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SUDAN: NCP insider says coup plot “charade” targeting dissidents


November 25, 2012 (KHARTOUM) – A member of Sudan’s ruling National Congress Party (NCP) has described the authorities’ detention of a group of military and civilian Islamists on accusation of plotting to seize power as “a badly-acted charade” aiming to purge the army and the wider Islamist establishment of certain dissidents.

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NCP’s “reformist” and member of Al-Mujahdeen group Al-Mu’iz Abdellah – The Anadol Agency

According to Al-Mu’iz Abdallah, a young affiliate of what is known as the current of reformists within the NCP, the so-called subversive attempt in which the authorities implicated a number of Islamist elements from the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS), the army, the paramilitary Popular Defense Forces (PDF), and even within the NCP was nothing but a badly-acted charade.

Its aim, claimed the dissident member in an interview with Turkey’s Anadol news agency on Sunday, was to get rid of popular Islamists within the army while also warning disenfranchised civilian Islamists who are flirting with dissent.

Sudanese authorities announced on Thursday, 22 November, that 13 individuals including former NISS chief Salah Gosh, Brigadier General Mohamed Ibrahim Abdel-Galil “Wad Ibrahim” from the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF), and Major General Adil Al-Tayeb from the NISS have been arrested on suspicion of planning a “subversive attempt” that security authorities allegedly foiled earlier on the same day.

But multiple sources told Sudan Tribune that many others have been arrested in connection to the putative putsch, mainly from a group of hard-line Islamists widely known as "Al-Sae’ohoon"

The group of erstwhile pro-government Mujahdeen who fought in the “holy” war against South Sudan have been vocal recently in their criticism of the NCP leadership, demanding reforms, tougher military stances and a return to the good old days of strict adherence to the Islamic principles that they accuse the NCP of swerving from.

To prove his claim that the coup was a false allegation, the young NCP member pointed to the inconsistency in what he described as the fact that Sudan’s President and NCP chairman, Omer Al-Bashir, privately told a member Al-Sae’ohoon in the past that “Wad Ibrahim” previously contributed to thwarting coup attempts by Salah Gosh with whom he is now accused of plotting a coup.

Abdallah said that NCP reformists and the “Mujahdeen” are demanding that the reasons that led a group of military Islamists to attempt a seizure of power be taken into consideration if the charge is true.

He pointed out that the “Mujahdeen” previously submitted a memo to the government calling for the sacking of defense minister Abdel-Rahim Mohamed Hussein and reforming the military establishment.

Another memo released by Al-Sae’ohoon i.e Mujahdeen in response to Thursday’s arrests blasted the defense minister saying he bears responsibility for army failures vis a vis South Sudan, the rebel Sudan People Liberation Movement North (SPLM-N) and the airstrikes carried out by Israel inside the country, including the one that recently targeted a weapons factory in Khartoum.

They went on to say that Hussein sent several generals into retirement only because they expressed their views and provided advice. "[Hussein] is stirring up trouble with [former] head of Sudan’s armored corps Brigadier General Sideeg Fadl [who is] security valve of the [1989] revolution [the coup that brought Al-Bashir to power]” The memo stated that Hussein left the detainees with no option but to attempt a coup.

Al-Bashir has long resisted calls for sacking his defense minister and personal friend over corruption charges and defeats on the battlefield. Hussein came under fire last April for the ease with which the Sudanese army lost Heglig oilfield to South Sudan.

The dissenting NCP member revealed that NISS director-general Mohammed Atta accuses Wad Ibrahim and Lt-Gen Fath Al-Rahman Suliman, the commander-in-chief of the joint border control forces with Chad, of having contacts with foreign and domestic quarters who are hostile to the government, including the Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) which is a coalition of armed rebel groups fighting the government in the peripheral regions of South Kordofan, Darfur and Blue Nile.

According to Abdallah, who is also a member of the Mujahdeen/Al-Sae’ohoon group, they are currently conducting efforts to secure the release of the detainees and compensate them, adding that many personalities in the NCP’s leadership office “are not happy with what happened to that distinguished elite of officers”

Echoing a similar analysis of the alleged coup, the Islamist opposition Popular Congress Party (PCP) of Hassan Al-Turabi has accused the NCP of “concocting” the coup story to settle rivalries between its members and get rid of “pesky” elements.

Speaking in a press conference held at the PCP headquarters in Khartoum on Sunday, PCP’s leading member Abdel Razaq said that his party rejects accusation of involvement in the so-called coup attempt, saying that the NCP has grown accustomed to fabricating crises and pinning them on the PCP.

Abdel Razaq stressed that the PCP’s goal is to change the regime by peaceful means and away from armed struggle. “We’re even trying to persuade arms-holders to renounce military struggle to topple the regime.

Addressing the same event, PCP’s deputy secretary-general in Khartoum State, Al-Nagi Abdella, accused the PCP of concocting the coup attempt to achieve certain results including removal of embarrassment over what he described as the failure of the general conference of the quasi-official Islamic Movement (IM) this month, as well as riddance of “pesky” elements.

