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Ugandan army not withdrawing from S. Sudan: spokesperson


January 11, 2014 (KAMPALA) -The Ugandan People Defence Forces (UPDF) will not pull out of South Sudan until peace returns to the country, its spokesperson told Sudan Tribune Tuesday.

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Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) spokesperson, Lt Col Paddy Ankunda Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) spokesperson, Lt Col Paddy Ankunda (new vision)

Lt. Col. Paddy Ankunda said Ugandan troops were in the country on the invitation of Juba government requesting for immediate militarily intervention to restore calm in the country.

The two countries also signed a status of forces agreement, which legally permitted Uganda to get involved in the conflict, but says Kampala’s participation was at its own costs.

“Our forces are still there, we know the agreement and that is part of peace. We will not be pushed by anyone because when we sent our forces into [South] Sudan, we got everybody [had] run away,” Ankunda said in an interview.

Nobody will push us because we know our interest and we know that security is very important for everybody, added the UPDF spokesman.

He denied reports that the UPDF and South Sudan army (SPLA) had continued to violate a ceasefire agreement signed in the country, but admitted that Ugandan troops recently helped the SPLA repel rebel threats in Jonglei state.

“Four days ago, the rebels killed 10 civilians in Pariak. We also attacked them. So the violence is going on in those areas, but Ugandan troops were not involved in any fighting,” Ankunda stressed.

Uganda is accused by the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A) In Opposition led by South Sudan’s ex-vice president Riek Machar of meddling in the country’s internal affairs, contrary to the cessation of hostilities agreement reached in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The spokesperson of the Ugandan army denied Machar’s allegations and instead blamed rebels loyal to him for failing to adhere to what was agreed upon by the two warring parties.

“That is the question you should ask Riek Machar rebels and the other party to confirm their concerns. We think that the government should implement it [ceasefire agreement]. We should always respect the ceasefire because that is what we need for peace to return in that part of the country,” Ankunda said.

He however stressed that Ugandan forces will remain in the world’s youngest nation, despite recent pressure from the United States calling for withdrawal of foreign troops from the country.

The US, in a statement issued Friday, said involvement of foreign troops in the South Sudanese conflict was in defiance of the cessation of hostilities agreement between government and its rebel faction.

But Ankunda insisted many more lives would have been lost had Ugandan troops not intervened in the South Sudanese conflict, which started in mid-December last year.

An estimated 10,000 people, according to the International Crisis Group (ICG), died in the weeks of conflict, with as many as 850,000 displaced in various parts of the country.


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The Status of Forces Agreement between Uganda and South Sudan
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  • 12 February 2014 06:41, by Mi diit

    Good arrogant declaration. Let us regionalize it and see how it will finally end. Mrs. Akiir Mayardit and her gay husband, the mad dog of the great lakes region, Yoweri Museveni, will be the losers in the END!

    repondre message

    • 12 February 2014 06:43, by Mi diit

      LL Reuben,
      Do you want to mock Ngundeng’s prophesies? Don’t do that yet man. We know what is happening. Ngundeng predicted that the Dinka will first strike harder against the Nuer, but the final response by Nuer will be more disastrous on Dinka followed by Nuer’s VICTORY. Ngundeng also said he will destroy ANOTHER country in that tribal war. Could it be Uganda? I thought it was to be Sudan.

      repondre message

      • 12 February 2014 06:44, by Mi diit

        Ngundeng predicted the result of this tribal war like this: "Bi Jaang riaw rey hook, emut cuec da moth han jaak dol, bi raan teeth ni tare." Meaning, " The Dinka will disappear, let my spear get sharper, me the colorful, they will fall on their backs facing the ground."
        In wrestling falling on your back facing the ground means total loss and defeat on the one falling like that.

        repondre message

        • 12 February 2014 07:18, by Mack

          Don’t bother people who are not Nuers about oral myths and illusions. If it’s what you believe he said, then he got it wrong. Riek forces and not Nuers were the first to strike on government soldiers in Juba. The current war is between the government and misled section of Nuer tribe.

          repondre message

        • 12 February 2014 07:29, by Mapuor

          Those lies will only further impoverish Nuers,Ngundeng was just a parochial paranoid witch doctor.At the current age,it would be wrong to rely on those lies guy.Coming to Dinkas,they never feared their enemies through out the history.That is why they sing’Ye wuot ya cam yai col aba rioc Nhialicee ya thon ci guang nhom theer,ya muor la yholyhol, ye wuot ya cam yai col aba rioc.

          repondre message

        • 12 February 2014 21:20, by Zeki

          That is witchcraf, @ mr Mii diit amok.

          repondre message

      • 12 February 2014 06:46, by Chol A.

