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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with ex-VP wife Angelina Teny


March 8, 2014 (ADDIS ABABA) – Angelina Teny, wife of the South Sudan’s former vice president, Riek Machar Teny, who now leads the three-month rebellion against the government of president Salva Kiir, said the ongoing war in the country was imposed on the people by dictatorial and violent behavior of the president.

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Riek Machar sits next to his wife Angelina Teny in front of their tent in rebel-controlled territory inside Jonglei state, on 31 January 2014 (Photo: Reuters/Goran Tomasevic)

In an exclusive interview with the Sudan Tribune correspondent in the Ethiopian capital, Tesfa Alem, she accused president Salva Kiir of being behind the escalation of the situation in Juba insisting they only aspired to achieve democratic reforms in the new nation.

The British educated female politician, said the world was not doing enough to condemn and bring to justice those responsible for the "genocidal" war, which she said has been perpetrated by the government in Juba.

She said the rebellion which is now being led by her husband was born out of resistance against the regime that wanted to silent or kill those who have divergent political opinions.

Teny further explained that the former vice-president, Riek Machar, and his colleagues that share political opinion did not commit any crime and that it was President Salva Kiir who should quit the leadership in order to give peace a chance.

She also denied that Machar travelled to the UK as it was rumoured, adding that it was not a crime if he did travel. "He hasn’t committed a crime; he is only trying to resist because somebody is trying to kill him," she said.


Below is the full text of her interview:

Question: You have now joined the talks, what is your status at the talks? Will you replace General Taban Deng’s position as head of SPLM/A in Opposition delegation or not?

Answer: I was never named as a leader of the delegation. Actually under the initial delegation, it was comrade Pagan Amum who is assigned as the leader of the delegation. Even now when comrade Taban sits leading the talks, he always mentions that "I am speaking on behalf of our chief negotiator comrade Pagam Amum.” That is still the status.

Question: But considering the fact that the four remaining detainees, including your initial chief negotiator, Pagan Amum, if released, would any way side with the other 7 former detainees; will you probably drop that demand or will you continue insisting on their release?

Answer: Still our position hasn’t changed even if the seven released went back inside [to detention] we will call for their release because as a party, as SPLM, the principles and values of our party is to respect human rights, respect the freedom of people, democracy, peace and justice. The four remaining detainees have been accused falsely that they have plotted a coup. We all know and the whole world knows that there was no coup. Everybody agrees there was no coup. There is no a just cause why they should continue to be in prison and this is what we are fighting for. What we are resisting is precisely that people are free. When the seven were released we never said that they should join us but we share the same political views on what should be done to transform a country and building of a democratic state.

The SPLM party is not a one man show because what Salva was trying to push is that to have a constitution in which all the powers are concentrated in one person and he sees that person as himself. According to his plans, there will be only one position elected that is the position of the chair of the party and the rest of the positions will be appointed by him as he wishes. That really kills the party. The party cannot develop in that manner. That cannot regenerate and would eventually fail to have younger people coming up in the second and third generations of the leadership. So these are the things we are actually fighting to achieve, and that is why we continue to call for the release of the four. If the remaining four are released it doesn’t mean they have to join this [armed] resistance. They have a choice and this is the free will of everybody.

Question: Do you or your husband take any personal responsibility for the conflict escalating in the way it did? Regardless of what triggered the conflict, has the cost of not pursuing peace without preconditions been worth paying considering the thousands of deaths and humanitarian disaster?

Answer: We don’t for one simple reason. We were pushing for reform in the party to be done democratically. That is why there was a press conference on the 6th of December and there was a planned rally for 14th of December aimed to explain to the masses of the SPLM on why leaders of the SPLM decided to openly challenge President Salva Kiir’s leadership in the party. The idea was to work on the reforms of the party so it becomes democratic, and whatever systems, values and principles in the party are reflected in our governance system. We wanted to make the reforms in a democratic and peaceful manner. We heard if the rally takes place there was to be a use of military force and alongside there was an appeal that the two parties engaged in dialogue within the SPLM. There was also a call for the rally, as well as the National Liberation Council that was called by President Salva Kiir, are postponed to give dialogue a chance.

