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Egypt TV airs live discussion of Ethiopia dam sabotage plans


By Tesfa-Alem Tekle

June 4, 2013 (ADDIS ABABA) - Egyptian politicians were reportedly caught proposing anti-Ethiopia sabotage plans after a closed door meeting held on Monday was broadcast live on air without their knowledge.

Chaired by Egypt’s president, Mohammed Morsi, the national dialogue centered on Egypt’s stance towards Ethiopia’s dam building on the Blue Nile river, which downstream countries Sudan and Egypt rely upon.

Ethiopia’s announced last week that in the process of building the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) in the Benshangul Gumuz region, which is just 30km from the border with Sudan, the flow of the Blue Nile river had been diverted.

Addis Ababa has downplayed the impact of the diversion and the dam itself, arguing that the new hydroelectric dam will benefit downstream countries as they will be able to buy green energy from Ethiopia.

At the meeting, Egyptian political figures including opposition political parties consulted on ways how to stop Ethiopia from continuing to build the massive $4.8 billion dam.

A number of political parties have put forward hostile acts while the world was watching them Live on TV.

The head of the conservative Islamist Nur Party, Yunis Makhyun, said the dam project is a danger for Egypt’s national security and suggested backing Ethiopian rebels as a means to destroy the project.

“We can communicate with them [Rebels] and use them as a bargaining chip against the Ethiopian government” he said.

Makhyoun went onto saying: “If all this fails, then there is no choice left for Egypt but to play the final card, which is using the intelligence service to destroy the dam.”

Ayman Nour, head of the liberal Ghad Party, suggested spreading rumours that Egypt was buying advanced military planes that could be understood in Ethiopia as a plan to airstrike.

According to him these rumours would create a climate of fear in Ethiopia and the Ethiopian government will that way then begin to cooperate with Egypt’s interest.

He also proposed that Egypt deploys a political, intelligence and military teams to the East African nation.

“We need to intervene in their domestic affairs” Nour added.

Spreading rumours which say that Egypt is planning military attack to destroy the dam was also among proposed ideas by the politicians.

However, some of the others present warned that spreading rumours or military action was dangerous and could turn Ethiopians into enemies of Egypt further, suggesting using diplomatic approach as best option.

After listening their views, Egyptian President, Mursi, concluded that Egypt respects Ethiopia and its people and his country won’t engage in any aggressive acts.

On the contrary however AFP on same day (Monday) reported that President Mohamed Mursi warned that Cairo will not allow any move that would diminish its share of Nile water even by “one drop”.

“We cannot let even one drop of Nile water be affected,” Mursi said in a meeting aired by the state television.


An Egyptian presidential assistant has apologised for allowing the politicians’ meeting was broadcast live on air without their knowledge.

“Due to the importance of the topic it was decided at the last minute to air the meeting live. I forgot to inform the participants about the changes,” presidential aide for political affairs Pakinam El-Sharkawi said on Twitter.

“I apologise for any embarrassment caused to the political leaders”.

It was said that the incident was a huge embarrassment for the new leadership in Egypt.


The Panel of Experts d tasked to study the impact of Nile dam has announced its final findings last week and has submitted the report to government of Sudan Ethiopia and Egypt.

The report concluded that Ethiopia’s dam project won’t have a negative impacts on lower riparian countries of Sudan and Egypt.

Ethiopia’s Minister for Water Resources, Alemayehu Tegenu, on Tuesday said Egypt has no reason to worry over the dam project

"We do not have any plan to harm downstream countries, Sudan and Egypt. If Egypt has some issues to discuss with Ethiopia, we are very ready to discuss them."

Ethiopia last week began diverting the flow of the Nile River rising concerns in Cairo.

With regard to the diversion the Ethiopian Minister said "river diversion does not stop the flow of water to the downstream countries”.

He added that the “river diversion means it is the rerouting of the river flow to facilitate the construction in the riverbed, nothing else."


After the release of the tripartite panel’s report, Egypt’s government has decided to set up its own panel that will follow-up the Ethiopia’s dam being built in Nile River.

The panel established by the Egyptian cabinet will study the potential impacts the dam causes on the amount of water that reaches Egypt.

The panel will deliver its findings to President Mohamed Morsi.

The spokesperson at Ethiopia’s ministry of foreign affairs, Dina Mufti, on Monday told Sudan Tribune that the tripartite panel’s final report will end water disputes.