        Haaaa mr Mi diit, you still believe in Ngundeng stupid illusion? It became really that if Nuer look like educated he/she still behind more stupid like’s own mother! How come you believe in doom prophet who just want to finished innocent Nuer without wining foolish dream? Let wait’s n see Ngundeng prediction if come true you continue fight n you will soon achieve prophet doom illusion good lack!

        repondre message

        • 12 February 2014 06:56, by Mi diit

          UPDF/SPLA spokesperson Paddy Arkunda has admitted that the Dinka were running away if they did not come to fight for them. Shame on you women. Yes, wait for the fulfillment of Ngundeng’s prophesy. You and your Ugandan god-fathers will be the losers and will cry harder and harder when the time comes...

          repondre message

          • 12 February 2014 07:01, by Mi diit

            Why shouldn’t I not believe in my prophet’s prophesies? Israelites believed in their prophets prophesies. Many of Ngundeng’s prophesies have come true and more coming true. That is why we have this tribal war started by "tik yual kuoth" or "long-bearded man" as he predicted. You Dinka have no prophet and don’t be jealous about our prophet.

            repondre message

          • 12 February 2014 09:20, by michael coma

            Mii dit
            Nuer militias were supported by UN and US in Bor and Malakal that is the reason we brought Ugandans.UNMISS gave you its tanks and am munitions to fight govt.Your Ngundeng psychological dreams will end up without success. Thanks to Uganda govt.

            repondre message

      • 12 February 2014 06:54, by dinkdong

        False prophecies! People always come up with "it had been said by Ngundeng" every time something had already happened. Where...? Where can we confirm these? What part of the Bible or wherever they are written?

        repondre message

        • 12 February 2014 07:04, by Mi diit

          Not in the Bible but in his recorded messages which most Nuer elders, and now youth, know. Those I have quoted above are his recorded messages, further recorded on tapes as they are passed on for knowledge.

          repondre message

          • 12 February 2014 07:10, by chol

            That tape is useless as Ngundeng period.

            repondre message

        • 12 February 2014 07:08, by Bentiu son

          Waw!Interesting the pokesperson of UPDF/SPLA Lt Col Paddy Ankunda finally broke his silence.It is obvious now from his speech that M7’s woman Salva Kiir sold our country to Uganda.Salva had betrayed SPLA soldiers to UPDF of Museveni, the liar called Philip Aguer should not report anything agains since our President M7 n his spokesman are doing their top job in South Sudan.Question!

          repondre message

          • 12 February 2014 07:18, by Bentiu son

            Will unwanted Ugandan Army invaders stay in our country while we are alive? What will be the fate of our South Sudan national Army? Armed Militias right? Waw!Notice! ya Salva Kiir mercenaries whether you like it or not You Must leave our territory free ya money n food hunters as M7 said early that South Sudan is our sources of food n money.The UPDF Commander say Ugandan bobodas operators must ret

            repondre message

        • 12 February 2014 13:20, by Hardlinner

          Guys let not waste our time on baseless issues. If smart humans can’t detect God, why would some even talk about prophets. Since God does not exist, where else would prophet exist. Any think supernatural should be regarded as illusion. Mi diit is just another bunch low IQ moron who can not think of his own personal life. Any sane person can never support violent nor follow low IQ moron like rie

          repondre message

      • 12 February 2014 13:04, by Hardlinner

        Mi diit, first let me begin by saying that any thing supernatural is only valid in mind of people with low IQ. If the smartest people in the world can’t invent time machine, how on earth would someone closer to nature predict the future?. Ngundeng prophecy are none other than child dream. I feel sorry for ur lack of intellectual capacity and so as your primitive nuer president riek.

        repondre message

        • 12 February 2014 17:21, by Msudi

          Hello Hardliner,
          You are the one with very low intellectual quotient not Midiit. If you don’t believe in any thing you don’t exist.

          repondre message

    • 12 February 2014 07:06, by chol

      Idiot Mi Diit you have been deceived by Ngundeng to lead you to hell.

      repondre message

    • 12 February 2014 08:36, by Tong dut

      Ugandan forces will not get out of south sudan, since there are dollas in south sudan.
      The only way is to kill all of then by gun and poison them,either civilian or army.

      repondre message

    • 12 February 2014 12:00, by Johndumo14


      repondre message

    • 12 February 2014 14:17, by jubaone

      How can a cash-strapped Uganda finance UPDF in South Sudan? Kiir will have to bill that. UPDF was involved in smuggling over $400m worth of gold in DRC in 2013. South Sudan without sovereignity over its resources has become the next victim. Who will protect our girls from HIV-AIDS infected UPDF soldiers now that Kiir has sold-out the South? UPDF wants to stay cos Kiir has turned it to whore-brothe

      repondre message

    • 12 February 2014 16:48, by Johndumo14

      Why is it taking so long for Collection of dead bodies in Bor?How do expect people to return to bor town when dead bodies are stil in houses or on farms or on streets?By the way who are these death people civilians or the rebels who called themselves the white army? And have you the people concern counted them and how many death bodies? You have to take video and photos so you can show to Dr Riek

      repondre message

  • 12 February 2014 06:45, by dinkdong

    That country is a mess. There’s not gonna be peace anytime soon.

    repondre message

  • 12 February 2014 06:54, by Gangura

    Stupid Kirr and M7 we shall see, those UPDF must withdraw idiot. we want Machar to rule us

    repondre message

    • 12 February 2014 07:05, by Chol A.