On our part, we postponed the rally but Salva Kiir ignored the call made by religious leaders, the international community and others who were concerned about the way tensions were developing. Salva Kiir went ahead with the National Liberation Council and delivered a speech literary declaring war on anyone who would speak out on his leadership and the way he was managing the party. That is why he said he was going to use everything at his disposal. He also threatened members of the National Liberation Council to pass undemocratic constitution for the party including other documents: manifesto, internal regulations. That is why we were fighting against passing that kind of constitution. In fact, these documents were not even passed in the political bureau [party highest executive organ]. Therefore he decided not to call for meeting of the political bureau.

So I would say in the escalation we have nothing to do with it. We were pushed to the situation. We left Juba really running for our lives and for days we were chased and ambushed. We only picked ourselves and left everything behind. The only thing I actually picked was the key to my room because I was thinking I would be back in the morning. So how can we take the responsibility? We can’t take the responsibility. This responsibility wholly lies on Salva Kiir and his inner circles who were working with him at that time.

Question: Talks have now stalled and considering the thousands of deaths and humanitarian disaster the conflict has caused, don’t you think it is worth to drop all your preconditions to push negotiations forward and reach a peaceful solution?

Answer: These preconditions are actually the values that we are fighting for. It is because of the absence of these preconditions that Salva Kiir finds himself at will undermining the constitutions and acting against the constitutions, dismissing governors and carrying out attacks targeting one ethnic group and further committing genocide like what has happened in Juba.

So we don’t see a solution unless these conditions are met including the SPLM leaders who are detained for no reason. This is the issue of personal liberty, freedom and the rights of individuals to express themselves. That is what we fought for all of these years. We didn’t fight to come again and have another master that also dictates. I don’t see it is right to drop those because the reason why we have crises in South Sudan is precisely because of political problems. One of these political problems is the military dictatorship that has developed in the country. And this military dictatorship is led by Salva Kiir and accuses them falsely, detains them falsely and we stand the principle that what we are fighting for is a democratic system where people are free to express their feeling and their opinions on how they see the country should be run. This is what the comrades who were arrested including the remaining four detainees were doing along. Comrade Salva Kiir calls that indiscipline and he is not ready to hear a second opinion, or the other opinion or the other side and so on. He terms that as indiscipline and he would use everything at his disposal to address that. And we have seen on 15th December and onwards that it resulted in genocide and killing of innocent people and arresting comrades in the party because they stated their opinion.

Question: Human right groups are accusing both sides of committing a serious human right violation. Do you admit Machar forces were part of those crimes?

Answer: I would challenge some of these. I am not going to totally deny that nothing has happened but those groups who have reported the human right abuses never came to the side and areas we were in control to do the investigations. They did the investigation in one side. They were doing it in and around Juba. For example, when we were in Bor nobody came there. So you can call it unfair and one side reporting. In Bor, Ugandan jets dropped cluster bombs but there is no mention of that in the UN report. Other banned chemicals were used. In Bor, where there were exchanges of hands, people were pulled out of UN camps and executed by government forces and we haven’t heard any of that in the UN reports. The UN can testify that if they are honest and truthful.

Question: Are you open for investigation?

Answer: We are open. We say let us have an investigation. We should all be open but all I am asking for is fairness. When human right organizations plan to produce a report it is best that they hear all sides and go personally to check what is happening.

Question: Do you think admitting killings had occurred would be a good start towards achieving reconciliation?

Answer: There was no reason for this war. Salva Kiir imposed it. People would tell us that maybe if we accepted to be in our house and they came and demolished the house and buried us alive, maybe that was the only one we didn’t do but decided to flee for our lives. And he [Salva Kiir] continued to pursue us when even we refused to react to his pursuit for war.

Question: Do you blame the international community for giving little attention in addressing the conflict that has killed over 20,000 people in only few weeks?

Answer: With what has happened in Juba, the killing of civilians and pulling people out from their houses and burning them and all the other atrocities; to me, unequivocally, the world is guilty of not condemning it because that genocide up to now is being played down. It is even more of an insult to the injury. How can you not address a systematic genocidal killing of over 20,000 people in Juba in only few days that killed [civilians] including women and children? In Ukraine 200 people died. It is now a cause for the world to say the president has lost his legitimacy. What is so different about Salva Kiir? Killings have continued, on Wednesday, innocent people were slaughtered in Juba in cold blood murder. These reports are played down by Juba and everything coming out of Juba is gospel truth. Worse of that the world takes it as this is business as usual. This is not business as usual when you commit genocide.

