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Washington demands withdrawal of foreign troops from S. Sudan


February 8, 2014 (WASHINGTON) – The US government has called for the withdrawal of foreign forces that have interfered in the internal conflict between rival factions in South Sudan and urged to desist from violating the recently signed cessation of hostilities agreement in Addis Ababa.

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An unidentified man sits in the gun turret while leading a convoy of armoured vehicles from both the South Sudanese government forces and the Ugandan People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) in the streets of Jonglei capital Bor on 19 January 2014 (Photo: AP/Mackenzie Knowles-Coursin)

In a strongly worded press release issued by State Department spokesperson, Jen Psaki, on Friday, the US government also warned of “any regionalization of the conflict” that may result from such foreign interference.

“We urge the redeployment or phased withdrawal of foreign forces invited by either side, and warn of the serious consequences which could result from any regionalization of this conflict,” Psaki said.

She also called for an inclusive reconciliation process in the IGAD-sponsored political dialogue in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.

The American call for the withdrawal of Ugandan troops comes as Juba and Kampala are finalising a military cooperation agreement between the countries. Uganda says the participation of its troops helped to maintain South Sudan’s stability.

Igad countries also showed frustration saying the Ugandan involvement in the conflict weakens their efforts to end the Conflict. But Juba responded by saying it has the right to demand such support.

The rebel SPLM-In-Opposition warned in a statement issued in Addis Ababa on 8 February that the non withdrawal of Ugandan troops would eventually lead to the failure of the upcoming round of talks scheduled for 10 February.

Further, Machar’s spokesperson James Gatdet Dak in a message extended to Sudan Tribune welcomed the statement coming out from the US government, saying "this was another urgent reminder to put pressure on president Salva Kiir to withdraw such foreign forces from South Sudan and honour the ceasefire agreement".

Psaki welcomed the arrival in Juba of the first component of the monitoring team, and "strongly "urge the government of South Sudan to facilitate (the team’s) important work", which will provide both sides with a mechanism to report any breaches of the agreement.”

The spokesperson further said "deeply concerned by reports of violations" by both sides of the Cessation of Hostilities agreement that was signed in Addis Ababa on January 23.


The statement urged Salva Kiir’s government to release the remaining four political leaders who are still in detention in Juba.

“We urge the government of South Sudan to support these efforts and to release four political detainees. The expeditious release and transfer of all of the detainees would reduce tension and build confidence in an inclusive reconciliation process,” it says.

The detained political leader are: former SPLM secretary general, Pagan Amum Okiech, former minister for national security, Oyai Deng Ajak, former deputy minister of defence, Majak D’Agoot and former South Sudanese ambassador to US, Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth.


State Department spokesperson also publically requested the government of South Sudan to fully cooperate with the mission of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) and ensure that it carries out its mandate without any hindrance.

“We also call on the government of South Sudan to fully cooperate with the (…) (UNMISS). It is imperative that the government ensure that any assaults on and threats against UNMISS facilities and personnel immediately cease.

"The mission’s ability to carry out its mandate is critical to establish peace and meet the urgent humanitarian needs of the people of South Sudan,” she further stressed.

UNMISS had earlier complained that senior government officials and troops sometimes tried to force their way into the UNMISS compounds, particularly in Bor town.

The mission was accused of harbouring rebels in its bases. It was also accused of allowing the rebels of using its vehicles and facilities in the country.

However during a visit to South Sudan on 3 February, the head of the UN peacekeeping operations Hervé Ladsous stressed during a visit to UNMISS base in Tomping that he saw thousands of people alive was a clear indicator that UNMISS had made the right decision in opening its gates to civilians.

The violence erupted on 15 December when units of the presidential guards clashed in the South Sudanese capital, Juba, and quickly spread to the other parts of the country.

The two parties are due to start discussing the root causes of the conflict with the aim to resolve it when the peace talks resume in Addis Ababa scheduled for Monday, 10 February.


