 13 November 2018 13:30, by Kwacha Okonyomoi

      Bravo Minister Makuei, this is a wise decision. Why should we waste money after having signed peace with former rebels? The visit of Dr. Machar to Juba proved that the peace will hold therefore meetings should be in Juba from now and henceforth.

      repondre message

      • 13 November 2018 21:10, by jubaone

        The IGAD organized and is fully responsible for the successful implementation of R-ARCSS, Makuei and SS will be carried whenever and wherever IGAD decides like a suitcase. Suitcases don’t object their owners, they are carried off. So it ain’t a big deal at all. Refusal to go to AA, means jienges want to renege. Cut ? off funds. Period.

        repondre message

        • 14 November 2018 06:24, by Pakuai

          Mr. jubaone,
          IGAD didn’t organize any damn thing, it is the US, the UK, their UN and their gulf Arab states financiers who organized your so-called R-ARCSS. Some of these IGAD hyenas are being used here these Europeans, Americans & their Arabs masters as their what was used by the French & the British during their then so-called ’scramble for Africa’ in 19 Century>>>

          repondre message

          • 14 November 2018 06:31, by Pakuai

            where the French & British ’devised systems’ called ’direct rule & indirect rule’. Whence, direct rule, the Europeans were the ones who ruled their African savages. While in their indirect rule, some Africans savages who were able to bow down to their Europeans masters were often promoted to rule the headstrong African savages:https://is.mendelu.cz/eknihovna/opory/zobraz_cast.pl?cast=61459

            repondre message

              • 14 November 2018 06:41, by Pakuai

                To day in the 21 century, the European countries of France, the UK, the US & their gulf Arab states of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and others, financier are revisiting their former colonies. Because, a COLD WAR part two is being fought over in the third world countries. And South Sudan is considered by some evils in the US, the UK, their gulf Arab states’ financiers & their evil juus>>>>

                repondre message

                • 14 November 2018 06:46, by Pakuai

                  their UN & their sleazy NGOs and some of their creepy allies in between as their part of their damned evil so-called ANGLO-AMERICA empire. Their Abesh (so-called ethiopia) is cosnidred to have influence or authority over our country & our people. And these fallacy is often ’cemented by our lowly informed ’Nuers ke nayntoc’ including their Riek magician>>>

                  repondre message

                  • 14 November 2018 06:51, by Pakuai

                    North Sudan, Abesh (so-called ethiopia), gulf Arab states, Kenya to some small extend, Djibouti, Al Qada, ISIS/L, Al Shabab, Muslim brotherhood, Jesh Al Islam, Al Nustra, Boko Haram, our own so-called SPLA-IO, the US, the UK, France, their evil juus (so-called israel) some of their allies in between have an alliance. What do some lowly informed South Sudanese idiots>>>>

                    repondre message

                    • 14 November 2018 06:57, by Pakuai

                      don’t understand here? South Sudan is the only country in Africa with resources left in Africa & it is the only country which her central bank keys has have not yet been taken by the US, the UK, France, their evil juus (so-called israel) and their creepy allies with ’Eritrea & Somalia’. But Somalia & Eritrea don’t have a lot of resources like our country>>>>

                      repondre message

                      • 14 November 2018 07:04, by Pakuai

                        And the same time, South Sudan & the South Sudanese people are called the most strategic people & their country because of our absolute contempt to evil white Americans, English people, their cloned so-called arabs of North Sudan, their gulf Arab states financiers & the monsters think that our country and our country will always be used as their Geo-political chess game like what they are>>>>

                        repondre message

                        • 14 November 2018 07:11, by Pakuai

                          doing in Central Africa republic (CAR), DR Congo, Libya, Somalia, Burundi, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Nicaragua or Ukraine & now the dirty game is being extended to pacific, Pacific island nations of Papua Guinea and other tiny islands are being also fought over because they considered to be falling over to China’s sphere influence>>>>

                          repondre message

                          • 14 November 2018 07:15, by Pakuai

                            I always posted here on SUDAN TRIBUNE, that their evil white Americans, English people, their evil juus (so-called israelis), their cloned so-called arabs of North Sudan, their gulf Arab states’ financiers, their UN, their sleazy NGOs & some of their sleazy NGOs and some of their sleazy allies in between are not our true allies. But our real enemies. Who says the evil white Americans,>>>>

