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S. Sudan president calms tension in Northern Liech state


September 17, 2017 (JUBA) – The South Sudanese president Salva Kiir has, in a bid to diffuse the simmering tension among members of his ruling party (SPLM) in Northern Liech state, met several politicians from the region.

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President Salva Kiir speaks during the inauguration of the new SPLM premises in Juba on 15 November 2013 (Photo Moses Lomayat)

The state governor Joseph Nguen Monytuil led the delegation that met the South Sudanese leader in the capital, Juba on Saturday.

A number of area officials and politicians, including the presidential advisor on security affairs Tut Kew Gatluak, attended the meeting.

President Kiir, according to the aide, vowed that his administration would prioritize peace and unity, but appealed to the leaders of Northern Liech state to reconcile among themselves and see how to overcome their various differences to improve any given situations.

“The president was very clear on the need to unite as politicians from the area. And I agree with them because I don’t want to see some kind of a permanent rift. It will not help us. Some people will utilize them to further divide our people who are for peace”, said Gatluak.

The official acknowledged that some politicians in the area were not only causing problems in the state but to the entire country as well.

“We want to bring them, the people causing political concern in the area in the right direction”, stressed the senior presidential aide.

South Sudan’s presidential spokesperson, Ateny Wek Ateny said the delegation met the president and discussed existing political differences while exploring how to find ground for cooperation.

The two sides agreed to put aside their differences and work together so as to support the president and first vice president, harmonize messages and activities for the people and for peaceful coexistence between all segments of their communities, said Ateny.

He, however, said the president assured the delegation from Northern Liech state of his full support for the realization of the peace across the state in particular and across the entire country.

The state information minister, Lam Tungwar said the delegation met the president with promises to resolve all existing political differences.

Meanwhile, those privy to the differences among the politicians attributed the cause to several reasons. Some of the immediate concerns, they argued, relate to removal of assignments from some military officers hailing from the Bul Nuer section in the state who fought alongside government forces during the war.

These officers, multiples sources told Sudan Tribune, have not been replaced in recent military changes with officers loyal to first vice president Taban Deng Gai, a political rival of Governor Monytuil.

Other sources at the presidency claimed these differences became more complicated after the government suspended financial support it used to the pro-government forces under the command of Major General Puljang Mathew and shifted support to the office of the first vice president in the name of a peace budget.


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  • 17 September 2017 23:25, by Kush Natives

    Pathetic! What’s wrong with you people? When one thing seem to be in a solution bracket, the other things come up out of the bracket, South Sudan is in equation.

    repondre message

    • 17 September 2017 23:33, by Kush Natives

      Taban himself must be charged for negligence, he’s causing so much confusion somewhere here, why would the government stop financial assistance from Matthew Puljang? Do the government think Puljang will give it a chance? Uh no, President Salva Kiir MUST think outside the box, because this is too much.

      repondre message

    • 18 September 2017 03:40, by Jubaa5

      The truth must be said ,history will juge,Dinka are the majorty in population yes we know ,but their rule has shown no quality at all ,we are ruled by a lion.
      If you argue with any dinka man about what is going on now in S.Sudan,he will tell you blindly that things are running well.People are tired of dika system,we want a change new leader not from Dinka,enough is enough,dinka is like cancer

      repondre message

      • 18 September 2017 06:53, by Kush Natives

        That’s why whoever you call yourselves will remain fools for good, why do you folks always judge every single crazy mistake that happened in the country on Dinka? Being naively and ignorance are always what killing South Sudanese people period. We failed to be fairly tell the truth. Dinka will not correct everything that’s going on in the country called South, but all of us can.

        repondre message

        • 18 September 2017 07:54, by Lotodo Awino Odug

          you are talking to the same useless old man Jubaone. let cry his ass off while going forward with development. Jur only appreciate sex, food and beer. the rest means nothing to their little bird brains.

          repondre message

          • 18 September 2017 16:49, by jubaone

            You jienge scoundrel, if we love sex, food and beer that is our business. You jienges on the other hand love raping, killing and begging like losers. So why flock to Equatoria like starving flies? Useless creatures. We Equatorians have civilized and made you humans. You would still be running naked like primitive savages ot tailless monkeys in your stinking luaks, ya wisik!