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  • 9 February 2014 07:52, by Mi diit

    Ahahahaa.....Mrs. Akiir Mayardit and her husband the mad dog of Great Lakes region, Museveni will soon be in trouble!!!!!!!!

    repondre message

    • 9 February 2014 08:13, by Maguangdit

      Don`t cry yet Midiit; it is not over. Also, don`t misinterpret the USA statement. Simply know this: Don`t dance after your husbands-Americans, they cannot do anything at all. South Sudan is a sovereign State and has right to determine its political destination. I`m sorry Midiit that you now cried yet you were the one inviting it upon yourselves. Riak`s chicken head should learn this time. Enjoy it

      repondre message

      • 9 February 2014 08:22, by Mi diit

        Do you know what a sovereign state means? South Sudan is ruled by Uganda now. Do you think by marrying Mrs. Akiir Mayardit to Museveni of Uganda means sovereignty? Oh my God, these cowards have sold the country to Ugandan. Museveni is the president and UPDF is the army. Shame on you. Now you are known worldwide as foolish people and cowards!!!

        repondre message

      • 9 February 2014 08:30, by Kiir

        Maguangdit, Why you Dinka always closed eyes when you get opportunity? Ugandan are Ugandan, S. Sudanese are S. sudanese. Why do u like your brothers to be kill by Ugandan? President Kiir using the stolen money hires foreigners troop to kills his own people. Are you happy with that? Shame on Dinka.
        Dinka will never rule South Sudan again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        repondre message

      • 9 February 2014 08:54, by choldit

        UNSC n other peace loving nations like UK, US, Australia, NZ, Canada, Ethiopia, Kenya, SA, Norway, n rest DO NOT allow any sovereign state kills its citizens unlawfully. Sovereignity is a relative word my dear. right after the President selfs taged coupe n massacring of the Nuer and subsequent sellout of nation to Uganda for the protection of Dinka from Nuer revenge, the Dinka know other 63 tribes

        repondre message

        • 9 February 2014 10:55, by Peacocktail

          Washington Department of State speak clearly. The foreign troops in South Sudan are increasing murdering of civilians due to mess of President Kiir in the country. I don’t support Power sharing but Washington should push for Interim administration in the Country for IDPs to move out becoz they fears risks of being slaughter by Kiir loyalist called Tiger.Good Move and FREE all DETAINEES NOW

          repondre message

      • 9 February 2014 10:54, by Tibs

        Iran says warships sailing towards US borders, what a evil Nation hate by whole world! Stay out of our affairs as you said we have permanent interest not permanent friend. We don’t need your aids anymore, we was been live for centuries with our money. Fuck US and their pupet Dr. Cieth Risky

        repondre message

        • 9 February 2014 11:19, by Tut Tut

          hatting U.S will not solve this problem your illegitimate president has imposed on S.Sudanese people. You guys need to be realistic in your volcanic hatred toward others. And you need to know U.S. has greater leverage per its investment in the future of S.South Sudan and the entire region of East Africa. You can cry with blood but that won’t solve the problem you created and imposed it on us

          repondre message

          • 9 February 2014 17:09, by akid malual

            Washington must stop there damn responds negative about South Sudan and withdraw of Uganda Troop. this time south Sudan is not ready to let Uganda go this time.

            repondre message

            • 9 February 2014 18:09, by choldit

              akid malual,
              u are really a kid. how long a foreign troops can protect Dinka people n dinka interest in expense of South Sudanese? are u not ashamed about hiring foreign forces to murdering ss citizens like it happened in Malakal, Bor, Bentiu? how can a sound minded ss person can come out openly saying UPDF cannot go now. Each day the UPDF stay give the Nuer right to protect its a get support.