Question: Is it true refugees at UN compounds are being killed?

Answer: The refugees [internally displaced persons] are in a terrible condition. You can call them prisoners. They are not able to travel and their living conditions are very bad. I am saying this is happening under the eyes and the noses of the UN. I am calling on the UN to put that into urgent consideration. Some of them are forced to go out to bring food and drinks for the children and women inside the camp but end up slaughtered by government forces. There are government snipers right outside the camps. That is how the 31 people who were killed last week ended up.

Question: The government says they have arrested 100 soldiers for the violence in Juba, how many members of the SPLM/A In Opposition have been arrested for crimes carried out by the rebels?

Answer: We are open for all international groups to come and investigate. Let them come. We will welcome them. Everything will be investigated but it is very obvious that what has happened in Juba is a premeditated genocide process. Nobody can deny that. Juba can say it has established a committee to investigate it, but am sure if you ask the detainees, some of them would tell you they were implicated maybe because they have spoken out something against government. It was the presidential guards who did all the systematic killings. We ask the question who gave them the order?

Question: Would Machar be willing to permanently retire from politics if Kiir agreed to do the same? Perhaps the solution is for this generation of leaders who fought so valiantly for South Sudan’s independence to step aside so the country can move on from this conflict and historical rivalries?

Answer: Is this a contest between Machar and Kiir? If it is his [Machar] wish and desire to contest for the leadership of the party, it is his right. The constitution of the party says it is a principle value of the SPLM that everybody has a right to be elected or to elect. So it is his right. But Salva Kiir doesn’t tolerate if someone expresses desire to contest. That is how comrade Pagan ended up in prison; that is why Madam Rebecca was arrested in her house. This is what we are fighting for. It is the right of every one. So is it a personal thing between Machar and Kiir? I don’t think so!

Question: How should the issue of justice be dealt with? Should it be just within the South Sudanese, African Union or even ICC?

Answer: I put a question also to the African Union, now that you are trying to set up a commission of inquiry, and when you get the results of that inquiry, what are you going to do with it? Will the AU have the capacity to indict? I am saying this because it is about justice. Our justice system is incapacitated. There is no separation of powers. Lawyers of comrade Pagan [Amum] were chased out from court when they went to submit a petition. That is the kind of justice we have. Whatever you think can happen in Juba, will be just a kangaroo court. We don’t have a credible judicial system. These are the structural reforms I needed in the country in terms of governance.

Question: Would the SPLM/A in Opposition be willing to agree to an ICC investigation if the government also agreed?

Answer: We will welcome anybody who wants to investigate because it is an important principle because you also have to implement the values you are fighting for, the value of human rights.

Question: Would he [Machar] travel to The Hague if at a future date he is indicted for war crimes in the current conflict?

Answer: I will not respond to that.

Question: IGAD has put on table the formation of interim government. But will you accept an interim government that excludes Riek Machar or Salva Kiir?

Answer: I am wondering why do you want to exclude Riek Machar? If what has happened in Juba happened in your country, and you know the person who committed the crimes, will you accept him as your president?

Question: The Ugandan fighter jets are allegedly bombing your positions including last Saturday that has killed some 40 innocent civilians. Some of your members allege that they have used cluster ammunitions.

Answer: They have continued to use cluster bombs and the world is quiet. Salva Kiir has used cluster bombs.

Question: Is it Salva Kiir or Ugandan forces?

Answer: Uganda is there by Kiir’s invitation. We even ask ourselves, are we really an independent state, or is Salva Kiir making South Sudan as a sub-region of Uganda? For example, you hear declarations in Kampala by chief of staff of the Ugandan armed forces of declaring "we have captured Bor."

Question: Those being serious crimes what are you doing about it? Are you asking for the international community to probe on the alleged use of weapons of mass destruction? If you are, who have you asked?

Answer: Anybody who feels that they have the high moral ground.

Question: There were some rumours alleging either you or Dr. Riek Machar travelled to the UK? Is it true?