The NISS at first said that the “subversive attempt” was led by opposition figures but the main opposition coalition National Consensus Forces (NCF), which consists of the PCP and the National Umma Party (NUP) denied the accusation saying that whatever happened on Thursday was an indication of a growing power struggle within the NCP.


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  • 26 November 2012 08:31, by Foxtail

    So if Islam has become a problem to your country, why can’t you abondon it and join christainity? we’ve been telling you for years that Islam is not a religion but just an Ideology. its objectives are kill or get killed. what’s it? just an extremists without human heart. true God will cast you.

    repondre message

  • 26 November 2012 08:43, by Jalaby

    Jonobean, my friends, look at this picture carefully, do we look like Arab or not? we do, right? the some kind of dark skin we have because of great great grandmother who was Nuba (north),please stop denying our Arab belonging!
    JPEG - 16.1 kb

    repondre message

    • 26 November 2012 08:56, by wang

      You damn right, you don’t look an Arab, but you acting and thinking like them. Start act and thinking like an African and even Libya people who are way more look alike an Arab are calling themselves Africa and as well behaving like normal African.

      repondre message

      • 27 November 2012 08:03, by Paul Ongee

        Ya Jalaby,
        What is wrong with your brain? Why do you try to divert readers’ attention from the topic? It’s not about complexion, ya Jallaba; it’s about the downfall of NCP whose survival hangs on the balance and coup plot "charade" targeting dissidents/pesky elements. What difference does it make? Nothing.

        repondre message

    • 26 November 2012 09:05, by 4Justice

      Jalaby, this guy is darker than me.

      repondre message

    • 26 November 2012 09:24, by mudfish

      yes,it is clear that no Arab in Sudan.Arab are the people whose language is Arabic,stop cleming of been Arab and act like Africian

      repondre message

    • 26 November 2012 09:32, by ngomrom

      Dear Jallaby
      Thank you for accepting you true destiny, and why not to deny war and talk peace
      Thanks Ngomrom

      repondre message

    • 26 November 2012 09:34, by Tutbol

      We in the S Sudan, we don’t deny that some N Sudanese interbreed with the incoming marauding arabs at the 7th AD mainly in Dongola. But the rest are just bantus slaves from nigeria who were imported by the UK in to the Sudan to work the fields in the Sudan. These slaves later bred & still mixed with other mix races. Otherwise, we don’t have long noses native Sudanese. Do you we..

      repondre message

      • 26 November 2012 10:11, by Tutbol

        ..have over 15 millions people of Hausa & Fellata descent in N Sudan? I will not post a link here pardon me for that. But the whole of Sudan history has been all distortion by the settlers, arabs or West African muslims to concoct their nativity to the Sudan by all means they had to justify their narratives. But the natives know who is who of the Sudan’s first natives. So all your bulsh!t..

        repondre message

        • 26 November 2012 10:26, by Tutbol

          ...of N Sudan being a brown people country is all bulsh!t & doesn’t holds water. Yes the Hausas & Fellatai are lighter than the Nilotic Sudanese but they are not native Sudanese. the nubians far North have interbreed with arabs for a long time than the interior Sudanese & thus they are lighter on the skins than other native Sudanese. Go figure!

          repondre message

        • 26 November 2012 10:27, by 4Justice


          the Importation of these slaves into Sudan by the British is similar to the failed cane toad experiment in Australia. In 1935,cane beetles were devastating the sugar industry in Australia. Farmers and scientists were desperate for a solution, they imported approximately 100 cane toads into Australia after discovering in the laboratory that the cane toads ate cane beetles.the experiment failed because the cane toads did not work as a biological control method.

          They did not eat the cane beetles when there was another food source available, and there was always something more palatable for them to eat. Cane toads eat anything, and out compete native species for food. They are poisonous, so species that prey on non toxic native frogs (such as snakes and carnivorous birds, lizards and mammals) eat the toads and die because very few have learned to recognise them as harmful.it created an environmental disaster for Australia.

          repondre message

          • 26 November 2012 10:58, by Tutbol

            What a wonderful analogy! It had been ingrained in our settlers minds that they just popped out in the Sudan & that is all. Notice bro. North Sudanese are so ignorant & crafty in their nature.

            repondre message

          • 26 November 2012 12:21, by Jalaby

            Mr. 4justice,
            I know you’re the web admin for Sudantribune and you give yourself the right to exceed 400 characters when you comment and give us only 400 characters?
            Amazingly, you call yourself "4justice" means "for justice" but where is the justice here? this is truly unfair and injustice!!

            repondre message

            • 26 November 2012 12:41, by 4Justice

              Jalaby, you’ve to learn scripting

              repondre message

    • 26 November 2012 14:15, by Force 1

      Jalaby, that’s very funny, look, Congolese and Kenyan Bantus are lighter than he is and they don’t call themselves Arabs but proud Black Africans. Please leave African and go to Mid-East; you’re just going to be treated just like a piece of garbage. Our Africa is not a place of fake Arabs.