              repondre message

          • 9 February 2014 19:00, by Tibs

            Just shut up stupid Tuot
            if they turned the guns to killed theirs brothers and sisters because of one man interest are they be called who? Yah of course they have power if they were having humanity to wait for 2015 to vote their man that’ll be much sounds better, but killing is not acceptable here! Growth our country men....
            US or F******k west they are nothing to us but continent threat! Africa

            repondre message

      • 11 February 2014 05:22, by Bentiu son

        Gogrial foolish boy,stop lying,do you acknowledge that ur genocidal Salva Kiir Mayardit is the VP of Yoweri Museveni? Do you know that SPLA soldiers had been betrayed by brutal regime in which they are not National Army anymore but UPDF of Uganda? Do you know the commander of UPDF had ordered all expelled Ugandan businessmen,bodabodas operators to return to South Sudan immediately without fear?

        repondre message

    • 9 February 2014 08:15, by Kus al-Junub

      South Sudan is on the path to self-destruction aided by USA, UK and France.
      Maid Diit, your problem should not be limited to regional interference, but should be focus on the evil plan American, British and French cooking for your people of South Sudan.
      Believe me, another Somalia; Rwanda is coming in your way.

      repondre message

    • 9 February 2014 08:19, by Kiir

      Peace must be achieved 100% in South Sudan if Uganda withdraw its troop from South Sudan.

      repondre message

      • 9 February 2014 08:40, by dinkdong

        That’s not true Kiir. Once the Ugandan troops withdrew, rebels are likely to resume capturing all the towns they captured before and possibly Juba.

        repondre message

        • 9 February 2014 09:17, by wang

          Withdraw of Ugandans troops in South, mean that the Illegal president will be gone and new govt shall soon be established, it is not good news for Kiir’s sides.

          repondre message

        • 9 February 2014 14:26, by Thokidine

          Dears, it is true that Dinka are just useless n coward tribe in S. Sudan as they clearly stated that if Uganda army is removed from S. Sudan, It will be captured by rebel, than why do u started a war u will never fight? It has been a song that Dinka liberated S. Sudan from Arab who were more advanced than Nuer, why is it difficult to defend the country from Nuer, only one tribe?

          repondre message

    • 9 February 2014 08:25, by Tong dut

      We kill one dog yesterday from the ugandan plane.We are going to kill all ugandans in south sudan so that those Dinkas in ugandan will be kill too.

      repondre message

    • 9 February 2014 09:28, by Reconciliation

      Stupid Americans.The Obama Administration is full of confusion.First of all,what are their forces doing in middle East.you withdraw your troops from middle east and elwhere before talking of withdrawal of Ugandan troops.Obama administration has caused alot of problems world wide.you imperalist will soon face fire if you don,t distance yourselves from African affairs.Idiots.

      repondre message

      • 9 February 2014 10:32, by Makuen Ci Nhomwan

        @ Reconcilation
        Bravo!thank you 4 your comment we South Sudanese know that amirican are supporting the rebel and that is their nature they have been support the rebel across the globe, but South sudan is aware of that. No Ugandan troops in South Sudan america is lying what about the national army the SPLA? We don,t want any interference in our affairs.

        repondre message

      • 9 February 2014 14:36, by Thokidine

        Mr. Bad reconciliation as I clearly see it in ur msg, America involve in those country for a reason, Mr. Fool, they want every country to embrace democracy like they do not like Uganda who want to exploits S. Sudan and brings its dictator system that have abolished term limit in the constitution of Uganda. Take a good look with country who switch presidency as per their constitution, do America

        repondre message

        • 9 February 2014 14:41, by Thokidine

          Have a problem with them. Who is Uganda to interfere into our affairs, what help do u think u could get from Uganda who is too poor to manage herself. Is good that Dinka has revealed their cowardice to the world n I hope this time no Dinka will open his mouth to talk about Dinka being the most braved pple in S. Sudan. Despite the training they were taken to, yet they failed even to confront white

          repondre message

    • 9 February 2014 14:37, by chol

      Mi Diit ..American need to stay away from South Sudan affairs.Either you with terrorist or with us.