Answer: Where is he now? Has he left South Sudan at point during the conflict? He hasn’t travelled anywhere. He is travelling inside South Sudan. He hasn’t travelled to UK. But is it a crime if he did travel to UK? He hasn’t committed a crime; he is only trying to resist because somebody is trying to kill him.


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  • 9 March 2014 03:36, by Hardlinner

    Why didn’t reporter ask Angelina about her husband defection of 1991 and genocide that was committed on bor civilians?. She should know that her husband didn’t contribute to liberation of south sudan but stub the movement at the back. Your power greedy bloodsucker husband should retire and so as kiir.

    repondre message

    • 9 March 2014 05:34, by michael coma

      Yi atepic Angelina Teny.Why you leaved atrocities committed by your adit cul called Riek Ngundeng Machar on Bor people when white army raped elderly women and killed them at the same time?You would have said what your asshole husband did to people in Malakal,Bentiu and Bor too.

      repondre message

    • 9 March 2014 05:40, by michael coma

      You and your husband Riek must face ICC before Kiir.On my side if i can get you personally,i may also rape you too to know the badness of raping yaa adit biit.Yes,we want to kill your husband and you too just because of thousands you had killed.

      repondre message

      • 9 March 2014 06:16, by Mi diit

        Tough female politician, Madam Angelina Teny. Can somebody translate her interview to Ayandit of illiterate Salva Kiir so that she can appreciate what her sister is saying about her demonic husband?
        Hey Dinka boys, hardliner and Michael coma, don’t import that Dinka culture of disrespect to mothers. We Nuer don’t insult mothers of others in that uncivilized manner.

        repondre message

        • 9 March 2014 06:23, by Mi diit

          And don’t complain. I didn’t complain either why the reporter did not ask her how she felt about the massacre of Gaajaak Nuer by John Garang and Salva Kiir in 1985, six years before the 1991 revenge killings on Bor community. Please don’t forget that you started such massacres on others and will end up with you being massacred by others in the next six months.

          repondre message

          • 9 March 2014 06:36, by michael coma

            Mii dit
            What do you meant by we don’t insult women?You do called Ayendit illitrate.That’s an insult.Agelina is wretched woman.Slave educated woman ya ametic.Go to hell with your pussy complain idiot.

            repondre message

          • 9 March 2014 13:31, by Rommel

            Mi diit
            ’Revenge killings’? You ambushed and murdered well over 3, 000 unarmed and exhausted Dinka SPLA recruits from Northern Bahr el Ghazal that were on their way to the training camps in Ethiopia in May of 1984 — a year before the ’Gajaak massacre’; a ’massacre’ that was precipitated by your cold blooded mass murder of thousands of patriotic young men that were still civilians at that point

            repondre message

            • 9 March 2014 13:31, by Rommel

              Heavily armed by the Sudan, the Anyanya II attacked SPLA recruits on their way to the training camps in Ethiopia. In May 1984, more than three thousand recruits from northern Bahr el Ghazal were ambushed and massacred in the area of Fanjak, and in 1986 over two thousand were massacred in the Lou area. (Playing Different Games: The Paradox of Anywaa and Nuer Identification)

              repondre message

              • 9 March 2014 13:49, by Rommel

                This woman is undoubtedly intelligent, but her use of words like democracy, human rights and equality is insincere and altogether meaningless, when her husband’s past statements -and more importantly- his actions, are put under the microscope.

                repondre message

                • 9 March 2014 13:51, by Rommel

                  Riek failed completely as a man that so strenuously promulgated his *pretended* belief in democratic ideals and institutional reforms for political gain. Riek did not introduce greater transparency and accountability in his own movement; he didn’t create any democratic institutions.

                  repondre message

                  • 9 March 2014 13:52, by Rommel

                    Riek’s colleagues in what was the Nasir faction condemned him for concentrating power in his own hands — authoritarianism. Among these detractors was Joseph Oduho, a widely respected political mental giant. Arok Thon Arok also voiced the same opinions. In fact, prior to Joseph Oduho‘s death, the respected elder lambasted Nasir faction for being authoritarian.

                    repondre message

                    • 9 March 2014 14:05, by Rommel

                      Human rights:
                      Riek has committed egregious human rights abuses on a wide scale. The man is a mass murderer, responsible for the deaths of close to 30, 000 civilians. The fact that Riek can speak of human rights after having murdered so many people must mean that he is a sociopath, or mentally disturbed at the very least.

                      repondre message

                      • 9 March 2014 14:07, by Rommel

                        The ’Bor’ Massacre directly consumed the lives of at least 2, 000 civilians, with some estimates putting the figure closer to 5, 000, while condemning tens of thousands more to their deaths due to the attendant infirmities of disease and artificial famine, as a consequence of the depredations wrought on ’Bor’ by Riek.