            repondre message

            • 18 September 2017 18:38, by Don-Don Malith Rual

              Folks this is just a war of words Base on racist descrination fault line,let’s be constructive n matured here tackling issues of a greater concerned to our nation,panism will not help us at all and if u guys insist then mind your own business

              repondre message

          • 18 September 2017 22:13, by South South

            Lotodo Awino Odug,

            Let me help you to add a few words to describe jubaone. By the way, he types letter "j" for Juba as a small letter. This is where you should know that this an old man is not just useless. He is almost mentally retarded. We need to respect all 64 tribes of South Sudan and peace is the only option we need to develop our country.

            repondre message

            • 19 September 2017 18:32, by jubaone

              South South,
              I thought your kiirminal uncle had brought peace so that you can go and develop your stinking luaks. What happened? Why still squat in Uganda or Kenya like some fugitive? What we want is for you to quit and leave us to develop Juba and Equatoria. We can do it alone and jienge squatters are unwanted.

              repondre message

    • 18 September 2017 07:48, by Midit Mitot

      Kuch Natives,
      South Sudan as a country has no problem, but your fake leaders are the one,s messing-up everything. don,t you know that Taban is another strong virus like Kiir?

      repondre message

      • 18 September 2017 10:15, by Kush Natives

        Midit Mitot,
        You missed the point completely, come back while it’s not too late! If we happened to address this conflict or matter in a divide line, then we’re not looking for the solution. In the first place, can we just unwanted leaders ours, instead of being short minded, by you calling them leaders?

        repondre message

        • 18 September 2017 11:55, by Midit Mitot

          Kuch Natives,
          I really mean it to the extend, try to read the article if I had missed the point or not, these messes are brought by your dump leaders for sure.Inciting people will not favoring your leadership guys.

          repondre message

    • 18 September 2017 15:06, by Nyanut Deng

      Dear All,
      please i won to tell you that Pual Malong have right to attend his Daughter Burial in Aweil ,

      repondre message

  • 17 September 2017 23:38, by lino

    You should know by Ya President ; when you take food away from one person’s mouth and put in the other, you would have created a problem!!!
    You should have allocated a new food for the new comers before messing with the first one. Now it is another to solve or else your problems will not end!!!

    repondre message

  • 18 September 2017 05:15, by gakthon

    Mrs jubaa
    the failure of ss comes when u n your other pathetic people failed to differentiate btn Dinka n Govrn n just start to attack every Dinka, this unreasonable judge has shown that u are not sound in mind because whenever you decide to comment on every single article, u talk about Dinka as if they r pple working in Govr only. Why don’t you just criticize the top who make decisions for countr

    repondre message

    • 18 September 2017 10:35, by Free at Last Viva!


      How could any person with a sound mind differentiate between the two while the that same government led by a Dinka president is totally run by an elders so called JIENG COUNCIL OF ELDERS from the same tribe. The JCE is the government while Mr. President is just a puppet. In that case, South Sudanese will never stop pointing fingers to Dinka for the collapse of the government.

      repondre message

      • 18 September 2017 10:42, by Free at Last Viva!

        Nuer and other tribes who oppose JCE’s dominance in the government are an headache to Dinka because they oppose their ways of running the affairs of the Country. South Sudan is cussed because of the so called Dinka tribe. The problem with Dinka as a tribe is that they don’t acknowledge their wrongs and only see everything they do as correct, believing that they are born to rule others.

        repondre message

        • 18 September 2017 10:48, by Free at Last Viva!

          this is a 13th Century way of thinking and it is no longer existing in this free World. Now, for our Country to have peace, let’s think collectively valuing others’ ideas in building a peaceful and strong South Sudan. But if others see themselves as superior than others (like Dinka does), we will go no where because even the least powerful tribes can dismantle our prosperity. WE must THINK, now!