      repondre message

  • 9 February 2014 08:27, by Tut Tut

    This stance from the U.S.,is a real pressure to the government of S.Sudan given the leverage it has in the region. And since it is clear that S.Sudan government cannot defend itself from the rebels, then it will be forced to term with real peace deal otherwise. U.S.,has a huge investment in S.Sudan and cannot be ignored at will. This clear stance is highly expected and welcome by S.Sudanese people

    repondre message

    • 9 February 2014 08:48, by Malakal county Simon

      Here are clear conditions of Dr Machar side, release the remaining four of detainees,full withdrawal of Uganda forces and other mercenaries, and lastly resignation of illegal president Kiir.... Failure to implement those conditions mention above, then simply there is no point of continuing the current peace talk in Adiss Ababa!!!!!

      repondre message

      • 9 February 2014 08:55, by Malakal county Simon

        Shame-on illegal president Kiir for inviting foreigners forces to kills his own people’s, people’s who elected him as president in 2010......

        repondre message

  • 9 February 2014 09:02, by wang

    For how long will M7 and his gangs UPDF would protects that illegal regime in Juba without USA support (financially)… SPLA has over 500,000 soldiers and rebels had about 2,000-3,000 thousands, so why they (500,000) can’t defend a nation which they are claiming they owns it? Dinka populations in South are wastes of space…

    repondre message

    • 9 February 2014 09:40, by hellonearth

      Wang, facts.. the SPLA before Dec 15th 2013, 60% of it are now the rebels. you add another group which is the White Army then you get what is happening now. thats why the Dinka Government had to run to Uganda for help. get your facts right because you are just wrting nonsence

      repondre message

      • 9 February 2014 10:27, by Tut Tut

        If the numbers stated above are realistic,would you buy into the fact Nuer is major ethnic group in S.Sudan compare to non? Even if one ethnic group is the major it won’t out number the rest of 63 tribes Dinka included.The question is,a foreign help is sought by Kiir’s government against one community?This shows a glimpse of inferiority big time leave alone the question of sovereignty

        repondre message

        • 9 February 2014 15:15, by chol

          Tut Tut you supper idiot just because Nuers where majority in army doesn’t means Nuers majority in a country.The Nuers are terrorist period.

          repondre message

      • 9 February 2014 10:28, by Tut Tut

        If the numbers stated above are realistic,would you buy into the fact Nuer is major ethnic group in S.Sudan compare to non? Even if one ethnic group is the major it won’t out number the rest of 63 tribes Dinka included.The question is,a foreign help is sought by Kiir’s government against one community?This shows a glimpse of inferiority big time leave alone the question of sovereignty

        repondre message

    • 9 February 2014 12:20, by Tiger

      American Government.
      Oh please give a listen to your ears.
      Stop the support to the rebel particularly power hungry guy like Riek Machar who had murdered thousands of innocent people back in 1991 and did it again this year,your usual dirty business is known worldwide,we knew you would threat us because of God given resources we got in our soil,but we shall not be shaken by your intimidation(con)-

      repondre message

      • 9 February 2014 12:43, by Tiger

        And we S.Sudanese shall never allow Riek Machar to govern us,there’s some good educators among Nuer community who are way better than this man whom you’re supporting,Riek has a similar brain like chicken has,the guy is retarded and you’re supporting him.

        repondre message

  • 9 February 2014 09:31, by Jalaby

    I think that’s part of the hidden deal between US & England from one side and Sudan from the other side,they sent US former president Carter to convince Bashir to gradually re-attaching the south to Sudan after they became so convinced that it’s impossible to have any kind of state in this part of the world,they repented a lot and now want to correct their mistake!

    repondre message

    • 9 February 2014 09:35, by Jalaby

      they promised to lift Sudan from the blacklist and normalize the relationship if Sudan agrees to do so but I believe it’s too late, Sudan will never ever put its foot in that hell again.
      If idiot Museveni becomes scared of US and withdraws then Mr. Kiir can ask Kenya or Congo to intervene and help him out fighting Nuer but for sure Sudan will stay out of that hell!!