                        repondre message

                        • 9 March 2014 14:07, by Rommel

                          The massacre was not the end of the tragedy in Bor, however. An estimated 100, 000 people fled the area following the attack, and after many of the villages had been burnt to the ground. According to Amnesty International, famine brought about by looting and the destruction of crops and livestock killed a further 25, 000 people, many of them children. ( South Sudan, Max Lovell-Hoare)

                          repondre message

                          • 9 March 2014 14:08, by Rommel

                            Now, show us how deluded you are, and try to explain exactly how educated people [like the historian I cited] are wrong. I’ll have to stop and wait for you to think up some answers. Give me for once, something to think about, and not just someone to laugh at. You have simply got to stop being so ignorant. Your belligerent ignorance has limited charms as far as I’m concerned.

                            repondre message

                            • 9 March 2014 14:11, by Rommel

                              Equality [no tribalism]:
                              This is what Riek said to a journalist-historian in the wake of the 1991 split:
                              He discounted tribalism as “from a different age”, though boasted that he has “not seen a Nuer who doesn’t support me.” In the same breath, he added, “if there is a tribal element, the Nuer would destroy all the Dinka.” (Me Against My Brother: At War in Somalia, Sudan and Rwanda, Scott Peter

                              repondre message

                              • 9 March 2014 14:11, by Rommel

                                "The atrocities committed are things [the Dinka] asked for”, he said. He claimed he had dictated what happened: “Fighting at Bor did not get out of control. I was in total control of how far the troops went. “(Me Against My Brother: At War in Somalia, Sudan and Rwanda, Scott Peterson)

                                repondre message

                                • 9 March 2014 15:16, by Mohammed Ali 2

                                  Rommel: Do you still deny there is geocide in SS?

                                  repondre message

                                  • 9 March 2014 15:45, by Mohammed Ali 2

                                    Rommel , or do you still deny that there is 7 million SSudanese in bad need for food?

                                    repondre message

                                    • 9 March 2014 16:03, by Rommel

                                      Mohammed Ali 2:
                                      There is no genocide in South Sudan. No impartial third parties have framed it in this way. Does it automatically become a ’genocide’ because Riek’s wife says so? The only country in the world -since Rwanda- that has experienced ethnic determined violence that could be regarded as genocide, is Sudan.

                                      repondre message

                                    • 9 March 2014 16:09, by Rommel

                                      Mohammed Ali 2:
                                      You’re behaving as though you’ve provided evidence for this particular assertion. The humanitarian situation in South Sudan is certainely horrendous but there’s no credible historian source that claims that "7 million out of 8 million people" are "bad need for food". The deputy UN special representative, Toby Lanzer, puts the figure of the food insecure at 3.7 million.

                                      repondre message

                                      • 9 March 2014 17:05, by Mohammed Ali 2

                                        Rommel :(Seven million S. Sudanese food insecure, says UN)February 6, 2014 (JUBA) - The United Nations has warned of an upcoming food and nutrition crisis in South Sudan, saying as many as seven million people could be affected this year.http://www.sudantribune.com/spip.php?page=forum&id_article=50224&id_forum=312078&lang=en
                                        Who is lying now ? Or this not credible ?

                                        repondre message

                                      • 9 March 2014 17:16, by Rommel

                                        The article doesn’t say that 7 million are currently food insecure; instead it "warned of an upcoming food and nutrition crisis in South Sudan, saying as many as seven million people could be affected this year. " Seven [7 million] are not currently food insecure but as many as 7 million could be affected this year. The operative words are ’upcoming’ and ’could’.