The tripartite committee was a team of 10 experts, among whom six are from Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia while the four others are international experts.


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  • 5 June 2013 06:56, by Jubawe

    Egyptian politicians are very stupid, You were talking on live Tv while world was watching then later you will deny like last time in Qatar, Ethiopia Dam doesn’t have nothing with your country, they want to boost their economic like any other country in the world, also SS Dam is coming on the way, Cry till hell.

    repondre message

  • 5 June 2013 07:05, by Michael Angelo

    South Sudan is going to build it Dam soon. We don’t care what Egypt & Sudan think or want as long as it enhance our development.

    repondre message

    • 5 June 2013 12:37, by Oppressor

      Michael Angelo cool down ya insect we will talk later after u be clean ya dranker..

      repondre message

      • 5 June 2013 14:46, by South South

        No one person on the face of earth can stop Ethiopia from building dam on Blue Nile. It is going to happen. Sudan is with Ethiopia by the way. Do we know why Sudan is doing that ? SRF, Sudan is very afraid from SRF and any move from Sudan to be with Egypt will change everything in Sudan. So, Ethiopia is going ahead with its dam. South Sudan dam will follow.

        repondre message

        • 5 June 2013 16:29, by Tito Lueth

          I agree sir, they been so much against south Sudan independent because of water. their nightmare is just on early stage, wait till south Sudan have some investors as well

          repondre message

  • 5 June 2013 07:09, by Bentiu Elite

    Now I come to know why my COUSIN BARAK OBAMA stopped supporting EGYPTIANS after the country rule have been taken by the TERRORISTS!. My question as South Sudanese is : Does Egypt produce the NILE WATER ? If not I FUCK the Egyptian thinking! The Nile waters are produced by the countries of South Sudan ,Ethiopia, Uganda, ..etc. Not egypt!Egypt has to buy this Nile water.
    God Bless South Sudan.

    repondre message

    • 5 June 2013 07:40, by michael coma

      South Sudan first need to equiped its army and then build dam.Or otherwise,if not doing that there will be no dam in South for good as the powerfull countries in Africa are threatening themselves now and what about the weakest countries like South Sudan who has no single jet fighter?Egypt has turns stone face against the Israelis’s brother Ethiopia.

      repondre message

      • 5 June 2013 08:23, by Bentiu Elite

        coma, go and COMA yourself coward!
        You do not need a jet to fight Egyptians.
        Did South Sudanese use a jet TO fuck Bashir in
        Panthou (Heglig)?

        repondre message

        • 5 June 2013 09:33, by michael coma

          Bentiu nyagat elite
          You called me coward you son of slut.Do you know how to fight really you son of nyagat and wretched woman.Stop your low thinking capcity due to effects of rail way line on your forehead oafish boy.

          repondre message

        • 5 June 2013 09:39, by EES Kingmaker

          Bentiu Elite,
          Get the statement of Koma correctly. What he is trying to say is sound military strategic plan for South Sudan in place. For this nation to embark on giant projects like power-generation plants that may be perceived to be harming another country, you need well-equipped army, inclduing strong airforce. What is wrong with that? Do you call someone coward for having suggested that?

          repondre message

          • 5 June 2013 10:09, by michael coma

            Thank EES for your good advise to that fool called Bantiu Elite.He don’t understand what i meant due to his primitivity misunderstanding.

            repondre message

            • 5 June 2013 12:39, by Oppressor

              michael Poma haaaa Bantiu Elite is right & it is clear that how far u can be united to achieve anything ya idiot

              repondre message

  • 5 June 2013 07:37, by Nyapan

    Egypt is seriously in panic state over issue of Nile water due to Dam being constructed by Ethiopian. What if South Sudan start construction of her Dam soon?

    repondre message

  • 5 June 2013 07:54, by Jonglie

    Watch it lifr here:
    South Sudan should from now on moniter Egyptian activties in the country. These Egyptians can do any evil to keep the flow of the nile untouched. They say Nile is the blood of Egyptian.

    repondre message

    • 5 June 2013 08:27, by Robot

      I once commented that Egyptians generators donated to Bor, Malakal and Wau were sabotage plans.... anyway this is too sheepish of them and i wonder if Egyptians knows very well if they temper with Ethiopian then they have done so also with Israel because they are of one descendent....... too funny the way Arabs behave. WORSE REPERCUSSIONS WILL FOLLOW IF THEY DARE.