      repondre message

      • 9 February 2014 09:54, by Kiir

        Jalaba. Shame on you, How come you hired a foreigners troop to S.Sudan to fight one tribe. Dinka are majority, why don’t you fight Nuer alone without help from foreign contras if is a tribal conflict. Do you think Kenya will accept to kill Nuer like the way Uganda troop & Dinka killed 2700 Nuer in Juba? Kiir must go to ICC. No Dinka will rule s. Sudan again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        repondre message

  • 9 February 2014 09:54, by Ambago

    Well done US administration. The UPDF should have left south sudan soil since the signing of the ceasefire. anyway it must leave, and leave now.
    South Sudanese need to do a bit of an in house political corrections within themselves and by none but themselves!
    However we welcome the ICC investigations and of course the mass trials to follow in the Hague!

    repondre message

    • 9 February 2014 10:22, by Darkangel

      You guys really dont get it .. do you. The US is not your friends. It doesnt care about Kiir or Machar. Its plan is that you guys fight each other out to the point of somalia and then come and run your country. They are already asking for it - just read about it. That way it will be easy to manage you & steal you oil. Too much oil for these africans to control or chines to have. US & UK companies

      repondre message

      • 9 February 2014 10:25, by Darkangel

        Like they did in Iraq & Libya - they now own the oil there and the governments dont have a say. Uganda are mercenaries - like the SPLM N - they will do anything their western masters tell them to do - All they want is $$$ ! Pagan is in on this by the way - he fooled machar to do this and surrendered himself to go to jail for protection. The americans pressure Kiir & he is out in charge

        repondre message

      • 9 February 2014 10:34, by Whortti Bor Manza

        It is a great ailment to befall some one to read your mediocre writing as this does not match to the standard of an intellect oriented person. You have a rudimentary brain in constant retardation.

        repondre message

        • 9 February 2014 10:48, by Darkangel

          What are you an american intel ? Its all over the new, how the US wants S Sudan under trusteeship. So hush ! If you think what im writing is mediocre - what would you say about everyone else. Or what i wrote struck a nerve ! Second everyone knows Pagan is a US agent - surprised how Ezikel is also under arrest! These are the US’s ppl in S Sudan! They masterminded all this but Machar took the bait !

          repondre message

          • 9 February 2014 11:04, by Whortti Bor Manza

            Any logical person wouldn’t support any rebellion of its kind today in South Sudan. The problems got accumulated and compounded by Kiir’s intransigence and refusal to listen and it became uncontrolled. From 2005, why Kiir did not train a professional SPLA to contain any eventuality? Why does he depend on the UPDF, JEM, SPLM-N, Congolese etc.. Where are his tribal presidential guards?

            repondre message

            • 9 February 2014 11:14, by Darkangel

              What are you talking about - All those clean new uniforms & guns - the US & Israel have been training the SPLA since 2005 - The rebellion is a trick - the americans played both side’s against each other. Pagan whispering in Machars ear and Hilda Johnson telling Kiir he is the best ! Both Pagan & Hilda are now sitting back waiting for the 2 idiots to destroy SSudan.

              repondre message

            • 9 February 2014 11:16, by Whortti Bor Manza

              You should understand that it were the USA who convinced the Europeans and other world powers to accept the cessation of the South. Now they are made to believe that South Sudanese are unable to govern themselves as echoed by the Arabs. What will happen if the South turns against the UN, USA EU IGAD, AU and lastly on its self? I don’t think Dinkas can make good leadership. History has proved that.