                                        repondre message

                                        • 9 March 2014 17:24, by Rommel

                                          ..As in it hasn’t yet gotten to that stage. Learn to read, Mohammed. Try reading slowly. Your country has experienced the worst case of State sanctioned ethnic determined violence since Rwanda and yet you are obsessed with South Sudan. When will you take stock of the fact that a quarter of a million people died in Darfur!? Worst than South Sudan!

                                          repondre message

                                          • 9 March 2014 17:27, by Rommel

                                            When will you acknowledge that millions of Darfurians were fed by the UN and other aid agencies!? Were it not for their involvement, perhaps more than a quarter of a million people would have died in Darfur.

                                            repondre message

                                          • 9 March 2014 18:03, by Mohammed Ali 2

                                            Rommel: Tell Mr. All knowing how to read this :Seven million S. Sudanese food insecure, says UN , how to you read ?This comes a day after the world body said aid agencies in the country urgently needed $1.27 billion to assist 3.2 million people suffering the humanitarian consequences of weeks of violence in the new nation. >>>cont

                                            repondre message

                                            • 9 March 2014 18:09, by Mohammed Ali 2

                                              Romme:(Some3.7 million, according the UN, are already facing acute or emergency levels, nearly two weeks after violent conflict hit the country killing more than 1,000 people and displacing an estimated 800,000.)URGENT need for 3.2 millions and already 3.7 already acute or emergency level.Simple calculation 3.2+3.7 =6.9 millions.Are you lying to yourself?Does that need any "how to read"?Pathetic!

                                              repondre message

                                            • 9 March 2014 18:13, by Rommel

                                              Mohammed Ali 2:
                                              Read the article again, Mohammed. The contents of articles are more important than their headlines. Headlines are primarily designed to provoke interest and are sometimes discordant with their own content. This is just like when you so desperately wanted to *believe* that half of South Sudan’s population would die if the oil agreement wasn’t signed.

                                              repondre message

                                              • 9 March 2014 18:17, by Rommel

                                                The UN estimates that 10, 000 people have died in South Sudan. The UN has also estimated that a quarter of a million people -300, 000- have died in Darfur. That’s considerably higher, if you can count. Lying to myself? Aren’t you the same person that denies the UN estimate on Darfur? LOL!

                                                repondre message

                                                • 9 March 2014 18:22, by Rommel

                                                  ’Pathetic’ is when you support a regime that has murdered at least a quarter of a million people in Darfur. Pathetic is when you ignore this reality and try to portray it as part of some grand conspiracy against Sudan. Pathetic is when you constantly respond to articles pertaining to my country when I don’t at all respond to articles concerning your country. That’s pathetic. LOL!

                                                  repondre message

                                • 9 March 2014 15:58, by Rommel

                                  It seems that people are ignorant of Riek’s terrible human rights violations, his caustic tribal rhetoric and his history of failures. He is not -and never will be- a viable alternative. How can anyone support a man so disturbed and so delusional that he so sickeningly boasted that his tribe could wipe out an entire tribe!?

                                  repondre message

                                • 9 March 2014 16:38, by Rommel

                                  Is this the man that claims that he can unite the people of South Sudan!? How!? He is a deceptive mass murdering chauvinist. He has no genuine regard for democracy or equality. He has killed tens of thousands of civilians.

                                  repondre message

                                  • 9 March 2014 16:43, by Rommel

                                    I can’t believe that Angelina Teny had the chutzpah to talk of the suffering of women in this unnecessary war. How many grand-mothers, mothers, aunties, nieces and daughters did Riek have abducted, raped and/or killed in the 90s and now!? How many of the close to 30, 000 civilians killed by Riek were women!?

                                    repondre message

                                • 9 March 2014 17:27, by Rommel

                                  Is this the man that claims that he can unite the people of South Sudan!? How!? He is a deceptive mass murdering chauvinist. He has no genuine regard for democracy or equality. He has killed tens of thousands of civilians.