      Just said Nuer want Mr dr traitor to rules South Sudan not we yah Nyigat.

      repondre message

  • 12 February 2014 07:17, by 4Justice

    Kiir’s desperation to stay in power will eventually ruin (or already ruined) South Sudan. He is throwing every dime he can lay hands on to keep his rotting leadership. The people of South Sudan deserve a better leader whose concern is to lift its population out of abject poverty by constructing modern roads to ease movement of produce from rural areas to urban markets. Why don’t you just sit down someday and ask yourself why is everyone rebelling against me? maybe i am the cause of all the mess around me? trust me they don’t like you one bit.

    repondre message

  • 12 February 2014 07:20, by Kalo

    If the Ugandan troops pullout from the South Sudan,the community of South Sudan will kill themselves like Rwanda,Nuer community should know all Dinkas,Bor,Bhar elGazal,Ngok and Equatora will end you up in South Sudan,that is why peace is very important.

    repondre message

    • 12 February 2014 09:32, by Malakal county Simon

      You black Arab of Blue Nile, why risking your future by taking side in South Sudan internal war??? Ask yourself this simple question! because tomorrow if the democratic forces size the power, i,m sure you will not make any business in South Sudan if you insist to continues with your dirty activities!!!!

      repondre message

      • 12 February 2014 13:37, by Hardlinner

        Malakal virus, what democratic forces are you talking about. Just don’t be ashame to name them nuer forces.Your nuer rebellion will never bare any fruits. In fact your king of foolish nuers will never rule south sudan.

        repondre message

      • 12 February 2014 13:52, by Kalo

        Foolish Nuer Malakal Simon,we are not involving in your conflict,it is just advice to you,if we were involving,Machar could have spend 7 days,remember we don,t forget what Machar did to Nuba in 1991 Nasir coup,what is your objectives of being in bush?Riek and Late william Nyoun knew what let them failed in the first rebellions 1990s,I am telling you true,Nuer will finished if not careful.

        repondre message

  • 12 February 2014 07:31, by Mapuor

    Ngundeng lies will only further impoverish Nuers,Ngundeng was just a parochial paranoid witch doctor.At the current age,it would be wrong to rely on those lies guy.Coming to Dinkas,they never feared their enemies through out the history.That is why they sing’Ye wuot ya cam yai col aba rioc Nhialicee ya thon ci guang nhom theer,ya muor la yholyhol, ye wuot ya cam yai col aba rioc.

    repondre message

  • 12 February 2014 09:35, by Lion Son

    Malakal County Simon,
    it’s too late now to ousted Kiir through democracy, everything is destroyed by your Riak Machar, all in all, forget of Machar coming to power than be losing his own life b’se of senseless war he organized against his own people. So you must know that Riek has lost his votes through big number of people who their lives in this fighting.My condolences

    repondre message

    • 12 February 2014 10:29, by Malakal county Simon

      Lion Son
      You seemed like not knowing the roots cause of the current sense-less war, and who caused it.... Anyway, here are some HARD FACT about the ongoing sense-less war.... It was the President Kiir who order his commander of the presidential-guard, to disarm Nuers soldiers within presidential-guard, while leaving Dinkas soldiers undisarmed....

      repondre message

      • 12 February 2014 10:35, by Malakal county Simon

        The same president order his presidential-guards, to arrest Dr Machar from his house alive or dead!!!! Again, it was the same president who create well rejected regionally and internationally, fake designed coup due to the lack of evident!!!!

        repondre message

        • 12 February 2014 10:41, by Malakal county Simon

          Due to the well fact that’s I have presented above, Unwanted president Kiir is purely responsible for the well documented Juba Nuer Massacre, and the ongoing sense-less war in the country!!!!

          repondre message

    • 12 February 2014 10:35, by Bentiu son

      Lion Son idiot,notice that Dr Machar has got big political weight among the non-Dinkas tribes across the RSS whom you had kokorized,discriminated,grabbed their lands or marginalized from Dinka Rek government/tribal army/police /air forces trainings.Whether you like it or not Dr Machar will be President either through ballots boxes or bullets soon than later.

      repondre message

  • 12 February 2014 13:00, by Lion Son

    I got your points clearly Malakal County Simon..... but to my fellow friend Bentiu Son... am not more than you indeed, I still love my fellow south Sudanese in general including yourself, I’ll not blame you about your comments here than your childhood. I wish if you were grown up person to put analysis forward and chances of Mr. Machar becoming president of RSS, you’ll find that chances are limits

    repondre message

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