              repondre message

        • 9 February 2014 10:52, by Darkangel

          The US former Assistant Secretary of State for Africa Herman Cohen said at an Op-ed on ‘African Arguments‘ this month that the ruling(SPLM) has no ability to govern the country particularly given the lack of infrastructure, education, private investment and institutions.
          Cohen wrote in his piece titled ‘South Sudan should be placed under UN trusteeship to aid development of viable self-government

          repondre message

          • 9 February 2014 10:53, by Darkangel

            Guess where that was written ! SudanTribune : http://www.sudantribune.com/spip.php?article49681

            repondre message

            • 9 February 2014 10:56, by Darkangel
            • 9 February 2014 10:57, by Darkangel
              • 9 February 2014 11:07, by Darkangel

                South Sudanese are so absorbed in Dinka Vs Nuer/Kiir Vs Machar that they dont know the plans the West has for their country ! They want to keep you guys preoccupied or killing each until its too late and you end up like the Congo/Mali/Somali/CAR - Then its UN troops to your knees and the US decides who is in charge - Likely Pagan because they will say hes neutral - Shulluk & their man against Krtm

                repondre message

                • 9 February 2014 11:10, by Darkangel

                  The US doesnt want Ugandan troops out ! it sent them there ! have you ever seen the US ask so nicely ! Redeploy or slowly withdraw looooool you’re joking right. i.e hurry up & finish the job so we can step in !
                  Does anyone know which armies are backing the rebellions, cause according to Americans they should withdraw too ! loool imaginary friends i guess !

                  repondre message

                  • 9 February 2014 12:01, by Wicdail

                    Don’t wast your times by singing songs which are so obvious for everyone. first of all, RSS is not longer a sovereign nation. Because Kirr has handed over to M7. Yes US was initially supporting the deployment of Ugandan troops when you lied to the world that the fight was a military coup. But their deployment should be only to protects installations in Juba.

                    repondre message

                    • 9 February 2014 12:10, by Wicdail

                      Coun. For your information, the world had learned a big lesson from Kirr and Dinka leadership. It would be better for RSS to be under UN-Trusteeship or US if no other tribe to take over, than Kirr and his likes to continues as leaders of RSS.

                      repondre message

  • 9 February 2014 13:22, by Konan

    Dark Angel,
    I believe you, African are the only ppl on this planet who are killing each other. Look at DRC, Central Africa, Sudan, South Sudan, Mali, Nigeria..etc. I think white ppl. wants this continent free from its inhabitants. Economically, the west is on the brink of collapse and Africa’s resources is the only hope for them. UN stands for USA,UK,France,Canada, Russia,Germany and China.

    repondre message

  • 9 February 2014 13:49, by philipdit wol

    Who is US to interfere too?

    repondre message

    • 9 February 2014 15:02, by chol

      America is preaching so called democracy and at the same time supporting terrorist worldwide.We seen that in Iraq,Libya,Syria and now South Sudan.South Sudanese are smarts we fought Arabs and we don’t have any problems fighting Nuers terrorist.Uganda is our ally at war on terrorism.

      repondre message

      • 9 February 2014 15:28, by Konan

        You can’t call Nuer terrorist, cuz they are not Muslims, nice joke I admire you sense of humor.Lol.

        repondre message

        • 9 February 2014 15:30, by Konan

          You can’t call Nuer terrorist, cuz they are not Muslims, nice joke I admire your sense of humor.Lol.

          repondre message

        • 9 February 2014 19:05, by Oppressor

          And Muslims are not Terrorist the only Terrorist country is America so keep ur problems away form Muslims & pay respect to Southerners who are Muslims too if you do care about justice & equality ...

          repondre message

          • 10 February 2014 06:54, by Konan

            You missed the point, in the eyes of USA and the West to mark any rebels/fighters as terrorist, first of all they must be Muslims regardless of their cause. By the way I am Muslim and Northerner.

            repondre message

  • 9 February 2014 16:26, by Akot Deng

    what a hell, why US betryaing our nation like that, asuming if all the kiir supporters come out in all and do away with one tribe Nuer. how will it loook like, it doesnot mean that we have shortage but we want peace to previal.

    repondre message

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