                                  repondre message

          • 10 March 2014 14:15, by Makuen Ci Nhomwan

            @ Mi diit
            you are very thoughtless Dinka nuer who think like crazy Anjelina Teny and her bloodsucker husband Riek M. who kills thousand of civilian. What complaint do u mean? many innocent civilian dies but no doubt you with your stupid dr. Riek will not survive withìn the period of one month only wait 4 us dogs, u will face consequence soner wait.

            repondre message

        • 9 March 2014 06:51, by Ayom Ayom

          Recruitment of child solider has been banned by United Nations Security Council, either rebel or government should not recruit children by force

          repondre message

          • 9 March 2014 07:17, by Mi diit

            Michael coma,
            To say someone is illiterate is not an insult. It is like saying somebody is short or tall. Haven’t you seen many times Ayandit on missions while talking in Dinka language with a translator hired to explain, not only what see said, but also what she should have said? Terrible! But look at you with primitive and uncivilized insults to a great mother. Shame on you for that bad culture

            repondre message

        • 9 March 2014 18:29, by Rommel

          Mi diit:
          Disrespecting mothers is not a feature of Dinka culture. Prior to Nyandeng’s ’alliance’ with Riek *some* Nuer discussants were calling her some of the vilest names in the English language. Women [people who were mothers] were raped and killed by Riek’s fighters in hospitals and churches. Is that not disrespect. You have a delusional and inflated sense of your own morality.

          repondre message

      • 9 March 2014 09:45, by Bentiu son

        Job Well done Mama Angelina Jany Teny n Mama Rebecca Nyadeng Mabior for standing firm to fight harder for our long waiting democracy,good governance,freedom of expression/speech/movements n to bring responsible/accountable/transferable government in South Sudan.Thanks you so much.We will leave no stone unturned till genocidal President Kiir leave us free by resignation or forcefully removed,enough

        repondre message

    • 9 March 2014 06:46, by Tong dut

      Both Kiir and Machar are running mad for oil of south sudan.
      Soon kiir will not be the leader, since his relatives had put him into hot water, his own army are killing themselves for their own payment.
      What a leader Kiir is?

      repondre message

    • 9 March 2014 08:37, by Mading Makuac

      Dear Angelina Teny,
      Please talk to form Vice president to stop fighting.There is
      no benefit in fighting as innocent South Sudanese had been
      killed and we ’ll still come together Tomorrow as brothers
      and sisters of new born nation.Our people are suffering
      in various refugee camps in foreign countries.We ’d
      be talking of development by now instead of this
      senseless wars .

      repondre message

    • 9 March 2014 15:36, by Frak Cho

      The interviewer failed to ask Angelina Teny why people are being killed in hospital bed in Bor and Malakal. Can this mean resistant? you should be killing Kiir’s amry not innocent civilians who are yet suffering in hospital beds. The blood of S.Sudanese killed since 1991 and the those killed in hospital will question you with your husband Riek Machar!!

      repondre message

    • 10 March 2014 08:20, by mathem jech amer

      Angelina Teny
      I don’t know why you people like lies. "YOU SAID IDPs IN UNMISS DO NOT TRAVEL".Now UNMISS is almost empty, you looted money in other areas,send to them, money is also sent from US and everyday hundreds of Nuer IDPs are travelling to Kakuma Camp,you know yourself but trying to lie that they don’t travel,if IDPs were killed,where is it reported by UN or media

      repondre message

  • 9 March 2014 04:11, by Don-Don Malith Rual

    The logic of political reform: Politcal reform means improvement, amendment of what is wrong, corruption, unsatisfactory etc in a revolutionary altering basic political connections between incumbents & constituents, improving laws & constitution in accordance with the expectation of the people.what you should have done could have been loby for the rule of law vs democratisation and not the to

    repondre message

    • 9 March 2014 06:13, by Runrach

      @Don Don Malith, I hope you were well aware of the fact that all political avenues were being suffocated by the incumbent president, leaving no gap or room for a conducive ground to address the SPLM political crisis. Until the last day when the fighting erupted in capital Juba.

      repondre message

      • 9 March 2014 06:36, by Runrach

        Mr. Don, a nation where! truths are not admitted remain always divided. As an individual, I thought our division should have been focused on national political partlies instead of tribal affiliation. By doing so, means our political leaders has assassinated the prosper of country souregnity. SS let’s be realistic.