      repondre message

      • 5 June 2013 09:40, by Tutbol

        S Sudanese,
        continue to buy every bullsh’t that the Israelis are there for your damn interests. Israel needs Nile water just as Egypt does and you would be damn supprised to see your damned israel supporting egypt, and not Ethiopia or our damn S Sudan. Everbody knows, this piece of propaganda is not far away from the truth, because the West is so thirsty for blood...

        repondre message

        • 5 June 2013 10:04, by Tutbol

          ... and they will be trying everything they can with their cabal arabs friends to intimidate Africans. Let the Europeans arm their cabal buddies, but the Nile waters won’t be usurped by with these menaces. re-creeping in, into Africa by these intriguing means is not a good idea i guess.

          repondre message

      • 5 June 2013 10:00, by EES Kingmaker

        The generators supplied are meant to keep South Sudan at stage of cottage industry__a demeaning industrial stage on 21st century. There is nothing in Egyptian plan to prop up our development plans. We have to chart out our own ways and not to rely on a jealous nation like Egypt.

        repondre message

        • 5 June 2013 13:22, by Bentiu Elite

          EES , YOU SAID WHAT To ME!,
          I know you are the kind of south Sudanese that have their ass open to ARABS. I do not know what would you advise if we have to consult you before the fuck on Bashir in Panthou(Heglig).
          you retarded keep quit when the fucker of Arabs talk!

          repondre message

  • 5 June 2013 09:41, by Yuol

    The concocted history that says "Nile is Egypt and Egypt is Nile" is gone now. the proxy war is not something new to Ethiopia or South Sudan. Egyt must use diplomacy otherwise any other form of threat won’t help

    repondre message

    • 5 June 2013 10:54, by Paul Ongee

      Even if the discussions haven’t been broadcast live on TV, the conclusion would not make any difference. Employing "propaganda machine" to create rumors, "support Ethiopian rebels", "deploy intel agents in East African nations" or "use military campaigns" would never hold water. Diplomacy would still remain the best option.

      repondre message

  • 5 June 2013 10:03, by magic

    Despite the fact that Egyptian Military has been supported by the US for long time, Ethiopian Military is also strong having modern, strong and courageous Air force with advanced Jets. If Egypt comes and tries to destroy something in Ethiopia, it will get into crises. Ethiopia doesn’t want to affect any of its neighbors. It is a game of swim or sink together.

    repondre message

    • 5 June 2013 12:44, by Oppressor

      magic let’s talk rationally is the Ethiopian Army strong ????
      plzzzz don’t forget the fact that Rebles with support can March to Addis Abba in a week time so don’t be flattered by the propaganda think well dam is for the sake of ppl not for WAR insect commentators from south are tank thinkers don’t follow them look what they ’ve done to their ppl killing & starvation & looting their own oil money

      repondre message

      • 5 June 2013 16:01, by magic

        Oppressor. I am not sure if you know Ethiopia or not. Which rebels are you talking about? The ONLF or OLF? Both of them are very weak that have fought for more than 40 years with out getting an inch in the land. They don’t have support from the people. The rebels from North might be stronger if they get support but as they have high national feeling, they will not allow Egypt to back them.

        repondre message

  • 5 June 2013 11:50, by Extraterrestrial

    This is not new thing for Ethiopians. We know since our fathers defeated Egyptian army in the battle of Gura 1876, Egypt was deeply involved in destabilizing Ethiopia in a proxy war. Training, arming and financing enemies of Ethiopia was Egyptian foreign policy for more than a hundred years. WE KNOW IT, WE REACHED HERE OVERCOMING EGYPTIAN EVIL. South Sudan should be alert on those trickery Arabs.

    repondre message

  • 5 June 2013 16:31, by Tito Lueth

    truce me guys, if the Nile water flows from Egypt southward to Sudan and Ethiopia, we would be paying water like a gasoline by now. but thank God its the opposite, I am glad that they reveal their evil broad day light till it’s to late to know that they were on air. I watched the video on youtube. I live in Egypt for 4 years in those years I learned that Egyptian got no respect for any
    black man

    repondre message

  • 5 June 2013 17:07, by emad

    Egyptians are in severe panic situation that they are threatening Ethiopia with military action which if they go ahead with will definitely be the end of today’s Egypt...just one missile from Ethiopia or one of its friends like Israel onto the High dam will drown all Egypt.
    come on Egyptians accept the reality because you can not do anything about it other than accepting it

    repondre message

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