      repondre message

    • 26 November 2012 15:33, by Mapuor

      You look like Sawahelians,Somalians,Eritreans,Djibouti ans and Ethiopians .You don’t look like Arabs of Egypt,Libya,Palestine,Iraq etc

      repondre message

    • 26 November 2012 20:40, by ngomrom

      What is wrong with this man he looks like Gods Creation which is not bad at all but what he is thiking is satanic that is only what we call Arab of him

      repondre message

    • 27 November 2012 00:20, by mohamed mahgoub

      What made u sure he is not from Somalia or moritania

      repondre message

    • 27 November 2012 08:01, by Paul Ongee

      Ya Jalaby,
      What is wrong with your brain? Why do you try to divert readers’ attention from the topic? It’s not about complexion, ya Jallaba; it’s about the downfall of NCP whose survival hangs on the balance and coup plot "charade" targeting dissidents/pesky elements.

      repondre message

  • 26 November 2012 08:52, by 4Justice

    "And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child: and the children shall rise up against their parents, and cause them to be put to death." —Matthew 10:21
    Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. —John 8:44

    repondre message

  • 26 November 2012 09:37, by 4Justice

    The NCP party is ostensibly not acting alone, there must be international entities behind the scene keeping them in power. The level of evil the NCP has reached is almost unprecedented, they have made Adolf Hitler look like a choir boy!

    repondre message

    • 26 November 2012 12:40, by Tutbol

      Ofcourse NCP is being coddles by on the’ Kawaja’s lane’ Does anything ring in your mind as to why Rwanda was awarded one of the 15th assisting members to call it of the ...UNSC, it is because they know Rwanda is going to assist them in Eastern DRC, and was awarded the seat to make him look important! Bro. we, the S Sudanese are most honest than our neighbours?..

      repondre message

      • 26 November 2012 13:09, by Tutbol

        ...Rwanda is the most growing country’s in Africa since 1994 genocide, its also has one of the best army, people say in the continent! But bro. Rwanda’s economy is a prob-up after genocide by the West donations! And what about that army, that rwanda of all countries have for the army. It is all an army to plunder Eastern Congolese resources, that is all!..

        repondre message

        • 26 November 2012 13:34, by Tutbol

          ...the Western nations who have prop-up the Rwandese survivors of genocide who want something in return now, and the place to get what they want is in Congo. I will be damned if 16th century slavery was not brought to Africa by Africans of the likes of Kagame & Museveni! They have terrorised DRC cititzens for so long & our African leaders...

          repondre message

  • 26 November 2012 09:38, by Mike Mike

    We need changes to happen in Sudan such that all the citizens of sudan may get free from badly rules in the hands of NCP elites.Alot of things now in Sudan are getting back due to refusal of Basher in power and he is not wanted by world leaders,and there is even a serious case awaiting for him at international criminal court in connection with the crimines he committed on Darfuians.Hell to NCP gov

    repondre message

    • 26 November 2012 11:14, by sudani ana

      Mike Mike
      You don’t have anything to do with Sudan. Sudan is a sovereign country, to you a foreign country. So stop worrying about it and worry about your own country.

      repondre message

      • 26 November 2012 20:34, by ngomrom

        Sudani why are you still upto this age put yourself to belong to that small portion of the world? don’nt you know that theworld has become a big village yet?what is disturving you is for the whole world boy that is why you find all the international community focusing on Sudan all the time.
        Thanks Ngomrom

        repondre message

  • 26 November 2012 10:01, by Foxtail

    the truth will set you free. but he look like cocacola which doesn’t in anyway reflect identity

    repondre message

  • 26 November 2012 11:31, by kimto63
  • 26 November 2012 14:23, by Joseph Canada

    Jalabi, thats pic look so good but it will look so great when laid down to rest by a bullet. when is he coming down by the Boarder area? can you please tell him to hang around Panthau or by Kadugli for a while please?. nice look for Maniir!!!

    repondre message

  • 26 November 2012 20:56, by Kikiji longiro

    Jalaby, is a south sudanese not nubi but was too much ironed by islamist.I wish he was supposed to be in Iraq in 1986 when SPLA/M was almost to take Juba.In Basi South Sudanese & sudanese break into two groups & fighting took place in petrol refinary center.All Iraqis were bring sticks and hand to the really blacks calling themselves south sudanese

    repondre message

  • 26 November 2012 21:04, by Kikiji longiro

    meanwhile italians & France were bring Ambulances to take the injured to Saddam hospital in Tikireti.I didn,t know that Sudanese are known muslims in high level but are called liars in islam.ONE FUR WAS SEND AWAY FROM THE MOSQUE EARLY IN THE MORNING PREASCHING.THEY TOLD HIM THAT YOU ARE POOR WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ISLAM.GO AWAY.SHAMEFUL THE GUY WALKED AWAY.

    repondre message

  • 26 November 2012 21:12, by Kikiji longiro


    repondre message

  • 27 November 2012 04:39, by SeekingTruth


    repondre message

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