        repondre message

  • 9 March 2014 04:21, by Sundayw

    Riek is never going to win any political or military contest. He is a perennial traitor that has rebelled for the last time of his remaining days breathing our air. The fact that his untrained tribal militia has committed so many heinous crimes against the people of South Sudan should be enough to pass a death sentence against him so that there is no debate in the field. No one trusts him now.

    repondre message

  • 9 March 2014 04:23, by Don-Don Malith Rual

    Logic of Politcal reform continuous.... Not to allow the use of power to take it cost as it have had happen! Q. Describe reforms designed to end this conflicts? Is this the democracy we need?Explain the contribution of both power struggles towards the future & direction of this country? Expound upon the gain of the killing of innocent civilians & illustrate the struggle of ethnic groups in

    repondre message

    • 9 March 2014 06:06, by Naath

      Don Don Malieth.Dr machar and his group didn’t use any forces to overthrow kiir government, they are crying for reform every time the party met ok.kiir is unqualified dude not because of education background but naturally he stupid, he use cluster bombs that will course south sudanese more live in the future and kiir is so happy about that,so dinka and Nuer will suffer, you better to know that

      repondre message

  • 9 March 2014 04:34, by Don-Don Malith Rual

    Logic of political reform cont..Q Illustrate the struggle of Ethnic groups in this conflicts? Are they the only one who know the fruits of good democracy and good governance? Just to leave room for others every difference of opinion is not difference in principle. And this is people disagree to agree.

    repondre message

    • 9 March 2014 06:35, by jijury


      repondre message

  • 9 March 2014 06:39, by Ayuiu Makuac Lam

    Angelina has influent by her husband in empty politic. Their ambition to lead South Sudan is Deadly end.

    repondre message

  • 9 March 2014 06:57, by Bolong

    Wow, who did Angelina and her husband Riek fought in the last 22 years of war?. Infects you guys can pick good words and spread its on the media, but the ordinary people of South Sudan Knows who are you. Our people cleaned up our nation and they don’t have to let you make it back again. Enough is enough.

    repondre message

  • 9 March 2014 08:32, by Mohammed Ali 2

    Rommel, do you still there is no genocide in SS?

    repondre message

    • 9 March 2014 08:47, by Wicdail

      She will be our first lady no doubt about that.

      repondre message

      • 9 March 2014 12:11, by Runrach

        Your first lady with? South Sudan shall be better Off without Kiir and Riek. Nor Madam Ayen neither Madam Angelina. Let four of them go to hell.

        repondre message

        • 9 March 2014 14:41, by siddaw

          Absolutely correct, Mr. Runrach. South Sudan is well off without both Kiir and Riek. As we perfectly know. South Sudan is important than any of us, so we should not be playing around with the blood of our innocent people. Who are going to be there to develop the nation if we all kill ourselves?

          repondre message

    • 9 March 2014 16:03, by Rommel

      Mohammed Ali 2:
      There is no genocide in South Sudan. No impartial third parties have framed it in this way. Does it automatically become a ’genocide’ because Riek’s wife says so? The only country in the world -since Rwanda- that has experienced ethnic determined violence that could be regarded as genocide, is Sudan.

      repondre message

  • 9 March 2014 14:26, by Mapuor

    This war was started by Riek Macar and his supporters.2015 has not yet come and yet Mr RIEK openly accused Mr President of being corrupt and wanted to dethrone him prematurely.Power remained in greater Upper Nile for 21 years amid the same crises that are happening,it must do the same sequentially in greater Bhar El Gazal and Equatoria
    come what may.Anyone who dislike this fairness must go.

    repondre message

  • 9 March 2014 19:58, by American Missile.

    South Sudanese thought, you were a good woman in South Sudan but you turned to be DISASTER and Selfish woman.
    However, you are all FINISHED politically and Justice.You must answered all the atrocities you have committed as we makes solution to Peace.God will not allow you to destroy People while you have stolen Public money.

    repondre message

  • 10 March 2014 10:32, by Gangura

    I like the speech of Angilena Teny, she talk sense bravooooooo I wish our Riek Machar come to power and even we Equatorian are behind him becoz he has good reasoning not like stupid Kirr with his cabine of corruptions, imagine what Ateny wek Ateny was saying in Khartoum and even who is Ateny where did he got his education? he should come to a woman like you who study in UK together with your hasbu

    repondre message

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