          repondre message

  • 18 September 2017 06:15, by Tilo

    Kiir You should have known by now, there is no body in juba for genuine peace all of them are there for position n money period, therefore once you cut off the supply they have no reason to work in harmony in ur government. First and for most u need to get rid of all the fake p’ple from ur government and give peace a chance otherwise peace will never prevail in the country any time sooner

    repondre message

  • 18 September 2017 09:50, by lou nuer

    Bull Nuer.
    You remain loyal to Kiir government because of Taban Deng Gai and now Taban Deng has given favor than you after you all exhausted your power of Nuer origin and now want you to be the victim of war again like Malong who finished Awielian children during lobbing for power after all she relief and arrest. Think wisely my dear comrade Bull Nuer.Everything finished front of Kiir you’re mad.

    repondre message

  • 18 September 2017 13:19, by Whortti Bor Manza

    Damn these medieval and primitive tribes called Nuers and the fucken Dinkas with marked faces live prehistoric dinosaurs lizards. I hate you all. You Nuers, your lust for free food will one day make you perish in the hands of the Dinkas.

    repondre message

    • 18 September 2017 14:47, by Free at Last Viva!

      Whortti Bor Manza,
      Can you make your point clear? South Sudan doesn’t need people like you. people who do not have a say or a decision in the affairs of their Country. Nuer fight not for food but to get you free from Salva Kiir’s primitive rule, but you, because you’re bribed just by one day’s meal, you think Nuer are just fighting for nothing. I don’t blame you, but you better see and wait.

      repondre message

      • 18 September 2017 18:00, by Don-Don Malith Rual

        Free &last viva, 📞 call it deliberative democracy,no any Southerners can liberates no one,the liberation was btwn us and Arab,u can 📞 call it maladministration, n is not in all areas, for pan-nationalist,this is a presidential government just wait for your turn,for those who are racist u got no room in South Sudanese society

        repondre message

      • 18 September 2017 18:03, by Whortti Bor Manza

        The Nuers are cause of the suffering. They started the war in 2013. They betrayed Dr. Machar. The Nuers have forgotten their killings in 1000th at the hands of the Dinkas. They allow Pagak and Maiwut to fall to STD. Taban Deng, Toi, Ezekiel, Husein, Timothy Tot, Tut Kew, Manaseh Maggok, John Luke, come on. What are all?

        repondre message

        • 18 September 2017 18:11, by Whortti Bor Manza

          Nuers are the ones facing themselves in many war front lines. In Benton, Nasser, Maiwut, pagak, Leer, etcc. Dinkas are just folding their hands leaving Nuers facing themselves. You Nuers if you were to unite your ranks, you would have eliminate the Dinkas from Power. Forget your personal greed and ego.

          repondre message

          • 19 September 2017 18:41, by jubaone

            Let us just photocopy some thousand U$ dollars and lure these hungry Nuerweuw or nyagats. Since anyone can use them cheaply and they are too stupid to differentiate between fake and true U$. The jienges are using them bcoz these nyagateen have their brains in their stomachs. Just food lovers not different from starving dogs

            repondre message

    • 18 September 2017 17:20, by Malakal county Simon

      Whortti Bor Manza

      Nuerwew do not represent Nuer as a community, so please do not provoke the Nuer tribe as a whole......


      repondre message

  • 18 September 2017 18:41, by Adok son

    Nuerwew are one,they don’t have different because their objective was to search for a money neither from Taban group nor Nguen Muonytuil Group. They are still thinking to kill people again,loots properties in the name of Government while is in the desire to implement the 2015 agreement. Ngyuen and Taban are playing to prevent peace so that they can use its failure as the chance of getting money.

    repondre message

  • 18 September 2017 18:45, by Adok son

    I meant Salva Kiir is in the desire of implementing the 2015 agreement.........

    repondre message

    • 18 September 2017 18:57, by Don-Don Malith Rual

      Adok son; you must have been lay 📴, too conflicting with Mr president acquisiting him of representative democracy system of governance,recall! do you think repression is a good thing?answer this Pliz

      repondre message

      • 18 September 2017 20:32, by padiit gaga

        Hey Bul Nuer
        Do not still follow Dinka Government who does notlea in good way you face the consequences according to Jieng master plan No none Dinka will lead s.sudan for 200 years.

        repondre message

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