                            repondre message

                            • 14 November 2018 07:22, by Pakuai

                              English people, their UN, their sleazy NGOs, their evil juus (so-called israelis) attack dogs, their cloned so-called arabs of North Sudan, their gulf Arab states financiers & some of their shifty allies in between like some foolish people like the Dinkas/jiengs, Nuers & some lowly informed Equatorians fools? None, the whole the love affair with our country & our people by their fools is simply>>>

                              repondre message

                            • 14 November 2018 07:24, by Pakuai

                              English people, their UN, their sleazy NGOs, their evil juus (so-called israelis) attack dogs, their cloned so-called arabs of North Sudan, their gulf Arab states financiers & some of their shifty allies in between like some foolish people like the Dinkas/jiengs, Nuers & some lowly informed Equatorians fools? None, the whole love affair with our country & our people by their evils is simply>>>

                              repondre message

                              • 14 November 2018 07:31, by Pakuai

                                because of what I had just explain earlier and I had always posted here on SUDAN TRIBUNE-----because of our resources, our Nile Water, our land and of course to fight the present of Chinese companies out of our country by proxy & to Geo-politically chess game play our country & our people just like the evil did with their then ’East & West’ during their then so-called COLD WAR>>>>

                                repondre message

                                • 14 November 2018 07:39, by Pakuai

                                  and hope that our country & our people would be re-united with their cloned so-called arabs of NorthSudan and then the evils would run to their capitals and go & BRAG that their damned so-called *capitalism has trumps over their so-called socialism & communism* But the US, the UK, their UN, their NGOs, their evil juus (so-called israel), their gulf Arab states financiers & some of their creeps>>>>

                                  repondre message

                                  • 14 November 2018 07:45, by Pakuai

                                    in between have step on the wrong people’s feet ----us, the Dinkas/Monyjiengs of the Sudan. Reasons, pure HATRED & RACISM. The owners have taken back their country. My lowly informed South Sudanese fools, our country country & our people have ’been sabotaged’ by the greatest evils on earth. But the US, the UK, their UN, their NGOs, their evil juus (so-called israel), their gulf Arab states>>>>

                                    repondre message

                                    • 14 November 2018 07:51, by Pakuai

                                      and some of their creepy allies in between affair with our country & our peoples has gone too far and it must be put to an end. The government of South Sudan must grow some back bone and tell the criminals in the so-called so-called Abeshas (so-called ethiopia) prostitutes to be very careful. No more damn taking our small issues to that prostitutes infested country again and if they continue>>>

                                      repondre message

                                      • 14 November 2018 07:59, by Pakuai

                                        to insist then let the South Sudanese people deal with the evils, we are going to bomb them back to Yemen anyway. Same goes to Bantus in Central Kenya of Nanyuki, Laikipia and other towns. Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta was trusted with the foreign puppets/stooges like Mr. Pagan Amuom, Majak Agoot, Adwok Nyabe and other bunch of traitors for safety. And now Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta & some of his masters>>>>

                                        repondre message

                                        • 14 November 2018 08:05, by Pakuai

                                          from the US, the UK, their UN, their sleazy NGOs, their gulf Arab states financiers, their cloned so-called arabs of North Sudan, Abeshas (so-called israelis) and some of their creepy allies in between think, that South Sudan & South Sudanese people would always be whom the evils ’prop up’ their damned economies. This is not going to work again some of these days, we are conquering people. And>>>

                                          repondre message

                                          • 14 November 2018 08:14, by Pakuai

                                            Our myopic leaders & some of our Nuers ’ke nyantoc’ believed in their Ngundeng Buong fantasies to rule our country & our people is what has been taken advantage by our enemies both here in our own region, the whole of African & their US, the UK, their UN, their sleazy NGOs, their cloned arabs of North Sudan and their other allies>>>>

                                            repondre message

    • 13 November 2018 14:21, by aborigin

      "Is worth it this time"

      repondre message

  • 14 November 2018 00:44, by One people

    I congratulate our Minister of Information Makuei for the very understandable talk. The country is ours, the peace agreement is ours. We have called for peace and peace had come, why are you calling us again to come talk outside our country, if you’re not planning sume?

    repondre message

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